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I’M JUST ON SUCH A HIGH MY DUDES I HAVEN’T STOPPED CRYING IN HOURS BUT I’M ON SUCH A HIGH!!! i can’t believe i got to meet so many of u guys and y’all are even cuter in person than this site can express (also shorter…..@ jae pfdfjkdhfjdk) ily guys i’m so super happy (and i’m gonna be honest hearing ‘are u…leejinklies?’ will forever replay in my head i’m so fdlfdjsfhjksh a beautiful moment i love)

@5hineesback @6-v-6 @mcdoorknobs @choitaemins u guys are all so super cute and i’m so happy i got to meet u all ;u; i never even imagined this would be possiblle ;; ilysm 💖

boiiii so i have a tattoo appt booked for early april and i think i’ve finalized the designs i’m getting and so i’m getting a simple lil line work girl on the back of my arm above my elbow, “big bang” and a lil sun and moon on the front/side of my arm, and “the wreckage of stars” along the very edge of my back and i am frickin hyped 

Being straight is like being in gryffindor: all the main characters are always gryffindor, there’s tons of merch for gryffindor, and no one’s gonna give you shit for being in gryffindor. 

Being gay is like being in slytherin: everyone has heard of it, but the merch is few and far between so you have to really want it. The only slytherin characters are secondary and morally gray. Some people think you are evil.

Being bisexual is like being in ravenclaw: there is no merch. there are no major ravenclaw characters. people definitely try to lump it in with either gryffindor or slytherin, and there are a few weird stereotypes.

being asexual is like being in hufflepuff:

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joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]


The Three Sweet Commanders

love is in the air

the Ishidas wish you a Happy New Year - 2017!