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"I'm too sober for this" for the prompt game O3O

49. I’m too sober for this

Victor had been expecting something very particular when he found the entire weight of Katsuki Yuuri hanging around his neck at the Final banquet, Yuuri whispering coquettishly in Victor’s ear to come to our room, right now.

Yuuri had nearly taken Victor down to the ground with him, but thankfully Victor was only one glass of champagne in and his composure kept them both upright. The same could not be said for Yuuri, it would seem, who’s red cheeks were all the confession Victor had needed that his fiancé had found the free flowing champagne of the banquet far more inviting. With dark eyes smoldering and hips cocked like a gun to Victor’s heart, Yuuri had Victor tripping over his own feet to follow Yuuri back upstairs.

Victor had enough experience with a suitably tipsy Yuuri as a boyfriend to be rather looking forward to whatever Yuuri had planned for the two of them behind the privacy of their closed hotel room door.

But anything Victor had in mind along that direction was met with a rather unfortunate spanner in the works. One that rendered the whole endeavour to a pretty severe stop.

Victor stood in the hallway, letting Yuuri’s hand go in his confusion. Yuuri giggled, leaning against the doorway for support as he took in Victor’s no doubt bemused expression. It wasn’t fair really, for Yuuri to look so inviting in the doorframe like that- shirt untucked and suit rumpled, dark eyes burning like coals as they took Victor in, top to bottom. A look like that promised the kind of thing that could only be done behind closed doors.

And the door of their hotel room was missing.

‘Yuuri,’ Victor said, trying to keep his tone light but there was a panic building. Because the doorframe was cracked along the edges, showing that the door that had stood there seemed to have been kicked right in off it’s hinges before it apparently vanished. Yuuri grinned, unfairly wickedly. ‘Darling, what’s happened?’

‘Oh,’ Yuuri said brightly, mouth perfectly round. He stumbled backwards through the empty doorjamb, laugh tinkling as entered the hotel room. ‘Well, you see- I may be a little drink. Drank. Drunk. So, Phichit and Chris decided to help me set up the room for us! You know, for the engagement!’

‘Right,’ Victor said, following Yuuri into the room to find said Phichit and Chris tangled up in a snoring mess on what should’ve been the bed Victor got to ravish Yuuri on. Scattered around the two limp bodies were the remnants of what looked like the hotel mini-fridge and some rather wilted looking rose petals. ‘How… kind of them.’

‘But then!’ Yuuri said, looming forwards and grabbing onto Victor, his weight nearly disrupting them to the floor for the second time that night. ‘Then, I was trying to explain my plan.’

‘Your plan?’

‘Yes, my plan!’ Yuuri said, evidently delighted that Victor was following. He kissed Victor sloppily, missing Victor’s mouth just off-centre. ‘I was going to shag you against the door. Like, properly, too. The way you like it.’

Victor’s blood suddenly decided it lost all interest in staying in his brain to try and process anymore of what Yuuri was saying, as that image had said blood diverting rather quickly down south. Victor wrapped his arms around Yuuri’s waist, tugging his fiancé close. He kissed Yuuri’s cheek, his jawline. Yuuri snickered, before batting at Victor with a limp hand.

‘No, no! Do not distract me!’ Yuuri laughed, pulling back to look up at Victor with a very serious face. ‘I’m telling you what happened. Chris said the door wouldn’t be strong enough. I said it would be. And then Chris said prove it, so I did.’

Victor’s stomach dropped. ‘You… what?’

‘I swung off the door!’ Yuuri said proudly, puffing up his chest. ‘To show how strong it was! But then… it… you know, it did the thing. The bad thing. Broke. Like chopsticks.’

‘You broke the door?’ Victor replied, not quite following. Yuuri nodded, lips together in what would’ve been a sagely manner had Yuuri not obviously been so drunk. ‘That-’ Victor threw a thumb towards the empty doorframe. ‘- is your fault.’

‘Yep,’ Yuuri said, kissing Victor again. Victor almost let himself get distracted. Almost.

‘Wait, wait!’ Victor said, struggling to get Yuuri off him. ‘If you broke the door, then where is it?’

Yuuri paused for a moment, looking thoughtful. Then, his face cleared. ‘Oh, yes! That’s why I came to get you. It’s been stolen.’

‘Stole- what, stolen?’ Victor repeated, that old panic kicking in again. Adorably flushed fiancé or not. ‘How did you not notice the room door being stolen?’

Yuuri shrugged, tossing his head heavily towards the bed. ‘We ended up playing Never Have I Ever. Victor, I haven’t done a lot of things. I was not winning this game. We need to do more things so I can win the game.’

Victor looked around the wreckage of what should’ve been their romantic escape from the banquet. The ruined rose petals and empty bottles. The drunk skaters that were snoring loudly and most unwelcomed in their bed. The fact that their hotel room door had been stolen. Fucking stolen- Victor sighed, pressing a kiss to Yuuri’s head.

‘I’m too sober for this.’


Really don’t have many words that can accurately describe the feelings I have right now. Gord Downie was such an inspiration to me and was one of my only true role models. He was a beacon of hope and he was a symbol of change and equality. The world lost an amazing person - we all should strive to be a little like Gord. Rest In Peace Gordo, you will always be in our hearts. 🇨🇦💔

You are, my love, a constellation
The intricate, complexing conversation
An object worthy of fixation
My one, my true, my inspiration
—  Newfound Love // A.S

Cloudy With A Chance

Part 20: …of Ex and Why


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A little polyam pride aesthetic I put together, per inspiration from @ofmoonlightandthesun! Let me know what you all think of it! I did just noticed that one of the pictures is a cut off a little, so if this is popular I’ll fix it an repost :) Happy pride month!

All my life you stood by me when no one else was ever behind me. 

If “Drag Me Down” does not scream Matsuoka siblings to you then you are wrong. God, this song. You all should listen to it okay, maybe cry a lil, too. Whichever floats your boat, man.

  • Psychic: *Reads my mind*
  • Me: Bad news from the zones, tumbleweeds.
  • It looks like Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid had a clap with an Exterminator
  • That went all Costa Rica,
  • And uh,
  • Got themselves ghosted.
  • Dusted out on Route Guano.
  • So it's time to hit the red line
  • And up-thrust the volume out there.
  • Keep your boots tight,
  • Keep your gun close,
  • And die with your mask on if you've got to.
  • Here
  • Is the traffic...
  • Psychic: what the fuck


He still hadn’t gotten used to the Capital despite being there for several months since the Lannister forces surrendered. Jon sighed as he looked around the large Throne Room in Red Keep. That iron chair stood there, on top of the dais, empty but soon it will have a new occupant.

“Normally the Kings will be crowned in the Sept of Baelor Your Grace, but that’s not possible now…” Qyburn had informed him softly.

Jon gave a nod as he listened close. He had to meet with Qyburn to go through the plans for the coronation. They had spared the former Hand to Cersei Lannister during the Surrender. Qyburn pledged allegiance to House Targaryen and he would serve as a Maester as well as a palace official to the new regime. Tyrion had found Qyburn to be quite useful and resourceful and they would need all the help they can get to rebuild the country once Winter has passed.

“The High Septon will usually be the one to put the crown on your head and officiate the ceremony…Have you decided on who the new High Septon will be Your Grace?” Qyburn asked Jon in that calm voice of his.

“The Queen will be the one to crown me…” Jon said and gave a small smile. “It is hers to give…”

“Oh…” Qyburn uttered and gave a nod. “In that case, I will have to inform the master of ceremonies…”

“Have you given any thought about your Name Your Grace?” Qyburn asked him.

“My name?” Jon was surprised. What a strange question to ask.

“Your regnal name.” Qyburn continued.

“Will it be Aegon, the Sixth of His Name?” Qyburn inquired.

“No…” Jon shook his head and sighed. “I will go with my own name, Jon.”

“Jon…” Qyburn nodded and gave a small smile. “The First of his Name.”

“We will need more braziers in the halls to keep the coronation attendees warm Your Grace. Usually coronations are held in the Spring. But the circumstances are a bit different now. You will be the first King to be crowned in Winter…” Qyburn continued.

Jon walked around more and looked up at the high vaulted ceilings, the arches and grand pillars. It was bigger than the Great Hall of Winterfell and even Dragonstone’s Throne Room. The Throne Room of Red Keep and its history seemed to overwhelm the King in the North at that moment. He realised then that he would soon be King of all Seven Kingdoms.

“It does take some getting used to,” Qyburn commented. “But this palace has served the former Targaryen kings well and will continue to do so.”

“Thank you Maester Qyburn,” Jon said gratefully.

“I should make my leave Your Grace to prepare for the coronation.” Qyburn said with a bow and left.

Jon stood there for a while and stared at the Iron Throne. It looked menacing with the swords and was probably uncomfortable to sit on. He thought of what the throne represented. Absolute Power and what people would do for it.

“Fucking ugly chair…” A familiar voice spat.

Jon turned around and smiled when he heard the Hound’s gruff voice.

“Your Grace,” Sandor Clegane said and bowed.

The Hound had chosen to stay in the Capital to serve the new King and Queen. He didn’t know where else to go after the war ended. Might as well make himself useful and serve a King who was worth serving. One who was not a raging Cunt.

“I’m to escort you to your rooms Your Grace after your meeting with Qyburn,” the Hound said and Jon nodded.

“I can go there myself.” Jon said and shook his head.

“The Hand is afraid that you might get lost. The castle’s huge.” The Hound told him and Jon shrugged. Lord Tyrion had always been rather careful.

They walked side by side heading up the grand staircase towards Maegor Holdfast where the royal apartments were. Snow had covered the palace gardens and the grounds. It hadn’t snowed in King’s Landing in decades but the Winter proved to be long and hard. Now the entire city was blanketed in snow. Not as thick as in the North though.

“Good thing about snow…"The Hound muttered. “Covers a lot of the shit in the city.”

Jon heard that and chuckled softly.


#and him—jack sparrow (captain) for whom wanting is poisoned honey#everything he has ever wanted is/was/has been/ever shall be comes with a sting in the tail#he wanted a ship and the ship is his doom#he wanted immortality and it took his crew#he wanted the sea and it took his liberty#he wanted his freedom and it made him a pirate#and then here is this girl—this burning wanting desirous determined girl#and she’s terrifying#because everything jack sparrow has ever wanted comes to him cursed#there’s almost a relief when she cuffs him to the mast#he thought it might be worse than a little dying#and at the very least—at the very least he can look her in the eye and snarl ”pirate” because now she’ll know it too#that terrible bitterness the wanting brings (via notbecauseofvictories) (based on this FLAWLESS META)

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I don't know if this has been done before but can I request drabbles with style 5 and Sousuke accidently hurting their s/o? Thanks!

Wow okay um I cried whilst writing this? you didn’t specify whether you meant physically or emotionally so I did both! Hope you enjoyyyyy. (also the makoto one is inspired by a true event at my 8th birthday sleepover, it hurt. a lot)

Haru and you had been messing around by the pool all day. It was your one year anniversary so as a treat you had decided to get away for the weekend, to a quaint little hotel in the mountains. With a pool of course. “Haru… NO!” You screamed as your boyfriend lunged forward, intent on grabbing your sides to tickle you. Instead however, he slipped and pushed you, causing you to fall backwards and smack your head on the wall. Haru’s eyes widened and he leapt forward to grab you, believing he had knocked you out as you were completely still. He was shocked when he saw that your eyes were open and you were… laughing? “I think I might have to cancel the rest of today. I feel faint.” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Usually, the two of you were fine with sleeping in the same bed, you both had your halves because you got too hot if you cuddled. But tonight was different. Makoto was restless and kept tossing and turning, mumbling in his sleep and sweating heavily. Then it happened. He did a particularly violent turn and his arm flew out, smacking you directly in the face. You felt pain tear through your face as you bolted up and swore, bringing a hand up to try and contain the blood pouring from your nose. Your shout was loud enough to wake Makoto and he sat up slowly, groggy and confused. “___?” He whispered. The only reply he got was a sort of grunt, crossed with a whimper. Becoming increasingly confused, he leant behind you and turned on the bedside table lamp. You gave him a weak, bloody grin as he turned to look at you. “Oh my god! What happened?” He began shifting to move you off the bed.

“You accidently smacked me in the face, I think it’s broken.” Your voice was all nasally and the pair of you couldn’t help but laugh as he wrapped you in a hug.

“I’m so sorry!”

He hadn’t meant to, he really, really hadn’t. But being with Nagisa meant that something was bound to happen. He was at your house, putting away the toaster when you snuck up behind him, ready to surprise him. The last thing you were expecting however was for the blond to turn around and hit you around the head with said toaster. Hard. So here you were in the hospital waiting room, clutching a bag of peas to your head whilst your boyfriend did the head rub thing on your shoulder, apologising profusely. “I am so sorry! I didn’t realise it was you and I freaked out!” You laughed at him, realising you could use this to your advantage.

“Nagisaaaaa, I think I’m going to need lots of chocolate to make up for this.” The hospital receptionist snickered.

“Oh my god! Sometimes I think you’re dumber than that Momo kid!” Rei shouted. Tears welled in your eyes as your boyfriend shouted at you, the one thing you absolutely hated being called was ‘dumb’. You backed away from the butterfly swimmer and turned to leave but a loud thud stopped you. Slowly, you began turning back but before you could even finish you were tackled into a hug. It was rare for Rei to show affection of any kind so this shocked you greatly. “I didn’t mean that. It’s just that I’m stressed and… It is no excuse. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I’m so sorry.” You sunk to the floor, arms wrapped around his shoulders.

“It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it.”

The pair of you were just getting into the moment. His hands were everywhere. On your chest, your legs, your neck. It was intoxicating. His lips grazed along your collar bones, leaving small kisses in his path as your fingers wove their way through is hair, beckoning him up for another kiss. His lips met with your a fiery passion and you moaned as his hand started working its way between your legs. then it happened. His phone went off. It scared him so bad he bit clean through your lip, stunning you both. His hand stopped between your legs as the metallic taste of blood hit his taste buds. You began to laugh, siting up with a hand clamped to your mouth. “I think I’m going to need stitches.”

“Shut up.” Your head snapped towards your boyfriend. In all of the times you had irritated him, he had never, ever, told you to shut up. Two hours later and you had finished crying, still curled up under your duvet and blankets. To be honest, you head was pounding and you just wanted to be left alone. So you ignored the sound of your bedroom door opening and the dip of your mattress as Sousuke sat himself down. You also turned your head away from him when he pulled down the covers, so that he could see your red, puffy eyes. “I’m sorry,___. I didn’t mean to hurt you. My shoulders causing me a lot of pain at the moment and I just lost it.” All he got in reply was a sniffle as tried to hold in more tears. Sousuke sighed and lent down, moving the hair off your forehead and kissed you gently. Your bottom lip trembled as you removed your arms from the warmth and wrapped them around his shoulders, pulling him into a hug.

“I want some ice-cream though.”