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  • Me: Finds well-written, decent length fanfiction centring around my extremely rare and beautiful OTP that I can't find anything for.
  • Fanfiction: Also contains that one ship that I can't bring myself to not hate even though I try.

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“Kei! Look!”

“Nii-chan! Look, look!”

more one draw stuff this time the theme was “stars”

i wonder what they wished for on that shooting star

me before tumblr: idk i kind of like these bands but i ONLY like books because movies and tv shows are overrated and i like flowers and girly stuff and the only youtube i watch is minecraft letsplays and gay ships are kind of weird so i only ship straight ones LOL whats a meme?????

me after tumblr: i ønly ship gay cøuples, this band is my life, this actør is my baby, satan is my favorite character øn my ultra hømø favørite tv shøw, and my happiness revølves arøund two grown  men whø draw cat whiskers øn their faces being in løve

I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for what she stands -
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The difference some basic editing can do
Max Caulfield is the wonderful @lokiindisguise
Chloe Price is me (+edit)
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cyberprincesstwilight-deactivat  asked:

What I want to know is why the player in The Thought keeps doing the genocide run over and over again. Aren't they bored? Also, why are they such a terrible person?

why, my friend, it’s just a game. and games are meant to be played. aren’t they? i mean… you paid good money for this game didn’t you? you own it and get to do whatever you want with it right?

and the writing is just so good, the characters so fun, everyone’s story so cool… It’s hard to think of just putting it away forever isn’t it? and haven’t you ever had days where you want to refight that one cool boss from one of your favorite games? just to hear the music, or read their witty lines, or see how good you’ve gotten at beating their challenge.

you can always be nice later anyways.

the bro thing

So it’s reasonable to expect a Certain Level of Weird when it came to the Avengers’ Resident Pair of Grumpy (”And Terrible - DO NOT FORGET TERRIBLE” - Tony Stark) Old Men™. 

There’s the old school New York attitudes, the Brooklyn accents, the swearing, the old-fashioned manners (”BARNES YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARM AWAY MY PEPPER RIGHT FROM UNDER MY NOSE!”) and the “back in my day, barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways” stories that were delivered with the best straight faces ever. 

(”Aw, Tony, but you still have the cutest nose” went a long way towards making Ridiculous Billionaire Past Playboy Philanthropist Geniuses melt into Happy Puddles.)

This one, however, was just.  Just.  All right, it’s easier to show rather than tell:

There’s a couch in the common room that’s been unofficially set aside for the exclusive use of the Grumpy Old Men™ and in all fairness, it’s a very comfy couch.  Steve and Bucky usually take up residence there on their down time with sketchbooks, books or occasionally their weapons - Bucky adores the Big Fuck Off Sniper Rifle™ that the entire team knows by its name of Tallulah. 

Sam is the witness when the following exchange happens:


Steve looks up.  “What, bro?”

Sam’s not sure what he’s supposed to feel at seeing Bucky’s intense face.  “Tell the whole world we’re bros.”

Steve shuffles over to get even closer to Bucky, tenderly cups his cheeks and whispers, “We’re bros.”

“Why’d you whisper, bro?”

And one hasn’t lived until one has heard Steve Rogers, Captain America, deliver this sentence in almost the same earnest, sincere tone that he’s used to inspire men and women to go to war for the Righteous Cause.  “Because you’re my whole world, bro.”

“Aw, hell, NO.”  Sam loses it.  He’s rethinking all the life choices he’s made, to be around these two hopeless losers who are falling all over themselves, cackling like the evil little shits that they are. 

“But you’re our bro too, Sam!”

“Yeah, Sam!  Sam’s the GREATEST!”

“Nope. I am going to Nope my way into Nopeville.  See, this is me, doing the Nope.”

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my aesthetic:

the tears in my eyes as i read the same abandoned and incomplete fic over and over again trying to reach a satisfaction from the story that i will never find