my one true bro

  • Me: Finds well-written, decent length fanfiction centring around my extremely rare and beautiful OTP that I can't find anything for.
  • Fanfiction: Also contains that one ship that I can't bring myself to not hate even though I try.

me before tumblr: idk i kind of like these bands but i ONLY like books because movies and tv shows are overrated and i like flowers and girly stuff and the only youtube i watch is minecraft letsplays and gay ships are kind of weird so i only ship straight ones LOL whats a meme?????

me after tumblr: i ønly ship gay cøuples, this band is my life, this actør is my baby, satan is my favorite character øn my ultra hømø favørite tv shøw, and my happiness revølves arøund two grown  men whø draw cat whiskers øn their faces being in løve


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The adventures of Eye-Goat and Salty Badger~ 

Ye..halloween-kigurumi-tiiiimeee!! Since I (atleats for now) haven’t come up with halloween-outfits for them, let’s make them chill in some comfy cuteness~


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tyrese: Happy Bornday to my bro @TheRock aka King Box Office Johnson I’ve been a fan for many years and it’s good to be able to say I’m a friend and brother - there are certain to this day I can’t really believe I really really know??? And actually have their number in my phone? He’s that GUY!!!!! Humble and just always all around cool…. And literally works HIS ASS OFF to maintain his blessed life and career…… Thank you for creating so many new standards for us all - thank you for being one of my true big bro’s#Fast8 is up next start practicing your jokes now champ Roman is gonna come back stronger than ever this round!!!!! HaHa!!!!!#istillaintbeenabletorecoverfromtheforeheadjokebut it’s ok - See you soon!! Happy birthday champ!


my aesthetic:

the tears in my eyes as i read the same abandoned and incomplete fic over and over again trying to reach a satisfaction from the story that i will never find