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  • Me: Finds well-written, decent length fanfiction centring around my extremely rare and beautiful OTP that I can't find anything for.
  • Fanfiction: Also contains that one ship that I can't bring myself to not hate even though I try.
My one true fear about Stranger Things
  • *Season Four premieres*
  • Duffer Bros: We did it! We told the story we wanted to tell! Time to move on to another-
  • Netflix: -hang on just a minute!
  • Duffers: ???
  • Netflix: Our charts show that we’re still making a bazillion dollars from your show. It’d be foolish to stop at four! That’s why we’re renewing you for five more seasons and beyond!
  • Duffers: Wait, what? Um...okay. But don’t you think people might start hating us down the line? I mean, we didn’t plan the story past season 4.
  • Netflix: Nonsense! Keep it going!
  • *few years later*
  • Season 12 announcement: And for this next season of Stranger Things, Barb has been resurrected as a cyborg! Steve continues down the dark path as he trains under Dr. Brenner’s daughter! Jonathan struggles with his feelings for Nancy and two new girls who were introduced after season 4! Mike and Eleven welcome the newest member to their circle (oh btw, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and Will have been written off the show by this point)! Joyce’s twin sister shows up and reveals the Byers family legacy of hunting vampires! And a special crossover episode with the Defenders!

Concept: I strut into gamestop. I’m looking for the Zelda and Peach amiibos, I say. Everyone assumes I play Super Smash Bros. No one knows my true motivations.


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“Kei! Look!”

“Nii-chan! Look, look!”

more one draw stuff this time the theme was “stars”

i wonder what they wished for on that shooting star

me before tumblr: idk i kind of like these bands but i ONLY like books because movies and tv shows are overrated and i like flowers and girly stuff and the only youtube i watch is minecraft letsplays and gay ships are kind of weird so i only ship straight ones LOL whats a meme?????

me after tumblr: i ønly ship gay cøuples, this band is my life, this actør is my baby, satan is my favorite character øn my ultra hømø favørite tv shøw, and my happiness revølves arøund two grown  men whø draw cat whiskers øn their faces being in løve

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE TRUE BRO-VE, THE HANNIBAL TO MY WILL, MY MURDER BRUHSBAND, ANNE!!! ♥♥♥♥ ( AKA aeroplaneblues / babyhowlinforyou ) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND IM SO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU, DUDE! Have some college au hannigram (ft bridal carry! ;) ) !!! I really hope your day was awesome like you and that you got everything you wish for! (:

I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for what she stands -
Have some more Life Is Strange pictures
The difference some basic editing can do
Max Caulfield is the wonderful @lokiindisguise
Chloe Price is me (+edit)
And my one true Bro @tonyintraining is the awesome photographer

cyberprincesstwilight-deactivat  asked:

What I want to know is why the player in The Thought keeps doing the genocide run over and over again. Aren't they bored? Also, why are they such a terrible person?

why, my friend, it’s just a game. and games are meant to be played. aren’t they? i mean… you paid good money for this game didn’t you? you own it and get to do whatever you want with it right?

and the writing is just so good, the characters so fun, everyone’s story so cool… It’s hard to think of just putting it away forever isn’t it? and haven’t you ever had days where you want to refight that one cool boss from one of your favorite games? just to hear the music, or read their witty lines, or see how good you’ve gotten at beating their challenge.

you can always be nice later anyways.