my one and onlys

when it finally hits you that this season is actually over


almost like the SECOND they get to the GCPD he already DOESN’T CARE

he’s just happy the game isn’t over and he gets to keep on playing

it’s so tragically destructive but oh so beautiful


I was tagged by @whaaaalep @tuanpumpkins and @mjbm (probably forever ago) for a selfie tag. I just recently got my hair dyed while I was in Edinburgh with @pjy so I decided it was time to post photos

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- the whole silverflint flashback sequence was so gorgeous and they both
  looked really good in it

- what happened to the subtlety of bs? the whole “you’re teaching me how to kill
  you” and then the “fight” between them in the end felt a little in-your-face

- so Silver’s backstory is that he doesn’t have one? i wasn’t too keen on that,
  but thinking about how Flint himself is his backstory? that kills me. i am dead.

- damn Madi, what a queen!!! i love how she shut down Rogers and that it
  became clear her main duty lies with her people, no matter how important
  Silver is to her (i also love that it showed once again that it is really Flint and
  Madi who are on the same page here)

- Billy and Rogers deserve very slow and painful deaths

- rip to Joji, Dooley and Degroot, that was fucking brutal :(

- well shit, Flint killing Dooley to save Silver… i could hear my heart breaking,
  Flint cares about Silver so much (too much for his own good probably)

- so now the cache is lost to everyone because Dooley is dead?

- the ending scene with Silver talking made me emotinal, but really dude? just
  dropping Thomas’ name in front of Madi? i thought it was weird…

- (besides the good parts in this episode, my weekly “this sasons feels rushed”
  still stands)

-  i don’t want to end it next week :( where do i apply for the support group?