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It’s Valentine’s Day, and in a moment of true bravery, you decide to gift your long-time crush Im Youngmin with chocolates. When you see how many other girls have also given him gifts, your confidence dips, but it all works out in the end

  • valentine’s day fic in july? hell yeah lets do it
  • high school au! ft. im nayoung (pristin) and choi seungcheol (17) bc they’re also 95 liners
  • seonho and guanlin as reader’s best friends

You sighed, looking down at the slightly scraggly box of chocolates that you’d been clutching in your hand since you left home that Valentine’s Day. It was a simple black box with a red ribbon that you’d done your best to tie cutely, the words “to: im youngmin ♡”.

Im Youngmin was quite possibly the most popular guy at your high school. As an all-rounded sports player with the brains to go along with it, people either wanted to date him or be him. You fell into the first category.

Normally, you didn’t crush on guys like this, but one time, when you were buying some food before cram school, you forgot your wallet. Youngmin, who had been standing in line behind you, offered to pay, and you still hadn’t forgotten his kindness a year later.

“(Y/N), you’re really doing this?” Your best friend Yoo Seonho asked, eyebrows raised.

“Yes, dumbass, I’m really doing this,” you hissed, shoving your elbow into his ribs. He groaned in pain, making Lai Guanlin, your other best friend, snicker.

“Okay, that’s his classroom,” you nodded firmly to yourself, before turning to glare at your idiots of best friends. “Can you guys leave? Please? This is embarrassing enough as it is without you two being there.”

Seonho was obviously about to argue with you when Guanlin sighed and dragged the younger off towards your classroom.

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All My Idols Ch 5: Awkward Ikon

Hey lovelies, sorry no Bad Girl or I Am An Alpha tonight, long day at work so no time to write, it’s been kicking my ass. I will tomorrow or Monday, I promise!

When no one answers my, maybe over aggressive, question I roll over and try to go back to sleep. Even when I pull Top’s jacket over my head to hide from them I can feel their prying eyes through the fabric. It’s quiet for a few minute but I know they are still there, I sit up and look at them over my shoulder.

“It’s rude to stare.”

The first one to snap out of it is Bobby, “You aren’t allowed to be in here.” His confidence is something I usually find attractive in their videos but right now, nothing has ever annoyed me so much.

“I can say the same thing about you,” I snap back.

“Who are you? We’re going to get security.”

“Ugh,” I growl as I stand up. To think, I just cheered for them not even an hour ago. Glancing at my phone I realize I’ve only be sleeping for about 45 minutes, and with no texts from the guys I can guess the meeting isn’t over. “Why won’t anyone let me sleep today?” I yell out into the room.

“Ya,” Junhoe asks stepping forward, “Are you crazy or something?”

“Who the hell are you ‘yaing’? I’m older than you.” I scan every face, “I’m older than almost all of you.” They look to each other, a blush crossing their faces. I sigh one more time before getting up, grabbing Top’s jacket and heading to the door, right through their little pack.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jinhwan asks, being the oldest of the group he speaks informally.

“To find my oppas, at least if I’m in that god damn meeting I won’t be questioned.”

“We can’t just let some strange girl wander around the building!” Bobby nearly yells as they follow me out of the room and down the, thankfully, empty hall.

“I’m regretting being your fan right now,” I snap at the group shuffling together a few feet behind me.

“You’re our fan?” B.I finally speaks up.

“Maybe not after this interrogation.”

“How did you get in here?” Bobby asks.

“Through the air vents,” Even though I tried to put as much sarcasm as possible into my teasing words the boys stop and continue to stare at me. I stop and laugh at the slightly scarred expressions on their faces. “I’m joking! Manager Unni brought me here.”

“Which one?” Bobby says when his shock wears off.

I bite my lip and continue to walk as I wonder if I’m allowed to talk about my relationship with my oppas with these guys. They are also idols so I feel like they would respect their hyungs privacy but I’m not sure enough to tell them without asking Unni first.

“Which one?” He asks again when I don’t respond, running a little to match pace with me.

“I’m allowed to share that information,” I sort of lie.

“Says who?” He continues to annoy me.

I roll my eyes at him, “Me being here is top secret, so please leave me alone, I don’t think it will be good for either of us if someone sees us.” I walk faster down the hall, hoping to make it to the elevator without them, but nope. All seven boys squeeze into the elevator with me, standing way to close for comfort. I press the button for the floor I want before making my way to stand beside the only one here that is an oppa and also happens to be the only one who doesn’t tower over me, Jinhwan. Being only a few inches taller than me I find a small amount of comfort with him instead of the giants near by. They all noticed my closeness to their hyung but he didn’t seem uncomfortable with it, in fact I think he actually smiled a bit.

When the elevator opens all of the boys bow automatically at the sight of not just their CEO but also Big Bang. I smile at them, giving Ahjusshi a small bow before weaving my way through the boys to get to my oppas who don’t look to happy with their dongsangs. I wrap my arms around Top’s waist and can’t help but feel a little upset that he doesn’t smile or even notice me doing so, his eyes are fixed on a scared looking Ikon behind me.

“Lottie,” Unnie smiles at me as she walks closer, but that smile drops when she notices the strange atmosphere.

“How are you Charlotte?” Ahjusshi asks, ignoring the guys awkward stand off.

“A bit tired, how are you? How was your meeting?” I smile at him.

“These boys are being difficult as usual.”

“That is not one bit surprising.”

We laugh, “I should be going, I have another meeting soon, make sure these boys feed you something before the show tonight.” He turns to the stunned boys in the elevator, “Get out,” He says shooing them into the hallway with us. We all bow as the doors close.

“Good to see you boys,” Unnie says with a smile. “What are you doing here?”

“Why are they with you?” Top finally asks as he wraps his arms around me protectively.

“They thought I broke in or something so they followed me to make sure I didn’t do anything bad,” I explain with a shrug.

“Are you okay?” GD strokes my head.

“I’m fine Oppa.”

“You know each other?” Bobby asks nervously.

“They are close friends,” Unnie says with another pretty smile as she presses the elevator button. “Now you boys didn’t cause her any trouble right?” Even with that smile of hers’ I know there is a threat behind it and glaring Oppas behind her.

“No, we were just making sure some fan hadn’t gotten into hyungmin’s studio to mess with stuff especially with what happened last week,” Hanbin steps up as the leader to answer the question.

“Well thank you for your concern and for safely bring our Lottie back to us, now if you’ll excuse us,” The elevator doors open and we step inside. The boys bow, never taking their dark eyes off me. With the door closed, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Top soothingly rubs my back.

“I’m fine, I was just nervous on who I can and cannot explain our friendship to.”

Daesung asks me this time, “So they weren’t mean or rude to you?”

I laugh at their over protectiveness, “They were a little at first but what can you expect? They thought I was some crazy fan but don’t worry, I’m a big girl, I put them in their place.”

“That’s our girl,” Youngbae smiles with pride as he pats my head like a child.


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A/N: Hello! This is the first installment of the Boyfriend!Seventeen series :D I’ll be doing them in order of age so expect Boyfriend!Jeonghan next ^o^ Also quick shout out to Admin Gold who helped me a bunch with this c: -Admin Madi  (Also this is really long i’m sorry we got carried away)

  • Boyfriend!Seungcheol would give the most amazing back hugs
  • Like just imagine absentmindedly picking out an outfit from your closet and BAM instant warmth from your super cuddly boyfriend
  • Also likes to sneak in a lil tap on your butt
  • why?? bc he’s seungcheol come on, he’s cheeky like that
  • Would always shower you in kisses before he has to leave for practice 
  • “Okay Seungcheol, you really gotta go now or you’ll be late”
  • “But Y/N… One more kiss!”
  • The type to bring you home flowers for no apparent reason
  • “I love you, here’s some flowers!” 
  • Is also the type to ask you to move in with him into your own apartment after like what, 15 dates? 
  • Knows you’re a keeper after the fifth date tho lets be real
  • Can always be himself around you no matter what
  • Takes days off so that you two can be spontaneous together and go on dates
  • s p o i l s you to no end 
  • Notices you looking at something in a shop window and goes back a week later to buy it for you
  • Hides the gifts in really obvious places so you find them and are like “Oppa what’s this?”
  • Loves showing you off in public & is all for PDA
  • He loves leaving soft kisses on your cheeks squish squish
  • Keeps your hands interlocked at all times 
  • Is low-key really protective of you
  • Is the type of person to come home after a long day of practice and just kinda throw his clothing everywhere and hop into bed
  • Comes home at 3am and finds you asleep on the couch
  • Carries you bridal style into bed and holds you really close
  • Also forgets to put the cap on the milk a lot
  • You two make funny faces at each other when you brush your teeth
  • Likes giving you his baggy sweaters and t-shirts for you to wear around the house 

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But I’m Better

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But I’m Better

“What the hell do you mean Bewhy?” Sungmin groaned, staring at you in total and complete betrayal. “How are you gonna try my life like that? I thought you were my girl. My one and only. My ride or die. My-”

“Yah…Oppa…Don’t you think you’re being just a little over dramatic?” you quirked a brow. 

“No!” he scoffed. “I just never thought my girl would betray me for my best friend…”

You rolled your eyes and looked back at your book; Ignoring the little temper tantrum your boyfriend insisted on throwing. You were spending an evening at home; Catching up on your reading. When your boyfriend stormed inside of your apartment, yelling about an interview you did for the producers at filming earlier. It was literally just a fleeting moment but you were asked who you were cheering for and you said Bewhy.

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500 Followers! theshiphassailed’s 1st Mutual Appreciation

Okay this is fucking crazy honestly. I started this blog 2 months ago and in 2 months 500 followers??? THATS C.R.A.Z.Y . I mean my content isn’t that great yet 500 of you decided to follow me and read my shit. Each person who has liked my stuff, each person who has followed me, each person who has reached out and sent kind messages, I want you to know I appreciate you. I appreciate every single one of you and I just love you guys for sticking with me. I am just grateful AF.

Special Follow

 I am going to follow back the first 50 people that followed me. You guys have really stuck it out with me and I am so thankful.

To My Mutuals

@destination-unicornland You are seriously so kind and so awesome. Really thank you so much for always being so nice to me and helping me out by going out of the way. I want you to know that it means a lot to me. Thank you so much for always correcting me when I did something wrong, and always liking my stuff. I really do appreciate it. I love you ❤️

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Blogs that have inspired me

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@passionately-shipping Hi Kendal!! I wanted to let you know through this post that you have seriously been a very big influence and you are the reason why I got the idea to start a blog. I know nursing school must be keeping you busy and rip to me in January (cuz I am starting too) but I really wanted to thank you. I still remember when I first saw how you interacted with your followers I really wanted to be like that too. You are an absolutely amazing human being. In other words you are like a role model to me not only as writer but otherwise too. Thank you for answering all my questions regarding nursing, and I know I might have been a bother but you were so nice to me it really touched my heart. I really just want to wish you good luck for your blog and also for nursing school because I know that with your kindness and compassion you will make an amazingly great nurse! Thank you so much ❤️


Teasing Oppa - A Smut Scenario

I was sitting in the audience of a Chinese Variety Show watching my boyfriend, Lay. I don’t know what it was about him today but he was turning me on, it could have been the tie he was wearing which was making him look like a school boy or the fact that he kept looking at me up and down with lust filled eyes. I had gone all out with my outfit today as it was the first time since Lay and I were out in public since it was announced that we were dating.


And it was obviously a good choice because we barely made it out the door this morning with the way Lay was all over me when I came out of the bathroom. Every time the show took a break Lay would come over to me and act like he was just having a simple conversation but what the other people couldn’t see was Lay’s hands all over me.

The Mc’s were saying goodbye when I got up from the audience and moved backstage to Lay’s dressing room helping the staff to pack up the things he didn’t need any more so that we could get out of here quicker and get back to our hotel room.

Everyone had finished cleaning and left the room just as Lay walked in so all he had to do was get changed and we could head home.
“Oppa you did so well today!” I inform him, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him.
“Really? Cause I don’t remember anything. All I remember is seeing you sitting there in this sexy outfit” He replies pulling me closer to him and kissing up and down my neck making me moan.
“Yixing we can’t do this here! Get changed and we can head back to the hotel where I have a surprise waiting to show you” I tease running my hands up and down his chest.
“Can I have a clue as to what it is?” He asks as his hands run down my body to my thighs, squeezing me every now and again.
“Well I got it when I was shopping yesterday in that pyjama and underwear shop I told you about” I say causing him to groan at the thought of what it could be.

Arriving back to the hotel Lay practically runs to our room dragging me behind him, swearing as he fumbled with the key card before pushing me into the room and slamming the door behind us. Going and grabbing the bag with Lay’s surprise in it out from under the bed where I hid it, feeling Lay’s eyes on me the whole time while he’s still standing over by the door.

I look at Lay swinging the bag in my hands watching his eyes follow it before walking off into the bathroom keeping eye contact with him the whole time. Shutting the door, I instantly start to take off all my clothes so excited for Lay to see my outfit and also for him to take it off me as well.


I paired the outfit with Lay’s favourite thigh-high stockings and bright red heels, letting my hair down from its ponytail and removing my makeup knowing how Lay likes my face completely bare. It didn’t take me long to get ready but Lay was impatient and groaning on the other side of the door about how much I teased him today and how hard he was with me even touching him.

Finally leaving the bathroom Lay’s mouth instantly falls open, his eyes scanning my body up and down multiply times, walking over to him I straddle his lap and wrap my hands around his neck.
“Do you like it Oppa?” I ask him loving how he’s hands are on my ass squeezing and pinching it.
“I love it baby, you treat Oppa so good” He answers looking down at my chest being completely obvious about it.
“This isn’t the only one I got Oppa” I tease him more knowing that he was going to snap any second and claim me just the way I like it.

And that’s exactly what he does, he doesn’t reply to me just flips us around so that I’m lying on the bed and he standing at the edge with my legs still wrapped around his waist. He quickly pulls off my lingerie ripping one of the straps in the process but neither one of us caring at this point, once I’m in nothing but my stockings and heels Lay starts taking off his own clothes.
“I’ve had enough teasing for one-day baby so I’m skipping the foreplay tonight, I just need to be inside of you!” Lay says once all his clothes are on the floor.

Lay doesn’t give me the chance to reply as he thrusts straight into me making me moan his name, grip onto his fore arm’s and arch my back off the bed.
“Fuck baby girl you’re making Oppa feel so good” He says running his hands all over my body.
“Oppa I’m dripping wet for you” I say literally as I can feel my wetness dripping off me and onto the bed.

Lay replies without a loud moan of my name before wrapping his arms around my back and lifting me up off the bed then slamming me into the wall as he starts fucking me hard and fast against it not caring about the people next door. This new angle was bringing me closer to my release sooner than Lay ever had before and it seemed to be having the same effect on him.

Knowing that as we get closer to our release Lay won’t have the energy to hold us both up he moves us back onto the bed, him lying down with me on top but inside of letting me ride him he pulls me into his chest and thrusts hard up into me making me scream his name. I release onto Lay with another scream of his name and digging my nails into his chest causing Lay to shoot his release inside of me before slowing moving in and out of me still riding out our orgasms and then removing himself from me completely.

Not bothering to get cleaned up or put any clothes on I use what little strength I have to crawl up the bed and get under the covers, Lay doing the same and pulling me into him.
“You do realise I’m going to make you buy me another one of those since you rip it” I say smacking his chest making him laugh at me.
“I’ll buy you a million of them just so I can keep ripping them off you” He replies kissing the top of my head before the both of us fall asleep…

Oppa - Jackson Smut

For my one and only Junhoe Trash ;) Hope you enjoy it babe! <3

Warning: Smut, if you don’t like smut, don’t read this :)

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You headed over to the Got7 dorm to have a movie night with Jackson and the boys. You and Jackson have had plenty of movie nights together, probably much different than this one considering you never actually watched the movie. You knocked on the door being greeted by Mark. “Hey y/n, come on in.” You smiled as you walked past him. All the boys were sitting on the couch, Jackson waiting with a spot right next to him just for you. “Hey babe.” You leaned down and gave him a kiss. “Hi.” You pulled away smiling as all the boys gagged at you two. “Let’s just put the movie on, please.” BamBam whined as the movie started. You actually were paying attention to the movie, until Jackson covered you two up in a blanket, you obviously knew it wasn’t because either of you were cold. You smirked as you soon discovered his reason.

Jackson’s hand was slowly making its way up your thigh, but you quickly pushed it away denying him. See there was a game you two had, whoever could make the other person cave first got control, and you weren’t caving first today. However, Jackson had other plans. His hand made its way back, now sliding past the waistband of your shorts. You remained calm as he was now nibbling at your ear and neck.

Two can play this game

You lifted yourself off the couch, sliding over so you were sitting directly in front of him. Lowering yourself slowly, you ass rubbing against his cloth covered bulge. “Shit” He whispered throwing his head back. You looked back at him with a smirk, you hand reaching behind you to palm his erection through his shorts. You could hear his breath becoming heavy, he kept shifting in his seat to try and shake your hand away. When his efforts failed, he quickly moved his hand back to your shorts. His hand slid past your waistband, not wasting any time finding your clit.

You tossed your head back onto his shoulder, biting your lip trying to keep your moans quiet, almost forgetting the other boys were in the room. He looked down at you, “Just cave already. There’s no way you’re getting out of this one.” He pushed two fingers into you, curling them hitting your spot perfectly. “Fu-” You quickly covered your mouth with your hand. Once your moans ceased, you leaned your mouth to his ear. “Don’t worry I have some tricks up my sleeve.” You whispered in his ear biting your lip. “Oh yeah, like what?” He looked down at you with a cocky grin.

You pulled his hands from your shorts, sitting up straddling him. “Guys! Come onnn!” BamBam cried out covering his eyes. You took to his neck as his hands gripped your ass. “You’re not gonna make me crack y/n.” Jackson trying to relax as you grinded your hips into his hard on. “Oh yeah?” He shook his head. “Jackson, please..” You moaned into his ear, softly biting it. “Mhm.” His grip now on your hips, pulling you down onto him. “I want you to fuck me oppa.”
Without warning, Jackson picked you up and carried you to his room, ignoring the dirty looks the guys all flashed your way. He quickly pushed your back against the door and locked it.

If there was one thing that always made Jackson cave, it was when you called him oppa, it made him melt in your hands. He leaned in to kiss you but you stopped him. “Nope, I’m in control remember.” He slowly put you down backing away licking his lips. “Take this off.” You pulled at the hem of his shirt, he quickly followed your command as you did the same. You kissed him pushing him back towards the bed. He laid back as you straddled his waist, kissing down his body, stopping above the waistband of his shorts. “Babe don’t tease.” He grabbed your hair trying to guide you to his growing problem but you pulled away. You grabbed his arms putting them above his head. “No touching. You touch. I stop.” You slowly began kissing down his body once again, seeing the agony in his face of not being able to touch you.  

You slowly tugged at the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down along with his boxers to expose his erection. You took him with one hand slowly stroking. “Fuuuuck.” He bit the back of his hand as you began to slowly put his length into your mouth. You began to take more of him but felt his hands grabbing your hair to guide you. You sat up and he groaned. “Baby I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, just don’t stop. Please.” You slowly placed him back into your mouth, stroking and sucking faster than before. “Oh my god! Y/n, fuck that feels so good!” He threw his head back as you slowly pulled your mouth off of him. You pulled down your shorts and panties standing there fully exposed. Jackson quickly sat up, barely being able to control yourself.

You dropped a hand and began playing with yourself right in front of him. “Oh my god, baby this feels so good.” He sat their biting his lip, you could see how much he wanted to take you right there. “Don’t you just wanna touch me baby?” He shook his head, knowing that if he did you might very well put your clothes back on leave him to deal with his big problem all himself. You stopped playing with yourself and sat down on Jackson’s lap, his length brushing against your slit. “Fuuuuuck. Don’t do this to me, please y/n. Just let me touch you.” You kissed his neck, thinking you’ve tortured him enough for tonight. “Jackson…” “Yeah?” “I need you.”

Without even giving it a second thought, Jackson quickly laid you down on the bed. Not wasting any time his mouth went straight to your clit while two of his fingers pumped inside of you. “Oh my god baby, fuck!” Your hands pulling at his blonde locks, while you arched your back off the bed. He was showing you no mercy for what you did to him. Jackson was normally in control, and that was how he liked it. His fingers pumping and tongue circling your clit brought you close to your peak, but he quickly stopped, earning a whine from you as he licked his fingers.

He grabbed a rubber from his bedside and slid it down his length. He teased you with his tip. “Please. I need you.” That was all he needed to hear, and he quickly pushed himself into you. A loud moan escaped your lips as he kissed and bit at your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist allowing him to go deeper. “Oh fuck y/n, you’re so tight!” You were now close to your peak and Jackson was going to make sure you got there. He thrusts deeper, harder and faster, as you felt your walls tighten around him. “Oh fuck Jackson I’m gonna cum.” “That’s it baby. Shit.” He continued to thrust as you rode out your orgasm until he hit his peak. He was breathing heavy as he pulled himself out of you to dispose of the condom. You pulled your clothes back on, trying to compose yourself. Jackson threw on his shorts and a tank top. Once you two were stable, you walked back out to rejoin the boys.

As you sat down on the couch the credits began to roll up the screen. “Oh, we missed the whole movie?” You looked at the boys confused. “Yeah, but it sounded like you guys had your own R rated fun in there.” BamBam stood up taking the empty snack bowls into the kitchen. “Please, that was some NC-17 type shit going on in there.” Mark said as he got up and left as all the other boys started laughing while you and Jackson just looked at each other embarrassed. “You want to watch a new movie babe?” Jackson said grabbing the remote winking at you. “No…My body needs a break from all these movies.”