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Okay, I see ideas of Winged!Dirk floating around but how about this. What about Winged/Guardian Angel!Todd for a young Svlad (aka young Dirk)?

Whether assigned as his guardian or somehow lost his way and stumbled his way down to Earth, Todd somehow finds himself as the guardrian angel of one young Svlad Cjelli, either before or during his times of Blackwing.

Still working on the ideas for this one, but have a few scenes that keep popping up in my mind.

One mostly involving Svlad, when he is able to see Todd, aweing at his wings. A pair of wings that are probably not really seen as all that majestic or grand compared to other angels, but to Svlad they were the most beautiful pair of wings he ever saw.

Where then he would probably whisper how he wished he had a pair just like that, so that he could soar through the skies and actually escape from where he was and well, be something.

But Todd would probably either give a small shake of his head, or so, before telling Svlad that he doesn’t need wings like his to be something. That Svlad already had a pair, that were strong and radiant, and all he had to do was spread them wide and then he could fly.

Or something along those lines.
Don’t know, just having a lot of feels for this mini AU idea XD


Well I think this will be the last traditional art spam for a while, I usually keep them to myself but I wanted to share these with you guys ^^. Some of them are drafts for the comics, like the drunk Illumi many Hisokas -.-’

I just realised this...

Idk if I was the only one who didn’t quite understand what was going on in this panel…

But then I went back and noticed

…And remembered…

And I realised…

This precious dork is trying to protect her dad from Ino whom she thinks is a potential fangirl. My love for this kid just increased a little bit xD

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trying to spread a little positivity, so....who are all your friends and what do you like about them? 💛

okay so this isn’t nearly all of them but here’s the ones off the top of my head

@cashmrenoose - okay so Maddie is actually my girlfriend but she’s also my bestfriend. I like how I can tell her everything and not have a fear of being judged or anything like that.

@jinxed-trash - for a binhc she is actually really nice. she doesnt want to fight me and that’s actually a compliment when it’s coming from her xD

@pheonix1115 - is super nice!!! like we’ve only been talking for a few days but they seem really nice and cool andjndf :D

@darkmillennium - is a dork but it’s okay because I still like them :D

@the-ninjas-stole-my-url - cameron is literally so nice and funny and puts up with my weird shit it’s so great

@novocainehowell - aaa mikayla and i have been friends for so long!!! i care about her so much she’s really great

@frnks-gerard - is my mother. like, she is my person who i come to for advice and to also annoy with all my antics

@sherclod - i love how we can be so gay about who we love with each other. it’s just a nice feeling, y’know? and like, she’s super nice and we give each other advice all the time, it’s really great

There’s so many other amazing people I talk to, but there’s a few! 


Sorry for not uploading anything, but I’m really busy with school right now D:
Last weekend I had some free time and so I sorted my sketches.
Plus, after the  newest chapter I had to draw something >o< I’m so hyped!!

After chapter 802 I had to draw Marco!
Man I’m so happy that he was metioned *fangirling*
Hope we see him soon <3
And I love Zou. I smell adventures *goes into Luffy mode*
After chapter 805 I had to draw these dorks so badly xD
I mean they are pure gold and I like their new hats <3
Luffy already met them and I hope they will reunite soon with theit captain <3

One Piece, Marco the Phoenix, Trafalgar Law, Bepo, Penguin, Shachi © Eiichiro Oda

~Imperial Diaries~ Episode 17: Aresko and Grint’s Academy Days

@animperialmarch part 17. My favourite pair of Imperial dorks reminisce the good old days. In all these years, not much has changed. XD

Cue Music: Stressed Out - 21 Pilots

Dear diary,

This was one of those rare, yet wonderful days when there’s nothing urgent happening. No Rebels invading. The cadets are all on leave. It’s given me a bit of time to reflect on things. Earlier this morning, I was watching Loth-Cat videos on my datapad, when my colleague - and probably my only real friend - Cumberlayne Aresko approached and said: “Ah, this is the life, amirite, Myles?” “Yep,” I said. “Reminds me of when we were students at this same academy.”

We both laughed. “Do you remember when we were cadets?” Aresko sighed. “It seems so far away, know what I mean? It’s like we were totally different people!” “Yeah. Oh my, do you remember what happened on my graduation day?” I asked excitedly. “How could I forget?” Smirked Aresko. On that particular occasion, I had officially become a Stormtrooper. It would have been a glorious day, had I not got my helmet stuck on my head. 

It was actually rather embarrassing; everyone else was watching as I panicked, trying to wrench the helmet off. I had shouted: “Blast it! I can’t see a thing!” provoking a bout of laughter from the audience. At which point, Aresko had come to my rescue. “Stop panicking, Myles Grint!” He had said. “Stay still, for Force’s sake!” He removed the helmet just like that! “I’m free!” I had exclaimed, my hair standing on end. 

“Yep, I pretty much saved your life back then,” Said Aresko. “It’s not the first time, I might add.” “You what?” I asked. “Have you forgotten the whole ‘Loth Cat’ incident?” Asked Aresko. “Oh, golly…” I facepalmed. “Look, don’t judge me, Gumball.” (I could never pronounce ‘Cumberlayne’ thanks to a slight lisp.) “I like Loth Cats, deal with it.” “I can tell.” He replied, laughing at the Loth Cat video I’d been watching. I swear those little furballs are too pure for this Galaxy. Chasing light? Seriously! Too pure.

“In defence of the cat, it looked really hungry,” I said. “I felt sorry for it!” “Of course you did, Myles,” Aresko deadpanned. “And you just had to feed it. Bet you never thought it would return for seconds!” “I hadn’t…anticipated it.” I replied in a matter-of-fact voice. “I didn’t expect it to basically become my roommate either!” We both laughed. Ah, those were the days.

“Gumball, do you recall when I saved your life?” This time it was Aresko’s turn to cringe. “Errr, when was that?” He asked. “That one time you decided to go AWOL.” I reminded him. “You got ambushed by some ruffians on the street. I climbed up a roof and dropped sandbags on ‘em.” “Yes,” Aresko rolled his eyes. “And I also seem to recall that you dropped one on me as well, Myles Grint!” “I was aiming for the thugs,” I replied earnestly. “I hiccuped at the last moment and accidentally hit you instead.” “That’s what they all say,” Aresko facepalmed.

I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about it. Those days when Aresko and I were cadets were honestly the best days of my life. Nothing really mattered and we could - more or less - do what we liked. Now we’re teaching the next generation of Stormtroopers. It’s a tough job, but  as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. 

Signed, Myles Grint