my one and only cosplay for fanime

So it’s my first time cosplaying Sammy at a con and 95% of people call me Bendy, 4% call me Inky, and only one person has called me Sammy. But hey no matter what they call me people seem to like my cosplay. Especially the giant field trip of middle school kids shouting Bendy and waving me at me furiously across the street. They were so excited.

shadowthehedgehog  asked:

Dude you are like one of my fav artists ever and i cant believe ur going to fanime!!! What day are you cosplaying scaramouche cause im going as ashi either friday or sunday

Thanks, dude! And I’ll be there Friday, Sat, Sun, but only cosplaying Saturday as Scaramouche. I’ve got a few Scaramouche prints left over that I might bring along as well, see if I can’t get rid of em.

Bit late posting this. Taken at Fanime 2015. One of my mecha cosplays for the year, G-Self from Reconguista in G. First Gundam cosplay I’ve done since starting to cosplay. Good sturdy design and much more comfortable as well. Wish I could have done a better job with the finish, but I had mismanaged my time and ended up rushing it, even had to work on it a bit at con. Lesson learned, not going to do that again. Another lessoned learned is that I’ll probably only do one big mecha cosplay a year, doing too was way too stressful and I ended up doing a half-ass job on both of them. It was also a pain getting transporting them to and from my hotel room, felt really bad for making my friends help me to drag it all from the room to my car.


My Sei cosplay from Fanime 2014. It was a lot of fun to wear, and really comfortable. The only bummer was that the shirt I ordered didn’t come in on time, so I had to run out and buy one the day we left.

I’m excited to remake the skirt though, and look forward to wearing it again at AX, so let me know if you’ll be there!


Photo Credits (in order): kudaranaikani, inordinatedoodle, xisquared

So, other than the one already posted, these three are the only other shots of my Descole cosplay I’ve found via the Fanime tag on tumblr. I haven’t tried Instagram or Flickr yet. Thanks to magiciancelemis and sirenskye for helping me to find the first two, and xisquared for the last one (She made the hat, cuffs, and cape for me, ‘cus she’s a cool friend).

I wonder if there’s any shots of me when I went business casual and took off the jacket and cuffs…

I should'a tilted the hat forward and trimmed that boa though >_o

the History & Making of the Carla-Jaeger-being-eaten-by-a-titan gown

Since it has been requested via popular demand??

So…I honestly had no clue that this costume would go tumblr viral, and am relatively stunned at the huge response. I have received quite a number of asks with questions regarding how I threw together my Carla-Jaeger-being-eaten-by-a-titan gown, and since my flight to Fanime has been delayed three hours, I thought I’d share.

First off, I would like to state that I have not sewed before this costume. I’m not saying that to get ooh’s and aaah’s - I’m mentioning it because my techniques are probably pretty shabby compared to those more familiar with costume and prop-making and honestly, my process might seem entirely ridiculous when deconstructed.

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A Year in Cosplay 2013

I want to spend a little time today just reflecting on one of brightest parts of my life today. It’s been an incredible year of growth for me this year in cosplay that I can hardly even think about.

I got to travel to my first out-of-province (also out of country) convention (hello Fanime!), not only experienced my first CMV shoot but 2, did the first out-of-con dedicated photoshoot…. it’s been a whirlwind and I can’t believe this all happened over the last year.

Aside from that I got to bust out tons of costumes that required thinking I’ve never had to tackle before (Armor! Stretch knits! Vinyl! New makeup techniques! Drafting bizarre patterns!).

It’s really bizarre just looking back over months and realizing how much I’ve done in cosplay over the last while. To be honest, it surprised me when I looked through my folders and looked at all the costumes I put together. It felt like a pretty slow year in cosplay to be honest, but now I realize I just had a lot more done in far less time than previous years.

2014 is a year pretty crucial to my academic career so I’ll be pushing back the weight of cosplay for a while but I am totally content in just looking at all the amazing things I got to take part in, how many laughs I experienced and how many new and wonderful people I got to meet!

Thank you guys for all your support and encouragement and kindness! Cheers to a wonderful upcoming year and to the many, many new adventures that await us all!


Cosplayer l Photographer 

Posting a few pictures of my TK cosplay I wore at AOD! I made the hat the night before without checking references when i was done so I didnt realize how much i messed up on it haha. I’ll be re-making it and getting better shoes for Fanime 2014 though! I really loved how many people came up to me and not only told me they liked my cosplay, but told me how much they LOVE/loved digimon. It was so rad, one of my favorite parts of the con <3

Thank you jordan for letting codi borrow your camera so we could take dumb pictures haha