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Gryffindor: *sits next to Slytherin*

Slytherin: What are you doing?

Gryffindor: I’m… sitting here?


Slytherin: I’m about to shove the definition of “go away, I don’t like you” up your ass.

PROMPT: “When you’re happy, I’m happy.” between Jack and Geoff would just be the cutest.

For Sarah - thank you so much for your kindness and support <3 <3

“And then the flowers - what colour should they be?”

Jack paused, quill hovering just above the page. The desk was covered in a scattered mess of paper, ideas scratched out and written over in a loping scrawl, sheets of parchment scrunched up and discarded. It was late, and his eyes ached from so long working in the dim lamplight. When he got no answer, he twisted to look behind him, annoyed.

“Geoff?” he prompted.

Geoff looked up. The King of Achievia was sprawled in their luxurious bed, a book in hand and relaxed as could be. Jack reached up and rubbed his aching temples.

“I asked you a question,” he repeated.

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kidskk when you're in the Mafia, you're rich. Awfully rich. But a kid doesn't really understand money. Even worse when you are from a poor backround, all seems so much. And in the first few months, they aren't even paid yet. It's their tutor who takes care of all the bills and spending. So all that to say, it's the story on how in their first pay check skk ended up buying the equivalent of $ 1500 worth of candy and toys in one evening.

Mori just walked into Dazai’s room once and he and Chuuya started throwing barbie dolls at him it was traumatizing


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