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Mikleo’s last kiss/hug after the final battle before Sorey goes to sleep.

You can think it as a hug or a kiss but for me, there’s something sweet there…so it’s a kiss (or both).  


This is another reason on how the manga and the game complete each other. In the game we only saw how Mikleo’s passing Sorey before the camera view changed and in the manga we can’t guess that the circle is Mikleo (because it’s black and white ofc). Unlike certain adaptation which goes way too far and doesn’t make sense anymore *sigh*

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

(other classmates coming soon)


I love @zyvian‘s idea for overwatch palette challenge so I decided to draw my main too! <3 Thank you for such an amazing idea for color palette challenge! 

Well I don’t play a lot but I love Reinhardt as you can see ;D also I’m sorry for my English I’m not a native speaker! ;A;

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Hey! Do you have a tentative idea of when you're going to post the next chapter?? Need to know when to check back!

Hi!!! :D :D My *hope* is for tomorrow night but it may be Tuesday,, this chapter has encountered some unfortunate delays r i p. I’ll probably have a more educated guess tonight (I’ve got 3.8k words rn and will probably finish it tonight and know how much editing I’ll have to do)!


A long, long time ago my parents took me to Venice in summer every year. We talked about carnival - but with school it was never possible to visit.

Fast forward about a decade. I made it. And even got a costume XD

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Can I get Gladio headcanons with how he acts around a crush who's as athletic and muscular as he, but also sometimes as lazy and unmotivated as Noctis. She's just generally really chill and could easily beat him up if he asked her out and she wasn't into the idea (even though she is and she's just playing hard to get.)

First off I am so terribly terribly terribly terribly terribly sorry how long this has been sat in my inbox, i have no excuse other than holiday and death but imma get on it now and as per usual, fuck planning shit I’m just going to ramble this out so buckle your seatbelt, this could go all over the place. 

- So first off I believe it goes without saying that anyone that is as strong/could kick his ass he is a big fan off anyway.  He isn’t one of those ‘I AM MAN, I MUST BE THE STRONGEST’ asshat’s and instead can greatly appreciate the effort anyone else has put it in to be on a similar level as him.

- Its a lot of hard work, k, and if anyone knows its him

- Plus he thinks its hot that someone he likes could beat him up

- Because why not

- Buuuut the issue with Gladio is two fold first off he likes to believe that he is super chill all the time but as we all well know he is in fact the total opposite and is a very emotional human being

- And secondly looking the way he does 9/10 he doesn’t really have to put in much effort with flirting etc on account of being a hunk-a-lunk o’ man who can drop panties with a raise of an eyebrow.  In a way though this kind of makes him appreciate the chase even more and also means he’s not that much of a pro at it as he would probably like to think

- So onto the matter at hand

- At first he tried his usual charm (which lets be honest all he normally needs to do is just smile and they’re sold) but to no avail, thus situation is exacerbated.

- So he puts it off as a bad idea and decides that no he will get on with it, he will ignore the niggling crushing feeling and carry on with life but c’mon we’ve all tried that at some point in our life and we know how well it works.

- Bless him he would try his best be cool, calm and collected but you know when someone does a thing and you just (*/ω\*) so prepare for occasions particularly when say they are training together (because weeeerk) and there is gladio trying to pass off his blushing as ‘its really hot’ ‘really good work out’ ‘phew, sure are working hard, good job ahahafuck

- I mean its a pretty good cover up and generally always works so it can’t be all bad

- He has his times when he doesn’t even get his own feelings particularly when she is pulling a ‘noct’ as he likes to call it aka the unmotivated i don’t want to get out of bed but then all it takes is that one look and he is suddenly very forgiving and making plans for doing things later, much to his own annoyance I may add because every time he goes in all gun-ho and un-relenting and then, well.  

- Noct thinks it is very unfair that she gets a pass and he doesn’t but then when he clocks why he slyly mocks gladio relentlessly for it whenever she isn’t there (which then gradually leads on to the whole group doing it when they cotton on and its mostly the fact that he, the adonis among men, impregnate with a look is having lady issues)

- He does not appreciate this but it secretly spurs him on to do something about it out of fear that someone might say something and he doesn’t want to be that guy whose buddies end up asking someone out for him

- He has a reputation to uphold, yanno.

- So he’d probably wait until the adrenaline is pumping, feeling indestructable, swinging his big ass sword and it just falls out the line ‘do you want to grab a coffee after this’ like its not been eating him up this entire time and while he is awaiting the slap he just gets in response something along the lines of ‘it took you this long to ask me?’

- And then he stares into the camera like its the office because it really was that simple and he was over complicating it because it wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter

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I just thought about what if Jason accidentally fakes his death? Like the batfam thought his still in a warehouse or something when it blew, and his comms destroyed so they can't call him, and he just went to a safe house after to sleep and like he doesn't know until a few weeks later when he shows up at the manor to meet up with Alfred for tea.

would it be better or worse if he wasn’t even really getting along with the rest of the family at that point? either way you play it, jason has a bunch of redundancies for his safe houses, and he was trained just as well as any of them. there has to be at least one or two he’s managed to keep secret from the rest of the bats. 

jay doesn’t really make a habit of carrying explosives in his helmet anymore; that was really more of a one-off when he first came back to gotham. since then, he generally just carries more explosives with him to make up for it. because of that, and because he’s usually fighting standard-grade humans, it’s not all that likely that he tosses his helmet aside in the middle of a fight.

a warehouse blows. red hood was in it, they know that (it all but had “This Is A Trap For Red Hood” written all over it), and when searching it, the bats find the badly burnt remnants of hood’s shattered helmet. no body, but –

it’s easy to assume the worst. it’s already happened once, after all. they hold on to hope for a week, but they haven’t been able to find any sign of jason. he can’t be raised on his comms, he hasn’t been in any of the safe houses that they know of, oracle couldn’t find any sign of him on cameras. 

no sign of him in a hospital or even leslie’s clinic, no body matching his description in the morgue. (that last doesn’t mean anything. no body at the warehouse, but someone had set the trap – they could have easily dumped it somewhere else.)

there’s no sign of him, living or dead, anywhere in the city so far as they can tell.

red hood’s been throwing himself into ever-escalating fights since he came back to gotham, and finally they have to assume that this time, his luck didn’t hold long enough for him to get out. 

the family sinks into some kind of shock. it’s impossible to believe that they lost him again.

it’s not something that can even be explained to the public. how do you explain that you’re in fresh mourning for a son and brother that was declared dead over half a decade ago? 

then again, all the bats are good at hiding how they feel. 

they mourn quietly, but they mourn.

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