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Scandal Review, Episode 410 "Run"

Kerry Washington y'all. Kerry Washington did the damned thing and I was here for all of it.

She showed her full range, and didn’t just rely on gritting her teeth and screeching like a banshee.

Let me just give you the slow clap girl:

By the way y'all, she was barefoot. That’s for all you people who were speculating that she was running in heels. I’m kinda laughing at you. Sorry. Ok, I’m not because you were all blinded by your hate for Shonda that you didn’t see what was pretty obvious to anybody with eyes.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into what I hated and what I loved about the episode


1. Say it with me people. Jake. Always Jake. 

Why we had to recap that scene from the previous episode over and over, I have no clue.

By the way, just in case you were hoping that my thoughts on Scott Foley have changed one iota, please know that that will never happen. If anything, I despise him and his character even more than I did in November. I’ll never be here for a guy who was literally shoe-horned into a show because his master is obsessed with him.

Speaking of The Human Vibrator, did y'all notice that Jake had love handles as he was running down the street after the decoy car? 

Must be all those freaking Gettysburgers he’s been force-feeding Olivia and chomping down on. Being a woman who never takes her eye off the ball with regards to what she consumes, I love how much effort it obviously takes for Scott Foley to get in shape and keep in shape. It does my heart good knowing that he’s only ever a burger away from looking as doughy as he did when he first appeared on Scandal.

By the way, I didn’t watch live because I had something on, but when I got home, I put on my DVR, and fast forwarded as much of the Jake scenes as I could.

2. Olivia has a neighbor across from her apartment???

 For four seasons the elevator went to her apartment, and the only door there was her door. Sometimes I feel that the set decorators know that we’ll pick up on these continuity errors but don’t seem to give a fuck. I wish they’d stop.

3. The fact that the kidnappers didn’t kill Jake. 

Like whut? Dude, you guys wouldn’t have had to kill an innocent old black lady if you’d have just taken Jake out. Also, there would have been nobody to alert her Gladiators that Olivia was missing in the first place if you’d killed his ass. Can’t a girl get catch a break here? Please, somebody kill this character.

4. Ian was obviously a plant dude!

 Initially, I hated the fact that Olivia didn’t figure out that the guy she was sharing a cell with was obviously faking it. Then I remembered that I’m watching a TV drama where I’m always looking out for nefarious characters to show up. If that was me in Olivia’s shoes, I’d probably be pretty grateful for the human connection.

Once I put myself in her shoes, I totally understood why she would trust that he was who he said he was. The people screaming about why Olivia blabbed to him forget that she’s not Jack Bauer, she’s in a box, seemingly in some far off country, and the only human connection, the only person who she can trust is a guy sharing a cell with her. Instantly, there’s a natural connection there, a natural bond.

So my only quibble with that scene, ended up being the specifics of what she said about Fitz, rather than just mentioning that she’d worked for the POTUS, she told him that he loved her? Nope, not buying that part. As much as she was trying to reassure herself and him at the same time, I simply refuse to believe that she would have spilt all that tea.

5. Abby appearing as The Grim Reaper.

Girl, you couldn’t just let her enjoy her brief break from reality? Seriously?

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I hated, let’s go on to the goodness of this episode.


1. Kerry Washington kicked ass and took names this episode.

She carried this entire episode, and I loved it. It reminded me that she used to be a movie actress. She used to act in pretty good movies too.

2. The 38 minutes where we didn’t get to see Jake.

3. The entire kidnapping scene was so freaking well done. I was tense as fuck all the way through.

4. “Run Forrest run”

Oh the shade of it all.

5. I loved that Olivia isn’t Jack Bauer, and on this episode at least she wasn’t being portrayed as a badass fighter. Olivia is a spoilt, privileged princess. Her greatest weapon has always been her brain, not her muscle power. She wears designer clothes, carries around expensive bags and drinks rare red wine. She ain’t about that 24 life. Although I suspect that Shonda and her writers are going to change that in upcoming episodes.

6. “Do you have someone you care about? Someone you love?”

I loved that she wanted to save Ian. Because for me, this is one of the most constant thing about her as a character. Even when her gut was all kinds of off, and she was deluding herself about who she loves, or about how trustworthy her father is, the one thing that has never changed since season one has been her need to save people. I get that people see that as a failing on her part, but I say fuck that. I love that part of her, and honestly, for good or bad, I hope she never loses it, because that is her greatest saving grace.

7. Olivia putting the paper over the toilet seat. Girl was brave even getting on there in the first place. That shit was foul. (Erm, pun intended)

8. “I’m Olivia Pope. And it’s funny because it’s useless.”

This was so heartbreaking.

8A:  “Ian, if I’m missing, the President of The United States will find me…he wont stop looking for me.”

Olivia’s conviction that Fitz would find her had me sobbing into my wine glass.

9. “Your father is Ike Turner”

So many lols. You know that line was all Shonda.

10. The dysfunction of Olivia thinking that maybe she’d been implanted with a tracking device. 

 Girl needs to get new friends.

11. “Five minutes and I’m coming in”

Loved this sequence. It was so freaking well done.

12. “You mess with his pay day you’ll know how mad he’ll be.”

So who the hell is really paying these guys?

13. Olivia using the underwire in her bra to try to unlock the window.

14. Olivia putting her 90lbs, 5.1 frame in front of a man twice her size to save him.

All the freaking feels.

15. Olivia still keeping her wits about her even in the most dire of circumstances.

This is who Olivia should have always been. Had we had this episode in season three, and had her character not been diminished to the extent that it was in S3, people could enjoy this episode without waiting for the other shoe to fall.

16. The Dream sequence minus Jake.

I fully realize that Vermont will never happen, and Olivia’s dream was probably Shonda and the writers bidding it farewell, but it still put me in my Olitz feels. Something I rarely feel as much of these days. Kerry and Tony still have wicked chemistry guys, and I’ll always be mad that Shonda decided to turn their relationship into something toxic.

Anyway, let’s appreciate the scenes some more shall we?


I did find it interesting that Vermont was Olivia’s happy place. 

 She dreams that Jake rescues her, and she dreams that he pretty much takes her back to Fitz, where she lived happily ever after with him. Basically Olakers, Olivia was dreaming of the guy she actually loves, not that bland milquetoast fool who couldn’t even protect her. As a sometimes/always./maybe Olitz fan, I was all:

when I saw that she was dreaming of Fitz. I’m not even sorry.

 Whatever the narrative with the terminally bland Jake, Shonda always takes so much effort to let us know that Fitz is her soul mate, the person she ultimately wants to live her life with.

16A. Olivia’s wedding set. 

Did you see that huge assed diamond ring? All the damned feels. I want him to divorce his wife for real and marry Olivia dammit. Is that too much to ask for? Shonda?

17. Everything that Olivia was wearing in the dream sequence in Vermont.

18. “I’m protecting him”

Awwww, Tom!! Gosh I found it so interesting that of all people, Tom was in this dream sequence, and that he tells Olivia that she asked him to come protect Fitz from her.

It was kind of a small moment, but actually, I think that it said so much about how Olivia views herself when it comes to Fitz. “I’m the Scandal” she said to The Human Vibrator at the end of last season, and that idea that she’s bad for Fitz is actually pretty organic to her character. She’s always trying to save Fitz and to fix him. If this was any other writing team, I’d give them a congrats for carrying that idea through from season one until now. But I have trust issues when it comes to the writers sooooo….

19. Guys her hair was laid, her make-up,was flawless, and her casual clothes were perfection. 

Her entire look gave me Happy Birthday Mr President feels. Well done Lyn Paolo. See Sweetie, the less elaborate her clothing, the better she looks. Simple works lady.

20. “Do you know how to use a Dutch oven?”

Even dream Abby insists on shading Liv and her can’t-cook-won’t-cook self.

21. “You have to rescue yourself”

22A. I am all about Liv rescuing herself. Maybe with a little help from her Gladiators, but they’re her family, so I’m good with that.

23. Liv breaking down when she realizes that her one avenue of escape is gone.

24. Liv putting her hands over her mouth to stop herself from totally losing it. Ugh.

All the feels. Kerry Washington. Maaaan….

25. Olivia shooting one of her kidnappers in the head.

For a second, I thought there would be blanks in the gun, I know some of you did too, don’t lie.

26. “Knowledge is power”

Olivia’s discovery that Ian was the mastermind behind her kidnapping, and that it was all an elaborate hoax.

The fact that it was basically a film set? Wow. I know none of you all saw that coming.

Wow, people, that was a lot. That for me was an excellent episode, and if people weren’t so mad at Shonda, they’d agree too.

So, where do we think Olivia is? 

 Who do we think was behind her kidnapping? And does it in fact have anything to do with Andrew, like we were led to believe in the mid-season finale?

Personally, I think that this is bigger than the terminally bland Andrew. I just don’t see him being this smart. Let’s face it, he thinks that he can screw Mellie Grant and another woman at the same time and get away with it, so he really isn’t that smart.  Unless they’re actually working together…

Anyway, for me, this can only have been masterminded by one of three people: Sally Langston, Hollis Doyle, or Mellie Grant. The question is, out of those three, who profits the most out of Fitz going to war with West Angola?

Sally Langston to me is the least likely, because she’s such a religious nut that I can’t see her planning anything this heinous, and involving somebody who’s never harmed her. Plus for all her terrible ways, she wasn’t a bad person per se. Well except for the fact that she killed her husband, but that was a heat of the moment craziness, and not her usual mode of behavior so I’ll give her a pass on that.

Maybe it’s Hollis Doyle, but I don’t think so, just because this seems way too personal for him. Hollis is all about the money, we know that, but was he ever aware of Fitz and Olivia’s relationship?

I think it has to be somebody who knows the depth of Fitz’s feelings for Olivia. It’s a big risk, kidnapping a civilian and threatening to kill her if the president doesn’t go to war with another country. You’d have to know about their relationship to even assume that such a threat would work.

So for me, that leaves Mellie. Mellie is pretty much the only enemy of Olivia Pope who knows that Fitz would probably burn the world to save her. Sure people might imagine that they were having an affair, but they wouldn’t necessarily have intimate knowledge of the depth of that relationship. (Although, it did play out as if Ian didn’t know her secret) I think she’s enlisted Andrew’s help, because if we believe that he has been in love with Mellie for over a decade, we could buy that he would do anything for her. Including having Fitz’s ex lover kidnapped.

I think that this is a way of getting her husband out of power. I think she’s working with Andrew to oust him out of office. I don’t know precisely know how that benefits Mellie, because she’s tied to Fitz for better or worse, but I still say it’s her. It may not make that much sense, but never forget that Verna, an old woman riddled with cancer tried to assassinate the POTUS, y'all.

What are your theories?


As much as I loved this episode, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that it was an episode that Shonda wanted to do, and that in a few episodes, it will be like it never happened, but I’m going to go ahead and bask in the brilliance that was Run anyway. It might be a while before we experience such a great episode again, and one that utterly showcases Olivia Pope, the way that this one did.

No need for Jamie and Claire GIFs this episode, instead I’ll leave you with Fitz, Liv in Showergate Part Two:

This entire sequence had me like:

Surfbort. Lol.

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 Olitz scenes?

#1 S4 finale cuz I’m still screaming…I mean seriously I have never let out such a long and unintelligible scream and gotten up and jumped around watching a tv show like I did when this scene came up. It was just such an unexpected and welcoming surprise…

#2 The Trail from the bus where Fitz said ‘What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?’ because it’s my all time favorite scandal quote, to the hall scene in the hotel where he tells her to just go in her room, to her going to his room instead and of course their still so fucking hot first time

#3 The scene in the oval after Fitz gets back from the hospital where Olivia says ‘you almost died….don’t do it again” and the way he looks up at her and says “ok”. That coupled with the scene after Big Jerry’s funeral where Fitz is chopping the wood and she comes finds him and pulls him into a hug and he cries agains her. It’s just so beautiful to me watching them take of each other, but particularly her taking care of him because he’s the president and the most powerful man in the world (or would be in the funeral scene) yet she’s the one who is there to take care of him and help him and ugh melting in a pool of my own feels.

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On that lonely night
We said it wouldn’t be love
But we felt the rush
It made us believe it was only us
[X]  - Earned It by The Weeknd

Scandal Review, Episode 411 Where's The Black Lady?

Guys, this was another good episode, everybody had a purpose, there were no extraneous bodies hanging around. Go writers, go!

So this episode saw Kerry doing her thing once again and totally owning her show. Man I am so down for this. Olivia was a badass and that’s what I want to see forever and ever amen, during the rest of this show.

With that being said, although I really loved the episode , I felt that there was way too much suspension of disbelief needed for me to believe that Andrew somehow has all this power on the show. In fact, fuck that, I don’t believe it.

 Anyway let’s get on with my likes and dislikes during this episode:     

What I Hated 

 1.   Andrew. 

 Yeah, I know, you were all expecting me to say Jake this episode, and yeah, I’m going to always hate his character, but he didn’t annoy the crap outta me like he usually does. 

Scott Foley always does a better job when he’s not trying to convey emotion, because by god he sucks at that. Give him action scenes with barely any dialogue and he’s tolerable. I actively ignored his presence the entire episode because I was able to, and that was fine by me. 

2.   Charlotte? Charlotte? Where the fuck is Lauren? 

 Why can’t Fitz keep a secretary for longer than 6 months? What is up with that? 

3.   “The Vice President thought you would have trouble following his instructions" 

 Secret service agents walking into the Oval apparently on Andrew’s say so and threatening the president of the United States of America? On what freaking planet?So I’m supposed to believe that Andrew, a two bit politician who only got into his position because Fitz’s old VP went crazy and left, wields all this power in the White House?Really? REALLY? 

 The man literally has enough power to command the secret service, yet he only got the VP job by accident? Why is he not president? Seriously.  I don’t believe for a moment that Andrew is in charge, I don’t believe that the writers would drop such a big-ass plot hole, in a season when they need to do better. Nope. For me, there’s either another Big Bad, or Rowan is behind this. 

4.   "They don’t call this the crown jewel of the American prison system for nothing" 

 So, hold up, this secret service agent knows what Fitz said to Olivia back in episode 201? Whut? How does this kidnap plot NOT have Rowan written all over it?

 So either this guy has been in the White House at least since Fitz became president, or somebody fed him that information?If he’s been in the White House since the beginning of Fitz’s presidency, why is he suddenly taking orders from Andrew Nichols? Andrew. Let me bring up his picture to remind you all of who I’m talking about. 

 Yeah, this guy.Nope, I just don’t believe that the writers are this stupid, I just can’t believe it. Nope, nope, nope. 

Either Rowan is behind this, or there’s somebody way more powerful pulling the strings. 

5.   Ian perving at Olivia’s naked body while she washed. 

 Wow, I hate him. Although, it has to be said, I still don’t hate him quite as much as I hate The Human Vibrator, but whatevs…

6. Ian putting his dirty, perverted hands on Olivia. 

I can’t.

 What I liked 

1.   ”With all I have to get home to, who do you put on the guest list for your arranged marriage to an opportunistic sex worker?“ 

 Cyrus, king of shade. 

2.    "I started sleeping with Andrew again” 

 Said the wife to her husband oh so casually. Remind me again why Shonda and co write this kinda stuff, and yet insists on  keeping these two people in the union from hell? 

3.   “I thought being with him would make me happy the way that being with Olivia makes you happy." 

 I loved this scene whilst being slightly horrified by it. I can’t fathom such a relationship, I really can’t. And I hurt for Fitz because at this point he doesn’t know whether to trust that she’s not in cahoots with Andrew. Personally, I still don’t trust her. She definitely has her own agenda. 

Mellie trying to find a relationship like Fitz and Olivia’s? Damn, I almost felt sorry for her. I said almost.

4.   "I need a glass of water please" 

 That’s my badass Olivia. Held captive, but still using that immense brain. We all knew that when she asked for a glass of water that it was going to be some kind of sign to her people right? 

5.    "Someone took Olivia, tell me what you know” 

Yay for Huck appearing like your worst nightmare to kill you while you sleep. 

I’m here for Huck when he’s being a menacing Gladiator trying to protect his boss. 

6.   “You need to calm down Liz

So Liz didn’t know what Andrew was planning? He is definitely not the puppet master here, he just can’t be. This smells of Rowan, it smells of Rowan or another unknown powerful enemy that we perhaps have yet to meet.

7.  "This war was your idea from day one" 

 This is why I’m crying no tears for Elizabeth. She got in bed with a psycho who turned out to be sleeping with the FLOTUS at the same time. STDs indeed…

 8.  "It’s just you and me, and I’m going to be the next president of the United States” 

 Drippy Andrew? I just can’t. 

9.   Fitz’s flashbacks of him and Olivia on the trail and when they went to Constitution Hall  and promised to stick together. 

 We all know how that ended, but it still put me in my Olitz feels. 

10.   “I’m sorry about Jerry, I didn’t have anything against him, he was a nice boy, but you are a man" 

 Scandal writers sure love their man/boy monologues while one of the characters are in chains. The fact that Tom knew about the conspiracy to kidnap Olivia? Do we still believe that that ratchet Andrew is the mastermind behind all of this? He keeps on that Helen of Troy ish though, which is obviously why Fitz had such a hard time deciding what to do. His country, or the woman he loves? 

Why yes people, that seems like a really easy decision to make. I’m rolling eyes really hard at those imbeciles who somehow failed to understand what a hard decision that might be for a sitting president. Yes, I called you imbeciles, you know who you are. 

11.    "Where can you speak privately? The Only place you could ever speak privately” 

Did anybody else guess Liv’s apartment? Because I had no clue. It made sense of course, and I liked that Olivia’s apartment was referred to as basically the only place that Fitz could be who he was. Another crumb for Olitzers I see. 

 12.   Fitz arranging to meet Jake at Olivia’s apartment to hand over the footage of Olivia’s hostage plea video. 

 I liked this scene a lot. Once again Scott Foley works best when his face doesn’t have to contort into any recognizable emotion. He ain’t about that decent-actor-portrays-intense-emotion life.  He has one look, he just needs to work on that one look, and he’ll be fine.

13.   “It’s not going to work, using me as bait. The president doesn’t negotiate with terrorists." 

Oh Liv, you know better than that. The man would burn the world for you, and somehow you still don’t believe that you’re no Amanda Tanner to him.

14.   "Clinton bombed Serbia so that we’d forget about Monica" 

 Bill Clinton is forever being shaded on this show and as much as I fucks with him, I love it. 

15.    "Out there, someone else has the power, real power. They make the demands, you follow orders, you’re a pawn, puppet" 

Badass Liv is badass.

16.   "I can reach out to foreign contacts, Interpol, Mossad, MI6” 

Jake, who the fuck are you trying to kid?. You don’t know anybody worth knowing. You are literally the worst spy in all of TV Land. Dude, you spent two months with Olivia, and you never once noticed the ring that she wore. A ring that is easily identifiable as Liv’s. You suck at life.

 17.   “Excuse me where’s the black Lady?" 

 So a random black woman comes looking for Olivia, and nobody bothers to seriously question her? 

17.    "Excuse me for talking out of turn, but that’s too long a wait” 

 I know I wasn’t the only one who wanted to stab Andrew when he interrupted Fitz in the Situation Room. 

18.    Cyrus - “Fitz hates the Vice President” Abby - “We all hate the Vice President”

 So many lols. Cyrus sure hates being kept out of the loop when it comes to Fitz doesn’t he? 

19.    Quinn - “Nothing from your contacts?” THV - “Nothing” 

 Are any of us surprised that Jake’s “contacts” gave him nothing? 

20.    "If you scream I’ll break her neck, snap it like a twig“ 

 I have so much love for this OG version of Huck. Huck’s toolbox. It was like welcoming back an old friend. Truly. 

I know I should feel bad about the fact that Huck played Slice The Blonde White Lady’s Back Into Ribbons, but…

21.    Fitz’s paranoia.   

Poor man. I could feel his stress from a mile away. I can’t believe that this guy doesn’t have an army of loyal folks at his disposal. 

22.    ”What kind of president would I be? What kind of monument if I indulged in a war if I sent thousands of people to their deaths to save the life of one person, no matter who that person is to me?“ 

For the Comprehension-Challenged folks who didn’t understand Fitz’s struggle, the above is the exact reason. And if you still can’t see how impossible a situation Fitz was in, you’re an idiot. You really are, and I’m sorry about that. Do you need a hug?

I read somewhere that Fitz going to Mellie about Liv showed how weak he was. Once again, whoever wrote that…. 

 But for the benefit of the unenlightened, let me explain: Fitz is caught between a rock and a hard place, and the two factions of himself are at war (pardon the pun). The president knows that he can’t negotiate with terrorists and put thousands of lives at risk of death for one woman, and the man who loves Olivia just wants to do what he needs to, to save her, regardless of who he has to sacrifice. Comprendre? 

23.    "I thought you loved her? Don’t tell me we’ve been through all this for a cheap screw" 

Anybody who thinks that the Mellie who chased her husband’s ex mistress down the White House corridors demanding she leave her house, is the same Mellie who would tell her husband to go to war for said mistress is fooling themselves. Mellie only ever does things that benefits one person. Mellie.

Having said that, I enjoyed the hell out of this scene, even if I’m a little horrified by the state of this union. Mellie and Fitz have a kind of terrible chemistry that makes for compelling viewing.

24.  "My fellow Americans, moments ago, under my orders, American forces began the first stages of military operations in the effort to free West Angola.”

Is it possible to be horrified and slightly turned on all at once? I can’t tell you how much I hated that Fitz started military operations, and gave in to that snake Andrew, but my little dormant shipper heart couldn’t help but root for his love for Olivia. 

By the way, to the imbecile who was stupid enough to say that Fitz was the only person who didn’t help Liv? You are a freaking idiot. You obviously missed Fitz defying Andrew and. arranging to meet The Human Vibrator, Fitz going to war in order to keep Olivia alive and buying time for OPA, and Fitz doing what he could from the inside of the White House to make sure that she comes back to him alive. 

25.    Andrew sitting in Fitz’s seat. Like, wtf? 

My suspension of disbelief was creaking like a mother fucker at this point. Andrew is not this guy. He’s a drip drop drippity drip drop…

26.   We now know what the poor murdered old woman was called. RIP Lois, we hardly knew ya. Let’s raise a drink to Lois. She lived a long and happy life. Until she decided to move next to Olivia Pope. Here’s to a life less ordinary. Take it away Leo…

 27.   “She wears it for him, she never takes it off

 Wait, what? I thought Shonda said that there was no back story to the ring? I knew there had to be one! We all did! She never wore it before she met Fitz, she never wore it on the trail either. I need that flashback to the ring giving ASAP. You hear me Shonda, you owe us for having to put up with Labia Lips for all this time. YOU OWE US DAMMIT!! 

 *Ahem* Moving on… I think that twitch on Scott’s face was an effort to show us that Jake was visibly affected to learn that Olivia has a ring that was given to her by the president that she never takes off, not even when she was pretending to be Julia Baker with him, 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar. At least I think that’s what it was. I could be wrong, it could have just been him trying not to fart in the middle of filming. 

I’m still amazed that he had to ask Huck if he was sure that the ring was Liv’s. Like whut? Jake Ballard is a terrible spy. Seriously dude…

 28.   So Ian was in the army? 

Ok that doesn’t surprise me. I wonder if he served with Andrew? Is that how they know each other? 

 29.  Fitz finally telling Cyrus. 

30.    "28 men and 3 women" 

 Some more deaths on Fitz’s conscience. Like he needed any more. Ugh. 

31.  "I want beef stew" 

 This made me laugh. Livvie stays demanding even when she’s the kidnappee. By the way,anybody else wonder why she was sat on the floor with her legs akimbo? No? Just me then? OK. 

 32.  Liz’s back after Huck had finished with her. 

33.    Mellie whoring herself out for a phone.

 What’s with these writers and getting the ladies on this show to whore themselves out for phone apps. I can’t. 

34.    "It’s going to be me and you in the Oval from now on. It’s you and me”

 Andrew is literally living on another planet. 

35.    “You’re sitting on one of the most valuable assets in the world and you’re not using it” 

 I am so here for this smart, quick thinking, conniving Olivia pope. I need her to be this person for the rest of the show’s lifespan. 

36.    “Do you want to be a baby-sitter or do you want to be a boss?" 

Go on with your bad self Liv. 

 38.   "I took care of everything" 

This boob-graze that wasn’t a boob-graze will never not be funny to me.

Mellie laid it on Andrew so good that he passed out. Mellie has another plan, she didn’t sleep with Andrew just to help Fitz. She has bigger plans for herself. Bet on that. I still think she may somehow be involved…

39.    "Then, it’s just the three of us? Bust in there and take on God knows how many armed mercenaries ourselves? Alright I’m down." 

Bless Quinn and her trigger happy self, she has turned into that ride-or-die chick who happens to like killing people, and I’m here for it.

40.    "I’m saving Olivia Pope” 

 Sooooo David’s still a character on the show then? 

 41   “Do you think she’s alive?" 

 Poor Huck and Quinn. 

42.    Olivia: "Hi" 

         Fitz: "Hi” 

 Ma feels dammit! She looked so happy to speak to him at last, and the relief on his face. Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!

43.    “I’m selling Miss Pope to the highest bidder” 

…Spoiling everything.

Man, I got tears in my eyes, I was so freaking excited at the thought of Ian attempting to sell Olivia to Fitz’s enemies. Yeah, I know that makes me some kind of sicko, but I want to see where the hell this story is going. 

 44.   “She’s alive” 

Huck and Quinn to the rescue. Yesss! 

Poor Fitz, he’s literally trapped in the crown jewel of the American justice system, and his beloved has been kidnapped. I can’t freaking wait until next week to see what happens. 


So, now that Ian has his own agenda, where does that leave Andrew? I hope Fitz has him killed. 

 If Ian is putting feelers out to sell Olivia to the highest bidder, surely that means that the entire world will have confirmation that Olivia Pope and the president are more than just work friends? Also, surely Rowan will hear about the sale wherever he is? I still think that this is either Rowan’s doing, or another unknown master manipulator. Andrew is far too dumb to be this calculating. 

 You guys must have noticed how Olitz focused this episode was right? Fitz’s flashbacks of him and Olivia, the ring, Mellie telling Fitz that if he loves Olivia then he knows what he has to do? Ian telling Olivia how much Fitz loves her? Because I’m so distrustful of the writers, I’m trying not to get my hopes up, because we all know that Shonda giveth with one hand, and taketh away with the other, but it sure feels good for now.

Anyway, let’s have some vintage Olitz gifs shall we?

Surfbort. Lol…


All time fave. I love how it builds. So beautiful.