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Rating: PG

When we were younger, Luke and I would hide from our parents in the tree house that was in my backyard.

We would sneak off after filling our plates with food climb up the wooden ladder to the top. We would always get in trouble because we knew we had to eat at the table. That would result in luke getting sent home but we would do it again the next day.

That was also the same tree house luke fell out of when we were 8 while racing to the top. I was the first person to sign his cast when he got home from the hospital.

Luke and I have been best friends practically since birth. It was weird being grown up and living on our own. Luke was going to a university close to his apartment while I just finished my program for the art.

Calum, Ashton and Michael who Luke and I met in secondary school were another one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. They knew how to have a good time, we were constantly getting into trouble. It was the kind of trouble that made you feel like you were really living.

None that really got us in trouble. Except for the time we all snuck into the aquarium and quickly set off the alarm. Michael took the fall for that one, he got arrested while all of us had already ran blocks away.

“Hello?” Someone waves their hand in front of my face.

I snaps me out of my thoughts and back into reality, which was Ashton’s basement with the boys.

And Arzaylea. Who was standing in front of me.

“Do you have any mascara with you?” She asks me.

I can hear Michael chuckle and I look at the other boys.

“No. Sorry.” I say shortly.

I wasn’t the type of girl who wore make up. I could never get it right and I just didn’t see the need for it. It’s not like I didn’t keep up on my looks. I plucked my eyebrows obsessively and always make sure to do my hair but that’s about as much effort as you’re getting from me.

She clicks her tongue, frowning slightly before take a seat next to Luke. They have been dating for almost two months now. We were friendly with each other because she is dating my best friend and Luke wouldn’t let her be any other way. But her and I have never really connected.

I slightly feel like it’s that was with all the boys as well but Luke. If Luke ever leaves the room, even for just a second it’s very awkward when she is in here.

“Can I borrow some lipstick.” Calum leans over to me, using his high pitched voice to mock Arzaylea.

I laugh quietly before smack his arm. Michael and Ashton are playing FIFA while calum and I make conversation trying not to pay much attention to Arzaylea and Luke who are bickering about going out to dinner tonight.

“I’ve got a big test tomorrow. I can’t be out late tonight.” Luke says annoyed.

“Yeah, why would I even think we would do something nice like that. Whenever we hang out it’s always with your friends. When are we going to have spend some time together. You know? As a couple!?” She says back to him.

I can’t help myself from listening in to their conversation. Luke and I never really talk about her. They haven’t been really getting along lately but none of us really mind because she isn’t the best to be around.

“We will. Just not tomorrow.” Luke looks like he’s paying more attention to the game then her which would make me upset too.

“Whatever. I’m going home.” She gets up and Luke sighs. He looks like he’s about to stop her but we make eye contact and I shake my head. “Bye guys.” She says to all of us before walking upstairs.

“God Luke! I just feel like, you don’t even like me anymore!” Calum uses the same voice to mock her again.

Saying it just loud enough so I can hear. I try to stifle my laugh but like notices and glances at me. My face turns red as he raises his eyebrows in confusion and I shrug.

The boys and I hang out until it gets dark. Calum and Michael end up staying the night while Luke and I head home. I offer to give him a ride back and he gratefully accept.

“So you’re coming to my first art Debut right?” I ask him as I drive the winds back to his apartment.

“Of course.” He smiles at me. His blue eyes taking my mind off the road until I feel the shaking of the divider under my wheels. I redirect my car back into my lane and he laughs.

I apologize embarrassed but he just blows it off. We learned to drive together, I think we have both seen the most embarrassing moments we’ve had.

A few short minutes later I pull up to his green apartment building that catty corners an old market we use to spend all of our money on candy at.

“Do you have time to come in?” He asks and I look at the time. It’s not even dinner time yet and I love spending time with Luke.

Lately we haven’t really gotten best friend time because of the other boys and Arzaylea. I nod and pull into a parking spot.

His apartment is just as I remember it. The living room and kitchen were very neat, almost untouched. As soon as you stepped foot in his bedroom it’s like a bomb had gone off, dishes and clothes everywhere.

I smile and pick up a picture of us from graduation. His arm is hooked over my shoulder and our smiles are real. His blond hair is peaking out from his cap while I complained that day about how I looked bald. He has just gotten his lip pierced and loved how it looked.

We went together to the shop, I got my nose pierced while he got his lip.

Things seemed the same but they were also much different. Luke changed a lot after he met Arzaylea, he took out his lip piercing and was a lot quieter. I almost feel like he is unhappy but then I’ll see him and her together and he will look like he is enjoying himself.

I set the frame down and Luke shoves a controller in my hand. I smile at him, “Why even try Hemmings? I kick your butt every time.” I smile before jumping on the couch and taking a seat. He puts in the FIFA soccer game that he can never quite seem to beat me at.

“Let’s just say I’ve got a good feeling about this.” He sits next to me.

After while of playing I have to stand to me feet because the restriction of standing is too much with the pressure.

“No. No!” I yell as he gets a penalty shoot-out which will win him the game. He makes it and jumps up in joy, I fall to my knees.

He laughs while standing over me, I glare at him playfully before trying to kick him. He grabs my foot and I try to wiggle it free. He just watched in amusement as I flop like a fish out of water.

I finally give up, my hair sprawled all over my face. He still holds onto my leg, a last attempt to make sure I don’t kick him. I just lay there, attempting to smooth out my unruly hair.

I start to feel a bit uncomfortable when Luke’s eyes are locked on me. He seemed to be in his own little world but his gaze was fixed on me.

I wiggle my leg, “Can I have this back?” I smile.

He seems to return to present day before letting go of my leg.

“For now.” He smiles, almost flirting with me.

I shake that idea out of my head. He doesn’t see me that way. He told me he really likes Arzaylea. We haven’t talked about her in a couple weeks but he sees me as his best friend. Nothing more.

I wish I could say the same. Since grade 10 I started thinking Luke was attractive. We were each other’s first kiss in grade 6 but that was just to get it over with.

I started really liking him the grade we graduated. I started seeing qualities in him that I wanted in a boyfriend.

He met Arzaylea a couple months after graduation and by the way he looked at her I knew. It got even worse, seeing how good of a boyfriend he could be broke my heart.

So I let it go. Tried to just see him as a friend and not make it obvious. I guess I wasn’t doing as good of a job as I thought be the other boys found out soon after.

He kicks me lightly, still leaning over me. “Get up before I spit on you.” He jokes.

Spit dangles from his mouth and I open my mouth jokingly.

He starts laughing and I move out of the way just on time. The spit hits the floor and i quickly stand to my feet.

“Lucas!” I gasp at how close he actually was to spitting on me.

He doubles over in laughter. His hair, that has gotten quite a bit longer, falls into his eyes. I smile, his laughter is very contagious. I start laughing as well.

“What’s so funny?” I question even my own laughter.

He looks over at me, taking a deep breath of air in before laughing again.

It’s impossible not to laugh with him.

I push him over and he lands on the couch. Soon enough he pulls himself together, swiping a tear away from the corner of his eye.

“Come on. You know my spit has been in your mouth before.” He chuckles again.

“Not on purpose. You do have a habit of spitting when you talk though.” I cross my arms.

“Oh yeah. What about grade 6?” He brings up our first kiss.

I scoff, “Please. That barely counted, it was closed mouthed and lasted like half a second.” I try to play off how much that actually meant to me.

Luke and I kissed, he wanted to kiss me.

He shrugs and stands to his feet, yawning.

“You’ve got a test tomorrow. I’ll let you study and get some good sleep.” I start gathering up my things.

“Agh, I don’t want to study. I want to hang out with you.” His whining makes me smile.

I know I mean a lot to him but I worried when Arzaylea come into his life that another girl would be put in front of me. It sounds selfish but it’s really relieving to know he didn’t want to go out to dinner with his girlfriend but wants me to stay and hang out.

“Goodbye, Luke. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smile, putting my hand on his shoulder before exiting his apartment. The air outside is cool but it’s light and easy to breathe.

I walk out to my car and glance back up to his apartment while unlocking the door. He is standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe.

His eyes are watching me from across the parking lot. He smiles widely and waves at me. I start my car and wave at him while driving away.


anonymous asked:

Just curious-- what makes the 2009 Emma adaptation a work of art?

*cracks knuckles* *pulls out color coded binder* I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve seen a lot of Emma adaptations: Clueless, Emma (1996), Aisha, the other BBC series (the one with Kate Beckinsdale and Mark Strong), Emma Approved, and of course, the 2009 BBC Miniseries. The 2009 version is my favorite, it always has been, and it always will be. Most of that comes down to characterization, but it is also about the way it captures Austen’s story magnificently though language, set design, costuming, and music.

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Sleep Sound 7

Synopsis: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Pairing: Rocket Angel (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

The harried businessman in the seat next to Angela muttered a gruff apology when his knee knocked against hers as he tried to settle into the cramped seat. Angela offered a thin-lipped smile, returning her attention to the message from Fareeha.

See you in a few hours, Angela. Have a safe flight.

Thank you, Schatz, she responded. Her thumbs paused over the keyboard. She worried at her lip, then typed. I’m excited to see you :)

As am I. And everyone else, as well.

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Heartbreak Love

PAIRING: reader x Steve Rogers


WARNINGS: Angst, swearing. 

Request from Anon- Hey love :) I hope I can request an imagine with Captain Rogers where you’re an avenger and fall in love with him but then you see him kiss Sharon and leave the Scene heart broken. What you don’t know, Steve also fell in love with you and the kiss with Sharon didn’t mean something to him. Back at the facility Wanda informs Steve that you left and he immediately tries everything to find you and tell you that he wants to be you to be his one and only? <3 that would be really lovey :) & his POV maybe. 

So this maybe a little it emotional, sorry about that! I haven’t done a an angst in a while, Enjoy (may need tissues idk?) 

GIF NOT MINE:- imagine without the blood mainly for the expression! 

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Being in love was one of the most beautiful and once in a lifetime feeling. Nothing compared to it, it was euphoric the feeling was indescribable, to know that another loved you just as fiercely and passionately as you did. To know that they would do anything for you, risk their life you even. Well that’s what you had been told love was like. No one ever told you the feeling of unrequited love, the love that pierced your heart each time you looked at them. The devastating feeling knowing that they would never love you as much as you ever loved them. It was soul destroying, but addictive. 

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Lumen (part 12/ ): Firm intentions

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Previously: part 11

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 12: Things get a little heated between Steve and Fury. Wanda tells Steve your secret.

Warnings: language?

Word count: 1.815 (without background information).

Lumen is going on hiatus for a little while. In the meantime, please feel free to check out my other ongoing fan fic series, “Love is a…”!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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Marvels female lead books in June

Ms. Marvel: One of my favorite comic book of all time Ms. Marvel now faces her “Last Days” come June. However, let’s be real, Ms. Marvel isn’t going anywhere but we are getting a story about the world ending. I believe the writer even said “This is the end of the world not Ms. Marvel” so were all good. If you haven’t read Ms. Marvel pick up the first trade paper back. 

Black Widow: Black Widow is also seeing her “Last Days” as if they would do anything to Marvel’s most famous female character who will only be more famous by June thanks to Age of Ultron. I’ve heard great things about the run of Black Widow and the way the stories are crafted. If you like spy books this is the book for you. 

Runaways: This take on the Runaways isn’t the cast I wanted but I’ve got over that. We have many leading ladies and Molly appears to be front and center in order to properly pay tribute to this alternate reality crew. This is going to be a really fun book that explores battle world as they run away from their evil principle or whatever. Beyond all that we have a female writer on this book so even if it was a male lead book we know were at least getting something that is rather rare in the main stream industry. 

Marvel Zombies: I wouldn’t have thought we would see a female lead Marvel Zombies but Elsa Bloodstone is indeed our core hero. We follow her adventure of trying to save a little girl from Zombie world and get back to her station holding the monsters in. I’m not familiar with the character but this could be a really bad ass series for a bevy of horror fans. 

Star Lord and Kitty Pryde: Star Lord and Kitty Pryde have been dating in the comics and now they have a couples title. Kitty Pryde is coming from the age of apocalypse universe if the interviews are to be believed. It’s said to be a romantic comedy as Star Lord and Kitty from other realities try to make things work together. 

1602 Witch Hunter Angela: We get a look at another part of the 1602 universe. Angela and Sera (Marvels first ever slightly highlighted Trans character) as witch hunters. While not exactly my kind of book I am rather interested in the idea of the book and if given the chance I’ll totally check it out. This should be a more fantasy driven book then really anything else Marvel is putting out. 

A-force: This is the Secret Wars books i’m the msot hype for and only even more hype after seeing this awesome cover. Ms. America looks to be joining the roster and I love seeing Nico front in center. The all female avengers team looks like it’s totally going to make waves and I really hope it does massively well to prove that it’s not a gimmick. It has a wonderful cast of characters and is written by one of the best writers in the comic book industry. 

Years of Future past: Kate Pryde gets to be the lead and a mom in this book. She is the mom of the last naturally born mutant and she most survive in this world despite all the shit that has gone wrong. This is a new take on the classic story and should be great for any X-fan. 

Ms. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos: Shiklah was a new character in the more recent run of Deadpool. She has quickly become a fan favorite and now will be leading an army of monsters. I imagine since it’s the writer of the old Deadpool run this will be a pretty comedic book and fun for fans of classic monsters. 

Captain Marvel and Carol Corps: The Carol Corps are going to love this look at an alternate reality with Carol at the command of her troops. They are an Air Force team so I don’t know how super they will be but I do think we’ll get a bit of superness since it’s said Carol still has her powers. 

Spider-Verse: Spider-verse features a male and female lead in Anya (Spider-girl) and Spider-UK. Anya  is one of the few Hispanic super heroes in existence let alone ones that aren’t at least a little bit racist. Also Issue two will be focusing on Spider-Gwen oddly enough as she faces Norman Osborn (I imagine from another reality).  If the tease at the end of Spider-verse was any indication we should be seeing plenty of Spider-woman along with Spider-mans in this book so I’m going to count it as female lead since so far nothing has shown me other wise from the two solicitations we’ve gotten.  

Silk: I didn’t have a ton of faith in the series but when I bought issue one I was instantly in love with it. From the Pokemon reference to the banter with Peter Parker it was a really solid book. If my comic budget gets to high this may be the book I drop but it wouldn’t be without a heavy heart. 

Spider-Gwen: Just because Gwen got her own highlight in Spider-verse doesn’t mean she isn’t still getting her series. It’s a brilliant look at another universe and also really turning Gwen Stacy into a brilliant character. I think we have Emma Stone in part to thank for this book happening because she really made us want to love Gwen Stacy. I’m really enjoying the series so far and think if your a Spider-fan like me then you’ll really enjoy this book. 

Spider-woman: Don’t trust this writer but everyone tells me issue 5 was really good. So if you want to continue to follow Jessica’s adventures trying to be a street level hero grab this book. 

Squirrel Girl: I’ve saved the best for last. Squirrel girl is the best comic book ever written, fact. No seriously it’s freaking great, charming, cute, and funny. It’s totally worth checking out if you haven’t bought it it’s only on issue 3 so quick get the things. If I could only recommend one book from the whole list it be this. 

So we end up with 15 titles that star a leading female as the main character. These books are the books that really can’t be argued are staring the female character. Now a few of these books also focus on their male members but again this is about top billing going to the a woman and these books have that. That’s up from the last time I reported on female lead titles for  April  that had 11. That’s even up from when we also had Electra and She Hulk. Oh and that’s not all that’s just the books no one can argue aren’t female lead.  Click on the read more for 11 other books I think sort of count but i’ll hesitate on.  If I miss any books or you just think I should read a book then send me the digital code and I’ll totally read it.

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Something Old, Something New

Because @brandnewfashion and @lady-pei are menaces giving people feelings about idiots planning their friends wedding. 

At first Holster and Ransom just exchange an embarrassing amount of texts after everyone hears Jack finally proposed. Being happy for your friends, especially the ones that deserve to be disgusting happy, is a boisterous cloud to live on. The slew of well wishing Jack and Bitty get is their due. But somewhere in all the congratulations and celebrating an idea is born.

What if Ransom and Holster do Bitty the one solid they couldn’t at Samwell and make sure he gets his happily ever after? It’s not getting their buddy a blind date, but it’s a step in the way of seeing a good friends take the happiness they’ve earned. 

“Are we really gonna do this?” Ransom asks looking over the stack of bridal magazines while Holster is reading through another wedding planning friendly guide.

“Yup.” Holster snorts a bit. “Way too much babys breath in those arrangements. And daisies for a filler is just juvenile. I mean if it was for sentimental reasons I’d be on board but man look at this thing it’s just so awkward.”

Ransom looks at the pictures and agrees. The petals are pressed to be bunched or stick out. “It looks like someone sat on it.”

“It really does. Do you think anything would actually go with maples leaves or is that overkill?”

“Archway made of branches for an outdoor ceremony might work. But that’s a lot of red to compete with for any flowers. Maybe pick colors first. Mean you clash the wrong way and you’re too far in it’s going to be…”

“A complete disaster.” Holster says picking up on Ransom’s train of thought with ease. “So colors first. Though thinking full flowers no matter what. Pastels for spring would be nice do you think? Have they picked a date?”

“Nope. We should start with basics. Like date and color scheme.”

Holster nodded and left the first blog behind to go to another. “Time to start the battle plan?”

“Time to start the battle plan. Vote we call this operation: maple pecan.” Ransom flags a page in the magazine he’s reading because the centerpiece ideas look affordable but elegant. “…that backfired now I want pie.”

“Same man, same.” 

Jack hadn’t known what to make of the way Ransom and Holster had turned up decked out in full suits to take them to start checking out bakeries. Frankly Jack wouldn’t have been surprised if Eric had demanded to make the wedding cake himself on nothing but determination. 

Instead all four of them were in Ransom’s SUV headed for a place called The Bread Basket. Bitty had even tentatively passed the bakery’s online ordering selection and process - very user friendly - before the visit. But it was probably a little more surreal that Holster was currently giving them a rundown of the staff. Full names, qualifications, and specialties. 

“They don’t specialize in big weddings but the quality is through the roof.”

Ransom glanced in his rearview to look at the pair of fiancee in the backseat. “And reasonable pricing for the time and materials. Even the adjusted pricing for short notice wasn’t half as bad as some places.”

“You’re talking about Glazed, right?” Holster asked looking up from his notes.

“You know it.” Ransom wasn’t hiding his disapproval. But given the inflated prices for the meager baked goods that were okay half the time, it wasn’t an unfounded disapproval. 

Jack just glanced at Bitty to see if he had any idea what was going on to see his fiancé nodding. 

“They treat their customers complaints like they’re in the wrong, just isn’t right.” Bitty muttered. “Their pies are a mess, their crumble belongs in a sandbox! I mean where’s your pride?” 

Jack could only watch as their impromptu planners started discussing the finer points of what they wanted in their food. Starting with confections that left Bitty a lively participant. But they tried to keep Jack in the loop some, asking him if he agreed or disagreed on points. 

It was all in all a surreal experience, but nice. 

The boutique isn’t small but it’s not large, but on the bright side neither Ransom of Holster need to duck to get inside. An older woman is manning the reception desk and stops short when they enter. 

Ransom pulls a smile and removes his sunglasses. “Morning ma’am we’ve here to talk about the Zimmerman and Bittle wedding. We should be in your appointment book for ten.”

Holster is browsing the laid out selection of photos and pricing packages they have for such purposes. His glasses are on and he still has his hand free headset on while he opens up a brochure on couples fun bonus packages available. 

The woman behind the counter checks the schedule and smiles back at Ransom. “Thank you very much, which of the grooms are you?”

“Oh no ma’am. We’re here for them, we’re the wedding planners.” Ransom pulls out a business card he had made just for dealing with the potential vendors. “I’m Justin Oluransi, and this is my associate Adam Birkholtz.” 

The woman behind the desk takes the card and seems to recover pretty quickly from her faux pas. “The last appointment is still wrapping up, would either of you like coffee while you wait?”

Holster sidles up about then. “That would be great please.” 

But the gleam in his eye is what makes Ransom. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

As soon as the receptionist is out of ear shot Holster pipes up. “We should plan something for Jack. Mean he’s a little out of his element with al this stuff but some photos would be right up his alley.”

And it’s a good plan actually. Jack enjoyed his photography elective at Samwell. A few of the photos are still around the shared house he and Bitty have. 

“Mmm candid would be best though.” It’s more Jack’s style. 

“Friends and family thing to celebrate? Make sure he’s got his camera and film available. Good memories.” 

Ransom nods because he can picture that. Jack would like those kinds of photos. “Think we can convince Bitty to pose for a few?”

“Easy. I was thinking…maybe a trip back to Haus. Do a set of photos there.” Holster suggest. “You know where it all started. Some of the campus too and some of the local spots. Hell maybe send them grocery shopping together and take photos.”

Rather than nothing but a slew of photos of everyone in their dresses and suits it would be more sentimental. “That would be perfect actually. Scrapbook at the rehearsal dinner to them both?”

“Yes, we’re gonna make them cry.” 

Personal touch decided they just needed to find someone who could be trusted to take group photos and film the ceremony. And it was a high set bar because these were precious memories that only came along once. Only the best would do.

Holster is trying to be patient waiting for Jack to put on the suit. It’s the second fitting and the first adjustments had been made so it’s a check to see if the fit is right. And about the last chance they have to change their mind without having to start completely form scratch again. Menswear isn’t the most complicated thing to tackle for a wedding - everyone’s happy there’s going to be no wedding gown.

And in three days Bitty will go through the same thing with Ransom. Separate fittings to avoid any run-ins and spoiling the surprise.

Watching Jack stand around and get stabbed with a pin or two had been enough to push aside the emotional upheaval the whole thing brought about. At least for Hoslter. Alicia, not so much. She’d dabbed at her eyes and had to excuse herself from actually crying on her son. 

The click of the dressing room door brought Holser’s attention away from his e-mail on his phone. 

Jack looked like he wanted to fidget, always more at home in a jersey or a flannel than anything else, but he awaited judgment. 

“How do I look?”

Holster looked him over from polished shoes to his windsor knot. The suit was drawn in properly and the lapels laid flat in thin line to exaggerate Jack’s height further. None of it matched the messy hair Jack had given himself from running his hands through his hair.

“Could get you a cap and gown if you’re worried about Bitty turning up his nose.” 

No one had been happy to hear that little story. Or they hadn’t been happy they’d all missed it. But the goodnatured ribbing did it’s job and Jack let out a little chuckle.

“Think my old one still fits.” Jack took a look at himself in one of the wall length mirrors. “I look ridiculous.”

“No problem with a helmet and mouth guard but this you think is goofy?” Holster asks but goes to fuss a little bit. A little combing and Jack’s hair looks less bedhead and more Sunday best. “What don’t you like about it?”

It’s a serious question and Jack gives his reflection a more probing once over. 

“I don’t know.”

“Is it the matching tie and socks? Because Ransom keeps insisting that’s a must.”

“No, no. Just something’s missing.” Jack mutters with an uncertain set about his expression.

Standing back Holster tries to see what he means. Something is amiss. Jack doesn’t dress this way often and normally he’s not alone when he has a reason to be dressed in a full suit.

When it hits him Holster just has to take out his phone and snap a photo to send to Ransom. Groom match check. Is all he sends with the snapshot.

“You look good. Bitty’s just not around to match.”

It seems to be the right thing to say because Jack looks surprised at his own reflection before he smiles at the empty spot beside him. No doubt imagining their Itty Bitty in place. 

“You think so?” Jack asks, but sounding more reassured already.

Blue and gold were the right colors. Our boys are gonna rock it. Holster reads the quick reply on his phone and can’t help but to agree. 

“Know so.”