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Teaching Cas!

Sam X Dean X Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral sex, anal sex, Destiel fluff
Word count: 2995

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The boys had run off to get coffee and breakfast and you had just finished your shower and dried off. You slipped on a pair of blue satin panties with black laced edges, when you heard your phone beep in the main room of the hotel. Instinctually, you walked to your phone and sat on the bed to read the message. You heard the guys on the other side of the door; you cupped your breasts with your arm as you held the phone with your other hand. The key turned, you didn’t move from the bed, you just replied back to the message.
“Good morning boys!” you told Sam and Dean.
“Hey!” A surprised Dean said.

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Thank you so much @positivelypinkie!!!She sent me her old pink mini tree because she was getting a new white one and I am so excited!!! This is the first year I have decorated for any holiday in my room. And even though it’s just a little tree, it warms my heart! On it I put silver beaded garland, pink ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and Palace Pet & My Little Pony blind bag figures! The little skirt is actually from the toddler’s dress up section at Hobby Lobby and is a tutu! I stole the idea to put a big hairbow on top from @positivelypinkie so she gets full credit for inspiring me there!
Definitely not everyone’s taste/style but it’s all just an explosion of pink sparkliness and I LOVE IT!!!

Sugar on the Asphalt: Thirty
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Sorry this took so long to post! Hopefully the 10k+ words makes up for it! I’d love to hear what you guys think, so drop by my ask! <33

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cupid’s got a tiramisu cupcake; august 10, 2013

After weeks of putting it off, I finally had no more excuses. With Rebecca home for the evening and the girls in her care, I needed to go for a run. It was probably going to hurt and I was probably going to cry, but I needed that outlet the track used to give me. It was an opportunity for me to clear my head, only focusing on the cracks in the pavement and making sure I kept my breathing steady.

I grabbed a running jacket from Rebecca’s closet and said a quick goodbye to the girls before heading out the door, fastening earbuds into my ears as I flipped through the albums I had on my phone. Unable to decide, I set it to shuffle for my walk to the Golders Hill Park.

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