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Pay attention, 2014 Mad Men: This little girl is holding a LEGO set. The LEGOs are not pink or “made for girls.” She isn’t even wearing pink. The copy is about “younger children” who “build for fun.” Not just “girls” who build. ALL KIDS.

In an age when little girls and boys are treated as though they are two entirely different species by toy marketers, this 1981 ad for LEGO — one of our favorite images ever — issues an important reminder.

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You are challenged by Pokémon Trainer Kas!


So i redrew one of my first pony drawings i did in 2013 to see how much i have improved for the last 4 years.
I think it’s funny to look in the past and see where i have been starting :D
There is still a lot of things that i can
improve and learn but i am looking forward to it!




mlp au collection

-mane6 are old school fans of the 1986 mlp, they run a role-play group online where they rp as their pony selves

next gen au
-twilight lives long enough to see the elements of harmony passed on to a new generation of unrelated young ponies
-her own apprentice, vega star, is the oblivious heir to the element of magic and with twilight’s help must seek out the other holders of the elements 

guardians of nature au
-mane6 are horse guardians of a sacred forest on the outskirts of a small town
-sunset and starlight are two teens who wrong the guardians of nature in some way and must redeem themselves to the gods  

fairy tale au (cmc) (sirens)
-celestia luna and twilight are three sister queens who rule a fabulous kingdom until one day twilight is captured by a jealous king sombra
-spike the dragon borne, is sent with their last soldier, applejack to rescue twilight at any cost
-pinkie pie and fluttershy are forest witches
-rd is a harpy, rarity’s an elf, zecora is a forest denizen
-the sirens are water sirens, cmc are paladins adventuring the countryside 

pony falls au
-gravity falls/mlp crossover -the mane 6 fall thru a rift into gravity falls and must figure out a way to seal it before bill discovers it
-at the same time canterlot high is on a camping trip to gravity falls where sunset is fooled by bill into helping him capture the ponies use their rift to speed up his plans

bad end au (x) (link contains trypophobia and blood!)
-an apocalypse-esque timeline where chrysalis becomes ultimate ruler and drains equestria of everything, now a wasteland, various characters attempt to survive

G1 aftermath au
-danny, megan, and molly about 10 to 15 years post their adventures with the little ponies and how they cope with the real world 


So I’ve been getting some messages since deValier’s most recent page update asking where someone can find a certain fic, what another fic was supposed to be about, or if that fic was finished or not. To answer these questions I’ve decided to make a post about each of them (with links to them if they exist) for your convenience.



We’ll Meet Again (Us x Uk; 13 chapters) 

Keep Smiling Through (short sequel to We’ll Meet Again; 1 chapter)

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart (Germany x Italy; 18 chapters)


La Patisserie de la Rose (France x Canada; 6 chapters) 

Libelle Hall (Prussia x Austria; 3 chapters)

Of Ponies and Edelweiss (short sequel to Libelle Hall; 1 chapter) 


Blue, White, Red (Us x Uk; 3 chapters) note: character death/tragedy  

Sleep, Little Bird (Sweden x Finland with Sealand; 1 chapter) note: character death/tragedy  

Gallipoli (Australia; 1 chapter)

Stay With You (Germany x Italy; 1 chapter)



Bésame Mucho (Spain x Romano; 6 chapters so far)

Something To Remember You By (Turkey x Egypt; 1 chapter so far)  note: said to be tragedy

Lily of the Lamplight (Prussia x Austria; 4 chapters so far)  note: trigger warning for attempted sexual assault

Jealousy (Russia x China; 1 chapter so far)  note: trigger warning for violence and assault. also has a big age difference

My Echo (Switzerland x Austria; 1 chapter so far) 


Catch Perfect (Sweden x Finland; 8 chapters so far)

The Tiger and the Dragon (Russia x China; 4 chapters so far)

Meanwhile, Across Town (Us x Uk; not found - summary, quote)

PLANNED FICS: (all Veraverse; no chapters available for any of these; summaries

Autumn Leaves (Rome x Ancient Greece)

Faraway Places (Bad Touch Trio) 

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Lithuania x Poland)

Room 504 (Greece x Japan)

Somewhere In France With You (France x Canada) 

When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Sweden x Finland - excerpt)

When The Lights Go On Again (Estonia x Latvia) 

You’ll Never Know (Hungary x Liechtenstein)

I hope this was helpful for anyone wondering. I’m still looking for his fic Meanwhile, Across Town, so if anyone has it will you please let me know? 

And while I still have your attention may I make a brief shout out to anyone new or still in the deValier fandom not to harass George deValier for not finishing these fics please. He’s already written so many beautiful fics, and that takes time and motivation and an insane amount of effort that is done WITHOUT BEING PAID. The last thing he needs is people whining at him about not writing what they want him to write and why he hasn’t updated yet. Now what you can do is compliment him on his beautiful stories and say how much you loved them. 

thank you for your time~   

I was in Antarctica at Sloth Training Academy shuffling along a rope that was above a 1000 ft drop, there was a sloth shuffling on the rope between my arms (that’s how we taught them to climb).
We were nearing the end of the rope when the sloth falls, so I let go with one arm and catch him and he becomes a little key ring sloth toy when I grab him. I’m freaking out and look over to the end of the rope where the other trainers and my sloth are laughing at me shouting ‘PRANKED’ over and over again.

I get angry so shout ‘WHY ARE WE IN ANTARCTICA SLOTHS DON’T ORIGINATE FROM ANTARCTICA’ then went and got dried in an old my little pony themed bathroom as I was drenched from the snow. The end.