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I had already been talking to this guy when I just turned 15. He lived right in front of my high school. He was 22 years old, medium height, green eyes, no facial hair & average build. One day he added me on Snapchat..he picked me up & he drove us to a really fancy restaurant about half an hour away from his house. I wore a short black over the shoulder shirt with no panties & some black pumps. He tore that pssy up so bad. I couldn't walk right for a week, I was a virgin..

Imma bout to hit you with some real life drarry shit

My best friend and I are huge HP fans. We have matching Deathly Hallows tattoos. She’s a total Griffindor, I’m a Slytherin. She has messy, dark hair, glasses, is an orphan raised by her aunt and uncle. My hair is platinum blonde, I come from an old family that has lived in our city many generations, I’m weirdly close with my mother and I’m not even going to go into the dad issues. I’m snarky, she’s obnoxiously honest. She speaks and acts without thinking, I’m highly calculated. See where I’m going with this? No? Because it’s really fucking obvious. Surprisingly, we’ve never made this connection. Until one last week. She and I were out at a bar with some other friends. Everyone else was havimg a jolly ol’ time but we were bickering, like always, probably about whether she ought not to do this thing, act that way (frequent, pointless). The bar was loud. Things were escalating. We had managed to push all our other friends out of the way until we were literally four inches from each other’s faces. I was so pissed. I was pointing and her stupid, honest face (that I love) we were just glaring daggers at each other and out of nowhere I was just like, “scared Potter?” and without hesitation she said, “you wish.” Both our eyes widened with realization. And we proceeded to die laughing. Our friends looked at us in confusion, but just didn’t get it when we drunkenly tried to explain why this is the most hilarious thing to have ever happened. They didn’t get it. We shrugged it off and then I’m pretty sure we danced. In summary: Harry and Draco are meant to be.

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nozorin; "you can't bring pets to school"

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

Rin jumped at the voice, scrambling to hide her treasure and stand up at the same time. She ended on the ground, desk toppled over next to her and the tiny kitten leaping onto a chair nearby.

“N-Nozomi-chan! What brings you here?” Rin laughed nervously, making a swipe for the cat. Nozomi scooped it up instead, ruffling the fur on top of its head.

“It seems to me that a certain someone is going against school rules, don’tcha ya think?”

“I know, right! That cat doesn’t even an id! Bad kitty.” Rin frowned at the cat, placing her hands on her hips as she finally got to her feet. The cat yawned, showing its pink tongue and bright white teeth.

“You know what Elichi’s going to say about this.”

Rin scrunched up her nose at the mention of the straight-laced student council president. “Um, Excuse me, Ms. Hoshizora Rin-san?” she said, tilting her head back snobbishly and pitching her voice up into a bad falsetto. “Did you know, that in the Otonokizaka School Handbook, in Chapter 27, section 3, part 90-whatever XYZ, the school Absolutely Forbids bringing any sort of animal companion into the building? This is the most gravest of mistakes, I assure you. Not harasho at all.”

Nozomi giggled at the performance. Rin’s deadpan face was scarily accurate, her words even more so.

Rin continued, clasping her hands under her chin and giving her best puppy dog eyes. “I know, Ms. All Important School Council President Goddess! Can you forgive this lowly servant for falling prey to such mortal desires like owning a cat? I know in Russia you only have big scary bears, but I promise cats are just as good too!”

Nozomi dropped the kitten on Rin’s head, grinning from ear to ear. “Don’t worry, humble citizen, as the Student Council President Goddess’s right hand woman, I hear your plea and accept it. In exchange I request thirty meals of barbequed meat, to be delivered to my abode by tomorrow’s sunrise.”

“Oh. Um.” Rin shoved a hand in her pocket, tongue sticking out the side of her mouth as she rummaged around. “I have… three yen, an American penny, an old gum wrapper, and a ribbon I stole from Nico-chan’s hair when she fell asleep in the meeting last week!”

“Perfect!” Nozomi clapped her hands delight, accepting the goods with the care they deserved. “Your offering has been accepted and treason ignored. See ya later, kitty cat.”

Nozomi winked, and Rin, cheeks suddenly flushing, had the distinct feeling that Nozomi wasn’t talking about the creature currently chewing a piece of orange hair.


Summary: Cara is having second thoughts about her break-up with Professor Campbell. Doesn’t matter that he’s been dating the reader. Part of my Professor!Sam AU, a spin-off of my Professor!Dean AU.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Professor Sam Campbell x female reader

Word Count:  2428

Warnings: Language, angst

Author’s Note: I know this has been a long time coming. Thank you for your patience. Two points of view, Sam’s and reader’s. Tagging @balthazars-muse and @fingersinsamshair.

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Hey guys, here is another fic..I wanna do a part 2 but I”m not sure where I want the story to go yet,if you have any suggestions let me know,..I hope you enjoy it..thanks for taking the time to read :)

A Fair to Remember

Why am I such a good friend..ugghh sometimes it comes with too many responsibilities and favors. Chop had better not think about ditching me, I told him one hour, that’s it, I’m doing this as favor to him, and he better well fucking appreciate it.

“Hey, I’m Finn, I’m filling in for Chop for the first hour” I said reluctantly

“is that so” the man said with a questioning look

“yep” I said shrugging my shoulders

“Well, I reckon the girls are going to be lined up around the corner once they lay eyes on you” he said laughing and slapping me on the shoulder

“right” I said uncaring

Ugh..KILL.ME.NOW..this is going to be the longest hour of my life

“okay mate, no kissing for more than thirty seconds and make sure you get the 20p first alright?”

“doubt it will even last that long” I mumbled

“I’ll stick around in case the lasses try to get handsy” he winked at me

I scoffed and said “right, whatever”

I stood at the booth completely disconnected from what was happening; just wishing Chop would show up already. I must have kissed at least thirty girls already, well more like they kissed me, I just stood there, I put no effort into it at all. I think you should only kiss someone if you really mean it.

All of a sudden I heard giggling, bringing me out of my daze, I looked and I could see my ex Stacey a few girls back, fuck that’s  all I needed, my night just went from bad to I’m gonna fuckin’ kill Chop.

“hey, hey”

I look up and there was a girl in front of me waving her 20p at me

Wow, she has really nice eyes, her hair is so long and dark and those lips, her che-

“um.. hello”

“oh, sorry” I awkwardly laughed rubbing my neck

I hope I didn’t look like a wanker staring at her

She slides the 20p in front of me and I leaned in

Our lips connected, in that moment, it was as if the planets had aligned, the universe was telling me that this was something great..there was no going back from this

I mean, it had to mean something, how the fuck would I have come with the planets aligned bullshit, but it was true, everything just felt right

Her lips are so soft, I slid my tongue across her luscious lips begging for entrance and she complied, a small groan escaped from her mouth as I deepened the kiss

In that moment it was as if time stood still, the noise of the fair fading away, only she and I existed

As I was sliding my hand behind her head to pull her in closer a hand slammed down on the table causing us to separate

“no kissing longer than 30 seconds!”

My eyes were still fixed on the girl in front of me, a love drunk smile plastered across my face

She let out a small laugh, smiled then turned and walked away

I was about to run after her but another girl stepped forward and I lost sight of the girl with the dark hair in the crowd

The girl in front of me tried to lean in for a kiss but I stepped back

“I need a water break” I said hastily

There was no way I was going to lose the feeling that was now lingering on my lips

As I turned to grab a water Chop comes running up

“Hey mate, sorry I’m a little late I-“

I cut him off “it’s alright I gotta go” I say pushing him aside

“did Iz show up” he yelled

I scream back “no mate”

I was running through the fair frantically searching for this girl, there was no way I was leaving without finding her

I get to the Ferris wheel and I noticed the swish of long dark black hair in the faint summer breeze about to board the ride

I run up and without thinking I hop in beside her and lock us in

She says “hey what the fu-“

But she stops once she recognizes its me

“oh, it’s you” she smiled

I just smile back completely lost in her eyes

We’re both silent for moment lost in each other’s eyes and smiles

“aren’t you supposed to be working the kissing booth” she asks furrowing her eyebrows

I just shake my head no

“you don’t speak much do you?’ she laughed

I cleared my throat “sorry.. I um..was filling in for a friend, he’s there now”

“really!? maybe, I’ll go back” she said excitedly

My smile soon turned into a frown

“I’m just joking, I don’t need to spend another 20p on a kiss, I definitely got more than my money’s worth earlier” she smiled sheepishly, a faint blush filling her cheeks

I smiled sheepishly back at her and looked down

Bringing my gaze back to her I ask

“so do you live around here?” trying not to sound too exited

“yeah, I do” she smiled

I could stare at that smile forever

“how about you?”


Realizing that was way too eager I coughed and said “I mean yeah” as non chalantly  as I could

Geeze, Finn! you’re really fuckin’ this up

Stop staring Finn say SOMETHING she like Oasis..beautiful and epic taste in music

Okay now say something

“ like Oasis” I said pointing to her button on her leather jacket

She looked down at her button and said “more like love them” sighing with love sick look on her face

“me too, they’re s’posed to be playing a gig here later this summer” I smiled at her

“yeah!?” she said excitedly

“yeah, they’re playi-“

“alright, guys time to exit the rides over, for a minute know actually” the guy laughed

Had the ride really gone that fast, I didn’t even realize we had moved

We got off the Ferris wheel and started walking aimlessly around the fair and I was just staring at her and she just would glance at me and smile 

After I realized I didn’t even know her name and that I hadn’t said anything for the last few minutes..what a dumb twat you are Finn

 I smiled and said “by the way my name is Finn” and I held my hand out

With the best smile yet, she said “nice to meet you Finn I’m..R-“


I turned around and it was Chloe, her and Izzy were walking towards me

I turned back to the girl with the dark hair and her expression changed into a worried one

She said “I got..I gotta go” and hastily walked off

I yelled “WAIT, WAIT” and took a few steps forward before Chloe caught my arm

“what’s goin’ on Finn?”

Once again I lost sight of her in the crowd

When I got home I couldn’t stop replaying the night in my head, I could still feel that kiss as if it had just happened

I turn over yelling FUCK into my pillow to muzzle my voice, why didn’t you ask for her name first Finn you daft twat..all that time wasted just staring at her when you could have been talking to her and asking her for her number, asking her to go out really need to work on speaking more Finn..Fuck

Well, she said she lives around here and it’s a small town, I’m bound to run into her sooner or later

That was the only sliver of hope I could hold onto

A week had gone by and no sign of the girl with the dark hair, I could not get her out of my mind, that night, that kiss, it was all I could think about, morning, noon and night.

Even now, as I’m sitting here in the pub trying to drown out Chloe babbling about some old mate coming to hang out, all can think about is the girl with the luscious lips and the long dark bla..

“Guys, this is my best mate Rae”

I look up from rolling my cigarette

 “You” I breathe out

The girl with the dark black hair was standing in front of me, looking just as beautiful as I remembered

“Hiya Finn” she said smiling and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear

Completely irrelevant fun fact: I have actually been the Lucia, once. The only reason it ever happened was that my school didn’t do the whole popularity contest thing, instead having the teachers decide who got the honor that year. I vaguely understood it as a consolation price for being so profoundly uncool, but it was also kind of a big deal for a 11 year old so I wasn’t about to let that stop me.

My school was also pretty big on *~*Old-Fashioned Traditions*~*, so I got to wear a real candle crown with live candles. I remember it was brass, unexpectedly heavy, and looked like some kind of medieval torture instrument (except with candles). I wore a wet cloth under, but I was still picking bits of candle wax out of my hair for a week.

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Holy shit.

So this is a box I found that was hidden in a mall for presumably ~6 months by now. Aside from the latch, there were rubber bands keeping the box shut. Inside the box is a bundle of tightly-folded pieces of paper. It is a story/recollection written by a 19-year-old girl who has apparently killed a random person just because she was wondering what it would be like. According to the paper, she wrote this just a few hours after the murder and that I am the first person to read it.

So yeah, I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Anyway, I typed up the entire story because I seriously need to share this. Here it is.

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October 10, 2012 - September 1, 2015

Alan was a special rat to me. I called him “bb Alan” for most of his life because he was so, so tiny & bblike when I first got him. He was barely four weeks old, someone posted him on Tumblr & I don’t even remember the exact details, but I contacted her about the litter & she ended up not living too far from me, so we arranged to meet up. I don’t remember much about that first meeting because it was so long ago, but I remember it was kind of awkward & I mostly squeed over Alan (he was maybe the cutest baby rat I’ve ever had, his little curly fluffy hair was just adorable), but she ended up becoming one of my best friends even to this day.  My life would be so different if I had never gotten Alan, because I would’ve never met Kaley & I wouldn’t have most of my cats or Cece and it’s weird to think about, how that one (then) little rat changed so much in my life.

I loved Alan very much & I miss him every day, but even so, it’s hard to be too depressed about his life. He lived a long time, nearly three years, much longer than most rats, & he had a great many friends and was very happy. He was never sick, even at the end; he never got debilitated. He was a little senile & had a little trouble moving around, but he was as happy as he was when he was young & I’m grateful he was able to live out his days with friends. He was in a big group when he was young & they all got along great–unfortunately, they were all slightly older & many of them were unhealthy, they passed away young. At the end, it was just him & my dear, dear Pax. Pax battled a great many health issues at the end of his life & finally died. Adult males are often extremely difficult (sometimes impossible) to introduce, but Alan was two by that point & frequently, by that age, they magically become nice again when their testosterone starts to wear off. That was unfortunately not the case with Alan. Despite his friendliness towards people, he refused to go into a group. He spent several months alone & miserable; he started mutilating himself & I was having to consider euthanasia.

While out taking a weekend trip to some podunk Mississippi town, I happened across a feeder bin with some big giant males in it. There’s nothing I love more than a big giant untame male rat & I couldn’t resist. I picked out the biggest in the tank, a lovely blue dumbo, & brought him home for the exorbitant price of $20 (let me tell you, if I hadn’t already touched him & fallen in love, he would’ve gone right back in that bin, because I don’t know how that pet store managed to stay in business with those prices). I talked to him the whole six hour drive back home…I decided to name him Lyle, but I kept calling him Moose because he was so big & he seemed so agreeably stupid. I got him back home & shortly after, he was neutered to assist with the taming process. He ended up not being the nicest rat in the world, he was weirdly nippy at the end of his life–however, I will be forever grateful to him for accepting Alan so readily. They hit it off immediately & Alan’s whole personality turned around–he stopped bar chewing, he stopped biting at himself, he stopped pacing–he was happy again.

Alan made me laugh nearly as much as any rat I’ve ever had. When rex males get older, they tend to start going bald & losing hair much quicker than a standard-furred rat. As Alan’s coat got more & more sparse, he got to the point where he’d spend all of his playtime underneath my shirt lying between my boobs licking my face for the whole time he was out.  He had that dopey grin elderly rats get & he looked so warm & content & pleased with himself, you couldn’t help but smile when you saw him.

I love animals, rats in particular, because they are so purely happy, it’s not diluted or tainted, it’s just happy. They don’t have ulterior motives, they don’t worry about things, they just feel what they feel & that’s that. Alan felt happy. I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I get to do what I love. It’s hard sometimes & I wish it wasn’t so much work & so much expense, but I’m able to take in so many rats & see them happy every day. It costs a lot of money & it’s not easy on $14 an hour living alone, but it all feels very, very worth it when I had a rat like Alan get to live out his whole life healthy in a big cage with friends & hammocks & a space pod. He wasn’t even supposed to live, his mom should’ve been eaten by a snake when she was pregnant, but instead he had three great, happy years full of everything his little heart desired.

I miss you, buddy.

One of my favorites, @healthyontheinside, has done several posts recently about three positives. I’m going to jump on that bandwagon!

1. New dress from Old Navy Clearance–$12! Sure it’s fall, but my wardrobe is sleeveless pretty much year round. I live in Texas. In winter, I just toss on a cardigan. Also, my makeup and hair actually both looked nice today…most days I’m happy for one or the other.
2. A coworker referred to me as “The Office Sassmaster” and that is the greatest title ever and now I want to change all my business cards!!!
3. Today was going to be gym day #4 this week…but it is POURING and traffic is ridiculous, so I ordered Chinese from across the street and am going to read instead. Then, after I’ve gotten some food in me (I didn’t have lunch), I’m going to go for a run in the rain because rainy runs are my favorite!!

Age and feeding tubes.

This is feeding tube awareness week.  I don’t generally go in for awareness days and stuff, but feeding tubes are something where awareness can actually save people’s lives, without anything else changing.  I didn’t expect this post to be about feeding tubes, but it is, so in case I don’t write another post this week, there’s this one.  I’m reposting this because I messed up the tags in the first one.

I’m turning 34 this year.  That isn’t old even by normal standards, and I live in a place that’s mostly retirees, so even 50 is considered quite young here.  But I’m starting to notice tiny signs of aging nonetheless.

I’ve had a few (and I mean only a few, if my hair weren’t coarse and near-black they probably wouldn’t even show up) grey hairs for a few years now.  And I’m starting to notice the tiniest signs of wrinkles and other changes in my skin.  And when I talk about certain medical complaints, I notice nurses sometimes make offhand comments about “that’s what happens as you start aging”.  Not that I look old, they assure me if I ask, but they never used to talk about ‘aging’ before, and suddenly they were all talking about it, so I’m assuming I’m starting to look mid-thirties.

And I love it.

I’m not writing this to complain.  I’m writing this because the idea of becoming older is absurdly happy to me.

Partly I’ve always liked the way middle-age and older people looked, better than the way I like how young people look.  There’s more variation.  I have more chance of telling people apart.

I once read a dystopian novel that shall remain nameless because I didn’t like it very much.  Fans will recognize it and to other people it doesn’t matter.  I’m not a huge fan of dystopia, and I didn’t even slightly enjoy reading it, even though I actually enjoyed some of the concepts in it.  I think inertia is the only reason I read it through.

Anyway, a character from one of the poorest parts of an extremely poor and oppressed town goes to a city full of rich people.  She notices that they all make a lot of effort to look young, to the point of surgery and all kinds of painful and intense body modification.  And she says:

In [my town], looking old is something of an achievement since so many people die early. You see an elder person, you want to congratulate them on their longevity, ask the secret of survival.

And I think that’s the other part of it for me, the bigger part.  Without a feeding tube, I’d be either very sick or dead by now.  So I’ll consider old age an achievement, not a given.  I’ve basically considered every day since the feeding tube kind of a bonus add-on to what life could have been.  And I’m much happier as a result.

So I look in the mirror and sometimes I get a glimpse of a grey hair or two, and very fine, very faint wrinkles in my forehead that didn’t used to be there.  Or sometimes I just notice that I look older than I used to, and I can’t pin it down.  Or I get an image in my mind of what I’ll look like when I hit middle age or old age.  And it’s a little disorienting, mostly because I’m not used to seeing those things in the mirror.  But mostly, it makes me happy.  And without the feeding tube, that wouldn’t be happening.

Feeding tubes don’t give you a living death the way a few of the doctors acted when I was about to get one.  They give you a chance to be alive.  Sometimes even a chance to grow old.