my ojousamas


Okay, I feel I should clear this up for some people after seeing this post here great art I love it by the way. The Ojousama stat, I am pretty sure, stands for an old anime trope called “The Ojousama/Noble Woman Laugh” that Damien’s pose resembles in one of his sprites. 

Legitimately, the very first time I saw that sprite I straight up said “holy frick they drew him in the ojousama pose. I love that pose.” So…it’s not to label Damien as “ojousama,” but probably just appropriately naming an old anime trope that was most likely used as the purpose for drawing that sprite (a trope that I like a lot and enjoy that they made reference to).

Again, this is not to spark discourse. This is just to hopefully clear up why they would use “Ojousama” instead of “Ojisama.”