my office is fun

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…this makes me happy

I started reading Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath and apparently there isn’t any fanart of Sinjir Rath Velus ?? which is an outrage and needed to be rectified immediately

So here he is with his new twi’lek buddy, Origami

At work, we decided to raise some money for charity.

So we let people donate money to pie their bosses in the face if enough money was raised. (My boss is the tall guy). The guy on the right is my friend, Christian, who helped put the thing together. We raised A LOT of money for the local animal shelter and homeless shelter. OVER $800.



PLOT TWIST! But the our managers wanted a piece of the action. So for $25 bucks they could pie whomever they wanted!

Sorry guys and gals!

And my boss paid $100 to pie HIS boss right in the face!

It was a very fun Pi(e) Day.

Birthday pic.

Firstly,thank you to the Sisterhood for wishing mean awesome birthday. I love you.

So, I had my birthday pic taken on the office Facebook page. I made a silly face and people from the office and my friends loved it. Loved how much fun I was having.

My ex’s mom had to let me know in her own euphemism that it looked stupid :( Sorry if she is jealous about me having fun at work.

I wonder what the assassins would think of me loving life and taking advantage of each moment…

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some cardboard boxes for u and your friends !! free to use, with credit. the first two are transparent, the second two are tile-able! 

a friend of mine suggested i turn these into lapel pins for others to have. what do you guys think? should i make pins out of these (and other designs in the future)? would you want a pin?? let me know… that might be a lot of fun!