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Milton Lawrence “Millie” Murray
June 29, 1888- December 24, 1917

Often described as the greatest playwright  of the twentieth century. His career, though short lived, produced 4 plays that have touched and moved audiences throughout the world for almost a century. The author who died at the age of 29 was shot in the head by a former collegue who broke into his apartment after escaping from prison.To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of his death , a play that tells the author’s life story will be shown in MLM Theatre on Christmas Eve.

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anonymous asked:

If Van did go to the other oc's world would he have that girl with him?? (Zofie) is it..tbh Idk

ya van is gonna go to my oc world :’^) (he says goodbye to his friends and silas). i talked to zofias artist if they were ok with her leaving with him too and they sAID YEAH!!! SO IM SORT OF EXCITED!! not sure what i have planned for the two, but van will def play a role in helping kito and the gang on their adventure!! van takes oath under a new liege and serves as a knight in the kingdom

watomakochan  asked:


Q: Pretty Chocolate-senpai, you like a specific type of chocolate or you like everyone? (White chocolate, bitter, with milk, with nuts, etc. (?)

Q:  Chocolate Sempai, why you are soo “SEME” >::::VVV

Q: What is the flavor of the semen of chocolate senpoi?