my ocs are too canon

humans more like ew-mans am i right

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them


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Different anon but! Who cosplays Dario? That would be so cool to see!

Aaa! You can check out one of the amazing cosplayers HERE! They did an amazing squid/Splatoon Dario! <3 (and a tiny lil Garrett)

Fun fact of the day: Make OC x canon characters. Do it. Who cares what others think, if you enjoy doing it, then go for it. OC x canon is hella underappreciated. No one wants to admit that shipping yourself with a fictional character is so much fun, and they all dismiss it as “Mary-Sues”. If you balance out the flaws with the positivities, then you can probably make a PERFECT OC x canon character. Who gives two shits. I don’t. Have fun, man. Just don’t go shoving it in peoples faces or something. Write fanfics. Draw shippy stuff. Heck, draw smutty OC x canon. People may look down upon it, but if you’re enjoying yourself, then do it.

Get to Know My Oc #4

Okay, okay, okay… I been talking about Noel, Lacie, Royal, Li Jing, and the others, but now it is time for mi niño, Valentíno José Teresa de la Santísima Trinidad y Carriédo… I know… long name. I have ran out of breath just saying that in my head.

Anyway, these questions are from @the-moon-dust-writings ! ♡♡♡

Idk who to do next… I’ll probably do one of my girls… my sweet, yet badass, daughters.
VALENTÍNO CARRIÉDO (not even gonna bother with the whole thing lol)

1. If they have a nickname, how did they get it?

He gets the nickname Val because he doesn’t like his name very much and he basically tells people he meets to called him by that. Besides, others would sometimes called him Valentine instead of Valentìno, which pissed him off. Another nickname will be Hospital Mom because the guy knows when to bring the first aid kit with him… also he does work for the Zoska Hospital, another reason why.

2. Do they like to sleep or stay up late?

He likes to sleep, but whenever he stays with Royal, he tends to stay up late with him. Val desired sleep, tho.

3. How long can they hold their breath?

Val can hold it for 2-6 minutes! … Don’t ask why…

4. What topics do they like to talk about?

Val likes to talk about spiders, medical types, science, Mexico, Spain, food, and his beautiful wife and son!

5. Can they become sass masters if needed?

I guess. I mean, he does become one when around Li Jing.

6. Would they much rather cook or eat out?

Val would rather much cook because no eat-out/take-out can match his Hispanic cuisines!

7. Are they a morning or night person?

Val is a…. morning person!

8. Do they prefer sweet or salty?

Val prefers salty…

9. What is their most dominate trait?

His most dominate trait are his dimples whenever he smiles. Got it from me and his mom.

10. Do they have a place they always wanted to visit?

Hmm… I think Val would like to visit Portuguese, his parents didn’t let him visit it when he was a kid and whenever they go there, they don’t take him for some reasons. But now that’s he’s 23, he’ll probably visit it later!

As most people know, it’s more time consuming to draw, say, a complicated mecha design than a simple cat. It can also be nice to draw commissioned fanart, because you can reuse the art for things like Redbubble! Because of that, I’m having this ~Commission Special!~

Just $20:

  • Any canon Warrior Cat
  • Any canon My Little Pony (any generation)
  • Any Neopet colour
  • Any Toad Patrol character
  • Any Lion King/Guard Character
  • Any basic Neko Atsume Cat

Just $30

  • Any Pokemon 
  • Any Steven Universe Gem
  • A Warrior Cats OC (with a design that isn’t too much more complex than a real cat)
  • A My Little Pony OC (That isnt TOO much more complex than a canon pony!)
  • Most animal ocs- IE, a dog, a deer with wings, a blue cat with two tails, all good, thirty colour dragon with clothes, a little too complex for this bracket

If there’s a cartoon/fandom animal character you like from a cartoon, a movie, or a book series not listed here, feel free to ask! 

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Apparently the German bros cannonly have a band!! Thoughts?

i mean ive already talked a little abt my music headcanons for them, but my thoughts are that their music tastes are almost entirely incompatible and that gil complains loudly when ludwig puts his music on the radio,

and ludwig isn’t super into punk, so??? eh. Also, i don’t rlly HC gil with any musical talent other than rhthym and the flute. i don’t see him being in a band anytime soon

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putting together aesthetic moodboards for your OCs is a great way to determine whether or not they’re fleshed out and detailed enough because if you have trouble picking out around 8 images relating to them, their purpose, their hobbies, interests and color schemes you might need to put a little more thought into them


Do you sometimes think about Revan and Malak as tiny jedi apprentices/ best bro before war and before everything went incredibly wrong? Because I do, a lot.
I like to imagine they were the worst trouble makers of the academy but somehow always managed to be forgiven because they were just incredibly talented and charming.