my ocs are so stupid

  • Me, talking about whatever I'm hyperfocused on: *very excited and happy to talk about said thing, is genuinely enjoying the conversation*
  • Friend: *says nothing, does not respond, doesn't react in anyway*
  • Me, wringing my hands nervously: so um, anyways, let's talk about Normal Stuff(TM)
  • Character A: Kneel.
  • Character B: Yes?
  • Character A: I won't ask you again. Kneel.
  • Character B: Ask me what again?
  • Character A: Kneel!
  • Character B: What?!
  • Character C: Uhhhh, A? Neal is a common name. N-E-A-L.
  • Character A: Very well, kneel, Neal!
  • Character B: Would you believe my lasts name is Neil? With an I?
  • Character A: Kneel, Neal Neil!
  • Character B: *To C* It's not, I just wanted to hear him say that.

Who else is stuck in Fire Emblem Heroes hell?

With the second Tempest Trials going on, and while I wait for my stamina to refill, I decided to draw my main team from the first Tempest Trials.

Basically: Klein and Reinhardt hit twice and hit hard, Azura helps the others finish the job or get to safety, and Tharja provides the 40% Bonus and wrecks Veronica.
They’re barely SI’d. Reinhardt, Klein, and Tharja all have Draw Back, and I also gave Tharja Desperation 3. They’re all five stars too.

you know what is the worst time to get an art block? DURING  ASK ANSWERS….. so have my OC Ringleader drawn crappy like because bunny didn’t have the right canvas size… *stressed bunny*


That feeling when u haven’t draw ur old OCs in so long that u have to go digging through two years’ worth of drawings to find their original designs

what have you done


Riff/Raff, Aspen, Glint, Sergeant Jag, Sergeant Siege, Clone Medic Inquire, Lieutenant Ringer, Lieutenant Spice, and Captain Jewels of the 604th

this was meant to just be a simple line-up of a few clone ocs but it evolved into this 8h project 

((Raff is actually the far left clone, Riff is his batchmate right behind him)just thought saying Raff Riff was silly so its switched lol)

for the top pic click for full view!

@s-s-sidje convinced me to post this stupid video I made of our characters Apollo and Hermes so HERE YA GO

good lord this is oldddddd and a lot of the faces are hard for me to look at LMAO

inquisitorhotpants  asked:

shippy starters! "Don't you dare throw that snowba - dammit!" for a ship or characters of your choosing. :D

Cute little drabble to try to force myself out of writer’s block. Velin belongs to


“Don’t you dare throw that snowba - dammit, Rayleigh.” Velin hissed through gritted teeth and cast a glare in the direction of his wife.

Velin had been more than happy to lend his expertise as she struggled the last few days to locate Jaesa Willsaam. They had been scouting Organ troop routines for a few hours, hoping to find a gap in their security placement that would allow the two of them to sneak in without causing a scene. Rayleigh’s plan of storming through the front doors had been immediately vetoed by her husband.

He had had a sour expression plastered on his face for the last hour of their watch and frankly, Rayleigh had grown tired of having to look at it. She took it upon herself to relieve the tension with a harmless snowball and a few taunting words.

“Don’t tell me that the great Lord Kyral, apprentice to Darth Malgus, is too serious to have a snowball fight with his beautiful wife.” A smirk played at her lips.

Velin arched a browstalk. “Do you want my wrath so badly, darling?” His tone dripped with amusement.

Rayleigh half expected him not to rise to her taunting, usually he had more self control than that.

“Oh, I believe I can handle your wrath and just about anything else you throw at me just fine, my love.” She laughed but it was stopped short when a flick of Velin’s wrist sent an entire branch of snow down on her.

Velin chuckled. “You were saying, dear?”