He is one of my OCs. The boy who still doesn’t have his name. I am not going to decide his name for a while. The names are important as well as the title of the story. now I call him just as ‘the boy’ or ‘a hero’ (Yes, he is going to be a hero in the story) I think he is the strongest character I have ever made.

My fictional world is frozen and sterile. It is a kind of ice world, like the snow-ball earth. The fertile land is very few and the monopoly of the rich.

He lives in frozen sterile mountain where no one can come to because of a ton of ice and snow. He and his family live solitary and secretive. Because they are a rare clan which is believed no longer exist. He loves his family. He doesn’t have his father. So he thinks he has to protect his family. He is 15 years old.

She is a girl, NOT a boy. She doesn’t have her name as well as the boy. I call her “the dragon girl’. Because she is possessed by a huge mysterious dragon. (hmm…..I’m not sure if this expression is correct) She is ‘accidentally’ possessed by the dragon. She has a dark past she can’t tell anyone. But she is cheerful (bubbly…?) ,naughty and a chatterbox . She is 15 years old.