my oc though

I’m, u-uh..y-you can call me Berry sir.

The smaller male blushed and nervously twiddled his fingers. He couldn’t help but fret and squirm from how anxious he was.


I was in the mood to try something new! I wanted to draw my dear OC Aryanna in different styles that influenced my childhood and the last few years of my life. And how better to celebrate my OCs first birthday (even though it’s now three weeks late. My first design of Aryanna dates back to 22nd March, so lol) than this way.

It was a lot of fun to draw my OC in these styles and it was very challenging to get the styles right. 

I challenge @omegafanart to do this too :D Have fun.

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Kravitz is good

a restful home.

my submission for the INKO+ zine <3