my oc and a friend

I also made these babies, twin daughters of Starlight Song and @kajeaynart ‘s Neon Flight. 
Meet Storm Song and Star Tune, the appaloosa twins ~So these two are a part of a larger flock of babies, cause really the gays are gonna get a lot of babies, might not eve, be the oldest ones but they are the first to be properly designed. We don’t have much about them yet, despite them being born during a stormy night as Starlight sang to a poor spooked pregnant Neon about to give birth to twins under such a terrible night. The whole thing ended up with the four of them snuggling peacefully watching the storm raging outside. 

The twins having star blood got it manifested through a neon like glow on some parts of their bodies: the streaks in their manes and patches on wings, as well as the stars on Star Tune’s hair and feathers. I’m looking forward developping them more because they’re so cute tbh 

 Yo I made a Camp Camp OC. So meet Rex.

  • He is 11
  • Best Friends at camp would be Space Kid, Ered, Nurf, and Nikki
  • Clumsy
  • He gets hurt a lot
  • gets along with most of the campers
  • He has a laid back attitude
  • is hyper sometimes
  • tends to bottle things up before he gets angry
  • is trying to get Max to be his friend
  • Looks up to X-Ray and Vav and the rest of that team

Я могу объяснить..или нет. Х)
Просто, почему бы не придти к друзьям и не сказать, - “Хэй, ребята, что насчёт общего фьюза? :D” и в итоге вместе сделать ЭТО.

Обожаю вас, ребята, ахахаха. Х)

Kinky Spy - @tinderboxofsillyideas
Arin Adler - @arinadler
And DariI it’s me. ХД

They don’t really know where they’re going, but they’ll get there some day.
… Until then they’ll just sit on the curb for a while.

I really wanted to draw Runaway AU stuff again. No particular story behind this one, but,, sometimes u just gotta lean against ur newly blonde boyfriend in a parking lot after a long day on the road.. I guess?

I pictured this being kind of early in their runaway,,, career, which is why Lucky hasn’t shaved his head or why he doesn’t have all his tattoos. (okay the hair is just bc I was playing around drawing a bunch of different styles and this one was cute and I couldn’t end up getting rid of it.. It’s Fine..) I don’t know what happened to Nathan’s arm tho. :0

This is a little,, weird because this was pretty much the first illustration I started when I first started using FireAlpaca so there was a lot of practicing and experimenting. But I didn’t finish it up at the time so when I finally got back to it I felt like I found better ways to do things, but I wasn’t gonna go back and redo anything major lmao. It’s cute tho, I still really like the drawing and I love them, it’s fine.

Lucky is @duck-n-clover’s oc!

Platonic Marriage - imagine your brotp
  • Me: *looking fondly at my best friend*
  • Best Friend: What's wrong, bro?
  • Me: Bro, if there was some kind of platonic mariage for friends, i would have proposed the shit out of you by now.
  • Best Friend: Bro
Prompt # 151

“What the heck did you just do?!”

“You know, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I might have just summoned a demon?”