Jessica ‘Jess’ Shepard, my Adept

Imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, amazingly curious, clever and manipulative, calm but deep down is anxious. And she doesn’t lack of sarcasm, sense of humor and elegance, it seems.

Tried to draw the way I imagine, more or less, her hair down, since most of the time it is in a ponytail or a bun. Don’t know if she looks exactly like she is in game, but I tried. I wish I had money and time to continue the drawing lessons ahhh. And I wish I knew how to coloring, but I’m too lazy and I didn’t even coloring her black hair. Also, I’m too lazy with outfit as well, I tried to draw the Asari Commando armor, but yeah…


Massive Sid dump, cause I had these in my phone for a while, the short haired ones are form the mob au au, there’s also a little selfie thing cause I had an idea where Brooke finds an ancient (for them) instant camera, you know those that print the pic immediately, there’s mutated Sid from an old idea where Judas altered his genetic code, huh that’s Vicious and his reptile group eating Sid’s little rat friends :‘C Sid taking care of Vic’s daughter *sigh and that full bod Sid. Welp