OCs for today! (I’m early with this!)

First, we have OC 94! Her name is Feray, and she is a vampire!

Feray is very disrespectful and loves to make others upset or sad. She get quite angry easily, and when angered she will call bats to attack whoever made her mad (however, this hardly ever works). She also gets hungry easily, so she usually finds rodents or insects to eat, or even missing limbs if she finds some. 

Then there is OC 95! His name is Faris, and he is a vampire! 

Faris is well behaved and gives others equal respect (unlike Feray). He is often seen with Feray who he has to take care of, since she can’t take care of herself. Both Feray and Faris are siblings, but they both have no clue that they are related despite having almost similar looks and names. Faris is almost able to get away with anything troublesome that he does since he has such good manners, so Feray often gets the blame. 

Finally, there is OC 102! Her name is Maria, and she is based off La Llorona! 

Maria is seen crying and weeping all of the time as she tried to look for her missing children, but Ranpapu keeps her locked away because she sees that Maria has some sort of special ability. She hardly ever speaks, that is because Ranpapu has muted her due to her constant crying, so no one is able to understand her unless Ranpapu unmutes her. Ialu and Onnelli often visit her because they believe she can be happy, and they often let her free to help her look for her children. 

After about two days without drawing I dragged my friend Pudpon into Kaweii’s drawpile and we had no idea what to draw…. so…..we went crazy and nearly died of laughter during the drawpile drawing these. Then we both drew blueberry for everyone was drawing him for some reason.(I made my own version of him out of boredom…) So I hope you like me and @pudpon ‘s randomness XD