my obsession with this movie is never ending

I will never understand those who don’t ship things. Like what do you do just like a couple on a tv show or movie or book and be like “they’re cute I hope that happens,” and then it’s ambiguous or doesn’t happen and you’re like “oh guess I was wrong. That’s the end of that then” and don’t obsess over it for the rest of your life?

I'm probably going to stop writing for BTS.

Writing is a huge passion of mine. The first time I was exposed to a novel that impacted my life, was truly the biggest door opening for my life, I was 10 and read novels my teachers wouldn’t allow me too because they thought the level I was at wasn’t enough. 

I lost friends because I just wanted to read. I became an outcast because I was truly so engulfed in the idea of imaginary worlds that I felt I was a part of. 

That being said, I wrote many stories based on bands I liked or stories I loved, etc. I didn’t know they were called fanfictions, or else I would’ve probably been blogging at the age of 10. I sat in my room for days during the summer, during winter or spring break just writing or reading. 

By the time I was 12 I had written two novels of a story I created, an original one. I hand wrote them, so it took much longer to create, but it was a huge accomplishment for me. I still have the copies of them, over 600 pages of white lined paper with messy, fifth grade grammar and shitty illustrations of the characters I had pictured perfectly in my mind.

Writing became more than a hobby for me. I became obsessed with it, to the point where my family had to force me out of the house to actually get any exercise or to be my friends.

I ended up losing most of my friends for that. I never contacted anyone, I was reading books over and over because I couldn’t go out and buy new series I was interested in.

I moved when I was 13, to a new city. I was happy about that, because I thought maybe I could get a fresh start and meet new people. I got involved in new series, movies adapted from books I loved, TV series adapted from books I loved. I found that people at my new school enjoyed the same things as me, and I found friends I related to and cared about.

I told my mom and dad I wanted to become an author.

They told me I was ridiculous, and that I would never make enough money to support them when they got older. They told me to get an office job like my older sister, do something safe and stable even if you hate it. I remember that being said to me, even though it was 3 years ago. 3 years ago is longer tn you might think.

I started to think if I can’t do what I love, what’s the point of living. Pretty drastic, especially for a 13 year old right? I was upset, thinking that my dreams were useless. Once I got into high school I had dropped writing and focused on my friends even if I was unhappy. I stopped reading, stopped thinking about the world I had created and was once so engulfed in, because why do something you love when you’ll never make enough money of it to support your family?

I was depressed. I got into more fights with my siblings  and mom more often. I hated myself. I didn’t like to spend time at home because all I did was cry and sleep. I was failing a lot of my courses for no reason. My teachers hated me. I was really wrecked by the thought of not doing something I love, especially after spending so much time and energy writing it and thinking it all, basing my life on imaginary worlds nobody knew of. I didn’t care about making money when I was older. I just wanted to write.

Writing fictional things was like a diary to me. I was physically abused as a child and mentally abused when I refused to get hit anymore. While I wasn’t putting my feelings onto paper, I made myself feel better by creating a universe that would help me forget the things I was going through. Friends leaving, family members dying, abuse and negativity from all around. My own way to cope.

Think about that, your whole life being shattered because you wouldn’t be able to afford to take care of people you practically hated just because they gave birth to you.

I created this blog once I became a fan of Bts, in the summer of 9th grade going into 10th. I was 15, and wanted to write my heart out. At this point I had given up becoming an author, just to please those around me. It was a hard spot in my life, my grandmother was in the hospital and unfortunately passed away. Again, it was my coping mechanism.

So I spent almost all my time on here, writing really sub par series to get rid of the fact that I didn’t have a future doing what I loved.

But I fell in love with writing again. I loved the attention I was getting for my writing, no matter how amateur it was. I was getting love and support I never had, which urged me to write more and more. I started to hardly see my friends, and was spending all my time writing once more. My grades went up, but hardly. My boyfriend and I broke up, and by the time I was in 10th grade I had spiraled back into that downward spiral of why do something you love when you can’t make enough money off of it.

My irritability and anger came back, I hated my mom and locked myself in my room for days. I stopped going to school and I failed every single one of my courses.

I was finally able to meet new friends, ones that I related to more than just hey, we watch the same TV show! We talk everyday, we always have something new to talk about even if its about nothing in general. I trust them, and I can really say I love them all so much.

I got diagnosed with depression, after years of living with it. I just reached a point where I woke up and forced myself back to sleep because I hated my life. My mom took me to the doctor and  barely needed conformation besides the fact that I didn’t eat, slept all day a contemplated dying all the time.

I got put on pills. Didn’t work. Got put on higher, stronger pills. Those fucked me up but I kept quiet. I was tired of looking like I was insane. Both of my parents dont believe in depression, they jut thought I was crazy and wanted me to leave. I was out of it most of the year but felt happier. Slept like the dead, had nightmares a lot, hardly ate, but as long as I felt happier I was fine.

Went back to school for a few months, quit again once I found out we were moving, again. Talked to only 2 people in real life, most of my friends were online.

I stopped taking my pills without anyone knowing. NEVER DO THAT. I didn’t consult my doctor, almost tried to kill myself and it was a mess. Since then I’ve been eased off my pills and have not had a problem with my own self hatred or suicidal thoughts.

I was ready to get a job. I had been studying for my drivers test and got help to make a resume. Never happened. My birth ceritifcate was lost, my SIN card seemingly disappeared into thin air. Can’t open up a bank account of nobody knows who the fuck I am.

My mom and I got into a huge fight, because she refused to pay to get me a new birth certificate. I needed one to get a SIN card, which was needed to open a bank account, which was needed to get a job so I could pay for a car and whatever else I needed.

The fight got so bad I tried to leave. Didn’t work, my brother found me and brought me home. My mom tried to leave next but it never happened. Empty threats from weak people.

 A lot of cups were broken by me that night, and I seriously believed I’d be stuck as a high school drop out forever. My mom made me believe that night that I was insane and had no life ahead of myself.

Everything calmed down, I went through boxes for days searching for my birth certificate which my mom didn’t help me look for.

I found my birth certificate, and I applied for a new high school. I’ll be graduating by the time I’m 19, but I don’t mind in the least. My resume is finished, and by this Monday I’m planning on going to get a new SIN card and apply for as many jobs as I can until I find one. I’m opening up a bank account this Tuesday and even studying for my drivers license again.

I really didn’t understand college, or university. Hell, I still don’t. I got into contact with my older sister I haven’t spoken to in 4 years. She promised me a place to stay when I graduated high school, until I was able to get on my feet by myself.

She went though a similar thing with my mom, leaving when she was young after getting abused, but she has a good life. Getting married this week and in college studying to make her own jewelry and open a shop of her own. She helped my inspiration return, and I’m grateful I decided to talk to her again.

She’s helping me find a college or university for creative writing. I plan on saving up once I get a job, and moving to where she is to attend. Writing is the biggest passion of my life, and I’ve gone through so much to finally realize I can do whatever I want, without being held back by those who didn’t believe in me.

I met people that give me amazing advice and all around make me a better person. This blog has been such an experience. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and so so many downs. I wouldn’t have met people I consider family if it weren’t for this blog, and I’m so happy,. All 13k of you have supported me more times than I’ve ever gotten hate. The hate I did get only made me stronger and more ready for the criticism I know I will receive. Whether it be if I publish novels, or end up becoming a screenplay writer. I’m not exactly sure yet.

The reason why I made this long ass letter, or… Whatever it was, was because I wanted all of you to know that this isn’t the end of park-jimeme. I’m going to improve in the future so much more than I have the past year of running this blog. I’m going to come back better than ever, with fresh original work that is purely from my mind and my mind alone.

Thank you all for being a reason that I’m able to get to this point.

Never live your life pleasing others, live for yourself and yourself alone. Find people who will support you no matter how hard times get. Get help if you need it, dont try to handle things on your own.

And last but not least, thank you to @infireation @bobajimin @seokjin-seng, @hyongtae, and @lellantos for helping me realize that I’m a lot better than how I acted, and for making me a better person 💕💕 I love you guys so much!!!

little remember that things
  • eunkwang thinks himself look amazing in the album photoshoot… he mentioned it a couple times (confident pretty kwang makes me so happy🌸)
  • he also thinks he looks very cool in the mv he is very proud of how the shots turn out
  • eunkwang’s jaw acting 😂😍
  • eunkwang said his role in the mv is a man thinking about an ex he just broke up with but as he is dating melodies right now it makes him sad playing the character (ugh i hate him so much but i cant hate him)
  • eunkwang is lonely whenever he isnt around btob… in its okay’s mv shooting he expressed how much he missed peniel ilhoon and sungjae’s bullying, this time he said he misses “btob minhyuk and my other dongsangs…” and that they are very noisy and all bullies but it be good if they are around
  • hyunsik is very shy about the bathtub scene but he is happy that his white shirt has pockets on it so no one can see his nipples (such a simple man he can be so pure so innocent at times)
  • peniel and minhyuk watched the filming of hyunsik’s scene
  • the bathtub was too small for hyunsik to sink in entirely so when he gets up from it and let the film crew do things about it, peniel sang a little jingle about hyunsik looking like he wets his pants
  • the set peniel hyunsik sungjae and minhyuk filmed in for the music video in is the one they did the winter’s tales album jacket shooting
  • minhyuk works out in between camera rolling in preparation for born to beat time
  • hyunsik feels awkward for feeling awkward in black hair but as always he thinks he looks good
  • they only practice the final arrangement of the song twice before shooting for the mv
  • they shot for the album jacket right upon landing in korea after their japanese album promotion
  • eunkwang bit his tongue real hard on that flight while eating
  • minhyuk who was sitting with him confirmed theres a lot of blood (peniel and him are the most reliable btob source lol)
  • i still cant believe the ultimate boyfriend look changsub wore to that movie date with chorong is from the remember that mv
  • everyone is obsessed with boxing during that while
  • sungjae is a human selfie stick thanks to his long arms
  • ilhoon will never stop complaining about changsub having his hands in his pockets
  • peniel worries about not conveying enough sadness in the mv (he really doesnt like being sad in any shape or form… my baby…)
  • at the end of the album photoshoot video sungjae left a long message about how much he missed having schedules and promotion with btob and is excited to show everyone a singer sungjae that has improved

Maar Daala- Devdas (2002)

When the high school freshman version of myself saw Devdas for the first time, I knew life just wouldn’t ever be the same again. I remember just staring in shock at the TV, long after my parents had gone upstairs, in reaction to the most gloriously tragic ending anyone could ever imagine. I swiftly became obsessed with this story about a wreckless Romeo who ruins himself with alcoholism despite the infinite love of two amazing women. I’ve read the original Bengali novel so many times, and I always find new intricacies with every re-read. I freeze frame images from this movie, print them out, and tack them onto all my things. There’s never been a woman more beautiful than Aishwarya Rai as Paro in this film. Nor a woman more expressive than Madhuri Dixit as Chandramukhi. And honestly, I could close my eyes and recite word for word every single one of Shahrukh Khan’s dialogues in this film. It’s all just so classic and rich. 

Every song in this movie is perfect, but tonight I’m listening to “Maar Daala.” The grandeur of the set and Madhuri’s outfit is out of this world. What blows me away even more though is the bittersweet pain you can see in her eyes as she dances and sings. What could be more tragic than a courtesan in love with a crazed star-crossed lover who wants nothing more than to ruin himself? This song also is the turning point of the movie where Shahrukh Khan takes his first sip of alcohol. Then begins the steady downward spiral…

If I were EVER to get another tattoo, it would say Devdas. But I’ve promised my mother that I wouldn’t get another tattoo, especially one that represents something as tragic as the story of Devdas.

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ideal date

unplanned & unexpected

on the couch. surrounded by bags upon bags of skittles and sour patch kids and chocolate and other candies we bought when we only went to the grocery store for spaghetti noodles. i’m in the kitchen making popcorn while you’re shifting through a stack of dvd’s. we’re cuddled under multiple blankets. i shriek when your foot touches mine and complain about how cold it is while you continue to mumble something along the lines of needing ‘warmth for my cold, dark soul’. i make fun of you for being obsessed with [insert favorite movie of choice] though by the end of the night i’m emotionally attached and ‘are you crying?’ ‘never speak of this again’

we fall asleep. we’re happy. 


It was nearly four years ago when I was first introduced to a quirky little show called The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family.  I started watching it after seeing the fourth episode, which my mother had put on while giving me a pedicure.  I was inspired to go back and watch the first three episodes when I met the two idiots you see above.  Chloe and Alek.  I loved their chemistry, their playful banter, and the simple fact that they were clearly perfect for each other even if they didn’t realize it themselves.  This became my first ever TV obsession, and Chloe and Alek (affectionately known as Chalek) was my first ship, even though I had no idea what shipping even was at the time.  TNLOCK was a fantastic little show that had so much potential, but it was unfortunately cut short after a mere ten episodes.  To make things worse, the tenth episode left viewers with three tantalizing cliffhangers that would seemingly go unanswered.  There was talk of a TV movie that would tie up all the loose ends, and there was even a script written, but nothing ever came of it and I went on with my life believing that I’d never receive any form of closure.  Ever.  Until today, that is.

I had begun to forget about TNLOCK as years passed since its cancellation and I became unaware of any news related to it.  As it turns out, the script for the TV movie was released as of September of last year and I had no clue.  Today one of my best friends informed me of where I could read the script and I spent the evening reading it.  I was not disappointed.  It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more and it tied up every loose end perfectly (well, except for one where I was a little confused, but I don’t even care because the rest was flawless).  I absolutely loved it and only wish that it had in fact been filmed.  Alas, that never happened and it never will happen, but I am no less grateful for the closure I received today.  There is nothing more painful than a TV series ending before it’s over, and a lot of fandoms don’t receive such a gift.  For this I will be forever grateful.

But more importantly, I am grateful that, in the end, Chalek was endgame.  They were the reason I began the show and were the reason I stayed till the painful end.  The final scene written in the movie script was practically a proclamation of love between the two and I couldn’t have asked for a better end for my very first ship.  This post is for Chalek.  A great ship whose story was cut short, yet it still managed to sail in the end.  It’s a ship that will forever hold a special place in my heart. 

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relationship status: so single that I’ve re-virginised 

lipstick or chapstick: chapstick. I’m too inept to put on lipstick or makeup of any kind except mascara (and even that ends up all over my fucking eyelids).

last movie i watched: uh… fuck…. OH. OH GOD. My kid picked HSM3 for family movie night on Saturday. So. High School Musical 3. DEAR GOD.

last song i listened to: I am, right now, listening to Blindsided by Bon Iver

top 3 shows: Omg this changes so often depending on what I’m watching because there are so few shows that I’m obsessed with enough to rewatch… uh… okay. 30 Rock (because I can always rewatch it and it never stops being fucking hilarious); Bake Off (pending, of course, the new hosts… eek); and, honestly, probably Miraculous Ladybug because I fucking love that show

top 3 ships: Jily until I fucking die; I’m stealing petal’s Snape and eternal misery because it is just TOO GOOD; and, of course, Wolfstar because just. omg. those two slay me.


Why am I so fucking extra about everything. This shouldn’t be this hard???

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last movie I watched: Sausage Party because I can’t remember the actual last movie I watched and that movie scarred me for life lol

last song I listened to: Cliff’s Edge by Haley Kiyoko

last book I read: I honestly don’t remember lol

last thing I ate: Noodles lol

where would you want to time travel to?: The 50s 

fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Kate Marsh because she is adorable

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: Georgia with my girlfriend because snuggles and kisses are needed

Current fandom obsession?: Life is Strange because the hell never ends

I tag @cryscrossapplesauce , @skiretehfox , @unknown-knowns-ao3 and whoever else wants to do the thing!

Hope Estheim’s biggest flaw (0_0)

Ah ha! You thought just because I love Hope Estheim he’s perfect in my book? Well yeah pretty much, BUT I still came through some realizations after replaying Final Fantasy XIII. For better or for worse I saw little glimpses of the trilogy being developed from the first game. Now I don’t want to give Square Enix all the credit, for all I know maybe they didn’t mean to do this (sounds about right) however they alluded to a lot of ‘hmm THAT looks interesting huh oh well let’s keep moving.’ I remember Square Enix made the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII having a sequel almost immediately, so they teased a lot of Gran Pulse landmarks and left it alone.

So here is where I stumbled upon Hope being in conflict with what ended up being his future. Even his demise to some extent. Here we go…

[Hope thinking of the future]

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 

Yoda: This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph! 

The quote above is from one of my favorite movies of all time where Master Yoda tells a surprised Luke Skywalker about Darth Vader (his father) obsession with trying to create his own future. So much to the point that before turning to the dark side Anakin made come true his own nightmare of his wife’s death through his fear of losing her. Although not the same case with Hope, the VERY same tactics and ideas are what make the character seem so innocent and pure yet end up becoming distorted and dangerous in the end.

My biggest conflict with Hope is that he means well in fact you might even say he’s the only real pure character in the first game. Which is why Lightning changed into such a drastically different person when Hope was by her side. She lost her parents at the same age he did and understood once you go down a path filled with revenge and anger there was no turning back.  

Here’s the kicker. Lightning and Hope’s similarities end there. Hope is very much the opposite of Lightning. You find later on how Lightning is always focused on the here and now. Moving on instinct and using clarity as a weapon.

Hope is anything but that. Actually he constantly tests her which always ends with the poor kid being pushed or yelled at by Lightning for not doing what she says. 

Somewhere between making amends with Snow and his father Bartholomew, Hope begins to gain confidence in his ideas. And as the game progresses you end seeing Hope take the reigns a few times. Even acting as the moral compass of the first game.

[Hope convinces the group they can win]

However just as Hope can be analytical and optimistic about his plans, it sets up a trigger for a future that he helps create…then destroy.

FFXIII Reminiscence: Tracer of memories

Aoede:“And the people were persuaded because you showed them you were prepared to go first?”

“…I thought it was a complete farce, myself. The words coming out of my mouth sounded noble, virtuous, but in the end, all I did amounted to nothing more than political posturing to win the people over. I sold them false hope… again.”  -Hope Estheim 

Between the second game and the final installment Hope became humanity’s leader. Which although granted, is a step up from Academy Director…things start changing. For starters most of his group of friends have either gone missing, died, or turned into crystals. Granted maybe that alone might make one become depressed. Except that’s the thing, Hope is shown through the novel Tracer of Memories that he bottled up all his feelings for 300 years. 

As humanity’s leader he became more of a politician and eventually stopped research personally as the chaos infected the world. So what caused all this?

Himself. Hope constantly dragged his believes to the point where instead of opening up to others for help and trying to figure out the problem like in the first game, he lied to everyone so much that he himself started to become cynical. I suppose telling lies for that long might tend to make one bitter. So as one lie led to another he started trying to play politics and focused more on making people “feel” safe rather than doing anything about the issue. 

We find out Hope secretly kept a group of researchers in the ark where they almost had a breakthrough with chaos infusion. Before the rose colored phantom appeared anyways. 

By the way do you see a pattern here? 

Innocence turning to maturity. Maturity turning into stoic. Stoic turning into instinctive….who does that sound like?

[Can’t put my finger on it lol] 

Again the reason why I love Hope so much is because he does try to save everyone. The flaw however is that he loses himself to a dark path because he was scared what others might think if they knew ALL of the truth. Something the old Hope would never fear. Which does make it funny how sometimes its true that when your a kid everything is ‘simple.’ And the more we grow up as adults everything becomes more ‘complicated’ as the fear and pressure of the world lingers through you. As a matter of fact in the novel which takes place after the third game where Hope exists in a new world as an adult turns Aoede’s interview into a psychiatrist meeting. The poor guy is basically guilty about everything and even resorts to self loathing whenever Aoede comments anything positive he did. 

She literally tells him that he did far more than anyone individual should ever be tasked with and yet Hope basically convinces himself that he made it all worse.

Imagine me reading this with a frown. I was almost worried for the dude because the last thing I wanted for my favorite character to be depressed. Although thankfully the novel does end on a ‘light’ note.

[It better have, otherwise I would have resorted to an awkward monitor hug]

But then it got me thinking, you know between Hope’s struggle to keep humanity safe and fighting for Fang and Vanille’s freedom; did bringing his mother also matter at this point. Its never stated specifically, but Hope does sort of make priorities with humanity’s survival. And although I really feel bad for him I wonder if his optimism was as dangerous as Lightning’s pessimism?

Oh but I’m saving THAT little subject for another time! 

In the end I really think Hope Estheim is an amazing character, and even though he’s very dear to me I won’t just pretend that he’s without flaws.

After all he’s normal right? We all have flaws, which is why I cling on the idea that sometimes pointing out something bad in what you love only shows how much you care. To be more honest though I never imagined that a character like Hope could ever be evil. Sometimes however all it takes is for a character’s purest intention to be stolen and remolded into something sinister. 

To that end I think Hope really was a strong character. It was his compassion and love for others that Bhunivelze tuned into a sick devotion and lust for control over humans. And his savior.

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Daffodil, Heliconia and Azalea ^^

Daffodil: What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever received?

When I was 12 my family and I were celebrating Eid and my parents gathered all of us into the living room and like - my brother, who was 6 months old at that time was sleeping.

Then my parents pulled out this Native American  Lalaloopsy doll since I had a very un-healthy obsession with them - I SCREAMED. Even at my age now, I still have that doll.

I don’t play with her but out of all of the dolls I used to play with, I will never sell her or let her go.

Heliconia: Do you like it when it rains?

I love when it rains. Not like all week but I literally place my hands out of the window and just feel the rain sometimes. It’s just so nice I love it a lot.

Azalea: What’s a movie you cried on?


This week’s crew profile is with our fantastic storyboard revisionist Lauren Patterson! 

  • When did you become interested in animation and why?

I used to watch at least one animated movie every day at my grandma’s house when I was a kid, so animation had a really strong impression on me at a young age. As I grew up I never lost that passion for storytelling. It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted, but in the end I knew I belonged in animation.

  •  What was your first job in animation?

This one! Storyboard revisionist on The Loud House.

  • If you could befriend one animated character, who would it be and why?

I’m obsessed with Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. I think we would get along.

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Nowadays the industry is so saturated, so make sure you post your work online and put your best foot forward. Compare yourself to people’s portfolios who are working your dream job, and ask yourself how you can improve. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions too–the people working in this industry are some of the most helpful and friendly people around!

  • If you had to eat one kind of food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Avocado toast all day, every day. I eat it literally every single morning… it’s SO good!!

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MoonLilyShipping Christmas meme? ^_^

Of course! Going to use my own Moon here, Sora!

who wears the ugly christmas sweaters

There’s not really a whole lot of need to wear sweaters in Alola. That said, Lillie is busy working out her own sense of style and, well. Takes to them alarmingly enthusiastically.

who picks out the holiday movies and who makes the hot cocoa

Sora has a minor obsession with Tapu Cocoa. Lillie is catching up on movies, so she picks them out.

who starts the snowball fight

Assuming they’re up on Mount Lanakila at the time, SORA. Lillie’s never had a snowball fight and is a bit startled at first, but ends up very enthusiastic!

who drags the other under the mistletoe

See, they’re only babies, so. There’s one thing of mistletoe, Sora kind of… lurks under it for a while, then hastily plants one on Lillie’s cheek when she walks by. Then runs off blushing. Sora you dork.

who decorates the house

They both do! They have Sora’s house AND Kukui’s house to decorate, after all, and it’s a joint effort on behalf of everyone.

who hangs up the ornaments on the tree

While the grown-ups do the higher-up bits, the girls (and Gladion, and Hau, who does come over a lot) are the ones to pick out the ornaments and hang the lower ones.

who cooks christmas dinner

Sora’s mother, haha. Sora and Lillie… help. Kukui and Burnet also bring a few dishes over. Gladion attempts to make something and chars it to a crisp.

who invites the other to sing a christmas duet

Sora teaches Lillie all the songs :D

if they have any holiday traditions

They don’t have any yet. That said, they’ve got a lot of time to work them out!

who would start a food fight during baking

Lillie, surprisingly! She read about food fights in a book and thought it sounded fun :D (Kukui escalates.)

who would get drunk off of eggnog

Neither, because they are tiny babies. …Sora does get a pretty good sugar rush off her Tapu Cocoa, though!


michael’s favorite thing was you.

he loved the way your eyes lit up whenever you saw him. he loved the way you sang along to all the songs playing on the car radio. he loved the way you would hold his hand during movies and would end up paying more attention to his profile than the actual scene taking place before you.

michael’s complete infatuation with you made it easy for him to get inspired.

you were his muse.

every single photo he took and every single song he wrote always related back to you.

he didn’t know what he’d do if something ever happened to you, so he kept you immortalized through silly one minute songs that he’d never perform and quick candid pictures that he’d never let anyone else see.

when he decided that these pictures and these songs just weren’t enough, he invested in a quality video camera.

it was absolutely adorable, how he had jumped onto the bed full of enthusiasm as he unboxed his new form of capturing your essence, as you focused on reading a book.

you giggled at his failed attempts to work the damned thing until he finally got it working and he focused the camera on you.

your laughter filled the air as he pounced on you, trying to focus the camera on your smiling face. you were at your prime in this moment; frizzy hair, no makeup, the creases underneath your eyes that formed due to late night chats and early morning coffee runs were visible, and michael wouldn’t have had it any other way.

he liked your raw beauty so much that he would make it his mission to film you while you were completely oblivious.

whether it was while you were brushing your teeth or while you were drooling in your sleep, he filmed you.

if you hadn’t noticed his sly ways of positioning the camera just right to get evidence of you dancing to 80s music, you would find out later when you caught him grinning at the screen, replaying every moment he’d otherwise be blind to if his lens hadn’t seen it.

it was charming to know that he loved you so much that he didn’t want to miss out on the parts he couldn’t be constantly there for.

however, michael’s obsession with this camera–with you–quickly lost its luster. it was sweet the first few times he tried to videotape you in the shower, and you even played along when you were up for it, but sometimes when you got home from a rough day at work and all you wanted to do was take a bath and listen to the soft music radiating from your phone, michael would position himself on the toilet seat, begging you to just flash a smile at the camera.

you were beginning to feel more like a college photography subject than his girlfriend and it didn’t help that he would become frustrated when you didn’t cooperate.

sometimes you would just want a nice relaxing evening, eating dinner and then watching a movie, but even then you would catch him fiddling with the lens, telling you that he figured out how to adjust something new. then he’d point the lens at you and momentarily blind you with the bright flash.

this would cause you to huff and then storm into your bedroom without another word, leaving him to his newfound passion.

even in public, michael would find it hard to contain himself from capturing a video of you walking down the street or taking a sip of your drink.

to some it would seem magical; someone was always there to take a quick video of you looking your best while you were oblivious all the while. but when you had been putting up with michael’s obsession for as long as you had, it all began to take a toll on you and your relationship.

nothing was sacred anymore. even if these videos were for his eyes only.

“could you just…put the camera away for two seconds,” you’d snapped, one night while you were both out at dinner.

michael looked up from his camera and sent a glare your way. “i thought you liked when i took videos of you.”

you rolled your eyes. “i do…i did. but it’s becoming a little obsessive. once, just once, i’d like to have a normal day with you. just you. and without the camera.” you tried to make it as clear as possible that you loved him but hated his newfound hobby.

“fine,” he replied curtly, tucking the camera away and facing you. it seemed like now that he was without a lens, you couldn’t even tell who he was. the talking ceased because most of it was just directions from him on how you should turn your head for the camera or how you should take a longer sip from your drink to make the shot seem more realistic.

although you noticed this, you still tried to give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. after he realized that he didn’t need a camera to view you, everything would return to normal.

but that was just it.

nothing returned to normal.

in fact, within two days michael had forgotten everything you’d said about his stupid camera and began to videotape you once more.

it was the last straw, when you were having more of a rough day than you’d like to admit. not only had one of your checks bounced, and you lost your job, but your childhood pet had just passed away and you weren’t even back at your parents’ home to be with them in their last moments.

you came home and you cried your eyes out, hoping that this one time michael would listen to you. but all he did was pull out his camera, muttering about how your tears were glistening beautifully due to the flash.

you glared up at him and stormed away.

not even when you needed his shoulder to cry on was he willing to give up his ridiculous obsession.

you’d had enough. you realized that although it seemed like he was doing this all as a proclamation of his love for you, he was truly only doing it for himself.

the last video he ever filmed was of you leaving your apartment in tears, pushing the camera away from you as you opened the door to leave. you spun around, tears flying from the tracks on your cheeks. “have fun trying to find someone new to film,” you seethed.

and that was that.

michael never heard from you again.

his muse was gone and all he had left of it were those videos.

now there was no one left to secretly film while a movie was getting extremely tedious. no one left to shakily film while driving down a long empty highway. no one left to eagerly film after eyes glittered with fresh excitement.

after he realized this, his obsession with filming died out, but his love for you…never did.

A/N: this was written on my phone in the span of three days so i’m super sorry if it’s shit okay bye!


I have realised that I get asked about my interests a lot and I haven’t actually put much about what I’m into. Well my biggest passion is probably gaming. Massive gamer girl! Faves include Assassins Creed, Resident Evil, Infamous, Uncharted, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Last Of Us, Devil May Cry, Dragon Age, Alice: Madness Returns and loads more. Incase you can’t tell, I’m a Sony girl, Xbox is a swear word! PS4 all the way!

Movies! I love nothing more than chilling with a movie (preferably cuddled up to a hot guy) with a take out and good convo. I love action, fantasy, horror, comedy and sometimes soppy movies. Fave movies is a tough one but Pitch Perfect has to be top of my list! Then I guess Mortal Instruments, Never Ending Story, Vantage Point, This Is The End, White Chicks, Frozen, The Host, Twilights, Hunger Games, The Conjuring, Sinister, Insidious and obviously loads more!

My other hobby is more of an obsession. 3 words… BOX SET MARATHON!! I just can’t wait a week for the next episode! If you’r a guy and I arrange a marathon with you, I must really like you to spend that much time! There’s way too many series’s to name but my current ones are Game Of Thrones, Cougar Town, Tomorrow People, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Vamp Diaries and it’s spin of The Originals.

When I’m not glued to a screen I’m usually drunk and tearing up a dance floor in a club with my bff Jake. I’m pretty varied when it comes to music and like every thing from cheesy pop to hip-hop to heavy rock. I guess faves would be Demi Lovato, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Britney Spears, Fuse ODG, Tiesto, Pit Bull, Flo Rida, David Guetta, Disturbed, Utada, Kesha… pretty much anything I can dance to!

So that’s me :)


*** long post ahead

I couldn’t say I had a feeling this might happen, but if I were to put it into words, I’d say all these past 7 episodes, YOI has been…… Too peaceful, I suppose.

Not that I’m complaining, but all stories got to have a huge problem at some point - from which it would then lead us to the climax and the long-awaited resolution.

Yes, we have Yurio suddenly coming to Hasetsu and might “take Viktor away” if Yuuri just lost that Onsen on Ice.

Yes, we have that that carpark scene and Yuuri breaking down crying in Episode 7.

But none of those events are actual “crisis”. Well, in Episode 7 it almost became a crisis, yet thankfully it was solved right away.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who have been thinking “Just what kind of trouble will show up in this show?

Before this episode came out, my best bets were:

  1. Viktor and Yuuri might have an argument and/or fighting at some point
  2. Yuuri somehow messing up in Rostelecom Cup short program

I mean, they were cliches I came up with based on experience, based on stories I’ve read/watched so far. And honestly, it’s not impossible for those to happen.

I have never been so wrong in my life.

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"Into the Woods": Disney undoes Disney (or tries to)

As I was walking out of a preview screening of Disney’s Into the Woods, a middle-aged woman behind me said to her companion, in confusion, “Who is that movie supposed to be for?”

Her question was then answered directly in front of us, as two teenagers wearing t-shirts from their high school production of the Broadway musical that served as the movie’s basis ran into each other and screamed. “THEY CHANGED SO MUCH, BUT…” “I KNOW! AIEEE!” The two then locked arms and began singing one of the witch’s songs as they marched into the parking lot.

Theater kids aside, the woman’s rhetorical question was on point. This isn’t a movie for kids, yet it airbrushes the aspects of its source material that speak to adults on an adult level.

The 1986 musical—with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine—was inspired by Bruno Bettelheim’s psychological text The Uses of Enchantment, which argues that fairy tales draw their universal appeal from the way they dramatize deep subconscious themes and conflicts in our lives. The story interweaves stories from well-known fairy tales (Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk), first combining them and then inverting them, with the characters discovering that “happily ever after” is a journey rather than a destination.

Disney is accustomed to presenting the Disney version of this, in which fairy tales become simple parables about self-confidence or empathy. The Bruno Bettelheim—and Stephen Sondheim—version of this involves much more complex ideas involving self-knowledge, maturity, and sex.

Lots of sex, actually, and director Rob Marshall’s PG-rated film just about gives itself a hernia trying to navigate all Sondheim’s allusions and entendres without provoking awkward questions from any of the grade-schoolers to whom the film’s producers obviously want to sell tickets. That’s no simple matter, since playful ribaldry is one of Sondheim’s quintessential calling cards.

Take, for example, the song “I Know Things Now,” in which Little Red Riding Hood recalls her encounter with the wolf who seduced her away from the straight-and-narrow path. What’s going on here according to Bettelheim is Freud 101, and on stage, Red Riding Hood is typically played by an adolescent or adult woman who could well be expected to have stirrings in her loins. On screen, the character is played by Lilla Crawford, who was a plucky 12 years old during filming. That puts her and a 50-year-old Johnny Depp (as the wolf) in Dolores-Humbert territory, and this movie is ABSOLUTELY NOT GOING TO GO THERE, so when Little Red sings about having been strangely “excited” by her meeting with the wolf, it makes zero sense.

Other numbers aren’t made as awkward-slash-creepy by the Disney treatment—they’re just boring, because they’re written crooked and played straight. This is especially true of the film’s second half, which concerns marital infidelity. That’s a heavy topic no matter how sprightly the songs are; Sondheim knows that, but Disney tries not to. For all the best efforts of the actors (unnamed to avoid spoilers), a late-in-the-game extramarital seduction scene is sanitized virtually into nonexistence. Sondheim’s lines are the same, but everything about Marshall’s direction of the scene wants to make us think the dude just wants a few smacks on the lips. Sorry, but the scene only works if you understand that the two characters want to have a hot fuck in the woods because they are adults and adults sometimes have sex—even with people they aren’t married to—and that. Is. What. This. Song. Is. About.

That said, it’s easy to understand why the producers thought this material would make for a dandy family film, and that Marshall (an Oscar-winner forChicago) would be the right guy to helm it. The movie is on its surest footing in the early scenes, when the characters are being introduced and their lives begin to intersect. Until her story arc wanders off the path—literally and otherwise—Crawford’s deadpan Little Red is a hoot. James Corden and Emily Blunt turn the story of the Baker and his wife into a ye olde Mad About You, and it need not be said that Meryl Streep makes the most of her role as the Witch. Marshall’s fluid camera work hops easily from tale to tale, and we settle in for a pleasant light comedy. Then we go into the woods…and into the weeds, never to emerge.

Who is this movie for? Well, it’s actually for a lot of people: it’s for those theater kids I mentioned above. It’s for obsessive film nerds who will recut it to give it a more satisfying ending and heightened dramatic frisson. It’s for today’s 12-year-olds—but not today, in 15 years when they’ll get stoned and watch midnight screenings and laugh about how much it confused them back in 2014. As for the rest of you, if you take my advice you’ll just watch the princes’ duet on YouTube and leave it at that.

Jay Gabler


You hear me? Yes, it’s know, yes things look the way they look, but it’s still NOT THE WHOLE INFORMATION!

UNTIL the manga has been released and we get the end and as well we get to see The Last: Naruto the Movie, DON’T YOU GIVE UP!

What have we learned from Naruto and Sakura until now? NEVER GIVE UP and if WE ARE TO “DIE”, WE DIE WITH OUR HEADS HELD HIGH, FIGHTING!

I know, lots of people and NH-ers, SS-ers are gonna inbox me and spam me all over how crazy and obsessed I may be. And I may be… BUT SO WHAT? I am just not willing to give up and neither not trust myself and my judgement until I see with my own two eyes a full confirmation, 100% true and irrevocable!

So thus, like I said, I am not giving up and neither backing up this “fight”! I am here to “fight” until my last breath and not give up!

With these being said, may all of you have a great day!



atmeridiem-miger224  asked:

you ever get this feeling where everything you see is otp (in this case, sterek)? No matter how many couples I ship, the magical thing about sterek is that I can see them in everything. Like, I binge-watched recent hallmark movies the other day (perfect match, a country wedding, etc) and literally every scenario was them. Is that the case for you?

This is my life in a nutshell, friend.

Honestly I’d be hard pressed to find a show, movie, or song that I don’t immediately start trying to Sterekify as I watch it.

It’s awesome, but it also means I’m constantly brimming over with AU ideas I’m never going to end up writing.

Submit Anon: History Nerd vs. Ignorant Weeb-WWII Edition
TL;DR: Apparently WWII was a huge conspiracy against the Japanese and a certain ethnic group did it. Read it. 

So, this, like many a tale, occurs in the magical hell that is high school. 

I should start by saying I have never been a weeb. Ever. Studying, obsessing over superhero movies, raising my hand so much in class that I was temporarily ‘banned’ from answering (lifted when the teacher couldn’t deal with people mixing up The Axis Powers and The Allied Powers)-more my speed. But I was socially awkward and the class clown, so I ended up hanging out with the outcasts (read: weebs) most of the time. 

First thing that I found odd were the “cat ears”. I, to this day, have only a vague idea what they are. All the other people in my group were wearing them. “Joanie-Chan (my name is not Joanie, this is for the sake of clarity), where are your ears?” Mother of Iron Man, my head? Some of them thought I was being sarcastic. I was being serious. 

I’ll call the head weeb “Monica”. Every time I saw her I cringed a bit. She wore one of those fake cat tails, The Nightmare Before Christmas shit (I know, not weeb, but don’t crucify me), the damn cat ears, and dyed her hair weird colors-badly. 

Monica was more into manga and anime and all things Japan than she was into school. As the resident “nerd”, I frequently “tutored” the others in the group-I explained concepts and helped them understand stuff. Proofread papers. “Professor Joanie to the rescue!” 

Then we got to the WWII unit. 

Now, I sincerely hope everyone reading this knows what went down between 1938 to 1945. Too long, slept during class: Bad shit happened. 

Monica was die-hard Japan. She said, in class, while debating me (we did debates):

  • “Pearl Harbor was not Japan’s fault! President Lincoln (I am not making this up) ordered the US troops to fake it!” 
  • "Japan never tortured people.” Side note: Unit 731
  • “Well, you are just a baka, Japan should have won the war because they had samurais!" 
  • "You don’t understand history, Joanie-Chan." 

First, I love history. Second, the only things we did agree on was that the internment of Japanese Americans was wrong, and the A-Bomb was devastating on a massive scale. Third, the teacher was going to punch a wall. And fourth, I shot down all her bullshit. Never try to feed crap to a history lover. 

After class, I officially lost my shit in front of her. I cursed, pointed my finger, grabbed my notes, cited my sources-all the time being called a “baka” (I thought she was calling me a burka-I don’t even know). My passionate plea for her to come to her senses attracted the attention of the AVP. 

"Joanie, what’s going on?" 

"WWIII. Or, to be precise, a very loud tutoring session." 

Yeah, I was a smartass. Carrying on, queue Monica: 

"It was the Jews fault!" 


After that, Monica was suspended. I kinda made different friends, because the other weebs kept defending Monica. 

Monica friended me on Facebook recently. I checked her page out of morbid curiosity: Cos-play (nothing wrong with that, I went as The Comedian from Watchmen for Halloween), how things are “Kawaii”, etc. And a baby. That scared me the most. Because every picture of the poor child had it wearing…shudder…cat ears. 

De. Friend. 

So, that’s the story of Monica. Today I’m child free and working on my degree in history. She’s got a weird hybrid cat-baby.