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i was distracted. nero was tanking. i took 600+ pictures. my life.

bonus shot

lol they died to meteor while i was busy taking fucking pictures lol i am amazed i survived and im amazed the duty was complete even after they died lol i had 2 mins left on the Duty. 

Current Music Obsessions: October 1 - 16, 2017

Sorry for being late with this one. I’ve been rather busy this past week, but we’re here with some great tunes! I have A LOT to get through this time. So here are the MANY honorable mentions.

Sleeping Romance - My Temptation
Fenrir’s Scar - Fearless Heart
Architects - Doomsday
The Erkonauts - The Snick
Numenor - Moria
Valhalla Lights - Opposite Sides
Wheelfall - Violence is Seduction
Sinistro - Petalas
The Hardkiss - Lovers
The Birthday Massacre - One
Magion - Forever Mine
Angel Nation - Burn the Witch
Belphegor - Baphomet
Carious - Integration of the Shadow
Mastodon - Blue Walsh
New Skin - New Skin
Grave Pleasures - Joy Through Death
Kari Rueslatten - My Lover
The Dirty Youth - Hurricane
Eleine - Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)
Alcyona - Enchantment
Incubus - Dig
Awaken Solace - End of Innocence
As Old as Time - Escape feat. Sophia Akasha (Pendulum Zero)
Disclarity - Ghosts
Vovkulaka - My Devil
Echopraxia - Mortal Coil
Aviira - D E / A D W E I G H T
Twelve Foot Ninja - One Hand Killing
Secret Rule - The Song of the Universe
Dreamarcher - Shadows
Pagliacci - A Place to Hide feat. Snowy Shaw
Myrkur - Funeral feat. Chelsea Wolfe
Devin Townsend Project - Kingdom
Xiphea - Briar Rose
Prey - The Hunter
Sound Storm - Forsaken
Black Moth - Room 13
Soulside - Amaurotic

And now the many obsessions.

1) Kari Rueslatten - I Manens Favn

I decided to to check out some of Kari’s EARLY releases since I’m most familiar with her newer stuff and I came across this track of hers from the 90’s. The folk element is very strong in this track. It’s such a catchy and fun track and really great to just jam out to.

2) Alexandra Martin - Burden of Hope

I rekindled my love for this gorgeous track. Alexandra was the original front woman of the gothic metal band Adastreia, but has been releasing music on her own for the past few years. This song is so beautiful and is full of so much emotion. I plan on doing a vocal cover of this song soon and I can’t wait to see/hear how that turns out.

3) My Propane - Home

Another song I rekindled my love for. Valerio has such a great voice that is just pure sex. It’s so great. The “woo” after the first chorus is my favorite bit. This song is just so comforting to me for some reason and is just so great to chill to.

4) The Dark Element - My Sweet Mystery

This is the song for their first music video and it’s so fun. I am so happy that Anette is back in an active metal project and I seriously need to get around to listening to their debut album, because I’m loving everything I’m hearing so far. Symphonic power metal at its finest.

5) Crysalys - Moonlight Encounter

This is their first song in 6 years and I am so here for it! They’re going in a more traditional symphonic metal direction now, which is really nice. Not only that, but they now have a male singer, Andrea. He has such a lovely voice and he is so fine. His and Chiara’s voices blend so beautifully together and I can’t wait to hear more from the upcoming album.

6) Cradle of Filth - Achingly Beautiful

Their new album is absolutely AMAZING. One of their bests in 10 years. This song is the perfect example of their evolution, while still keeping their roots and maintaining a classic CoF vibe. It’s dark, beautiful and in your face. If you haven’t listened to this album yet, DO IT.

7) Tragul - Into the Heart of the Sun

This is Zuberoa Aznarez’s new project and I’m really digging it. It’s very different from Diabulus in Musica. Instead of it being progressive, symphonic gothic metal, it’s more of a symphonic power metal project. I really want to hear more from them, because it’s nice to hear Zuberoa explore new sounds that are different from DiM.

8) Teodasia - Two Worlds Apart

This song is my favorite off of Metamorphosis and they released a video for it! The video is absolutely GORGEOUS and Chiara looks absolutely divine in it. Speaking of which, Chiara has joined the band is now a full time member Teodasia now! I really enjoy her work with Temperance, so I’m really looking forward to what new dimensions she’ll bring to Teodasia.

9) Amberian Dawn - Maybe

If Abba decided to release a metal track, this is how it would sound. This song is so lovely, fun and catchy. It’s so different from what I’ve heard from these guys in the past. I was a bit worried that the mixing on the guitars were going to be tuned down super low on the album like they are on this song, but it’s only for this song, which is great. Even so, the tuned down guitars really suit this song and helps further push the Abba vibe of it that makes it so good.

10) Revolution Saints - I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I decided to give this song a listen after seeing their record label post the video for it and I fell in love. It’s such a lovely song and very different from what I was expecting. I’m definitely going to listen to more from them, because I really enjoy this track.

11) Metalite - Afterlife

I discovered this band through their record label and fell in love. They’re like Amaranthe, just minus all the male vocals. It’s fun, upbeat, strong electronic element and a great power metal vibe. I’m definitely am going to give their new album a listen, because this and the second song I’ve heard from them are absolutely amazing.

12) October Ends - Dismal

I’m so glad that the lead singer of this band started following me on IG a while back, because I’m really digging their stuff. This is probably my favorite song they’ve released so far. It’s in your face, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. I really need to check out if they’ve released an album or EP this year and give it a listen if so.

13) Evenoire - Girl By the Lake

I decided to finally check out some of their early stuff prior to their amazing Herons album. This song is so beautiful and definitely leans more power metal than the stuff I’m most familiar with on Herons (those lean more progressive/symphonic metal). It’s such a great track and I really need to check out more from the early days. It really sucks that they’re no longer together, but hopefully Lisy will continue to make music elsewhere.

14) Beast in Black - Blind and Frozen

It’s very rare that I ever fall madly in love with a male fronted power metal band since I’m so picky about male singers in the genre. This song is so catchy and fun. From the moment the first verse happened, I knew that I was going to thoroughly enjoy this track, and I definitely do. I can’t wait to finally be able to give their debut album a listen, because this song is everything.

15) Misteyes - Creeping Time

These guys never fail to impress me with their music. It’s very aggressive symphonic gothic metal and it’s so good. The video looks wonderful and really suits the vibe of the song. It’s both gorgeous and intense. I really need to listen to more from them already.

16) Shireen - Umai

This was a random YT discovery that really caught my attention. It’s a very pretty folk pop track. So wonderful to just chill out to due to it’s very mellow and gentle sound. I’m definitely am going to check out more from them.

17) Leprous - Contaminate Me (live)

I discovered this song through the Try Not To Headbang Challenge video I did not too long ago. It’s so different compared to the other songs I’ve heard from due to how heavy and in your face it is. It’s such an epic track to put on and jam to. I really need to hear the studio version and figure out which I like better. I will say this though, Einar’s voice is heavenly in this.

18) Tarja - Supremacy (live)

I got to listening to The Shadow Self recently and when this song popped up, I remembered seeing a video where someone had live footage of her performing this and her hitting a super high note in the bridge. Naturally I had to check it out and see if was real. Bruh. It’s real! Homegirl hits a super high note during the guitar solo and I am living for it! I wish I could see her live at ProgPower USA next year, but the tickets have sold out already. There’s always next time though.

19) OncetheSun - Asphyxia

I discovered these guys through an ad on Facebook last year and decided to check them out. They’re an atmospheric-ish progressive metal band from the states and they released the music for this song. It’s such a great track to just chill to. I really need to listen to their latest album again, because I remember it being really great and different.

20) Mikko Joensuu - Dream About a Miracle

I discovered this beautiful ambient track through their record label. It’s so peaceful and haunting. It’s so lovely and emotional. It’s all in them orchestrations, the backing vocals and the singer’s droney kind of voice. I’m definitely am gonna check out more from them, because this is absolutely gorgeous.

That’s it for the first two weeks of October! I’ll be back at the beginning of November with the last half of obsessions for October.

also the tea that’s on my mind tonight is that !!! cringe culture is really stupid.  you’re only on this earth for so long you know? like what you like!! don’t let people make you feel bad or embarrassed abt it!!

Convos with my family #37
  • *Me and my best friend talking about Norman Reedus*
  • Me: I just... I just don't understand my feelings towards him?? Like he's hot, but he's also not? Like I can understand if someone doesn't find him attractive because I don't find him attractive but yet I do? He's just... He broke me
  • Friend: *laughs*
  • Me: *Looks up his age* He's 48...
  • Friend: Dude he's old enough to be your dad... Just imagine thinking one of your dad's friends is hot
  • Me: *laughs and then cringes* AAAHHHH
  • Friend: Like your dad's old high school buddy walks through the door and you're just like "damnnnnn"
  • Me: sTOP
  • Friend: And we wonder why Archie hooked up with his teacher
  • Me: *chokes*

super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.


I will have these up in my store by the end of the month/beginning of October and in future conventions!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I will be updating more info about new stuff/conventions/store plans on Twitter!! Sorry to be so absent from the media guys, I hope everyone’s having an amazing start of September!!!