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The Brotherhood Sisterhood of Steel (FO3 & FO4)

  • Proctor Ingram, head of engineering and the Proctor for the Order of the Shield, based on the Prydwen (2287)
  • Senior Scribe Neriah, head of the biological research department of the Brotherhood of Steel, based on the Prydwen (2287)
  • Star Paladin Cross, third highest ranking Brotherhood of Steel member in the Citadel, bodyguard and trusted adviser to Elder Lyons (2277)
  • Sentinel Sarah Lyons, commander of the elite Lyons’ Pride squad, based in the Citadel (2277)
  • Scribe Haylen, field scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel, based in the Cambridge Police Station (2287)
  • Knight Lucia, works in the supply depot at the Boston Airport (2287)

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