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NT Moments - How types would die in a zombie apocalypse
  • INTP: My ENTJ female friend was showing me a video of her lifting 80kg weight off the floor.
  • mr-entj: That's fucking awesome!
  • INTP: And I always tell The ENTJ that if there’s a zombie apocalypse and he collapses, I’d leave him.
  • mr-entj: ...
  • mr-entj: RIP ENTJ.
  • mr-entj: In a zombie apocalypse all the introverts would survive because they're already barricaded at home. All of us extraverts would die.
  • INTP: We'd just die from starvation haha. Still better than being eaten by zombies.
  • mr-entj: That's true. I'd rather die playing Overwatch than a zombie horde. Except for the ISxJs because they're always prepared for anything.
  • INTP: My fridge has nothing in it except a carton of almond milk and an icecream.
  • mr-entj: It's okay, INTP bodies have adapted over generations to survive on nothing but air and thoughts of robots.
  • INTP: OMG...I’d die from no wifi!!
  • mr-entj: LOL
  • mr-entj: I love your priorities. Zombie apocalypse, government dissolves, civilization retreats-- where is the wifi?
  • mr-entj: True INTP.
{ HIGHLIGHT } When your best friend see you flirting with another member.


♦ At first Dujun looks at you one after the other, obviously shocking you did'nt talk to him earlier about your feelings about Yoseob, before smiling like an idiot and tapping you in the back.

“  My baby had grown so much that I did'nt even notice he was in love.” 


♦ Junhyung enters the room while you are in the arms of Kikwang. He looks at you before asking too seriously why none of you two have talked to him about your feelings. He frowns his eyebrows before looking at Kikwang and then you.

“  There’s someone better than that idiot you know. Y/N ? ” 


♦  Yoseob surprises you sitting on Dujun’s lap. He looks at you both with big eyes before smiling and starting to tease you. He’s not stopping to say you are cute and ask lots of questions about you two.

“ Look at you, it smells love in this room, you planned the wedding when? ”

Kikwang :

♦ He looks at you in a corner as you laugh with Dongwoon, not missing a crumb of what you tell before approaching you with a huge smile on his lips. Beginning to tease you by imitating yourself  before take you both in his arms. It will try to get ingrained with you no matter what you do

“  My two best friends together it’s beautiful. Let’s go out together okay ? ”

Dongwoon :

While Junhyung holds his hands on your hips, Dongwoon arrives in the room and looks at you before pouting. He will hide the fact that he is happy for both of you and will start to complain, showing how possessive he is. 

“  Don’tt you love me anymore? Are you gonna give me up to spend your time with him now? ” 

does anyone else just… pretend to have an identity? like there are tons of posts about how bpd sufferers don’t know their favorite colors, or don’t have constant personality traits, and that’s true and helpful. but i’m wondering if anyone else does what i have done, which is pick certain traits and stick with them, just to have something to cling to even if it’s false.

for example, my “favorite color” is pink. i own tons of pink clothing, my laptop bag and my notebooks and my pens and my binders are pink. do i actually love pink? sometimes yes, sometimes no. i also “love puppies” and am “a bubbly person,” even though i don’t always love puppies, and i very often don’t feel like being bubbly. 

however, clinging to “pink” and “puppies” and “bubbly” as facets of my fabricated personality has really helped me feel like more of a real, complete person. it’s helpful because, when i get the chance to determine how i react to something. if it’s pink or puppy-related or involves being bubbly, i get to just default to my predetermined personality trait instead of trying to figure out how my constantly-dissociated ass actually feels.

it’s been a lifesaver when it comes to making friends and keeping them, because i get to provide them with certain constants about myself that let them feel like they know me better than they can know someone whose personality and preferences are constantly shifting. 

and on bad days, i can fool myself into clinging to those little falsehoods too, just so i can pretend i’m a concrete person whose existence isn’t variable.

dukecesare  asked:

I've been tossing around a thought in my head for quite sometime and it dawned on me to ask your opinion on this matter. You've answered quite a few questions about the stereotypes of heroes and villians in media. Traditional heroes tend to be SP and SJ's and sometimes NF while villians tend to be NTs. Now there is a change. We see villians being NFs i.e Loki,, Morgana, and Rumplestiltskin from OUAT. Why do you think that is? Why is intuition and logic portrayed as something to be feared?

Because the thought of someone instinctively knowing you better than you know yourself is frightening. Even more so, when paired with emotional manipulation.

Let me tell you something. I am very, very good at emotional manipulation. I pay attention to people. I watch them. I listen to them. I internalize information about them that builds into a bigger picture of who they are, where their weaknesses lie, and what things scare them the most. I am a consummate “button pusher.” I can deliver subtle digs or blunt ones, but it always aims straight for the hurtful point. I’m ashamed to say that I used to do this a lot, for my own amusement, just to see people react. It was the height of passive-aggressive behavior. It was wrong, and I have ceased doing it. But I still know how. Si delivers the information, Fe knows how to use it and can read other people’s emotional responses. I am, at any one time, sitting on powder kegs of information about other people, gathered over the course of our association with one another. If I were fundamentally amoral, I would set off those powder kegs and watch their life implode. And I’m just an ISFJ. The “Mother Theresa” personality type.

Now, imagine that kind of power in the hands of a long-term idealist, who “senses” things about people without needing external proof or experience. Someone who gets an intuitive “knowledge” of you upon a very short acquaintance. It’s scary, isn’t it? That would be frightening. Naturally, that would be an excellent villain, wouldn’t it? Someone who knows someone better than they know themselves, who knows their weaknesses, who has an amoral and reckless, indiscriminate nature, who also has the ability to maneuver you exactly where they want you.

I don’t have that. I can GUESS the outcome based on past information, but there are variables. I can never be sure that taking this action will produce THAT result, specifically. The odds are in my favor, but not completely. Ne plans for contingencies, and merely enjoys … creating chaos. Ni is specific, oriented toward a visualized outcome, the equivalent of being “forced,” unconsciously, into someone else’s idea of where you should be. In a sense, you are a chess piece in their game of high stakes. How … frightening.

We create villains based on our fears. So what better villain than someone that can manipulate you with a specific evil purpose in mind?

Hence, NFJ villains are born. Substitute emotional manipulation for ruthlessness and you have the NTJ villain. In some ways, even more frightening. Why? Because the INTJ villain doesn’t give a damn about anyone standing in their way. You will not be served up on an emotional platter; you will be destroyed.

Sh*t My Parents Say: Part 1
  • Mom: There's no such thing as "can't."
  • So you're saying you can fly? Read my mind? Solve calculus problems in your head?
  • Dad: I never did this when I was your age.
  • Your brain is wired like other people's. Of course you did NT stuff and had NT reactions and lived your NT life. I don't really have that option. I do neurodivergent stuff and have neurodivergent reactions and live a neurodivergent life.
  • Mom: You're smart, I know you can do better than this.
  • Yes. You got one thing right. I am smart. But I got a lot in my way to do "better than this."

Pretty, Pretty Princess!! Alright, now that the other batches are out of the way, I’m starting today with new settei that are mostly from the Stream season of EXE. Today’s photoset focuses more on the good guys. Ladies first, so we’ve got some Princess Pride, Midorikawa Kero, Anetta, and the 2 girls who were runners up to Narcy in Yaito’s chip design contest from Episode 24. Remember, if you ever feel bad about your art, look at the height concept of Yai’s disembodied head and tell yourself you’re better than that, and someone got paid to draw it! LOL

Rounding it off, we’ve got Kosuke flexin’ like a Top Man, a height differential between Netto, his Papa, and a pillar, and Dekao’s fancy chef outfit emblazoned with the Triforce of Curry crest upon his hat.

Tomorrow: baddies.

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash

Real Grades that should definitely happen

-Hyaku Shiki (imagine gold, white gold and silver for colour seperation… hhHHNNGGGG)

-GM (we got an ordinary Zaku, why no EFSF love?)

Any non-EW Operation Meteor suits (the original designs are way better than the EW ones in my opinion)

RX-78 NT-1 (I would be happy with this as an expansion kit for RG RX-78)

Kampfer (I think everyone needs an RG of this)

Ground Gundam (I feel like 08th MS Team doesn’t get enough love)

EZ-8 (see above)

Gouf (any variation of the Gouf will do, it’s one of the best zeke suits, in my opinion)

Your move, Bandai.


More players showing injured Rafinha support.

Marc Bartra: “Lots of strength, @rafinha! You’ll return even stronger, with your ever-present hard work and joy!💪🏼”

Douglas Costa (Bayern/Brazil NT player):
“Força my warrior …. That you come back better yet my brother 🙏🏾 # FORÇA #TAMOJUNTO”

Sergi Roberto: “Lots of strength, @Rafinha! You’ll return stronger than ever! Already a day closer to your return💪🏽”

Different people in the football fandom
  • The Calendar watchers : it's 7 days till World Cup
  • Normal people : OMG I can't wait for the beautiful game to start the best sport in the world
  • People who live life on a scale 1000(hyper): OMG DEAD! It's here. I CANT EVEN! 2014 who gave you the right to arrive? Someone hold me. This is too much.
  • People that can't watch live in rio:
  • wish I could be in rio right now, I would do anything to go and experience the atmosphere but I can't be there right now but it won't stop me. I will be supporting the boys from my tv and screaming
  • People whose national team dint qualify or it's almost certain they won't go far, or the once that disowned theirs and are supporting a foreign country they don't understand their language:
  • football is not about where you come from, it's about appreciating the beauty of sport. Btw all my favourite players are in this nt and most of the guys in my club are in this nt so yeah! Where is your loyalty?
  • People who spot new bromances: OMG my sailor hat is on I am ready to ship everything that looks remotely ship able.
  • You always spot them in the goal celebrations so keep your eyes open.
  • People who take the World Cup song more seriously than everyone else, they remember all the previous:
  • The song this year better measure up to standard! Because the song needs to make you nostalgic in a few years after the World Cup when you just randomly hear the song. Like waka waka in 2010 gives me chills everytime.
  • People who are fascinated by the design on the ball: The ball this yeah is so cool bla bla bla *its just a ball, bye*
  • People who have a thing for Worldcup advertisements: OMG have you seen it? The official World Cup commercial? It's amazing almost all my favourites where featured! I can't handle this amazingness
  • People who transfer window has distorted their otp but World Cup would do wonders: OMG OMG OMG...*insert ship name* is real. they will be reunited at the NT... My feels I can't. Together at last. I can't deal, my heart.
  • People who Worldcup would make their otp rivals: you know it would be difficult to be apart but I know their relationship can withstand the test of time. They would miss each other but they would rise above conflict. At least they would hug after the matches
  • Fanfiction writers: OMG the plot bunnies are in full swing... Inspiration for new fics
  • I am already having ideas.
  • Gif makers and photo editors: OMG I need to update my photoshop, get a better software and search for websites to get my footage before anyone else.
  • Football bromance lovers: I can't wait to see all these guys in harmony finally reunited with friends and playing together.
  • So: Where do you fall in? An average football fan posses at least 3 qualities.

theveganbluenoser-deactivated20  asked:

I would have NEVER gone vegan if it wasn't for ~the way~ you and Freelee spread your message. I am very grateful for that. Like many others, at first I was like, "how dare these c*nts speak this way-- humans have ~ feelings.~ " Then I used my brain and realised that the animals, the planet (collectively) are more important than me and that if I want to feel better about ME I've got to take responsibility for me. You two are the kick in the pants people need. Keep up the good work. NEVER CHANGE

Thanks mate! :)

Id put money on it that we get stopped on the street more each day than any other vegans out there. That is proof that this method and hard work WORKS and that ANYONE can do what we are doing.