my nt is better than yours


To: my valentine @h0ld-0n-tightt  

Today is the day I know you for 100 days.
I feel so lucky and happy to be your girlfriend and i hope we keep on counting those days ‘til we are old&grey.
But i also feel a little bit sad, bacause i can’t even give you a kiss today.
I’m proud of you, miss you and love you and I could'nt imagine a better girlfriend than you are.
See you in 9 days! Can’t wait to finally see you again. 

Virtual hugs, kisses and lots of love 

From: not so anonymous


More players showing injured Rafinha support.

Marc Bartra: “Lots of strength, @rafinha! You’ll return even stronger, with your ever-present hard work and joy!💪🏼”

Douglas Costa (Bayern/Brazil NT player):
“Força my warrior …. That you come back better yet my brother 🙏🏾 # FORÇA #TAMOJUNTO”

Sergi Roberto: “Lots of strength, @Rafinha! You’ll return stronger than ever! Already a day closer to your return💪🏽”