my not so art

i already mentioned this but the very first time ochako wears her hero costume she complains but they  made it tighter than she requested and then it’s followed by a joke with mineta and i hate that so much

anyway i have other ideas for her costume but that moment in particular bothers me all the time, by the looks of her costume, especially those button-like things in her chest, it always makes me think she was probably going for something more like this…

A little design for a Patient Care Paramedic since I’ve seen a lot irl at the moment heh

Some fast sketches of my space kids. Also super stoked and nervous for tomorrow at CTNx! Hope to see some of y’all there!

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Your art is so beautiful! I'd love to see you draw Tetsuwase sometime! An amazing rare pair between two 1-B boys that deserves a lot more love.

1) im crying cuz i ship it now 

2) im crying cuz i put much more effort in this than planned

3) i literally was gonna cry real tears when i finished this pic cuz for a second i thought i drew a different ship than the one you requested

I want you to love Winter as I do. Between the quiet, the cold, and the surrounding beauty, I can’t pick a favorite.

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hEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW ME SOME LANCE YO please 😍 idk maybe playing a video game? or him just being lance bc lance is good but ily

i got a little bit carried away……….. :D