my not so art

All I could draw for tonight before I called an ambulance


tfw you realise your friend is an Opera cliche. 

A short comic because I rediscovered The Magic Flute recently, and the parallels between it and the Sun and Moon plot were too good to pass up. 

Plus I wanted to do something for my favourite Alola characters. Hau’s such a great guy - just this endless fount of positivity and joie de vivre. (Hell, he’s excited to lose to you!) He embodies this idea that life is an adventure, and you’re the hero who has to grow and learn in it.

Be brave, be defiant, be happy; because life is far more epic than you think it is. 


Propaganda style poster for everyone’s favorite huge alien woman who definitely wants to beat them up. As commissioned by the fantastic & patient Sarah who didn’t give me her tumblr name…

★ Available on RedBubble as a poster, tshirt, mug, etc.

If everyone else can get what they want then i want either another kiss or the words “i love you”(because i think it would be cute,i know that they actually always show each other how much they’re in love)
Almost forgot : This is based off the new official art


Results from the last couple streaming sessions and some more practice. I’m really rusty lolllll need to stop playing so much games and start drawing again

Started with me just wanting to draw Deadlock McCree, then the rest turned into a dumb sequential thing of Present!Hanzo meeting Past!McCree. Idk, up to you if you want to imagine it as a de-age or time travel trope, I just wanted to draw dumb faces :’)


♢Falco peregrinus (Peregrine falcon)♢

This is the gorgeous, healthy Peregrine that has started living in my estuary. I saw her hunting again above my house this morning; she performed a high speed dive and it was amazing!!