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Stupid sexy Jedi (with @makeramidying‘s Zieran’uru and my beautiful hipster son Meri) aka I bet holonet candids of Jedi are totally a thing. There’s probably a whole Jedi fandom in the core worlds with smutty Jedi holonovels and cantina dancers in sexy Jedi getup and holonews keeping tabs on the hottest masters. Awkward.

don’t walk away when the world is burning

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

After my mom died, I usually got a call from my sister on Mother’s Day just to chit chat and check in to see how I was doing.  Since this is my first Mother’s Day without either of them, I wanted to jot down a little memory of the three of us…(and then hibernate for the rest of the weekend because I’m not ready for pictures from everybody’s Mothers’ Day brunches).

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I WENT WAY OVERBOARD ON THIS ONE and I haven’t even had time to play Fallout in almost a week because of it, but this was a big personal challenge for myself, and my idea was THAT GODDAMN big, and I had to see it through AND I DIDN’T EVEN FINISH IT UGH.

This is my @bestghoulfriends Valentine’s Day exchange for @vectober! And I’m not even done with it, I’m so sorry! i ran out of time and I wanted to get this up asap. I have a page for Toby that I’ll be putting up tomorrow (along with a playlist that goes with that holotape player!) and I fully intend on finishing the Avery plushie/doll just like Nosh made it. I’m making one for @railroad-blues too, because what kind of person would I be if I didn’t?

Odessen & chill - with @cytharat‘s Zieran’uru, @potpourris‘ Callimusa and Emeridan


Lana Beniko is not amused.

Monday, still in my pajamas and noshing on nothing in particular at 2 in the morning, found me doing what most young adults would be doing late at night: listening to music and attempting to tend to my hip pain after zoning out for a while like a comatose Dorothy Gale.

Turns out Eve’s Curse came this year, packaged and gifted and hoping I’d poop someone out—surprisingly, the only misogyny claim I would have accepted, if it wasn’t entirely knocked over by the fact that Eve and Adam both had indeed done such a deed and ate the fig/pear/apple that led to our fallen life. Together. Like newlywed idiots.

Anywho, I was bored and tired—the weekend had drained most if not all of me dry, and I had to fight Nature—again. I hated fighting Nature. I was already fighting it, Exorcist style—I didn’t need to pitchfork and try to eat my way to some sort of comfort to make the pain stop for once.

I already had to deal with the oncoming Apocalypse, I didn’t want this. Even if it was a three-day whirligig that never made me puke my guts out, I both wouldn’t want to have it any other way and if I had to suffer through a period and my ex-boyfriend talking, I’d have to suffer through the blood and the dripping and the pain.

I wanted to talk to Mary. I wanted to talk to my brothers and sisters. I wanted…what did I want?

“GO AWAY, ROY!!! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! Go away, shoo, gadfly!”


I had another nightmare…

impossibletruths  asked:

♦★∇ for whoever you'd like!

Aw yis thank you so much! :D


♦ - something no one knows about your muse: So the gf knows about this we constantly swap headcanons so hopefully it doesn’t count. So. Nate’s married with children. It’s a really practical thing that was arranged when he was a boy in order to preserve the pureblood Sith line. Nate’s wife, Darth Acaria, is an amazingly talented and capable woman. Nate and her have only met like, three times. Once for the marriage ceremony (which was like, huge, and lasted for several days and spanned half of Dromund Kaas lmao), once for the obligatory baby-making and once completely by accident while out and about in Kaas City. Things are really well between them though because their marriage isn’t really more than a business arrangement anyway. Acaria is raising Nate’s kids (fraternal twins) with her longterm girlfriend. They holo frequently. Nate’s really proud. House Khiro prevails.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


★ - a guilty desire they are ashamed of:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So a certain Jedi Master might really be into giving head.

∇ - a secret about your muses family: It might not be much of a secret but I’ve never really brought it up: Meri’s family is from one of the noble Alderaanian houses. His mum’s the one with the title and family tree and since this is Alderaan I’ve always pictured her as having brown skin. Meri’s father is a businessman from Corellia with relatively light skin/hair. Meri’s complexion is actually quite warm/tawny but it doesn’t really show all that well in the game engine (people who have doodled Meri usually pick up on this though which makes me ridiculously happy!).

I was tagged by @cytharat. Thank you! <33333

Naturally I’m going to do this for Meri (sry for the big gif but it’s the first one I found):

1. ANIMAL: Tauntaun
2. COLOR(S): honey
3. MONTH: uh… May?
4. SONG(S): he’s really into cheesy Cantina funk and dancing so something like I’m Coming Out & Let’s Groove and also this one.
5. NUMBER: over 9000?
6. DAY OR NIGHT: day
7. PLANT(S): Alderaanian daisies (if they exist)
8. SMELL(S): leather, ozone (which I guess is what lightsabers smell like?), incense, grass
9. GEMSTONE: amber
10. SEASON: spring
11. PLACE(S): Jedi temples, the battlefield, sprawling grassy hillsides
12. FOOD(S): a really wholesome stew
14. ELEMENT(S): earth
15. DRINK(S): good, dry wines 

Also, I’m tagging anyone with Jedi OCs they want to share (I’m lazy, I know).