my nose is too big in this pic tho

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Hey do you use guidelines while drawing?? Can you please help me out with that. Idk how to begin and keep going with guidelines..I keep going wrong with proportions :/ Thanks! (Also your Mikasas are beautiful❤) k byee

??My proportions are the literal worst tho?? Like, not even going into bodies bc I always get the heads too big, but the faces I draw never have the same proportions if I compare front view, ¾ view, profile, and angles in between… I always get the noses, ears, and eyes in different sizes and places, and chins hurt my soul bc ppl I draw sometimes look as if they were pushing their jaw forward, which is not my intention at all (I wish my jaw was a bit like that tho rip). There isn’t an universal way faces should be anyway- thank the gods - but when in doubt, look for reference pics of real ppl.