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FFXV Cosplayers that look like the characters pt.1

1★ @leonchiro + @enjinight
2★ @noctiszang
3★ @bakasoseji


折原 臨也Orihara Izaya

Happy birthday, Perla! // @perlanemesis

reuploaded bigger and stuff. took off a filter added a different one. i sharpened it again and removed the fade effect. using phoo editing tools seems to mess with the res still, but its verticle if i dont… still such a noob.

When we confront a life, we have to do it with our own lives. That’s the resolve we’ve aquired.

The Night Watch. They were in the Night Watch because they were too scruffy, ugly, incompetent, awkwardly shaped or bloody-minded for the Day Watch. They were honest, in that special policeman sense of the word. That is, they didn’t steal things too heavy to carry. And they had the morale of damp gingerbread.

Night Watch by Terry Pratchett

A while back I made this gif. I decided to make it better different. (In my defence, Nobby Nobbs isn’t exactly the best with writing. Fred had to help him.)