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finally curious about the world again.

he seeks out tiny discoveries in the universe. rushes to glean knowledge on the things that she loves, because the maze of her mind is neither trap nor escape. 

willingly welcomed to peer through gates to the garden of eden. we are made to fuck up genesis, recreate the beginning of time and skew life to queerer needs. 

haven in a maven on the ability to make still the air, how she lit the fire of intrigue burning between his ears.

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it’s interesting because in noora’s season, many things about william and his family life were revealed, but in isak’s season even remained a mystery. yes, we know about his mental illness and his personal feelings but we also do not know some very important stuff like where’s mikael, when did he come out to his family because he seems very confident about his sexuality and his parents seem to know, WHAT’S his family status and what exactly happened during his manic episode that made him change schools and not redo his senior year at elevebakken? and even some minor things like how drawing come to him? or get in more depth with his passion about films. if we can’t get another point of view of him that could open up about him more (whether it’s his own season/sana or jonas) i would be disappointed because i’m honestly curious and i wanna know more about even bech naesheim.

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Good luck on the new blog! Do you have any headcanons about the lovely ladies of part 6 aka jolyne, ermes, and foo fighters? Theres a severe lack of love for them on a lot of blogs

[lifts leggy] I love My Wives™

(I’m using she/her pronouns for Foo in this post since you called her a lady! I typically use she/her or they/them for Foo if people don’t specify!)

relationship hcs for Jolyne, Ermes, and Foo


  • Jolyne is the Fun Girlfriend™ who always wants to be doing something new with you. She’s down with chill, under-a-duvet-watching-Netflix dates, but if something interesting opens up…“Hey, babe, have you ever been rock climbing? It sounds fun!”
  • She’s too cute to say no to, even if you end up standing at the bottom and giving her thumbs up while she abseils down a sheer rock face.
  • Jolyne is very close to her mom, and if you guys are even remotely serious then you’ll be meeting Mama Cujoh ASAP. Family lunch on Sunday afternoons becomes A Thing.
  • Jolyne is so affectionate. PDA is likely to be a big thing in your relationship. She’s not the hand-holding type; she’s the linked-elbows type.


  • Ermes is a rough, uncouth, flirty girlfriend…and a soft, gentle, loving girlfriend.
  • She is constantly flirting with you, showing affection and teasing you. Ermes is totally the type to grab you around the midriff and bury her face in your neck while telling you how cute you are, just to try and make you blush. It works every time.
  • Ermes Costello never gets over her crush on you. You’ve been dating for 2 weeks; crush on you. Dating for 6 months; crush on you. Married for 50 years; guess what? Your beautiful wife Ermes has a crush on you!!!
  • Gets a little emotional when thinking about how much her sister would like her s/o. 


  • Foo loves you in The Most Pure Way™. To her, you are the entire world and she is absolutely not afraid to let people know that she feels that way. She’s ALL ABOUT that PDA, even though holding hands with you makes her blush.
  • Really appreciates all the little things that you do for her. She’ll wake up late one day and see you’ve left her a bottle of water for when she wakes up and just….stare at it, smiling and thinking about how much she loves you.
  • The Most™ enthusiastic to hear about your day. Retains every piece of information about yourself that she hears because 1) she wants to know as much about you as possible and 2) she loves you. What did your asshole boss do today, Foo wants to know.

   a horror AU concept: bruce wayne turns into a giant bat-creature, much like a werewolf in the full moon, with no control over his actions whatsoever.  would have the aesthetics of the horror genre, specifically the height of the 1930′s classic films   &   1970′s/80′s slasher movies  (especially with tropes such as the final girl/heroine, the monster never dies, etc).   would be set in an ambiguous timeline,  much like it follows.    

bruce would be a philanthropist & billionaire as per normal canon,  though obviously without the vigilantism.  mysteriously disappears one week, perhaps once a year or a few times a year   –   i’m thinking of making it the anniversary of his parents’ deaths   –   but it’s not quite noticed considering he keeps people at such a distance.  only alfred & the immediate family would know.   clearly still working out the fine details but this is something i’m def interested in plotting further,   if anyone is interested !

Imagine Frost battling in the tournament, except he’s losing. He’s laying on the ground/ arena, tired and bruised. But he knows if he loses, it only brings his universe closer to death. Then, in a sudden act of rage and determination, he picks himself off the ground, then faces his opponent, before lunging at them, his body suddenly filled with a new found desire and strength. He ends up winning and cheers are heard from his team, who are proud of him and possibly have forgiven him right then.