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I think there have already been posts about it but since I have internet access for a few mins, I’ll try to summarize what I can remember of the Misha meet and greet. 

  • One of his fingernails is black and blue because he closed his finger in the bathroom door, which was “not one of his finer recent moments.”
  • We talked about GISHWHES a lot and told stories of what we did, he mentioned that the people covered in pet hair didn’t turn out exactly as he’d imagined and that the outcome was really gross and yet really satisfying. And then how he wants to the next one over Halloween, but I think that was also said during the panel.
  • Somebody (Olivia, I think? I told him it was you and he knew who I was talking about right away) told me to ask him about a video of West on his phone, but he said he couldn’t show us the only video he had because it was West eating a popsicle for the first time and being very obscene about it, and then started reenacting it for us.
  • We talked about Emma (my daughter) and West and where they’re at with talking and more pooping in the bath, and someone told him about the book Everybody Poops that he wants to get for West, so he sent himself an email titled “Everybody Poops” and said he’d forget about it and just be like, “Way to state the obvious, asshole!” when he checked it.
  • He’s working on an It Gets Better video and was wanting to do it at Comic-Con. He said that everything he does takes a long time to actually get done, but it’ll get there.
  • I mentioned the web series he was supposed to be working on over the summer (TSA America: Level Orange) and he said he wasn’t able to start working on it because of Supernatural, and that Jeremy had originally told him he’d only be back for a little but now he’s going back for much more, which he’s happy about! He talked a little bit about how they’re kind of bad at letting people know they’ll be coming back in advance, so it’s hard to plan other projects and things to do because they probably won’t get finished. 
  • He said he owns the rights to Par 6 and asked if anyone’s ever able to find it, we told him we’ve barely seen anything from it so he mentioned possibly releasing it online for everyone.
  • I asked if there’d ever been talk of an angel spin off starring Castiel and he said not yet, but that there’s a spinoff from Smallville called Arrow that’s getting a lot of publicity and that SPN is looking like the next Smallville (in season length), so maybe one day. And that he’d definitely be interested in something like that and to have a show all about him. We talked about Sigils & Swords for a bit, too!
  • Aaaand we brought up Ben Edlund while talking about an angel spin off and Misha basically turned into a fanboy. He said Edlund has one of the most amazing minds he’s ever seen and he loves how his episodes of Supernatural always seem to have a deeper meaning or understanding of the story, and the way he balances the depressing stuff with humor. He mentioned hanging out in Ben’s living room (BROTP, OKAY) and said he acts as erratic as he talks, and started walking around acting like him. 
  • The tiger man that Misha tweeted is not Ben.
  • When Matt and Richard’s reenactment of 50 Shades of Grey was brought up, we had to explain to him what the book was and he was just like, “So it’s badly written porn?” and then we explained that it was originally fanfiction the first thing he said was, “Is it slash fic?” Then he remembered he’d heard of it before and mentioned the guy apparently keeping the girl in a dungeon and asked if there’s supposed to be a movie made, so we told him they apparently want Jensen to play the guy and that convo went on for a bit.
  • He mentioned that he used to play the saxophone when he was younger but lost his stuff when their house burned down, so he wasn’t able to get another one.
  • He was at a wedding Saturday night so he was still drunk on the plane ride to New Jersey yesterday morning and talked about how Vicki is terrified of turbulence. He told us he’d be back on set this week (!!!) and had a plane to catch last night after his photo ops.

I can’t really remember much else because jdkljsdklfjsdl I was sitting like a foot and a half from Misha Collins for an entire hour, but the whole meet and greet group was amazing and I was RIDICULOUSLY NERVOUS before going but everything was so comfortable. He was really, really mellow and just seemed so normal compared to the side we usually get to see in interviews and panels, which obviously the wackiness and sarcasm is amazing but it was really cool to get to see this side of him, too. 


I agree with Jensen. How is this man alive?? (This story from NJCon 2015 is number 10/? in my Jared injuries series. They were filming Wishful Thinking at the time and apparently most of the footage in the Chinese restaurant is Jensen acting with a body double because Jared was incapacitated.)