my niqqas

Cory is/was my favorite actor & character from the show Glee. Glee has helped me tremondously in life. When I moved from NY to NC, Glee helped me get by. When I was having trouble at school, Glee helped me get by. When I was having family, internal & personal problems, Glee helped me get by. Cory was the main factor in helping me get by & today he has passed away. He was to be married to Lea (Rachel in the show) and now she has to plan the love of her lifes funeral. Cory had his problems, sure, but the ways that he helped people by going onto that tiny little television screen outways those. Today Hollywood lost one of its greatest, warm-hearted stars and I don’t want to remember him for the little problems he had, but for the ways he helped people in ways that others couldn’t or didn’t know how. There are storylines that we’ll never know the endings to and things that will never be the same anymore due to his passing. Today millions of fans lost the love of their lives and I am one of them. I may not have known him personally but I didn’t need to because the effect he had was greater than any personal boundary. Cory may be gone but each and every Tuesday at 8pm/9c [9pm/10c during AI season] (& some Thursdays) Finn Hudson will forever be in each and every gleeks heart.
R.I.P Cory Monteith✹7/13/13
see you in heaven some day <3