my nights thoughts

some heads idk

You are my 3AM thoughts, my 6AM thoughts, my 12:31PM thoughts, my 5:52PM thoughts and my 9:41PM thoughts. You’re not just on my mind when I can’t sleep, you’re on my mind when I’m doing math problems, when I’m washing the dishes and when I’m babysitting a bunch of loud kids who won’t sit down.
—  you’re on my mind constantly. all day, all night.

Greed is such a funny character to me because there’s no attempt by the FMA fandom to excuse his shitty behaviour or downplay his villainy like you see with plenty of fan-favourite villains in other fandoms who’ve done way worse (Loki comes to mind). Like we’re all fully aware that he’s a asshole who planned world domination and we all straight-up revel in the fact that he’s a massive trashlord, but at the same time talking about all the terrible shit that happened to him is one of the fastest ways to get this fandom upset because good lord he was also so so good and he didn’t deserve what happened at all, like I’ve never seen a character who so perfectly fit the label “sinnamon roll” and he was wonderful and deserved better.