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Call It Suicide

A/N: Well, it’s been a full month since my last fic that I posted and I felt like it was time for a new one. Another Harry Styles fic because he’s such a legend and I love him so deal with it. This took me a good few days to finally finish, hence why it’s legit the longest thing I’ve ever written, because I wanted to get this really good because I literally write my fics in one night normally so enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it x.

Based on: ‘Suicide’ by James Arthur

Dedicated to: @twerkit-hxrry, and TheHSquad: @17-blackaf, @harryxmac, @snlhaz, @spectralstyles, @wishfulharrie, @stylishmuser, @hes-writings94, @the2k17harry, @roseonhissleeve, @hs-1dfan, @soloharrles, @mizpahes, @hcrrystyles, @hes-a-rainbow, @lovingstyles87, @namelesspops, @gemmadorrego, @ever-since-kiwi, @harry-writings, @harrywavycurly, @harryslittlekiwis, @hotmessharry

Warning(s): Cheater!Harry, sad themes, swearing, a section of smut with very minimal Daddy kink

Word count: 8,005

Pairing(s): Harry Styles x Reader / Harry Styles x OC (Original Character)

It ain’t the gun,
It’s the man behind the trigger.
Gets blood on his fingers and runs.
It ain’t the lie,
It’s the way that the truth is denied.

Four years.

A relationship that had withstood all trying odds thrown at it, time and time again. A relationship that, from the outside, never once seemed anything short of miraculous. Four years of that relationship had been a blessing and to her, nothing and no one could ever give her the satisfaction nor sensation of pure love and dedication, she feared she may never find something quite like it again.

It’s funny how certain situations arise, that are unexpected in the worst way possible, which make the mere thought of carrying on with the toxicity of a failed relationship unbearable.

It had taken a whole three months for her to coax a confession out of her tattooed lover which, during that time, almost made her physically ill to think about him, not only being sexually (but possibly also romantically) inclined with another woman, but lying so blatantly to her face about the multiple occasions he had, ‘ran out to get some deodorant’, during the dead of night, only to come back to their shared home in the morning with a different type of exuberant smell catching in the air from his body and clothing.

When confronted about this, however, the long-legged man stood in front of her, but yet, no eye-contact was maintained, and shook his head, pushing past the fragile woman he claimed to love for an extended period of time before slamming the heavy, mahogany bedroom door, muttering incoherent sentences on his way that normally consisted of, “Gettin’ on my fuckin’ last nerve”, and, “I ‘ave half the mind t’ leave you right fuckin’ now”.

Of course, it was when the luminous moonlight danced across the wooden floorboards of the bedroom, illuminating the whitewashed walls as if it was their own private, personal stage where they could showcase their undying love for one another, or so she once thought.

It was when the early hour of 3am came creeping around the corner with only the sounds of the wind whistling and the leaves whispering to keep her company as she laid in an empty, king-sized, luxurious bed that was meant to be a symbol of their companionship.

It was when she felt the all-too-familiar feeling of abandonment and loneliness twist inside her gut as fresh, hot tears sprung to her eyes and trickled down to her ears whilst unmoving and staring at the intricate detail of the high ceiling. She had been doing this for so many nights she was near confident that she could recite how many swirls and dots collected in the design from her counting.

Of course, it was then that she understood that she was no longer the apple of his eye. That he had escaped from her hold and found refuge in someone else’s arms. Someone else’s kiss. Someone else’s touch.

He would never admit this though, no, he would much rather sneak back into his own home where his significant other would lay, pretending to be asleep through her dry, tear-stained cheeks, rolled over to her side of the bed with him removing his clothes to slide skilfully underneath the untouched covers on his end, like he had been used to trying to not disturb her, before pressing a chaste kiss to her neck and whisper those three words that held no real regard.

He didn’t mean it.

Not since he started smelling like a perfume she could not recognise.

Every morning, a smell of fresh coffee and breakfast foods invaded his privacy that would jolt him awake, noticing his lady of four years had already made her side of the bed and left him a note in her cursive handwriting, that he used to adore, as she did routinely since they moved in together.

And every morning he would stalk downstairs to find her cooking for the both of them out of the kindness of her broken heart despite knowing about his infidelity and unfaithfulness before he wrapped his strong, manly arms around her trembling waist as sobs racked through her entire being.

Although, these said tears were soothed almost instantly as she felt the dry lips of the man she loved along her jawline and neck, peppering gentle kisses to her skin. She knew she shouldn’t be so easily swayed when he hadn’t even muttered a single word to her but she couldn’t control her feelings; feelings of anger and despair quickly dissolving into ones of adoration and desperation towards the figure looming over her.

A shaky hand was raised to caress his prickly, stubbly cheek as she closed her eyes and enjoyed one of the rare moments of intimacy the couple shared nowadays, willing herself not to shed any more saltwater from the seas swirling in her eyes.

A waft of the faint smell of cinnamon and honey contrasted with her regular scent of vanilla and fruits that brung her out of her Harry-induced daze, making her pull away from the man she could no longer trust.

“Don’t walk away from me. Please. No’ today.” He pleaded, she almost could have believed he was being genuine if it weren’t for the black lace thong she’d discovered discreetly hidden inside his trouser pocket whilst doing the laundry last Sunday. He knew this, yet he still didn’t bother to hide the piece of evidence elsewhere. It was almost as if he had wanted her to feel her heart drop to her stomach.

“Harry, by my walking away, it gives you the leverage you need t’ turn in the opposite direction and in'a her bed.” She spoke in rebuttal under her breath; hoping her words wouldn’t travel far enough and stop short before they could reach his ears; in a way, recreating how whenever she gave him her all, it never seemed to find its destination within him and instead go off-track.

Perhaps that was the reason why her love wasn’t reciprocated.

“Wha’ did you jus’ say t’ me?” The sound of heavy footsteps coming back round the large, marble countertop placed in the middle of the spacious kitchen to her after grabbing a snack from the cabinet, not only made her anxious but also incredibly uncomfortable as she never wanted to carry such negative conversations with the center of her affection, knowing that he would deny all the objectives she would present to him, similar to how he had before.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, baby.” She forced a fake smile onto her face, an expression she had grown accustomed to whenever she looked too deep into his pools of jade he called, ‘eyes’, digging out information she never thought she would have to read. She turned her body around to crash against his chiselled chest, trapping her between the oven and his own furnace, his body giving out warmth she used to find comfort in. “I didn’t say anything important, I promise, now gimme a kiss.”

Seemingly satisfied with the answer he was provided with, he leant in to press his lips hard against hers and rested his palms on her hips.

Undoubtedly, it was one of the most difficult things she had ever had to do. To kiss him as if her heart wasn’t crumbling like the walls around her; suffocating her, was too much to bare as she finally pushed him away and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“How dare you stand here and kiss me with tainted lips you’ve put on another girl. How dare you stand here and pretend you’re committed t’ us. And how dare you stand here and make me a fool for loving you when you go out and make love t’ that woman you found at a dingy, dark nightclub one lonely winter’s night.” The streams of emotions flowed down her red, puffy cheeks as she expressed her discontent and disappointment from within.

It had been a long time coming and she knew she couldn’t hold it in any longer. Not when he made no effort to admit to his wrongdoings, but instead gave her false hope towards a relationship that was barely alive.

His arms tried to reach out towards his beautiful explosion but she couldn’t stand to look at him for longer than she had already endured and backed away from his softening stare.

He couldn’t continue his façade, not anymore.

“No, sweetheart, please…” He began to somehow explain months of late nights and cold shoulders, but she had heard and lived through everything she needed to in order to make her final decision as she knuckled away her falling tears and practically sprinted to the bedroom to collect her belongings. “It jus’ happened! It was out of my control, baby, you have t’ believe me!”

She had to leave.

No more could she sit there and act as if they were the couple they used to be in the beginning. No more could she sit there and act as if he was the man she fell in love with.

The door clicked shut just as she zipped up her suitcase, signalling he’d now entered the room that was once filled with the purity of their love. The moment he slept next to her curled up body in the middle of the Stygian night after he spent his evening in a stranger’s bed, the barrier was broken and was replaced by one of deception and distrust.

His feet padded furiously against the pristine, fluffed rug situated at the center of the space before slamming his hand on top of the lid of the luggage in an attempt to keep the woman he genuinely loved deep down from leaving him.

“Harry. Get your hand off.” She threatened with a calm, gentle voice which she never used unless she was livid behind her cool, collected nature.

“Listen t’ me. I didn’t mean for this t’ happen, I didn’t mean t’ lie t’ y-…” He, again, was cut off by her forcefully lugging her property out from under his grasp and onto the floor with a loud ‘bang’.

“It wasn’t the lie! It was never the lie! I’ve known for months, Harry. ’S the way you denied the truth every single time I asked you about it! And if you’re implying that that’s the worst of it, I don’t even wanna think about the things you’ve done t’ her and vice versa.” She stayed glaring straight into his watery irises for a few seconds before spinning on her heel and walking out, deserting a broken man with his broken heart gazing at the now wide-open entrance with traces of her vanilla scent lingering but her nowhere to be found.

You’ve been killing softly and finally,
That is too much. (Oh)
And I’m all out of whiskey,
To soak up the damage you’ve done. (Oh)

         You would think drowning her sorrows in her tears and heartbreak would’ve been enough to express her emotions but no. She had managed to find herself amongst sweaty, filthy bodies in a large bar from which she had drunk her fifth glass of strong alcohol, she could barely see straight.

With the toxic fluids coursing through her veins, the pumping bass of the latest chart-topper beating her heart for her, and conversations of the blurred people around her resounding in her psyche, she had had enough.

Hard to believe, but it was a rare occurrence that she would even bother to dress herself up and emerge from her temporary abode, with her estranged high school friend she had recently been in contact with, to appear at the local bar she used to go to with Harry whenever they wanted to get away.

It used to be a sort of sanctuary for the two of them. It used to be a chance to just talk about their day and their feelings to each other without anyone else prying into their business. But now it was, and would forever be, “the place where he met her”.

“The place where he inadvertently broke the bond between lovers which he vowed to never do”.

Yet still, there she was.

Sitting alone on a high stool, gripping the side of her glass so tightly that the beads of condensation evaporated under the red heat of her fingers and inner turmoil.

She had just been staring at the wine glasses hanging down from the ceiling, like bats in a cave, whilst downing her beverage in record speed which allowed her to move swiftly onto her next drink. Even the bartender had started to get conscious of her intake and that was enough for him to then refuse to supply another source of liquor.

Her newly rekindled friendship with her high school classmate had been put to the test that evening and unfortunately, by her having no one she knew around in her presence, let her know that she need not care for the whereabouts of her friend as they didn’t care for hers after the second round of alcohol.

The sudden deprivation of a stinging solution making its way down her throat since she had been scolded like a child for the excessiveness of her drinking, made her mind wander into the fields of betrayal that replaced the meadows of happiness she used to frolic in with the man she used to think she would one day marry.

As soon as her gaze fixated on the empty glass in front of her, the saline tears poured over the barrier of her waterline and left her silently sobbing through her harrowing heartbreak.

Dying from a broken heart was something she had only read about in the news and never once believed it to ring true but as she sat there, in Harry and her bar, she could practically feel her chest contracting and splitting into two halves. Although, she didn’t really understand how considering he still had her heart in the palm of his hands and desperate for his love.

The mere sight of a grown woman openly, and drunkenly, weeping must’ve been hard for surrounding strangers to handle since by the time she had ceased her muffled cries to soft sniffles and looked up with bloodshot, sore eyes - most of the partygoers she had mixed in with had departed and left only her and a few stragglers behind with a busied bartender wiping down spilt beverages with a cloth.

The palms of her hands were raised to her reddened face and rubbed over her features to try and soothe her outburst of feelings as a heavy sigh was blown out from her pale lips in response to the heavyweight she felt in her chest.

Heels clicked on the floor of the building as she dug into her purse to find flimsy pieces of paper that represented a form of payment she could offer the man behind the counter for the alcohol she had consumed.

“On the ‘ouse.” A clear, but deep voice sounded from in front of her as her glass was collected, “Yeh look like yeh had a bad one so don’t worry 'bout it.”

Her hard and focused stare switched from her trying to find her money in her purse to kind, pitiful, sapphire eyes as she faced the generous bartender.

“Noo. No, I can’t jus’ no’ payy yew. ’Ve 'ad like nine'een drinkss-..” Her slurred speech in between her not-so-subtle sniffs and hiccups made the stranger chuckle and she watched how his shoulders moved, fascinated by the way they were connected to his body that she felt the need to touch hers to confirm her suspicions that yes, she had shoulders too.

“Don’t mention it, love, I’ll call you a taxi.” He informed the unsteady woman the other side of the counter before picking up his phone and dialling a number he knew off by heart from the amount of times he had to ring because of previous passed out customers.


A completely innocent and everyday nickname she had been called before by many people, but this particular time made her legs shake and her lip quiver as she fought to hold back more streams of sadness.

Harry used to call her, “love”.

Harry used to show her love.

And Harry used to give her love.

But that was all gone.

All of it wasted and bestowed onto the other woman in her relationship.

She supposed it was a good thing that he had decided to take that route. She supposed it was a good thing that he made it clear she wasn’t enough. That she wasn’t what he wanted. That way she could confidently move on and find another to treat her right.

But her heart wouldn’t allow it.

Her heart remained in the familiar hands of her puppeteer and continued to make his own lovesick puppet out of her. Why? She may never understand. She only knew that he had a fatal hold on her; squeezing ever so softly but growing tighter with each and every day that passed by, that she feared she might have wound up helpless and perishing in his addicting arms.

He had been killing her softly, albeit unknowingly, but she had finally decided it was too much and escaped his grasp physically.

His emotional duress on her, however, was a different story altogether which she thoroughly believed she would never be able to evade.

If there is one thing that I’m guilty of,
It’s loving and giving when you take too much.

If there’s anything I’m guilty of,
It’s loving you too much.

         “Harry, stop!” The exclamation was followed by a giggle as she extended her hands out to cover the lens of the new, vintage camera she had purchased especially for him on their third year anniversary as a strong, steady couple.

“You’re jus’ the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen, darlin’, I 'ave t’ take photos t’ capture your beauty.” He exaggerated and winked when he switched his eyes to stare at her smiling face rather than through the viewfinder.

“Ew, you’re such a dork.” A pillow was lugged at his head which, as a result, made his curls fly out in every direction possible, him then looking like a human version of Simba. “You look the most attractive you’ve ever looked right now, baby.” A snort came from her button nose as she reached for the device in his hands, turning it on him and clicking the shutter multiple times at different angles.

“And you just sounded the most attractive you’ve ever sounded.” He spoke in rebuttal before shaking his hair out of his face and tamed it slightly.

A playful pout was brought upon her lips as a sign of her disappointment that her masterpiece was ruined but she continued to shoot amateur pictures of the stunning man with legs either side of her hips since she would never tire of looking at his perfectly structured face and features that were God’s gift.

“Oi, ’m s'posed t’ be taking pictures of you, my love.” His hands found their way to his hips and she figured that, in that moment, he had never looked more adorable so the shutter sounded once more to signal that she’d documented the sight on the roll of film in the camera. “’M gonna need yeh t’ stop before I get rowdy.”

“Rowdy?” A loud guffaw sounded as she lowered the camera down to her lap and just merely glanced up at the mess of curls on top of her in disbelief and fond. “I’d like t’ see you try t’ get 'rowdy’, honey, you’re the most calm and collected person I know.”

As soon as she placed the photographic equipment to one side, her arms were pinned above her head by a strong force coming from her short-haired lover and before she knew it, she could feel his fringe tickling her forehead since he leant forwards and hovered over her.

“I can be rowdy when I wan’ to, yeh know that more than anybody, pet.” He lowered his voice down at least one octave as he spoke, a glint of mischief in his sparkling eyes.

“Mm…” She pretended to think as a borderline seductive hum sounded from her throat. “I have no idea wha’ you’re talkin’ about, H.” A shake of her head only further exaggerated her point as she tried to prove her unknowingness and innocence.

A low, breathy chuckle resounded from deep in his chest, seemingly-always-minty breath fanning over her face gently, before he pressed a loving peck to her plump lips.

It was intimate moments like these where she felt she had never been more content, nor could she probably ever be more content without him.

It was intimate moments like these where she felt almost certain that there would never be another man more catered to her soul as he was and she intended on keeping him forever.

“‘M gonna love you ‘til the day I die.” The soft whisper coming from his lips transferred onto hers and she could feel tingles rush throughout her body. “Ev’ry day I spend with you jus’ gets better and better, I don’t know wha’ you’re doin’ t’ me.”

A caressing touch was brought to his cheeks as she pulled his face up to stare into his emerald eyes. She never got tired of looking into the windows of his soul - she thought as if they held information about himself that was only revealed if someone was to gaze intently into them.

“And ev’ry day I spend with you, makes me wan’ t’ never live another day without yeh, you’re my world.” A grin started to grow on his features but she carried on before he had the chance to reply, fearing that if she didn’t tell him what she had wanted to for so long, she might never get the opportunity, nor courage, to again. “You, Harry Edward Styles, are the reason tha’ ev’ry morning when I lie in bed next t’ you, I wan’ t’ scream at how much I adore watching you yawn and stretch when yeh make that little noise to shake the tiredness off. You are the reason tha’ ev’ry night when we take a shower together, I wan’ t’ kiss yeh until our lungs give out because I don’t ever wan’ t’ stop. You are the reason tha’ ev’ry time when I see yeh performing, I wan’ t’ jus’ run up on stage with you and show ev’rybody there that you’re mine and how proud I am of you. Words will never be able to describe how much I’m smitten with you, Harry, you’re the most amazing guy ‘ve ever met and I’ll be damned ‘f I see another chick on your arm.” She had to pause momentarily as she felt a familiar touch wiping away a stray tear that had trickled down her cheek in the heat of her emotions before nervously laughing and continuing to finish her mini-speech. “I love you. I love you so fuckin’ much, I don’t think you’ll understand.”

The only response that was mustered from the tanned man was a shake of the head in disbelief at the meaningful moment that she had just shared with him, he felt a slight twinge in his stomach he couldn’t identify before placing his elbows either side of her head, careful not to rest on her sprawled out hair, and, once more, pressing his raspberry lips against hers in a passionate seal of affection.

He shifted his weight onto his forearms in order to place himself in between her bent legs without breaking their kiss and let out a quiet groan of satisfaction against her mouth. Her hands reached up to tangle in his cut curls, tugging on them lightly just as a teaser. He ended up cupping her behind as he pulled away from her soft lips to flip their bodies over to allow for him to be the one on his back and situated his woman on top of his hips, squeezing hers temporarily as an indication to keep kissing him.

And when has she ever refused him?

A small smile appeared on her face before dropping her top half down onto his chest and reconnecting their pairs of lips. Hands pressed to his firm chest as legs straddled his frame before trailing her fingers gently down to the hem of his shirt.

“Take it off, baby.” A breathless plea was heard from the man underneath her which gave her the boost of confidence she felt she needed which encouraged her to remove the first item of clothing from his toned body and she couldn’t help but run her hands up and down his beautiful torso. “Now le’ me see you.”

She raised her own top over her head herself and threw it somewhere unknown, just as she did his t-shirt, and revelled in his reaction to her reveal, noting the way he trailed his eyes up her exposed chest and bit his lip. “Look a’ you. My gorgeous girl.”

She felt the rose colour blush onto her cheeks, she thought she would’ve been better off as a traffic light, before she looked down to try and hide the obvious effect he had on her but was stopped by his forefinger lifting up her chin and guiding the other hand to the clasp of her lace bra, unclipping it expertly with a single movement, and looking at her intense eyes. “I never wan’ you t’ feel like you have to hide around me.” The straps fell down her shoulders as soon as she relaxed her arms to remove the piece of lingerie, giving her significant other a firsthand view of her bare chest, whilst he fondled her breasts generously and massaged them. “You’re beautiful and you’re mine, I wan’ yeh t’ believe it.”

Her head tilted backwards at the sensation of him having her cupped in his hands and lovingly playing with her as she felt a tweak on her left nipple and a wet tongue flick on her right. A short intake of air gasped from her throat in surprise at the sudden attention but she wasn’t complaining.

To show her gratitude, she found that her hips started to grind down on him - both their clothed crotches rubbing against one another, making them both let out a soft sound of appreciation.

“Wanna taste you…” She chirped after she had plucked up the courage to tell him while his mouth was still on her, alternating between each nipple.

“’M not stopping yeh, baby.” He spoke in reply as he detached himself from her boobs, giving them playful, but gentle, little smacks, and watched them jiggle slightly to his amusement.

By him taking it upon himself to lay back down, she took it as a sign to hop off him momentarily and hook her thumbs inside the matching lace material of her panties (she hadn’t bothered to put on bottoms - she liked wearing his shirts) before swaying her hips side-to-side. She liked to give him his own private show every once in awhile to watch him grow harder within the constraints of his jeans as he watched her.

Some could say she had a slight kink for exhibiting herself for him and she felt proud that he liked what he saw every time, enough to show off that cheeky smirk of his that she loved so much and bite his lip.

She successfully managed to drop the skimpy thong to the floor and stepped out of it, rendering her completely naked, whilst she crawled back onto the bed and in between his spread legs.

Her hand flew straight the the button of his skin-tight, charcoal jeans and pulling down the zip slowly, flicking her eyes up to see his face that construed his impatience. A light titter came from her lips as she begun to pull the waistband of the item of clothing down his legs and off his body teasingly, planting pecks down his thighs and legs in the process but intentionally avoiding where he needed her most. “God, sweetheart, please.” He started to beg, he couldn’t wait anymore. He felt painfully hard already and she wasn’t doing anything to relieve it - just make it worse.

“Oh, ‘m sorry, honey, I didn’t realise you wanted me so bad.” She feigned innocence with a pout of her bottom lip before she grinned mischievously and palmed him through his boxers.

The sudden attention to his most sensitive area made him rut his hips forward onto her hand with a half-arsed apology mumbled from him before a low groan erupted, interrupted by her reaching up and connecting her lips to his in a kiss as she continued to work him through the thin material.

As she felt a wet patch forming due to the pre-cum leaking from his tip, she concluded that there had been enough teasing so she pulled herself away from his luscious lips as his boxers followed suit with his jeans and were tossed aimlessly somewhere in the room.

Standing to attention, the red, aching head of his dick looked too enticing for her to ignore as she started to give him kisses and kitten licks. A small growl of approval from him gave her the confirmation she needed to then flatten her tongue against the underside of him and lick a stripe along him until she reached the tip, swirling her tongue around it like a lollipop.

A shiver was sent through his body as he looked down at his lover and gripped her hair in his fist. He watched her lips wrap around his, he must admit, larger-than-average size and take as much as she could fit in her mouth before she began to suck.

A strangled cry came from him as she unexpectedly opened up her throat and attempted to take all of him. As soon as her nose touched his trimmed hairs, he let out a yelp of pleasure since he felt himself at the back of her throat before she gagged, making the muscles clench around him which made it feel even more pleasurable.

“Shit, you take my cock so good.” That sentence alone was enough to make her feel on top of the world as she pulled off to catch her breath for a second, a string of spit still connecting her to him as he reached down to swipe it up with his fingers and proceeded to press them to her mouth, making her open up and taste him.

“You taste amazing.” She praised him back, knowing that it’ll give him the confidence boost he needed to really fuck her into the mattress soon.

After her regular breathing was regained, she, once again, dived back onto his pulsing manhood and begun to hollow out her cheeks around him whilst working her tongue around his girth but making sure no teeth were present as she bobbed.

Constant affirmations of pleasure tumbling from his bitten lips only made her move faster before she raised one hand to what she couldn’t fit in and expertly moved it in sync with her mouth.

“Fuck, if yeh keep goin’ like tha’, baby, ‘m gonna cum.” The warning was enough to convince her to pull off of him with a ‘pop’ and sit back onto her knees, looking down at him with a virtuous look on her face but with spit dripping down her chin. “You look sinful, yeh fuckin’ tease.”

She had to bite her lip to hide a subtle smirk and she kissed up his torso before sitting back on his hips, making sure to be just in front of his length so he could rest on her arse as she bent down to give him a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

His large hands roamed her back as he reciprocated the kiss by pushing his tongue in, meeting hers. An enticing hum was let out as she circled her hips gently, rubbing up against his already throbbing cock. He pulled away only to duck down and start to press his mouth against her neck, beginning to suck bruises into her skin to mark her as his to everyone that looked.

Her tease only further continued as she heard him groan in desperation when she rubbed against a particularly sensitive spot before he decided he couldn’t take it anymore and threw her down onto the bouncy bed as he held himself up with his hands, adjusting to be perfectly slotted in between her legs that locked together around his torso as she ran her fingers through his hair that fell down.

“Harry?…” She spoke up in a soft voice and he could feel her breath on his face by how close they were.

“Mhm?” He reached down to position himself against her clit and began to jut his hips forward and back eliciting a high-pitched squeal.

“F-Fuck me.” She had the wind knocked out of her as soon as he entered her before she could finish her request.

Both parties let out loud moans as they both felt each other in the most intimate way possible. He let her adjust to his size impatiently since it took all of him to not move inside of her. The warm, wet walls of her womanhood drove him crazy and he swore he nearly came undone already when she clenched around him.

“You ready, honey?” He asked shakily, he just wanted to feel every inch of her.

A timid nod came from her a few seconds later signalling her consent and he wasted no time in dragging himself out until just the tip was engulfed before plunging back into her tight hole, encouraging another in-sync moan.

Gradually, he picked up a regular rhythm and fastened his speed as soon as she muttered the words, “faster” and “harder”. The sound of skin slapping on skin filled the air mixed in with their combined moans and groans.

“Yeh feel so good, so deep.” She plucked up the confidence to try her hand at some dirty talk he had never heard from her before but he had to admit, he felt himself twitch at her words.

“God, you’re killin’ me.” He shivered as he picked up his pace.

“Yeah?…” She smirked as she leant up to press her wet lips against his, moaning against them. “Fuck, Harry, don’t stop.”

Every word she said stroked his ego even more and it turned him on to no extent to get praise that he was doing everything she wanted. With a few more hard thrusts, he felt the familiar twist in his stomach.

“You gonna cum for me? You gonna cum for Daddy?” The nickname just slipped from his parted lips as he breathed heavily but it didn’t go unnoticed by her, making her let out an exaggerated moan to let him know.

“Mm, Daddy’s so good t’ me.” She paused to peck his lips once more before arching her back as he brushed against that special spot. “‘M gonna cum. Want yeh t’ cum inside me.” She whispered.

Never had she been so relieved she had decided to take up the pill since she never wanted to stop feeling this level of ecstasy.

Hearing those words whispered so filthily from her cherry red mouth tipped him over the edge as he released hard, surrounded by her squeezing walls, which in turn, caused her to become sensitive and orgasm with him still deep inside of her as they both yelled each other’s names in pleasure.

The only noises that could be heard was their heavy breathing and the parting of lips as they gave each other loving pecks, trying to come down from their highs as he carefully pulled out.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened t’ me, you know?” She rolled onto her side to face the man that collapsed by her side and cuddled up to him, tracing the watch she had given him as a second Valentine’s Day present. In fact, she had the watch that matched. It came as a couple’s collection, what could she say?

“I know, baby girl. ‘N’ I love you very much.” He replied tiredly as he followed her movements on the timepiece.

“I love you too.”

         Though, how was she to know that he told her empty promises and gave her false assumptions?

The watch she had given him? He had unexpectedly dropped the bomb on her that he had supposedly ‘lost’ it one day nonchalantly, as if he didn’t really care, after coming back from one of his never ending nights out.

She still had hers.

She never took it off since she bought them both unless she showered and went to bed.

She always put it back on in the mornings even if she didn’t have plans. She just loved having the strap to remind her of their love when he wasn’t around.

However, whenever they fought, it always seemed to her that he forgot to speak with an underlying tone of adoration like she did since she could never really stay angry at him. Always pinpointing the cons of the situation they were arguing about and making her feel guilty that she even brought it up.

But ever since she packed up and walked away from his hold on her, she figured that the only thing she was genuinely guilty of, was loving him too much. Giving him too much.

She gave him everything she had to offer and during the first few years, she thought it was enough for him to believe she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

It was only when she started to feel her grip on him slipping away from her that she knew she was his second choice. Something that she never wanted to be.

If somebody asks how we died,
Please look them straight in the eye.
Call it, “suicide”.
Don’t fabricate, just tell 'em, babe.
It was suicide.
Don’t sugarcoat it, just let them know.

         The two men stood conversing with each other as they discussed the art that was on display for the event they were invited to. They had been colleagues before; however, they had lost contact after one of them took up a new job opportunity, meeting again after a good year or so and decided to catch up.

The art gallery consisted of the most recent masterpieces from unknown artists around the globe. It was an event organised to give exposure to struggling individuals chasing their dreams and it was people like Harry and his status who were invited to review the artworks and buy them if they were impressed. All the money earnt from these purchases go back to the original artists, which in turn, correlated to more of said artists’ pieces being on display in the future.

The prices they were going for weren’t exactly the cheapest either.

“‘Ey, didn’t your girl wan’ t’ be an artist?” Obviously, the break-up hadn’t reached the likes of Harry’s newfound pal yet and it instantly wiped the smile off of his face.

“Yeah.” A remorseful chuckle was puffed out, “Yeah, she did…”

“Actually, where is she? Yeh should’ve brought her along, yeh idiot, she would’ve loved this! Las’ time I saw yeh both, you couldn’t leave each other alone.” The uninformed man stood next to him gave him a playful nudge and a wink of the eye without noticing the sudden deflation of his friend.

“She, uh… She’s not my girl anymore.” He finally confessed after swirling his drink in his cup as he was pondering whether or not to actually tell the man beside him.

“Oh, shit, H, I didn’t mean t’-…” He began to apologise for being so insensitive but was interrupted by a shake of a curly head.

“‘S all good, don’t worry ‘bout it.” His eyes cast downwards, losing the twinkle in his eyes as he tried to smile genuinely.

“If yeh don’t mind me asking, mate, wha’ happened? You seemed so happy.” A hand was placed on his shoulder roughly as a form of comfort as he sighed heavily.

“It just… Didn’t work out.” A dismissive sip of his beverage came afterwards as the guilt of brushing his four-year relationship off like it was nothing came creeping up on his conscience.

“D’yeh really expect me t’ believe that, Harry?” The questioning tone of the man that clearly didn’t believe his reason for the end of his relationship only made Harry feel even worse about his disregard and internally convinced him to elaborate.

“It was my fault.” He rubbed his hand over his face, he didn’t realise actually talking about it would affect him this much - especially in public. “I, um… God. I cheated on her.”

The recoil of the friendly hand on his shoulder signified the disappointment his friend felt towards him but kept his mouth shut, willing him to continue to explain.

“She was everything I thought I wanted, that I needed. I had no doubt that she was the woman I could spend the rest of my life with.” Harry painfully started to release his pent up feelings ever since she walked away from him the week before. “I still think she is, you know?…”

He trailed his sentence off like he was ashamed to admit his feelings. He felt as if he didn’t even deserve to mention her name, let alone keep thinking about their future together. He pulled himself together, though, he owed her character enough to explain the situation fully and not give people even the faintest idea that it was her that caused the death of their relationship.

“I ruined four years of the happiest times of my life, Nick, for nothing… It was ‘bout five or so months. It lasted for five months. It jus’ happened, I never wanted to jeopardise wha’ her and I had bu’ it was when she was away for one of her work trips.” He felt the water building up behind his eyes, ready to start falling at anytime but he had to get it out. He didn’t care if he was in public or not, it had been eating him alive not being able to talk about it with anyone. “I went t’ the bar her and I always went when we were free. We used t’ talk for hours about jus’ anything. Each other. Our days. Our families. Our future… How much we loved each other…”

He had to quieten his voice at the end otherwise he knew he would’ve burst out into ugly tears. Not like he hadn’t been doing exactly that ever since the front door closed of their shared home. Well. His home. He didn’t even think it was a ‘home’ anymore. She was the one who made it feel like a home to him and when she left, it was just a building in which he slept in every night. With all of her belongings gone after she had come to pick up the rest, catching him in his time of vulnerability when he opened the door where he hoped she would’ve been back in his arms within the hour, it was just a house. There was no warmth left within its walls; only faded memories he tried so hard to block out as he spent his nights with a skimpily-clad woman he didn’t even know the middle name of.

“I met her at that same bar and we jus’ got t’ talking. I told her how lonely I felt with the love of my life away for weeks over a few drinks I bought us. By the time she was running her hand up ‘n’ down my leg, I wasn’t in my senses and jus’ allowed her to. The first time she kissed me the same night, I couldn’t stop her even if I tried - I was so far gone. And I… I enjoyed it. It’d been so long since I actually held someone close, video calls and textin’ can only do so much, y’know? ‘Fore I knew it, I woke up the next morning in someone else’s bed and her naked body beside mine in the exact same state. All of it jus’ spiralled out of my control from there, she never stopped callin’ me for another hook up and I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘no’… I should’ve, I know I should’ve, I had a perfect life with the perfect girl but I guess, for a moment, I wanted something else. Somethin’ new.” He didn’t even attempt to hide his shame as he looked up towards the ceiling to keep the rivers that flowed in his eyes at bay.

“She didn’t even try t’ leave as soon as she found out. She told me she knew at the third month about wha’ I was doin’ and said she stayed t’ try and change my mind.” He brought a closed fist up to his mouth, refusing to break down in such a public place, and already receiving a few judgemental stares from passersby as he struggled to contain his emotions. “God, she tried t’ change my mind…” He weakly let out a breath. “She did ev’rything for me. Her attitude towards me never changed at all, she still loved me with ev’rything she had. The best girl I could’ve ever asked for was all mine and I didn’t even give her a second glance most nights when I climbed into bed with her after I came on another girl’s tits.” His sudden outburst of anger directed at himself brought unwanted attention from the few that surrounded him, earning some disapproving stares and shushes.

“Why don’t yeh call her, H? You’re in bits.” A piece of advice was given to him from Nick who stood silently throughout his whole rant. The reply to it, however, was a mocking laugh as Harry threw his head back.

“Would you forgive me if you were her?” He stared blankly at the artwork in front of him, they must’ve been stood there for 10 minutes at the least.

Once again, silence was the dumbfounded man’s only response to his rhetorical question, and that was all Harry needed to nod to himself as if he finally understood. That he finally let it sink in that his relationship was indefinitely over and there was nothing he could’ve done to make it better.

There was only so many tears he could hold in at that moment before he couldn’t physically keep his wall up and all the emotions came rushing through the floodgates of his distress and trauma.

He had managed to keep himself together for all of the times he had to inform acquaintances of his new relationship status by simply brushing it off and saying exactly what he had told Nick at the beginning. But it had become too much for the secretly heartbroken man finally, and there he was. Sobbing disgustingly into his hand as he tried to cover his cries up to leave at least some of his dignity remaining intact.

He had come to the conclusion that it was never what she had done. It was never what she had said. And it was never what he thought he felt; like he just fell out of love with her. But it was everything to do with the way she still loved him unconditionally after acknowledging his unfaithfulness to her and it made his heart hurt.

By realising this too late, he had to live with himself knowing that he pushed her too far off the edge and that he actually did love her after all.

He still loved her.

But instead of falling asleep to the sight of her radiant face - peaceful as she cuddled into his body, he had to tell everyone that he, himself, killed the best relationship he had ever been in.

He had to call it ‘suicide’.

‘What are the Odds?’ Part Six

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe Series, based off of ‘Mamma Mia!’)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 950 (My writing never seems to be consistent when it comes to length. 😂) 

Previous Part: Part Five

Originally posted by this-is-what-makes-us-fandoms

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Had SUCH a productive day tell me you’re proud of me.

I had a doctors appointment and started a new medication for my depression that won’t make me gain weight like the last one did (one of the side effects of the new one is weight loss so that sounds dope) and I got a new ointment for my eczema. I went to bestbuy and returned my new computer that kept crashing and I ordered a new one. I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of inexpensive but healthy meals (granola nuts fruit fish shrimp and chicken and a fuck ton of vegetables) and I did a whole week of meal prep in cute little containers and I just got back from going on a run in the rain it was fucking awesome. Now I’m enjoying a dark and stormy on the porch listening to folk music waiting for a thunderstorm to start again.

This is the most productive and happy I’ve felt in a very long time it’s thrilling. Here’s hoping I feel the same way for a long time. Hope you all are doing well. It’s hard most days but focus on good days like this because I feel like I could fly to the moon right now.

I also went on a date on Sunday night and cuddled and made out with a guy watching a movie and it was the first time doing anything with a guy since being with Rob (who I’m still really good friends with he’s a great person) and this guy stared at me with my shirt off as I was getting into bed with him and he just said “fuck you are so hot” and it was so genuine and it was like all of my insecurities I consistently hate about myself went away and I actually felt like I could be loved again. These past few months have been REALLY hard and I’m moving so this thing with the guy won’t last much longer probably but I’m so proud of me for going on a date with him because it sparked some self love in myself and I really needed that.

Ugh I’m a little tipsy right now but damn I needed to get that off my chest. Love you guys thanks for all the kind words even if I don’t always respond 😌

3-year-old Wingman (Connor Murphy x Reader babysitting fluff)


3-year-old Wingman (Connor Murphy x Reader fluff babysitting AU its fuckin lame)

3000+ words

Ps: im bad at revising

TW: angst, lots of swearing, toddlers, very very brief mentions of depression, anxiety, and suicide

You saw a dim light flicker from the corner of your eye as you played Uno with your young nephew, accompanied by a slight ding signaling you got a text. You knew it was probably Connor.

“You can get your phone, it’s okay.” your nephew told you, sounding wise beyond his years for a 3-and-a-half-year-old. He was the most adorable thing, and you couldn’t get over it.

“Nope, buddy. I need my full concentration for this game. I’m not gonna lose to you again. They can wait a couple of minutes until I demolish you at this Uno.” you replied sternly, lifting your head up high, causing giggles to erupt for the small boy. You couldn’t help but smile back. But your lips fell when your phone started dinging over and over and over again. Your nephew peered up at you with big eyes, silently telling you to just get it. You put up a finger, putting your cards face to use your other hand to reach for your phone. You were right, it was Connor.

7 messages from Connor



what are you up to

i’m bored

my parents aren’t home


you’re my only friend i want to hang out with you dammit

You couldn’t help but to let a smile form on your face. This fucking kid. You couldn’t believe that this was the boy that barely spoke two words to you over a span of a month when you were lab partners. At the start of Junior Year, you had to take a physics class as a prereq for graduating. The class was filled with seniors, leaving you and this mysterious, and super scary Connor Murphy as the only two juniors. So, your teacher paired you up, resentment oozing out of Connor. You basically did the projects by yourself, him helping with data or equations you didn’t understand yourself, but you never actually talked much. You did your work in silence. Until you noticed he was writing some old fall out boy (A/N: I feel like everyone just mutually agreed on Connor liking FOB so I’m just going along with it.)  lyrics on one of his data sheets.

“That’s a good song.” You murmured, peering back at your paper, trying to work through this problem that made zero sense.

“You like fall out boy?” he mumbled, trying to figure out what you were trying to do by making conversation with him.

“Yeah, Pete Wentz was the love of my life for a while. They were actually my first concert back in middle school, when they made a comeback. But they peeked at From Under A Cork Tree.”  Connor smiled at this, agreeing silently with everything you just said. His smile was addictive, so you kept going. Seeing how long you could kept a conversation going and his smile up as well. You mostly talked at first. But his word count each week was increasing exponentially. Until you went a whole class listening to him talk about how The Smiths was easily the best band ever and better than Nirvana and that Nirvana is over-hyped because everyone romanticizes Kurt’s suicide while no one really actually cares about the depressed kid until they are gone. The conversation kind of died after that. Him feeling like he said too much, and you just not knowing what to say. Something told you he wasn’t just talking about Kurt Cobain. So, you kind of squeezed his hand momentarily, which he would never admit, made him blush like a madman and almost pushed him into a panic attack, he was so overwhelmed and caught off guard. Then, the game changed for Connor. It was bound to happen; a crush was going to form. Connor fell victim, falling hard. No one really reached out to him before, unless it was to make fun of him and get in his head. He was the school’s punching bag. Even school nerds like Jared Kleinman picked on him. He always noticed you before. You never laughed at him when other made jokes. But he didn’t realize that not only a friendship was forming, but a crush as well. And when he did, it was too late to abort. This boy was in love with you from the time you spotted those fall out boy lyrics to be honest.

Another ding snapped you out of your reminiscing.

6 messages from Connor:

Are you alive


no that’s ridiculous

of course you are


you never not text me

You texted him back quickly, knowing he was probably thinking of all the ways you just lying on the street dead to your body floating in the river face down. He confessed that this happened a lot to you. He’d just get bad, intrusive thoughts he couldn’t shake away.

im alive and well. Just babysitting my nephew Carter. HES SO CUTE

You snapped a picture of Carter playing Uno and sent it to Connor. Before you could even put down your phone, another familiar ding alerted you.

1 message from Connor:


you’re heartless

4 messages from Connor:

i know

guess i’ll go hang with my other friends


woe is me

shut up nerd

if you want, come babysit

1 message from Connor:

hell fucking no

well i have to go then. i gotta win this game of uno this 3 year old is putting me to shame

2 messages from Connor:

you’re so embarrassing why am i friends with you

i’ll be over in ten

You smiled at the last message. Connor wasn’t the only one with the crush. Yes, yours did develop later in your relationship, but it was definitely equal to Connors admiration for you. Connor didn’t really start opening up after about three months into your friendship. Once he talked about the whole Kurt Cobain thing, he kind of laid low for a little, you having to steer the conversation if you wanted it to live. He was touchy, so you had to handle him with care. You tried to bring it up a few times, to just get immediately shut down. You’d always ask in school, because you weren’t at the point of hanging outside of it yet. But he’d always change topic. It’s not like he didn’t trust you, it was everyone around him. Paranoid they were secretly listening in on your chats. So, you decided to take initiative. It was exactly 3 months of you being friends, so you asked if he wanted to hang.


“What…” he replied, seemingly uninteresting as he doodled along the margin of his already finished calc problems. He was actually a fucking genius. He wasn’t just artistic, but the kid had a brain. But that’s a different topic.

“You know what today is?”

“I ‘donno know,” all his words kind of running together, “Friday?”

“No.” you felt dumb now. “Never mind.”

“No what’s today. I like hearing your weird ass facts. Is it like, Morrissey’s birthday, or like the anniversary of The Queen Is Dead album?”

“You’re gonna find it stupid that I was even going to make a big deal out of it, so, never mind.”

“No, tell me.”




“Fucking god, (Y/N). Just tell me already.”

“It’s our ¼ friendaversary.”

“What? What the fuck is that shit?”

“See. I knew you’d find it dumb.”

“N-no, I just don’t know what the fuck that is.” Connor genuinely asked.

“We’ve been friends for three months, Connor. That’s what it means. I thought you were good at math?”

“That’s a thing? And people celebrate that? I wasn’t aware that was a milestone.”

“No, people don’t really celebrate it. But we do our own thing.”

“How is it three months?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, how do you figure?”

“Oh… It’s the day we talked about fall out boy. Remember?” You shifted awkwardly in your desk, realizing that knowing the exact date you first bonded was creepy.

“Barely.” he lied. Of course, he fucking did. He wouldn’t stop thinking about you that moment for the rest of that week. Then, he’d just think of you in general from that point on all the time. You consumed his thoughts, both during day and night. You were even in his dreams.

“We should, like, I don’t know… Hang out tonight.”

“We’ve never hung out before. What would we even do.”

“Friend things.” you sneered

“And what does that consist of.” he jabbed back.

“I don’t know, Connor. Like, use that vivid imagination of yours. Pizza and a movie. Pizza and video games. Pizza and anything. Pizza just had to be the foundation.

“Well, do you wanna go out somewhere. Or like hang out at someone’s house?”

“It’s getting cold out so we can hang at one of our houses, if you want?”

“Um, can we go to yours? My parents will be home and I don’t like to ask them things.”

“Sure, they won’t mind you’re going to be over right?”

“Um, I wasn’t going to tell them.”

“Why, are you embarrassed of me.” you joked. Connor didn’t respond right away. “Wait, are you?”

“No, of course not. It’s just…” he paused, pursing his lips, you noticed his prominent cupid’s bow. “It’s complicated.” he grumbled, “What time do you want me over for this stupid celebration.”

“Well if you think it’s stupid-”

Connor started speaking over you, “For this very awesome, cool, great, fan-fucking-tastic celebration. I misspoke.”


“Can’t wait.” he responded sarcastically, rolling his eyes. But you both knew he couldn’t.

That night consisted of pizza, of course. And Connor opted for old NES games, which he beat you at every single time.

“Okay, literally fuck Excitebike! It’s so dumb you can overheat your bike?” I shouted, throwing my controller.

“You’re such a sore loser.”

“I am not! It’s just Excitebike is dumb. Let’s go back to Punch Out!, or Galaga. I’m warmed up now, and I’ll definitely win.”

“You’ve said that after every single game.”

“No, I’m serious now, my game was just off.”


“Plus, I had drawing today, so my hand was already tired.”

“Whatever you say, (Y/N).”

“I think I broke my thumb last week squeezing it between my locker.”

“Of course you did.” he taunted, trying to resist a smile. His eyes were gleaming, he was enamored. He was trying even harder to not kiss you.

“I’m going to beat you next week.”

“Next week?”

“I mean, if you’re free.” you tried to not sound desperate, but failing.

“Do you see all my other friends lining up to hang out with me?” he deadpanned.

“Then, It’s a date.”

“Date?” Connor quickly caught your phrasing, trying to understand your intention.

You froze, “You know, not an actual date. Like, a platonic date, bro.” you tried your hardest to brush it off, but failing. Again. You scolded yourself for using the term ‘bro’. But Connor let it go, though he did feel wounded.

“Got it, bro.” Sourly putting emphasis on the latter word, “Play me again so I can fucking win for the millionth time.” he said, a little too aggressively.

“You good?”

“Dandy. I just want to prove I’m good enough for you.” he accidentally professed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you inquired.

“God, just play me. That’s what I mean.”

You didn’t want to press him. The tension in the air was at an all-time high. Connor never really got snippy like this with you. I mean, yes, he did sometimes raise his voice or make a rude remark. But he’d habitually curse under his breath and apologize immediately. You always understood, knowing all the pent-up anger inside him. But then Connor seemed to relax again once you started playing Punch Out!, taking his anger out through Little Mac on King Hippo, and then the two of you went back to having fun. In Connor’s head though, he definitely planned to kiss you that night, but the way to swerved the date topic, he lost all his confidence. Taking it as you’d never see him in a romantic light. That was almost 6 months ago, and he still hasn’t made a move.

You came out of your daydream once again when Carter yelled out Uno, well a version of the word.

“Unope!” he added a P in the end for whatever reason. You decided against telling him. How were you losing to a 3-year-old for the seventh time?! He placed down a red 4, excitement in his eyes. He definitely had a red, you could see it in his eyes. You looked at your hand, filled with about a dozen reds from the draw 4s he was hitting you with. So, you decided to take your chance picking up a card from the deck. A yellow 4.

“You aren’t winning today.” you placed the card down, smirking. The 3-year-old squealed out and slapped down a yellow 7.

“Outto!!!” he cheered, the bastard winning again. You couldn’t believe he had a yellow out of everything.

You throw up your cards in a joking manner, “You don’t even know the whole alphabet!” another fit of giggles came from your nephew.

“I least he can win at Uno,” a voice came through the door. “You’re a destined loser. I don’t think you’ve ever won at anything.” Connor trudged through the door in his beat up brown jean jacket and combat boots, his nose red from the cold approaching winter air.

“False!” you yelled out, going up to Connor and giving him a bear hug. He slung an arm around you, bringing him closer to him. He rested his chin on your head, inhaling your scented shampoo. He couldn’t pick out the scent, but you reminded him he needed to wash his hair soon.

“Solitaire doesn’t count. You literally okay that by yourself.”

You pushed him away, “Whatever, shut up. I’m not a sore loser at least.”

“You totally are though?” he remarks back, “You make up excuses. You just told your nephew he doesn’t know the alphabet because you’re angry you lost.”

“I said, whatever! Shut up.” you fake yell like you’re pissed off. “Connor, this is Carter, my favorite nephew. Carter, this is Connor, my least favorite friend.” Connor waved awkwardly at the child before him, Carter got up from his chair and jumped down. He tugged on his skinny jean pant leg that was still too big because he was so lanky. His legs were skinnier than yours.

“It’s touching me.” Connor whispered to you.

“Carter wants you to pick him up. He probably wants to tell you something.”

“How do I pick it up.”

“Connor, why are you an inept alien? Like you aren’t from earth.”

Connor leans down and scoops up Carter, Carter whispering something in his ear.

“Both our names do begin with C. You are correct. Here I thought you didn’t know your alphabet.” Connor repeated what Carter told him aloud, looking over at you and raising his eyebrow. Carter whispered again, cupping his hands around his mouth so you wouldn’t hear.

“You know until L,” he paused, listening more. “Yeah, no I get it, it does get confusing at that point.” Carter continued. You couldn’t help but to burn up at the sight. Your two favorite guys. “Yeah, I’ll stop talking out loud.” you assumed Carter asked him to keep the next thing a secret. Connor starts to turn red and looks at you for a split second. Connor puts Carter down, trickery written on your nephew’s face, bashfulness on Connor’s. Carter ran into your living room, picking up train tracks and started to build.

You squeeze Connor’s thin arm, “What did he tell you?”

Connor smiled lopsidedly, “It’s a secret. I can’t tell you.” he confidently takes your hand and dragged you into the living room. The three of you spend the day playing with trains, then move to watching rug rags, then back to trains, and then finally Carter passed out fast asleep coloring with Connor at the table. You pick Carter up, leaving Connor to keep coloring.

“Is he knocked out?” Connor realizing you left, walking to the bottom of the stairs, watching you walk up them with Carter on your back.

“Yes, finally. I thought we were going to have to play trains again. A girl can only play with Thomas a number of times before she goes a little stir crazy.”

Connor catches up to you on the steps, “I can put him to bed, if you wanna clean up downstairs.” he proposes, you nodded and let Connor take Carter off your back. You watched as Carter curled up in Connor’s chest, having your stomach dropped.

Shit. You really liked Connor.

You realized you were just staring at Connor, making him shift awkwardly under your stare. “Um, I’m, uh, yeah. I’m gonna go do that.” you chuckled awkwardly, going downstairs. Mentally punching yourself in the face for being weird. What the hell was wrong with you, you thought to yourself. You start with the crayons, putting them back in the box. You picked up pictures that Carter drew. You laughed at the stick figures, most of them being Connor, him, and you. Flipping through the pictures, Carter start drawing you and Connor holding hands, then there was one of you two dancing, then the last one displayed you kissing. You smile softly, thinking about the possibility of what Carter told Connor that he blushed so furiously at. You looked over at the end of the table, realizing a turned over paper where Connor was sitting. You glanced at the stairs making sure Connor was still upstairs. You creep over to the paper, turning it over.

It was you. Where you were sitting, coloring, looking down with strands of your hair falling in front of your eyes. Eyes that seemed to sparkle, smile lines that corresponded with an closed smirk, a soft dimple marking your cheek. He made you look so beautiful. It was so…  realistic. And, just amazing.

“Don’t look at that.” Connor hissed, trying taking it out of your hands.

“This is me…” you stated, trailing off.

“It’s nothing. Let it go.” he continued, not sure if he meant the paper or the topic.

“No, I have questions.”

“I’m not playing 20/20 questions. Just forget I drew that. Rip it up.”

“What did Carter tell you.”

“I have to go, (Y/N), it’s getting late.”

“Just tell me, Connor.”

“The secret? The stupid fucking secret some 3 year old told me?”

“I wanna know the secret you’ve been keeping from me for like 6 months.”

“And what the fuck would that be.” He knew what you were getting on about.

“Tell me how you feel about me.”

Connor blushed, “I’m leaving.”

“Stop,” you run in front of the door. Placing a hand on Connor’s chest.

“I can’t do this right now.”

“Then when will you?!” You whisper shout, remembering Carter is still upstairs sleeping,

You two stared at each other, both feeling vulnerable. Connor clenched his jaw.

“Never. You’re too good for me. You’re a thousand times too good for me. I don’t deserve you. I’m a loser, a freak. And you’re, I don’t even fucking know a good word to describe you. You're… just… perfect. And I know deep down you don’t actually like me. Just let me go home. I’ve embarrassed myself enough, don’t you think.

“You’re so dense, Connor.” You grabbed the back of his head, doing what he should’ve 6 months ago. Really, what you should’ve done 9 months ago. Your lips collided together. The kiss itself was flawed: Connor kissed you back to roughly, your noses bumped, and both of you kind of smelled like wax from the crayons. But it was enough. It was more than enough for both of you. It was perfect.

“Finally.” a tiny voice said from the top of the stairs, “Took you guys long enough.” You both snapped your heads over, breaking the kiss. It’s the fucking kid.

“Talk to us when you know the alphabet.” Connor called out, kissing you lightly this time like he’d never hurt you, and he never will. Carter trotted back to his room.

“Someone needs to tuck me in again.” Carter yelled. You looked over at Connor.

“Yeah, I got it.” Connor told you, and started for the stairs. “Oh, and if isn’t obvious, I fucking love you, (Y/N).”

You rolled your eyes at his word choice, but your stomach did back flips, “I fucking love you, Murphy.”

‘What are the Odds?’ Series

Summary: After a summer of messing around, you were now ready for your first day as a NYPD officer. However, nothing could have prepared you for the surprise that was in store for you. Your team consists of all your summer one-night-stands. What are the odds? (Modern-Day Alternate Universe, Possible Drabble Series)

Based off: Mamma Mia!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 9,949

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight (Final)

EXecute The Plan

“Want to go to McDonald’s?” Jack suggested as the group and I walked past the take out.

“Sure, I’m down. You?” I looked over to the others, confirming if it was okay when they all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Alright, let’s go,” Jack gestured as we all followed him down the sidewalk towards the fast food restaurant.

I was out on a night out with Jack, Conor, Y/F/N and Y/F/B/N. We had just been going around London, shopping and exploring the city, but as it was getting late and we hadn’t had dinner yet, we decided to just get something quick and easy; which we had chosen to be McDonald’s.

We walked up to the front door, pushing ourselves through, and I was relieved there was no big queue.

“Do you all know what you’re ordering?” Jack asked, looking over at us.

“Yes,” We all said, humming in affirmation.

Less than a minute later, we were at the front of the queue, and we all began to place our orders. We walked over to sit at one of the tables, waiting for our food to be finished, when suddenly Y/F/N tapped on my shoulder. I turned my head to face her, sending her a questioning look at the frown on her face.

“Shit, Y/N. Look.”

I looked over to where my friend’s sight was, and as soon as I saw what she was looking at, I felt my breathe hitch in my throat.

“Fuck,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What is it?” Conor asked, curiously looking over at the man Y/F/N, Y/F/B/N and I were looking at. “Who’s that?”

“My ex,” I gritted through my teeth, staring at him chatting and laughing with one of his friends.

“Your ex? The one who… cheated on you?” Jack asked, too looking over at the man.

“Yep,” You said sharply.

“Jack Maynard.”

You all turned your heads to the counter, one of the employees calling out Jack’s name, two trays infront of her with our meals on it.

Jack stood up, walking over and grabbing our meals, handing them out to us.

The next twenty minutes consisted of me just staying silent as I watched my ex and his friend, carefree and happy. Of course I was still hurt, because spending two weeks up all night wondering why I wasn’t good enough and why he had to cheat on me didn’t just not effect me, it’s not exactly something I can just sweep under the rug.

“It’s getting late, we should probably head home now,” Y/F/B/N said, locking his phone and placing it back in his pocket.

“Yeah, you’re right. I want to get out of here anyway,” I said, squinting my eyes at the horrible sight as he swung his head back, laughing.

We all stood up from the table as Y/F/N and Y/F/B/N took all the rubbish, walking over to place it in the rubbish bin.

That was when he saw me.

I saw my ex turn his head, eyes widening as he saw me standing there. I suddenly turned my gaze away, but from the corner of my eye I could see him say something to his friend before he started to head in my direction.

“Y/N,” Conor stated, looking at me.

“Fuck, no,” I said, turning around and putting my back towards him, but he still continued to walk towards me.

“Y/N,” Jack said, softly but sharply, drawing my attention to look at him. “Play along.”

He suddenly snaked his arms around my waist, pulling me against his body as he ducked his head down, smashing his lips against mine.

The shock wore away in a moment, and I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around Jack’s neck and relaxing into the kiss.

A moment later, he pulled away, looking behind me. I turned around to see my ex and his friend walking out the restaurant.

“What was that?” Y/F/N smirked, walking towards me next to Y/F/B/N, her arms crossed over her chest.

I untangled my arms from around Jack’s neck, looking down at the floor to hide my blush.

Jack just shrugged, looking down at me and smiling.

Wayhaught - 4am cuddle.

Here’s my first Wayhaught fic. It’s short and fluffy but I love cuddly Wayhaught. Enjoy! Also I wrote this in like 10 minutes, so sorry if there’s mistakes. ——

God nicole hated night shift.

She never had before…

Before Waverly.

Before Waverly, Nicole actually liked night shifts. They were quiet, productive, and mostly uneventful.

But now,’ all night shifts meant was a night away from Waverly. Her Waverly.

Now her night shifts consisted of looking through pictures of them on her phone. Daydreaming of what they’d be doing if she wasn’t sitting at her lonely desk. Smiling at text that made her blush.

It was 11:30pm when the first “I miss you” text came in. Which soon resulted in a “come over later text”.

“Babe I’m not gonna be out until like 4am. It’s pointless.” Nicole typed back.

“It’s not pointless. I’ll take any time I can get with my baby…even if it means cuddling at 4am.” Nicole smiled at Waverly’s response.

N- “You’re crazy Waves.”

W- “Crazy about you.”

N- “Corny.”

W- “You like it.”

N- “I totally do.”

W- “So you’ll come over when you’re done?”

N- “Yes, I’ll come over.”
N- “But please try to get some sleep.”

Nicole counted the minutes until she could leave. She spent most of that time wondering how she had survived night shifts before Waverly was in her life. They were painfully boring.

Nicole was now sneaking through the front door of the old house. She quietly took off her boots and hung her jacket on the coat rack by the door. She headed up the stairs to Waverly’s room, trying her best to avoid the creeks in the old wooden floorboards. She had almost made it to Waverly’s room when Wynonna sauntered out of the bathroom in her long t-shirt.

“Sup Haught?” She smirked and nodded her head.

“Hi Wynonna.” Nicole blushed as she halted her movement.

“Another sleepover huh?” Wynonna laughed as she passed the redhead. “Just don’t forget your towel again when you take a shower tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Trust me I won't….I’m still scared from last time.” She sighed as she continued to Waverly’s door.

She gently pushed it open to find Waverly curled up in a ball in her bed. It was a small bed, perfect for cuddling. Nicole laughed at the layers of blankets she had on top of her, as she closed the door. She undressed as quietly as possible before sneaking into bed with her girlfriend.

“Finally.” Waverly yawned as she immediately curled into Nicole.

“Baby, you promised me you’d try to sleep.” Nicole sighed, running her fingers through her girlfriends hair.

“I did try.” Waverly commented. “But I couldn’t, I was to cold.”

“Babe….” nicole laughed under her breath “you literally have 1 comforter and 3 blankets on top of you, how are you cold?”

Waverly let her eyes drift open until they fell onto Nicole’s. She smiled a bit. “I was missing my 5th blanket.” Nicole laughed again and kissed her forehead. “And that’s my favorite one.”

Nicole pulled Waverly in close and squeezed her tight. She rubbed her hands down her girlfriend’s arms and back to warm her up. “Better?”

“Mmmm much.” Waverly hummed. She rolled over so her back was pressed into Nicole. Nicole pulled her closed and wrapped her arms around her. She was use to being the big spoon with Waverly. She loved it. “You’re so warm.” Waverly mumbled.

Nicole smiled and kissed the back of Waverly’s neck. “Shhhh try to sleep babe.”

Same Level - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: Anonymous: I have a request, can u do a imagine, a tom holland one where ur the same height as tom and u are insecure about it but he tells u about how he love it. And if u could could u maybe use my name ( payton ) if u don’t use y/n. Thanks you and btw ur imaging are fucking amazing I love them

Warnings: Fluff, mentions of insecurity, smutty joke

Word Count: 1,024

A/N: Hope you liked it Payton! : )


Being in a relationship with Tom was the best thing in the world. He loved you more than ever. He loved every flaw you had, even though you hated your flaws, he loved how true you were. Tom saw you as a perfect beautiful girlfriend. You loved everything about him as well. You loved how he could make you smile, how his career never got in the way between you two, and how much he cared for everyone and everything. You loved the man with all your heart, but the one thing you weren’t to keen on was the fact that the both of you were the exact same height.

“Payton come on were going to be late” Tom knocked against the bathroom door.

“I’m almost finished!” You applied lipstick to your lips and gave your self a once over in the mirror. You swung the door open to reveal a very sexy looking Tom in his suit.

“Hey handsome” You flirted.

“Hey gorgeous” He placed a hand on your waist and pecked your cherry red lips.

“You ready?”

“Yeah just let me grab my shoes” You scurried off to your shared bedroom and searched for your black 5 inch Louboutin heels.

You never were really fond of heels, especially when you were standing next to Tom. You towered over him a little when you wore shoes like these. Then again you couldn’t just wear regular shoes with a designer dress, you’re stylist would kill you. So you had no choice, but to wear the darn things.

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From Paris, With Love

Genre: Fluff?? Angst??

Characters: Jung Jaehyun x Reader

Warning/s: Some smut mentioned *blushes* and cursing.

A/N: Okay, I’m not sure what this is? This isn’t a request, but it’s been sitting in my computer for a while. I have a happier version of this, but I liked how the angst turned out to be. Anyways! Enjoy our lovely Jung Jaehyun! ❤︎

Originally posted by neotechs

Y/N has no idea what she’s doing in Paris right now.

Sure, Taeyong invited her as his childhood friend, but he was never aware of her unrequited love for him. He thinks that Y/N sees him as her older brother, but it is far from that.

Paris is the best location for sweet weddings, but it’s not fair for those who have no one to love. It’s called the city of love for a reason. Everywhere she looks, the couples are clinging onto each other like they couldn’t in South Korea.

Last night’s wedding bummed her out big time, and now, she’s in the hotel’s restaurant catching up with her food intake.

She got painfully drunk last night, that she actually ended up in someone else’s room.

And she was bare naked, too.

She groans as she remembers. Who in this beautiful city did I sleep with last night? The guy was actually taking a shower when she had woken up, and she shuffled her way out this morning to escape the embarrassment. She remembers the voice calling for her though, yet she didn’t turn around to take a good look at him.

“Hello,” a tall guy wearing jeans and a plain tee greets her with an adorable smile. “May I sit here?”

She nods, unable to say anything. That voice sounds way too familiar…

She peeks on the guy’s collarbone and finds a purpling mark that he is obviously trying to hide.

“Why did you run away this morning?” The male whispers lowly, sending chills down her spine.

I’m screwed.

“My name’s Jaehyun, by the way, in case you forgot,” he eats some of Y/N’s breakfast that she doesn’t touch anymore. “My real name’s Yoonoh, but whatever floats your boat.”

Y/N cannot believe her eyes. How did we end up having sex last night?

“We were both drunk as fuck,” Jaehyun informs her as she begins to look conflicted.

“You look lonely,” a tipsy Y/N elbowed the drinking Jaehyun beside her.

“My girlfriend just dumped me over the phone, then I heard a guy’s voice,”

“Maybe it’s her dad?”

“Telling her to come back to bed?” Jaehyun chuckled as Y/N frowned after hearing the next line.

“Well, she’s bullshit!” Y/N continued drinking her tequila, and then the loud music jammed throughout the venue.

“Come on, big boy, let’s dance!”

And so she pulled the unwilling Jaehyun on the dance floor. Right after she saw Taeyong and the bride’s sensual dance moves, she stopped moving and slumped despite her bleary eyesight.

Jaehyun noticed and turned to where Y/N was looking at.

“Hey,” Jaehyun tried to get her attention, but she was focused to the newlyweds’ erotic dance. Out of nowhere, he grabbed her face and passionately took the breath out of her.

“Make me forget about it,” Y/N pleaded as she tightly embraced his waist.

They abandoned the rest of the party, giving in to their deepest desires in bliss.

“I’m an embarrassing human being,” Y/N hides her face.

“You’re not,” Jaehyun disagrees. “You’re actually pretty good. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have this hickey.” Jaehyun lowers his collar a bit.

“How can you remember? I can’t even remember a single thing!” Y/N mutters.

“Do you want me to remind you?” He leans into her ear and whispers.

“Shut up,” she whines as she bangs her head on the table.

“Shut it, sweetheart. Now, finish your food because we’re going to the Eiffel Tower today!” Jaehyun announces ecstatically.

“Said who?”

“I did! And it’s a date.”

Y/N promised to stay in touch with Jaehyun after that wonderful date around Champs-Élysées.  They took pictures, they held hands, they kissed, and they had a repeat performance of the previous night’s rendezvous.

Poor Jaehyun for holding on to her empty promises.

He receives no call from Y/N, even after five days of their return to Seoul. He could ask Taeyong, but it appears so that the female does not want to see him, nor does she want to involve herself with.

Still, it makes Jaehyun incredibly lonesome.

“Cheer up, hyung,” Mark pats his back before he prepares to go to university.

“Maybe I should go out now. I don’t think moping would be of any help.” He’s usually so cheery, but because of one girl who does not want to keep in touch after two amazing nights (at least to Jaehyun, it is), he is in a funk.

“Yeah, just go to Ten hyung’s bash later, hyung. I wish I can go, but I need to worry about my future.” Mark grumbles before tugging on his backpack and leaving their apartment.

So Jaehyun does go to Ten’s party, and it may have only consisted of some friends, which includes Taeyong and his new wife.

“Hey, Ten, I hope you don’t mind but I invited someone,” Taeyong sheepishly informs, his hands on his wife, Yerin.

“No problem, hyung! The more, the merrier! What’s your friend’s name?”

Jaehyun somehow wishes that Y/N’s name will come out of Taeyong’s mouth. He hopes that she will appear in front of Ten’s door, and she will see how miserable she has made Jaehyun by not reaching out to him.

“Her name’s Jennie,” Jaehyun downs his beer to hide his dissatisfaction.

“Sounds like a girl,” Yuta points out as he gets himself some chips.

“Because she is, stupid,” his girlfriend, Sorn, hits his head. Yuta groans in pain and asks for Sorn’s unneeded forgiveness, but she lets him anyway. That’s how nauseating they are.

Or maybe Jaehyun is just bitter.

“Ten, Jen says she’s here. Let me open the door.” Taeyong rushes to the main door of Ten’s house and opens it to reveal a tall brunette female along with a blonde one beside her.

“Hi, oppa,” Jennie greets Taeyong with a hug. “I hope you don’t mind, I brought some friends. This is Lisa, and I thought Ten and Yuta’s girlfriend would like to meet her because she’s Thai as well.”

Lisa and Ten both exchange pleasantries in their own language, and Ten’s smile has been worn since he saw her.

“Oh, and another friend came by. I finally forced her to come with us since she doesn’t want to leave the house since we came back from Paris,” Jennie fills in some information, but Jaehyun decides to drown it out. He does not expect to see Y/N anymore. “She’s just parking across the street.”

Taeyong smiles at the last friend’s appearance.

“Y/N, you finally came out of your hellhole!” Taeyong exclaims as he tackles the female with a hug.

And Jaehyun almost spits out the alcohol. Suddenly, he’s sober and all traces of his tipsiness is gone.

He turns his face away from the said female, hoping that she wouldn’t notice him. He may have expected her to come, but he hasn’t thought of what to say to her. Suddenly, all the questions in his mind are erased from him.

He misses her face, though. He traced her featured during the second night after she fell asleep, hoping that even if she leaves the next morning, he will remember the contours of her face, the high rise of her cheekbones, her dimples, and her wide eyes.

He remembers it surreally, and he so much wants to catch a glimpse of it once again.

Giving in to the temptation, Jaehyun decides to take just a little peek of her, and to his grimace, she is looking right back at her.

She looks utterly surprised, but relief is visible through her features. Jaehyun sees that her fists are balled, knuckles already turning white. Jaehyun looks away, once again feeling bitter after she completely cut him off after promising that she wouldn’t.

Don’t waver, Jung Jaehyun. Don’t.

The night goes on like that, with him stealing glances at Y/N and Y/N doing the same, and whenever their gazes meet, Jaehyun always turns away first.

It’s a cycle so cruel, but Jaehyun wants to make her feel how he did.

Jaehyun escapes the stuffy house. Yuta and Sorn are already drunk, but they’re the same as when they are not. They’re still overly cheesy and unnecessarily touchy. Ten is as well, flirting with the quiet newbie Lisa, who is now sleeping on his shoulder. Jennie is the only one sober, as she is assigned to drive home.

Y/N is nowhere to be found.

Jaehyun later finds her sitting on Ten’s yard, staring up at the night sky. She does not notice the intrusion of another person.

“Ah…” she slurs, pointing to the sky. “I hate myself.”

Jaehyun assumes that she’s intoxicated as well by the way she is speaking to herself.

“Because of your silly fears, you lost the chance with an amazing guy, Y/N,” she giggles to herself and chugs down the contents of her bottle. “He must hate me so much.”

Jaehyun decides not to speak, wanting to hear how she feels.

“I miss Jaehyun,” she suddenly sobs. “Moon, how come he doesn’t want to look at me? I pushed him away, right? Did he hate me because of that? I was afraid that it maybe something he doesn’t want to happen. Maybe it was only the sex that he liked, and I was afraid because I felt something special between us.”

Jaehyun suddenly feels relief wash his senses.

“Stars, can I have one wish, even if I’m selfish?” She does not receive an answer of course. “I wish Jaehyun won’t hate me anymore. I don’t know if I can explain this to him, but I really, really like him. Do you think he feels the same?”

“I don’t think the stars know the answer to that question,” Jaehyun finally makes his presence known, and in a flash, Y/N turns her head to him. “Only I know it.”

“You’re here,” she smiles, staying at where she’s seated in case he doesn’t want her to go to him.

“I was only waiting for you, Y/N,” Jaehyun sits beside her, taking ahold of her beer. “I would’ve understand, and it would’ve saved us a lot of heartbreak if you decided to confirm it with me first.”

Y/N remains silent, knowing that Jaehyun is right.

“I like you too, Y/N,” Jaehyun holds her face between his hands, in joy to finally touch her beauty. “Much more than you think. I can’t forget about you, and I didn’t want to. Those nights weren’t just usual nights for me, but what I felt when we were together was something that I’ve never felt before.”

Y/N smiles, then sobs afterwards and falls to his chest.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jaehyun hushes her and holds her close.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologizes.

“It’s okay now, baby,” Jaehyun kisses the hollow of her temple. “I’m here now. We’re okay.”

Headcanons About Task Force X Flirting With You And Their Reactions When You Flirt Back

Originally posted by tundaee

Harley: She is flirting straight and clear. She will give you nicknames and she will wink. She will also give you kisses on the cheek and laugh at your jokes, even the puns. Harls will, also, miss no opportunity to hug you or cuddle with you.

When you flirt back, she will be stunned for just a millisecond and then a smirk will form on her lips. “Your lips are totally kissable.” “Then kiss them.” *Stares at you* *shrugs* “Okie dokie.” And then Floyd catches you kissing.

Originally posted by kxxkus

June: She is really subtle. Like really really subtle, at first. She will just do things for you, like making your coffee or bringing you snacks or staying to help you with your job in any way she can. She will, also, blush rather easily in any of your kind comments about her.

When you flirt back, she will reveal a whole different self of her in flirting. She will tease you and she will use smart pickup lines that can make you blush. Ha! Who’s blushing now? Well, both of you since Amanda and Rick walked in while you had a pickup line contest with June.

Originally posted by acrossthestvrs

Tatsu: Her flirting consists mostly of endless moments of staring at you. Besides that, she will always protect you even more in battles and missions. When she learns that you like watching series and movies, she will suggest watching an anime with her. You chose “Spirited Away”.

You both spent the night cuddled. Which strikes you as odd since she doesn’t like contact. And that’s when you understand. “Tatsu? You are like Haku to my Chihiro.” You say with a wink. She stares blankly at the TV screen before smiling back at you. “Damare.” That was enough to make you burst into laughing.

Originally posted by sevenszeroseven

Chato: He is smooth and flirtatious or shy and reserved. There is no in between. Either he will compliment you and give you nicknames in Spanish or he will just look at you and smile or let you sit next to him on the chopper but he won’t speak a word until you get to your destination.

“Ojalá la mitad de las estrellas brillaran tanto como tus ojos. (If only half of the stars in the sky shined as brightly as your eyes.)” “Usted es un suave-habladora. (You are such a smooth-talker.” “Que? (What?)” You wink at him and he feels the heat rising on his cheeks. “Rojo te hace aún más lindo. (Red makes you even cuter.)” You say as you arrive back to Belle Reeve. “You are not the only one that can flirt around here, Chato Santana.” You say as you plant a kiss on his cheek making him blush even more.

Originally posted by scarletswitch

Floyd: He is forward and lets you know he has feelings for you. He will give you nicknames and be flirtatious all the time, but never in front of Waller and Rick. He will wake up the same time as you and he will be in the kitchen as you try to prepare some breakfast, just to distract you. He enjoys seeing you flustered.

Until some day you decide to let him know how it feels like and beat him to his own game. As he squeezed you on the counter to grab the coffee jar, “Well I understand why they call you Deadshot. You need to shoot me only one glance and I will wind up dead for you.” You smirk. And that’s how Harley walked into the room still yawning and saw you two making out on the kitchen counter. “Hey, I make my food there.”

Originally posted by rafikecoyote

Rick: He is subtle when anyone else is around. He will wink and smile at you but that’s it. But, when you are alone, your hands will accidentally touch and he will compliment you all the time.

One day you find him alone sitting on his office. A smirk forms on your lips as you approach him and start massaging him. “What are you doing?” “I am massaging you. Being the most handsome man must be tiring.” That’s when he tenses and stares blankly ahead. “Woah. You really need to relax a little.” You whisper in his ear as he continues to stare ahead but now a soft pink dust covers his cheeks.

Originally posted by felywrites

Digger: Pickup lines. Pickup lines. And even more pickup lines. Others are cheesy while others are really good. Pickup lines and the fact that he is always around you while you are on a mission or whenever he can.

That’s when you come up with an idea and start saying things like “I love men that like baseball.” And the next time you see Digger he is watching a baseball match. “I love men that cook.” Well, that didn’t quietly end well. Until one day when you are alone, “I love men that like boomerangs, pink unicorns, and sodas.” And Digger is ready to go and fetch some boomerangs, sodas, and pink unicorns when he gets what you just said and smirks, “Lookie there, I just happen to know a bloke just like what you just described.” And your smirks match.

Originally posted by batmanreblogs

KC: He will kill your enemies in front of you to show off and he will cuddle with you on movie nights. He will bring you snacks and will smile at you.

So you think he is being really cute and you pet him or hug him each time he saves you (or you let him save you) or when he brings you snacks. And you just love to see his eyes shining brighter and you admire the fact that he is so strong and he literally can tear apart his enemies but he is so tender with you. One night you are sleepy in a movie night and after all, you had already watched the movie so you kiss him on the check for goodnight. He smiles brighter than the stars.

with love, from anonymous (chapter 2) - written with @adamparishe

Summary:  Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

Notes: i love @stardefiant & @koninginnen with all of my heart for looking over this chapter, telling me what does and doesn’t work, and making it sound at least misleadingly pretty. thank you so much, my dears.

Pairing: Isak/Even

Chapters: 2/14

Words: 4,509


Even’s staring down at his coffee, both hands wrapped around the sleeve when Mikael slides into the seat across from him, looking like death.

Mikael glares at him. Even levels him with an even look.

“This better be good, if you’re asking to meet this early in the morning after that party last night,” Mikael snaps. He’s bypassed the counter altogether, instead reaches to pry Even’s coffee from his hands and takes a sip out of the cup. Mikael makes a face.

“Your taste in coffee is shit.”

“So I might have fucked up,” Even replies, and Mikael’s eyes find the ceiling as he sighs.

“Oh, Christ,” he mutters. His gaze drops to meet Even’s, and his lips quirk upwards into what is clearly a forced smile. “What did you do now, my dear?”


I Love You (Simon)

Requested?: In a way
Warnings?: Smut and Fluff
Pairing: Simon and Reader



I have been over at the Sidemen house all day, spending time with my boyfriend. He’s been super cuddly and touchy today.

He even made sure to have all his videos done for the day, so that he could spend the enter day with me. Which is unbelievably sweet of him.

Currently we are laying on his bed, cuddling and watching reruns of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Undoubtedly his favorite show.

“How are your hands so tiny?” I hear Simon ask, holding my hand up to his.

“My hands are not tiny, you’re hands are just large.” I say, looking at him

“Well you know what they say about large hands.” He says, wiggling his eyebrows

“No, I don’t know.” I say jokingly “Please tell me again.”

“Well if I must tell you again.” He says, rolling on top of me “A man with large hands, has a large penis.”

“Oh really?” I ask looking up at him “I don’t think that’s true.”

I then gently bite my bottom lip, to keep myself from smiling. I know that what I’m saying is a lie. I just want to see what he will do about it.

“That’s a lie and you know that.” He mumbles, moving his face so it’s just an inch above mine. “I’ll even prove it to you.”

“Prove it to me then.” I whisper, looking him directly in the eyes

He then brings his lips to mine on a passionate kiss. These are the types of kisses that I love the most.

The ones that just prove how much he loves me and I love him.

I then feel his hand on my stomach, pushing my shirt up. Before long both of our shirts are off.

I then flip us back over so that I am on top.

“I want to see if what you said is true.” I say moving down, so I am level with his dick.

I look up at him and then pull down his joggers along with his boxers.

“Well I guess what they say is right.” I say before taking him into my mouth.

This makes him let out a groan mixed with a moan. One of my favorite sounds he ever makes.

I then begin to slowly give him a blow job.

“Y/N…” he stutters out “Quit, I don’t want to cum this way.”

I then lift my head up, only to be placed back down onto the bed.

I’m now laying on my back, with Simon hovering over me.

He reaches over into the bedside table and pulls out a condom, sliding it on.

Simon then pushes himself into me. Before he starts moving, he laces one of his hands with mine. Using the other hand to prop himself up.

“Si, you have to move.” I mumble, with my eyes closed.

“Open you’re eyes though.” He whispers, moving his hips

I do my best to keep my eyes open. Though I am in so much pleasure.

What is happening between us two right now is not fucking, he is making love to me.

Before long I can feel myself reaching my high. Simon not far behind me.

He slowly pulls out of me, disposing of the condom.

Both of us out of breath, he just pulls me into him.

“I love you so much.” He whispers into my hair

“I love you too.” I whisper, burying my head into his chest.

Simon then sits and stands up, before heading towards the bathroom.

“Stay here.” He says, disappearing through the door.

Typical of him. Just get up and leave after something so intimate. But I know that he will be back and will cuddle with me for the rest of the night.

After about twenty minutes, Simon comes back into the room. He picks me up, bridal style, and brings me into the bathroom.

Where he has drawn a bath and dropped in a rose scented and rose petal bath bomb. He also has the main lights turned off and just has candles lighting up the room.

“Figured you would want to take a relaxing bath after that.” He says setting me down

“Only if you will join me.” I say looking at him

“I will, if you want me to.” He says, kissing my forehead.

“I want you to.” I say walking towards the tub.

I let him get in first, before I get it in. Once I’m in, I’m sitting in between his legs with my back pressed to his chest.

Simon takes my hands in his again.

“I still don’t see how your hands are so tiny.” He says, comparing them for the second time tonight.

“Si, we’ve been over this already.” I say softly “My hands are not tiny, yours are just large.”

“Come on, no one hands are that tiny.” He says as he bends the top of his fingers over mine. “See they’re tiny.”

I let out a sigh “Fine, I’ll let you win this time. But don’t think you will always win.”

“Promise I won’t.” He says, kissing the side of my head.

After what feels like hours, I feel Simon start to move. He then gets out and tells me to stay where I am.

He leaves the room for only a few minutes before returning with a fluffy towel.

Pulling me out of the tub, he wraps me in the towel. Gently drying me, before helping into the clothes he brought in for me.

Which consists of a pair of
His sweatpants and his top.

“Now we are ready for bed.” Simon say before picking me up again and bringing me back to the bed.

He lays me down, before cuddling up to me again.

The rest of the night is spent cuddling in his bed. Just talking and joking. All while ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is on in the background.

Around midnight is when I feel my eyelids start to droop a little. But before I fall completely asleep I hear Simon say one last thing.

“I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” He whispers, kissing my forehead again.

I’m guessing he thought I was asleep, because soon after I can hear the sound of his soft snores.

“I love you too Si.” I whisper, kissing his cheek.

I then cuddle back into him, falling asleep.

I still don’t know what I did to deserve a boyfriend like him.

nessian bedsharing part 1/2

“If you don’t stop smirking at me, if you snore, or if I feel so much as an Illyrian *toe* end up on my side of the bed, I will push you right out,” Nesta warns him.


Nesta takes one look at the room and pivots to glare at Cassian.

“I had nothing to do with this,” he says quickly, hands up in self-defense. “I asked for two, and when they said they only had one room left, I assumed they meant only one room with two.”

The single, solitary bed in this crappy inn room sits there innocuously. Mocking her.

“I’ll find somewhere else to stay, then,” she bites out.

“There’s no other inns around for miles, Nes,” Cassian says placatingly. “Believe me, we wouldn’t be staying in this craphole if there were.”

Nesta clenches her jaw in his direction. “Then I’ll find some strapping wealthy man to seduce and stay in his bed for the night.” This is a ridiculous threat, at almost midnight when it’s freezing cold out and they’re stuck in an outpost in the middle of nowhere consisting of an inn, a brothel, and a bar, but Nesta’s exhausted and she’s mad that now the possibility of literally sleeping with Cassian is something she has to deal with.

Cassian cocks his head at her, lips tugging upwards playfully. “It just so happens that I’m a strapping, wealthy man very open to seduction. And I’m paying for this room, so technically it is my bed.“

Nesta feels every murderous instinct in her sharpen to a wicked point.

“Oh, well,” she says, dripping with sarcastic sultriness. She drops her bag, begins to unbutton the top layer of her leathers, slinking towards him. “When you put it like that…”

Cassian’s joking demeanor evaporates instantly; the mood of the room shifts on a dime. She stops a hair away from him, close enough that she can feel his breath on her lips. He must know she’s playing with him, but the big idiot is affected anyway like he always is, lips parted, eyes locked on her like he’s either going to devour her whole or fall to his knees.

Even now, when she’s pissed off and tired, there’s something that makes her feel alive in this game of theirs, their unique ability to get under each other’s skin. Nesta lets her eyes drag over his lips, flicker once demurely to his eyes before she pushes herself up on her tiptoes. Her lips brush his jaw calculatedly before whispering, “You’re sleeping on the floor.”

She draws back with the smuggest glare she can muster to hammer home the point before sweeping away from him, grabbing her bag, and heading for the bathroom down the hall. It’s hard to tell through what he’s wearing, but she’s pretty sure she leaves the commander of the Illyrian armies with a hard-on.

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pregnancy {blurbs}


A/N: I haven’t written any fluff in so long and dad Shawn is the best kind of fluff yanno??

telling shawn
Six months into Shawn and I’s marriage, I started feeling nauseous in the mornings and my period was two weeks late. I definitely couldn’t say we had tried to prevent a pregnancy, that’s for sure. I decided to take a pregnancy test. After waiting in anticipation for five minutes. I looked down at the small piece of plastic and saw two lines. A smile spread across my face as I thought of ways to tell Shawn.

When he came home later that night, I had made dinner for Shawn instead of ordering take out or pizza or going out like we normally do. He walked in the door and placed his bag on the floor before he walked into the kitchen.

“What’s the occasion?” Shawn asked after seeing all the food I had cooked.

“A very, very special one. You’ll find out later.” I told him. He didn’t argue and sat down to eat with me. He knew how about the nauseousness I had been feeling lately but I didn’t dare tell him my period was late, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

After laughing over dinner and talking about our day, Shawn finally asked, “So what’s the occasion?” A shy smile splayed on my face. “What is it?” Shawn’s eyes met mine and I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

“I’m pregnant.” I blurted out. Shawn’s eyes lit up and he came closer to me.

“Really? You are?” He asked, not believing it was true. “We’re going to have a baby?” I nodded and Shawn’s arms wrapped around me tightly. He kissed my forehead then my lips. “We’re going to be parents.”

trimester one
The morning sickness had been hell and I had a new craving every day. Every time I rushed to the bathroom, Shawn followed close behind me. He came in and held my hair back while I vomited up everything I’d ate the night before, which was too much. He would get a washcloth for me and dampen it with warm water. On the mornings that I felt too weak to walk, he would pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. Shawn’s hands would soon be tangled into my hair, playing with it until I fell asleep on his chest.

Middle of the night cravings had become an every night thing. Shawn never complained once about going out to get food for me. His only complaint was “the child is going to be addicted to oreo milkshakes.” He would come back from whatever fast food restaurant or bakery or ice cream shop I had sent him to with a toothy grin on his face, knowing he was making me happy. After I had ate, Shawn would cuddle up behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist.

My baby bump was still tiny and I was thankful for that. Up until this point, we had been able to keep my pregnancy a secret, excluding our families and Shawn’s management team and band. We had all agreed to keep it a secret until I started showing so much of a bump that it was impossible to hide.

trimester two
My food cravings had slowed down but I now craved sex with Shawn nearly every day. Normally, Shawn would be completely fine with sex every day. Now he would say, “I don’t want to scar our baby! He or she can hear us, darling.” I couldn’t help it. For the first time in three months, I didn’t feel nauseous and hungry all the time. I finally felt like myself again.

One night during my twenty first week of pregnancy, Shawn and I were sitting on the couch. Shawn was singing a lullaby to our baby quite beautifully with his hands resting on my – now, rather large – stomach. He had done this every night for the past few weeks. This time, though, while Shawn was singing, I felt a kick and I know Shawn felt it too. His eyes shot up to mine, a huge grin plastered across his face. He and I both couldn’t believe it. Shawn kept singing and our baby continued to kick. Even though it hurt me slightly, it was amazing to feel the baby moving.

Shawn’s fans and the media knew that we were expecting now. There were plenty of congratulations from the fans, but the media seemed to want more detail into our lives than they already had. Every time we went out, there were paparazzi. My hormones made it hard to not get annoyed with them following us everywhere. And Shawn, well, Shawn got pissed. “Get away from her, for god’s sake. She’s pregnant.” “You’ve got your pictures, now go on.” “I can promise this will not end well if any of you hurt my wife or my baby.” These were just a few of the things he would spat out at them.

trimester three
“You’re already thirty weeks? Holy shit, babe, our baby will be here in ten weeks.” Shawn said, sounding frustrated.

“Or less.” I reminded. The panicked look on his face only got worse. I, being too big to move without feeling miserable, sat on the bed while Shawn packed our hospital bag. I pointed to stuff I needed and Shawn, being precautious, packed one extra of everything.

Every night consisted of Shawn singing a lullaby and our child doing what I’m pretty sure was full out gymnastics in my uterus. Shawn would place his hands on my stomach multiple times every day and tell our son or daughter how he couldn’t wait to them. Deciding to not find out the gender was killing him, he said he never knew what to call our baby. Names were now our biggest issue and disagreement. Being so close to my due date meant Shawn had time off, just in case I was to go into labor early.

I laughed at Shawn the night we sat in the floor of our baby’s nursery. He was trying to put the crib together like the dad should, or at least that’s what Shawn said. I looked at his work and shook my head in disapproval.

“Now, Shawn, babe tell me how a baby is going to sleep in there when it can barely stay up with nothing in it?” I laughed at him, causing his cheeks to turn a deep red.

“Just two more big pushes, baby, you’ve got this.” Shawn encouraged me. My hand squeezed his hand hard enough to break bones. Tears threatened to fall out of my eyes because of the excruciating amount of pain I was in. Taking the birthing classes the doctor suggested may have came in handy at the moment, I regretted not going to one. After the last pushes and as soon as I heard the first cry, my back sank into the bed and I exhaled loudly.

“It’s a boy!” A nurse called out. I was then handed a little blue bundle, a little boy that looked identical to Shawn besides his bright, blue eyes. Shawn hovered over me and kissed my perspiring forehead. I admired our baby’s perfection then handed him to Shawn, wiping tears from my eyes afterwards. He took our son and cradled him close to his chest, treating him as if he were the most precious thing in the world. To Shawn and I, he was.

Sweet Dreams (Jesse McCree)

Originally posted by purpledrxgon

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Reader
Words: 1360
Warning(s): None except the overuse of darlin (im sorry)
A/N: Shiiit sorry this took a bit, I’ve been swamped with school stuff these past few weeks + I addictivly play overwatch rip my soul.
AU: Meeting your soulmate in dreams.
Request:  If you’re a slut for AUs, how about the one where you dream about meeting your soulmate for McCree? Please and thank you!!!

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knbreactions  asked:

Hello :) up to how many characters can I request? But anyways, headcanons on what GOM+Tanaka+Ogiwara would do in summer?

Hey! Thanks for the request, I truly enjoyed writing this! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ More under the cut! 🍑


  • As per his father’s suggestion, he works at his family’s company for the summer. His job consists of mostly paperwork.
  • Visits his mother’s grave more often. Truthfully, he’d visit everyday if he could. Leaves her with a bouquet of peonies every time.
  • Travels abroad (for leisure) at least once. While he does fly internationally to nearby countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong for business meetings, Akashi absolutely loves visiting Europe during the summer.
  • Visits historical monuments in Europe: Anne Frank’s house, the Leaning Tower, Vatican City, etc
  • INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOY Quite a few foreign girls he spoke to (asking for directions mostly) found him cute, he’s just so much of a gentleman
  • He also keeps a travel log/diary for his musings. And yes, he goes on trips alone, unless one of his friends want to tag along. (Kuroko actually went on a short trip to Bangkok with him as they had the same flight so might as well hang out right?)
  • Buys souvenirs for his friends abroad
  • Sends Kuroko and Midorima postcards because he knows they’re probably the only ones who’ll treasure it lol
  • Buys Momoi the Ladurée macarons she’s been craving for from Paris
  • Contrary to what most people think, he travels more often with the Rakuzan team due to their summer training programs cross-country or overseas
  • During the beach trip with the rest of GOM, he mostly hung out under a huge parasol, playing shots with Midorima
  • Participates in a sandcastle building competition and wins first place
  • Hold a party in his private yacht

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Sleepover with Renjun

Request: Hey! Can I request a Renjun’s fluff please??? 🙌🏻🙏🏻😁

A/N: okay this is actually really short and i don’t think it’s good enough ahh

  • so i decided to do another sleepover series!!
  • i did one with jisung here
  • i hope this goes well too ahh
  • but i squeal everytime i get a chinaline request, i love it when they’re loved???
  • okay let’s start

  • so yall had been dating for 2-3 months now

  • and your dates have only consisted of movie, cafe, amusement park dates
  • and you had always loved sleepovers
  • so you decided to ask him one day
  • “can i go over to your dorms tomorrow? like a sleepover?”
  • and you see him get a little excited
  • “oh my god yes!! i’ve been wanting to ask you that for quite some time now”
  • “and coincidentally the rest will be out tomorrow night!”
  • so it’s all set and you’re super excited
  • because sleepovers meant cuddling and hugging each other to sleep and he gives the best hugs!!!
  • thinking about that makes you blush like mad already
  • other than the fact that 5 minutes later you get spammed with messages by the dream members
  • “y/n!!! hope you have fun tomorrow aye” -mark
  • “i see what you did to renjun 👀” -haechan
  • “please come and collect hyung, he’s too happy screaming and laughing away, he’s so loud i can’t watch my anime in peace” -chenle
  • next day you reach their dorm early in the morning because you miss him and hadn’t seen him for days
  • and when he sees you he gives you the biggest hug ever
  • and he smiles so brightly your day has been blessed
  • “im so happy to see you baobei”
  • and your heart just melts!!! because he says it with that adorable smile of his
  • then he brings you into the dorm and the members are still there
  • and they all give you this look that’s got you confused and renjun blushing mad
  • doyoung goes up to you and
  • “stay safe tonight! have fun with renjun, ahh my babies so cute”
  • “aw thanks doyoung!!”
  • and you see taeyong smiling like a mother from the side too
  • evening finally comes and the members all left already
  • the blankets and pillows are all set up comfortably in the living room
  • renjun turns on your favourite movie and opens his arms wide so you can lay in them
  • he had his moomin plushies all surrounding the blankets
  • and the both of you are even wearing matching moomin socks
  • so cute
  • 10 minutes into the movie he gets up and asks if you want popcorn
  • and he’d gladly go and make it when you say yes
  • so he comes back with a bowl full of popcorn
  • and he jokingly throws one at you, then giggling
  • causing you to do the same, which left the blanket full of popcorn
  • but it’s been the most laughter you’ve had for days
  • all thanks to renjun!!
  • so the both of you are tired from all the laughing
  • and you’re lying down again, renjun’s hands on your hair
  • suddenly he smiles to himself and starts blushing
  • and when you look at him in confusion, he giggles
  • “you’re so cute, i can’t believe i can call you mine”
  • and your heart melts again, your cheeks starting to turn pink
  • “stop it renjun,, i love you”
  • “i love you as much as i love moomin”
  • randomly pokes your cheek
  • and pinches them to tease and irritate you
  • and when the movie’s starting to get a little boring he’d stary tickling your sides
  • making you scream a little and non stop laughter
  • which makes renjun extremely happy because he loves hearing the sound of your laughter
  • ¾ through the second movie and your eyelids are already drooping down
  • tired from all the playing and laughing
  • so you snuggle up to renjun and lie on his arm
  • and you see him smile to himself again
  • as soon as you sleep he kisses your forehead
  • “i love you”
Dear Journal,

Hey, It’s Teddy. Today James Sirius and I went out for a date. I was going to go pick him up with my motorbike at his house and we would go for a walk in the park and get ice cream. I woke up and started making breakfast to suprise my dads. They always do it for me and for once I was up before them! While I was cooking, Sirius entered the kitchen with his pyjamas and his bed hair on.

“Goodmorning dad. Breakfast will be ready soon!” I said, smiling to him.

“Smells delicious love.” He said, kissing my head. “Remus and I might stay in bed today.. He’s a bit exhausted and sad since the full moon’s coming up.” He added.

“Oh.. Do you want me to stay at home and help you around?” I asked.

“No! Don’t change your plans for us. Go on your date and I’ll take care of Remus.” Sirius said.

“Okay, is he awake?”

“Yes, do you want to go give him his breakfast?” Dad smiled.

I nodded and took the tray. I had stolen a flower from the garden to put it beside his plate. He always liked flowers and It could maybe brighten up his day. I came in their room and he was snuggled into a big gryffindor grey hoodie.

“Hey dad.” I smiled.

“Oh goodmorning Teddy.” He said, yawning. “Is..Is that for me?” He asked, noticing the tray full of fruits, bacon and eggs.

“It is. I made it myself.” I said, proudly.

“Oh baby c'mere, you’re adorable. Thank you love.” He said, picking up a slice of apple.

“I should go now or i’ll be late picking up James.” I said.

“Oh have fun honey. Tonight I want cuddles!” He said, giving me a hug and a kiss.

“Okay. I got to go! Bye!” I said, waving them goodbye.

I hopped on my motorbike and picked up James Sirius at his.

“Wow! I never thought that one day my very hot boyfriend would come and pick me up on his badass motorbike.” He giggled shyly.

“I never thought that one day I would pick up my very cute boyfriend with my badass motorbike.” I laughed as he sat behind me.

I handed him his helmet and he wrapped his arms around my thorso. We drove to the park and picked up our ice cream cones at our favorite ice cream truck. We walked hand in hand and sat down on a bench under this beautiful pink flowered tree. James snuggled closer to me and licked his ice cream.

“You have ice cream on your nose.” I said, smiling at how adorable he was.

He crossed his eyes to try and look at the tip of his nose. I brushed it off and lick my finger as he giggled.

And then, we heared it. This small kitten noise.

“What was that?” James said.

“You heared it too?”


And we looked under the bench to find this small ginger kitten. She was shaking and so scared. I picked her up, not thinking about her being sick or something. She was so cold. I removed my vest and wrapped it around her small body.

“She’s so cute..” James Sirius said.

“Let’s take her home, she’s freezing.” I said.

James Sirius layed her inside his sweatshirt so she would be warm during the ride home. When we arrived, Remus and Sirius were watching a movie in the living room.

“Look what we found under a bench.” James Sirius said as they kneeled down next to us.

“A cat?” Sirius said, suspicious.

“Dad it’s a poor abbandonned kitten.. She was freezing out there.” I said.

“I’ll go get her some milk.” Remus said, walking to the kitchen.

He came back and set a small bowl of milk next to the kitten. She wasn’t shaking anymore so I guess that means she was warmer. I made her a small bed in a warm blanket and we just looked at her being cute.

“Padda..” i said.

“We’re not having a cat!” He said.

“Oh come on! Please dad look at her.. she has no home.. and no family..” I said.

“Sirius..” Remus said, a hint of a smile on his lips.

“Please Padda..” I said, giving him the puppy eyes.

He looked at me. Then at the kitten. Then back at me.

“Fine! But you have to take care of her!” He said.

“Yes! Oh Thank you dad! I love you!!” I said, giving him a hug and billion of kisses on his face.

“How are you going to name her?” Remus said, smiling.

“Belle.” I smiled, taking her in my hands.

“Teddy she’s our daugther!” James laughed.

She meowed and snuggled into my hand.

“I have to admit that she’s cute.” Sirius said, petting her.

That night, I gave Remus the cuddles I promised him. Except he also had a kitten to cuddle. Now our family consisted of me, Sirius, Remus, James Sirius, thunder and Belle.