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okay but can you draw fish Mob eating, like how does it work, can he bend his head to monch food, does he eat snails or sardines or...??? ?

Forgive Me Lords And Fellow Fans but I can only see two ways fishmob can eat

either like this

or like this

Yes, King

I wake in sweats
These nightmares
How am I free?
How am I free?
I cost nothing
You can grab me
Own me?
Is that how I’m free?
Is that how I’m free?
Of goblin giving
Men in black,
Drones, zombies
with vacant eyes,
Chanting, “Yes, King!
Yes! King!
She’ll not be free!
She’ll not be free!”

Let it ring!
This bell of dawn
Wake me up!
Oh, please!
Let it ring!
Yet, this world
in my nightmares
When am I free?
When am I free?

Aah~ Don’t look at me like this, Machi! 
Because you turn me on ♥

Hello guys! I think you all know that, recently, I’ve watched HxH 2011 (because I spammed you with all the gifs with hxh) and I decided to draw my favorite ship!

I know I promised a Jerza drawing and you will have it!! Next time >.<


I’m designing a charm for acrylic/wooden stand for Makorin. Will open pre-order for them exclusive for Japan, Indonesia, and USA (maybe Singapore if more than 2 people are ordering) for $20 before February.

Peaceful Sleep Sachet

My sister recently told me about the recurring nightmares she has been having and how much they upset her. The nightmares have been so bad, she was starting to become afraid of sleeping and her room made her feel uneasy.

 So after buying her a dreamcatcher (yes, it was Native made) and smoke cleansing her room, I made her this sleep sachet to help protect her from nightmares and make her feel more at ease when going to sleep.

I decided to use quite a few items for this particular sachet, mostly because I wanted to make this a bit stronger considering how bad my sister’s nightmares were. But feel free to use as many or as little of these as you feel fit. 

Items needed:

  • Rosemary (prevents nightmares)
  • Thyme (wards of nightmares, restful sleep)
  • Lavender (peaceful sleep, protection)
  • Jasmine (helps induce sleep)
  •  Peppermint (peaceful sleep)
  • Chamomile (restful sleep, reduces stress)
  •  Anise (prevents disturbing dreams and nightmares)
  • Amethyst (good dreams, calming, soothing, protection)
  • Apache Tears (protection)
  • Jade (reduces stress)
  • Turquoise (soothing, calming)
  • Pink Mangano Calcite (reduces nightmares, eases fears)
  • Chrysoprase (restful and peaceful sleep)

I personally did not cast a circle or light any candles for this particular spell bag, but if you’re so inclined feel free to do so now before you start putting everything together. 

Place all the items in a black sachet. Concentrate on your intent while adding each item into the sachet. Focus on having peaceful sleep and being protected from nightmares.

Once you’ve added everything, place the sachet under you pillow while you sleep. 

Hopefully this helps anyone that also suffers from nightmares and uneasy sleep.

Watching shows like My Strange Addiction just make me feel really okay with what I consider to be my own addictions. I thought me watching trashy TV and basically binge watching Kitchen Nightmares in my free time for fun was bad. I don’t like to judge, live your life and do what you want and all, but is being addicted to inflatable pool toys and being in a relationship with one really that satisfying? I mean, hey, don’t knock it until you try it I guess. Maybe it really is. Do you have any strange addictions? Everyone be honest, I want to know your secrets. This is how we’re going to bond and be friends forever.


More of Simon’s music inspiration, if I need it. Unlike the other vid I may not end up using any of the music here, but in case I need something spoopy I’ll have it saved. Most of my spooky energy’s going towards Ruth’s level. >:) Simon’s more… that feeling you get when you’re walking around in a school at night. Sleeping on a staircase. When you’re in a place you know hardly any other people have been in a very long time, but only because no one went looking for it.

It’s also why I decided to not do a corrupted version of Simon. XD If Corrupted!Ruth’s level is Amnesia: The Dark Descent, then Corrupted!Simon would be Silent Hill. I do not have the willpower to study Silent Hill. ò vó I like my dreams nightmare-free. PT alone fucked me up for like 6 months. :’D

Carve every lie
I have ever told
In my bones after I die
Give this skeleton
The depth it lacked
When the flesh was still alive
—  Let death be my final truth. (e.r.)
Nightmares - Isaac Lahey Prompt

Prompt requested by skathanmaloley - Hey! Could you do a Isaac imagine where he is having a panic attack when he’s with the girl and he imagines the girl as his dad and so he somehow hurts the girl on accident please 😁 And I also love your writing 😄

GIF Credit: teamwoof (How amazing is that GIF, y’all?!)

My Teen Wolf Master List

Isaac had his arm around Y/N’s waist, tightly securing her against his chest as his head rested at the crook of her neck. Y/N’s arm rested on top of his with her fingers locked with his. Their breathing was even and their heartbeats were steady, just like every other night.

Isaac and Y/N had been dating for a few months but the love they had for each other was deep, passionate, and rare. But like every relationship, they had their stupid fights, silly arguments, and differences; however at the end of the night they still loved each other. If they had a fight, they would push it aside until the morning, and just embrace each other. They’ve both lost too many people in their lives to go to bed angry and wake up in the morning with regrets. Regardless, they just couldn’t go to sleep or rest easy without the other safely by their side. 

Tonight was no different, until Isaac started squirming.

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