my night went a little something like this

  • Lena: Uh I did something stupid last night.
  • Maggie: *smirks* Can't be that stupid.
  • Alex: *scoffs* Yeah its not like you got drunk, THEN went to a tattoo parlor THEN got the Supergirl crest etched on your body THEN sent a picture of it to someone in your contacts.
  • Maggie: *slaps knee* Little Luthor with a Super insignia, man I'd pay to see that!
  • Lena: HA HA HA HA Yes, I did not do any of that. AT ALL.
  • Alex: Wait did you-*phone rings* hold that thought *answers phone* S'up Kara.

Moments like this are brought to you by Taylor Swift. This restaurant we went to kept playing old Taylor songs all night and whenever they would come on my sister tried to capture our reactions which looked a little something like this. I love that Taylor doesn’t even have to be in the room, but just hearing her music can bring so much happiness💞

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It has become rather obvious my boss doesn't like me. I don't know why she doesn't like me, nor if there is something I am doing-that I don't realize I'm doing-that she doesn't like. Despite this, however, I try to be nice to her, do whatever I am told, and I keep working hard as ever. Last night, I went out of my way to be extra nice to her and to help her with things. But all evening, she kept making snide, little comments towards me, under her breath. I try, but she keeps on anyway.

She probably feels threatened by you because you do such a great job and she thinks you might “take her job”. I had someone pretend to be my friend at work then she stole $300 from a register and tried to pin it on me. From then on she made it clear that she hated me and she thought I was trying to take her job. She got fired for the missing money and used to call the store threatening me. This totally sounds like it could be the case for you, but I have little information so I am making a guess. Have you been praised by any other higher ups frequently? Maybe offered a promotion? -Abby

Ichigo Sato smut fanfic: Painful Love

This was requested by an anon. This is my first ever smut so I hope it’s ok. I hope you enjoy it!

You and your boyfriend of 6 months, Ichigo, are on a date.
“Thanks for the wonderful date Ichy! First the roller rink, and then we got these cute photo booth pictures to remember this day by, and the meal we just had was fantastic!”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it ____.”
“I wish this night could last forever. I’m so happy right now.”
“Who said this date was over?”
“Your wish is my command ____, let’s go to my house for a little bit.”

You arrive to Ichigo’s house.
“Where are your parents?”
“Out of town. They went to a cake fair or something. They like to go to it every year.”
“Oh ok.” You feel slightly uncomfortable with the situation. Did Ichigo bring you here on purpose knowing that his parents wouldn’t be home?
“Would you like something to drink ____?”
“Yes, tea please.”

After drinking some tea and having a nice conversation with Ichigo time flies.
“Oh shoot! It’s late! I have to go. I’m sorry Ichy and thank for everything.”
“____, wait. Don’t leave.”
“Look outside.” Ichigo points towards the window and it’s pouring outside. There’s a huge storm and some train and bus routes have been closed due to the conditions. You get a call…
“Hello? Hi Jo!”
“____ are you ok? Where are you?” Johji sounds concerned.
“Uhh I’m uhh at Ichy’s house. We came here when it started raining to stay dry and hoping for the storm to calm down but that’s obviously not happening.”
“Are his parents home?”
“I can’t make you go to Black Ship in these dangerous conditions so stay at Ichigo’s house but please sleep in separate beds, or even better, rooms.”
“Haha ok Jo. Thanks. I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright. Just stay safe and I’ll see you tomorrow.” You end the call.
“Was that Jo?”
“Yeah. He told me to stay here because so the weather.”
“Yeah I guess we have no choice.” Ichigo seems kind of happy about this mishap.
“You can sleep in Togo’s room like you did when you stayed here before.”
“Ahh that brings back memories.” As you’re reminiscing, the two of you go upstairs. You end up hanging out in Ichigo’s room for a bit.
“Ok the room is ready for you.”
“Thank you.”
Ichigo walks towards you and kisses you passionately.
“Whoa Ichy…”
“You’re welcome.” He says and licks his lips. “I had such a great day with you _____. I’m glad you can spend the night here.”
“But we won’t be in the same room.”
There’s a small silence and Ichigo looks up at you looking a little shy and it looks like there’s something he wants to say but he’s being hesitant.
“Do you want to sleep together?”
“Sleeping in the same bed? I would like to but–”
“No, sleep together as in…”
It takes you a while to understand what he’s inferring to.
“Oh umm well…”
It’s not that you don’t want to but are you ready? You love Ichigo and you wouldn’t mind having him be your first. He’s the only one for you. It takes you a while to answer the question and he puts his head down.
“Sorry, you’re probably not ready. Just forget it.”
“No Ichy I want to.”
Ichigo turns around with wide eyes, “What?”
“Ichy I love you and I want you to be my first.”
“Are you sure?”
Your foreheads are touching and he has his hands on your waist.
“I love you too ____. I’ll be gentle. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Ichigo softly kisses your lips. He sits on his bed and you’re sitting on his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck. The kisses become more passionate and hungry. He slips his tongue inside of your mouth and your tongues dance gracefully together. Your breathing and his are getting heavier and more ragged with each kiss. He moves his hands to the bottom on your shirt and lightly tugs on it. You loosen your arms that are around his neck and he pulls your shirt over your head. You immediately get chills. Ichy stops kissing you and begins you caress your arm with two fingers.
“You’re so soft.”
You put your hands on the hem of his shirt and struggle to pull it over his head. He helps you out and the two of you laugh it off. You’ve seen him shirtless before but he has never looked so attractive before. This is the man you’re going to make love to. Ichigo begins to kiss your jaw and neck and lightly nibbles on your neck and it makes you moan. You can tell that it’s turning him on because something is hardening below. He leaves a trail of kisses and pink marks from your neck to your collarbone. He places his hands on your hips and starts to unbutton your pants. The two of you get on your feet and take off each other’s pants. When you take off Ichigo’s pants you can see a hard bulge in his briefs. You didn’t notice until now, but Ichigo is staring at you from head to toe.
“Stop staring at me. You’re making me feel self-conscious.”
“Why can’t I stare and admire the girl I love?”
You don’t respond to his flattering and kind of cheesy comment with words but your face turns red.
“You’re so cute.” Ichigo pushes you onto the bed. “Are you sure you’re ready for this. If we go any further I won’t be able to hold back.”
“I’m ready.”
Ichigo unhooks your bra and cups your breads and lightly sucks on one of the nipples and swirls the tip of his tongue around it.
“Don’t hold back ____ I want to hear you.” He kisses you and leaves a trail of sweet, hot, wet kisses down your torso and on your sides until he reaches your panties. He removes your panties with ease and then stands up and walks away from the bed. You’re confused but shortly after, you hear the sound of a crinkling wrapper. He comes back and is hovering over you.
“What were you doing Ichy?”
“This is my first time too and I want to do it right. I care about you ____ so I want to be responsible and protect you from any risks.”
“Thank you Ichy.” You kiss his cheek.
“I’ll go at your pace so let me know how fast or slow you want me to go.”
Ichigo grabs his hard erection and directs it to the correct hole. You feel his tip at your wet entrance. He slowly pushes in. Oh god this is painful. You start to whimper and almost cry out in pain. You never knew it would be this painful.
“Oh god your so tight.” Ichigo is still pushing himself inside of you.
“Stop! It hurts stop!”
Ichigo pulls out immediately.
“____ I’m sorry I didn’t try to hurt you. We probably shouldn’t do this.”
“No Ichy it’s fine. Let’s try again.”
He slowly goes inside of you again. The farther in he goes the more painful it is. You’re trying to bear with the pain and hold back your cries. You shut your eyes and whimper. Suddenly he pulls out again. You open your eyes and your vision is slightly blurred.
“Why did you pull out?”
“You didn’t notice?”
“Notice what?”
“____ you were crying. I can’t do this. I don’t want to hurt you.”
“No please.” You keep begging and he refuses. You really want him and he probably wants you too.
“Please one more time. The third times the charm.”
Ichigo hesitantly agrees.
“Just go in fast and let’s get the painful part over with.”
“That might hurt you more.”
“Just do it. It’s fine.” This time you kiss his lips to reassure him. His tip is at your entrance and he quickly pushes his whole length into you.
It hurts so bad and you feel something come out of you. Blood.
“Are you ok? We got past the worst part. I’m going to take it slow now.”
Ichigo rocks his hips back and forth. It still feels uncomfortable but soon the discomfort turns into pleasure.
Ichigo does as you say and rocks his hips faster. With each thrust he’s hitting a new spot inside of you.
“Mmm ahhhh.”
He continues to go at a steady pace and you are overflowing with pleasure. Soon enough Ichigo gives in to the pleasure and goes faster.
“Ahhh ____ I love you.”
“Ahh mmm Ichy…”
You continue moaning his name and that just turns him on even more. His already hard erection is getting harder. Ichigo kisses you hungrily interrupting your moans. You nibble on his lower lip playfully.
“I want you to scream my name ____.”
This feeling is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You’ve never felt like this before and now you are hopelessly in love with Ichigo. You are now bound to him.
“I want you to say Ichigo. I’ll make you scream my name.”
“Mmm ahhhhh Ichy!”
You wrap your arms and legs around him and he is now able to hit more spots. He’s going faster and rougher.
“Mmm ____. You feel so good. You’re ahhh so tight mmm.”
The bed is creaking and the room is filled with the sound of the two of you moaning and saying each others names.
“Ichy AHHHH don’t stop mmmm”
Ichigo starts to leave love bites on your skin and is sucking your nipples.
“I’ll make you scream soon.”
Your mind has gone to ecstasy at this point and you’re about to lose it.
“Ichy ahhh I’m going to mmm I’m gonna cum!”
“I’m not going to let you until you scream my name.”
You’re trying to hold back but Ichigo’s last thrust is rough and hits you right in the spot.
You’ve sprayed your juices and you can feel that his manhood is more limp and the condom is filled with his juice as well. Ichigo lays beside you and pulls you close.
“That was great.”
“You you’re really good Ichy.”
“Say my name again. Call me Ichigo.”
Ichigo cuts you off with a passionate kiss that drains the little bit of energy you had left. The two of you fall asleep in each other’s arms, both sweaty and feeling great.

My first dream of Eric happened last night. For those of you who are familiar with my previous 3 dreams that were about Dylan where I asked him why he always came alone without Eric and he said sort of like because Eric wasn’t allowed to yet…Well this is weird because my dreams feel like little sequels or something and seem connected in some way,so last night i had this dream I was looking at Eric and Dylan who were just a few steps away from me and Dylan noticed I was kinda staring at them and whispered something into Eric’s ear and Eric looked at me and smirked and then Dylan snickered ,after that I woke up and a couple minutes later went back to sleep and continued to dream..this time Eric came to my home because I wanted to introduce him to my parents. He was very polite to them and they liked him and treated him kindly ,so I was preparing his bed because he was staying at home for the night and he asked me ‘’And where are you going to sleep tonight?’’ his voice sounded so innocent and he asked me shyly…and I said ‘’Not here with you,for sure..’’ lol to which he blushed and nodded. But later I sneaked into his room and it was dark and he was sleeping, and I just lied down in bed behind him and wrapped my arms around him from behind,spooning him..and that was the SWEETEST sweetest dream I’ve EVER had in my life and it felt so real to me to the point where I could feel his sweet scent. And then it became all blurry and I woke up…Finally my first dream of Eric ..and I got to hug him <3

 I just want you people to know that whenever I get up at 6:30 am with my head full of random meaningless maths with little sleep and a need to be in class in 2 hours defending something I did the previous night (which is something I maybe not very much into doing at 6:30 am but I absolutely have to anyway)

And I wake up to you actively liking and reblogging my Nagatos and Hoppos around, (some of them even have tags!)

 I feel a lot more motivated to do all that  And also more Nagatos and Hoppos.

My favorite fairytale is Peter Pan.
When we were still young enough to play pretend,
My sister would be Wendy,
And I was always one of the little lost boys,
Swearing that I would never grow up-

And for a while I thought it was true.
Like I was all daydream daze and morning haze.
I was always stopping to smell the flowers,
And taking walks during sun showers.
I loved taking walks-
Even familiar streets felt like exploring.
I loved taking walks-
Just never alone-
And never at night-
And never with the neighborhood boys-
You learn young that even the nice ones can bite.

And, you’re starting to think that something went wrong.
You never meant to grow up-
You were just a little lost boy.
You’re still supposed to go on adventures,
But mom and sister tells you that you can’t trust Peter.
Can’t hang around too many of those sidewalk scrape boys.

Like they’re all hiding hooks for hands.
Like they all grew up without you.
Like they are pirates in lost boys’ clothing.
Like maybe you never grow too big to play pretend-
Your fantasies just become a little less magic and a little more survival.

Like pretend you don’t hear comments called from street corners. Pretend you do not feel his hand on your waist,
Your face,
Your thigh.
Pretend your skin does not crawl when you feel his breath hot on the back of your neck.
Pretend you don’t know what they mean when they make jokes of your body-
Like the laughter doesn’t split your ears.
Like all those eyes don’t pierce you.

Pretend like you are still small enough to play pretend.
Pretend you are so small that maybe they can’t even see you.
Pretend like growing up was ever a choice for you-
Like Wendy could have stayed if she wanted to-
Pretend like you don’t know damn well why there aren’t any little lost girls.
Like little lost girls all found their way home so soon-
Like little lost girls grew up before they ever wanted to.

Like no matter how much you don’t wanna grow up,
You still feel yourself age every time hungry eyes and famished hands mistake you for a meal.

Like Pan and his corner boys like to play at sword fights with sticks,
But all the girls I know walk with car keys jutting from their fists.

Like jailbait isn’t really the cutest nickname,
But my older brother’s friend called me it when I was 10 and it’s stuck ever since.

Like little lost girls don’t get to stay in Neverland very long.
Little lost girls are never girls for very long-
But they will always feel little.
Always too small to fly with Peter and his concrete corner boys.

Little lost girls can’t fly anyway-
You need pixie dust for that.
All they’ve got is ash from the skirt they burned
The first time someone blamed it for his hands.
All they’ve got is scorched fabric and smoke in their lungs.
They’ll have buried their childhood before they’ve gotten a chance to take the sky-
To fly toward the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

No, these little lost girls are all in mourning-
Draped in black,
Attending funerals for the children they never got a chance to be.
These little lost girls did not want to grow up.
Did not want to say goodbye.
Did not want to forget.
But it was never up to them.

Now, they cannot remember the last time they took a walk down the street
Like an adventure, 
And not like a haunted house-
All tense and waiting,
Like they’re always expecting that crocodile.
Like they’ve been hearing the tick-tock of its swallowed clock in the voice of every boy who didn’t bother to ask her permission.

Like little lost girls did not ask for this-
Like little lost girls did not want to grow up either.
Little lost girl was not given a chance.
Little lost girl was not given a choice.

Peter Pan has always been my favorite fairytale-
But even bedtime stories become hard to hear,
When they just serve as a reminder of all
You were never allowed to be.

—  Little Lost Girls
More Than That

Request/Prompt: If your still taking requests can I request a Charles X child reader please? "I have a secret but I can’t tell you or the thing wearing Mommy’s skin will get mad.“ - Anon

Note: I am both terrified and confused by this. First, I’m assuming the thing wearing mommy’s skin is Mystique, also is this Charles’ child or what???? I’m writing it anyway. Sorry this is kinda more Raven than Charles so I added this little part at the end. She’s got powers like Kitty Pryde - because Kitty is one of my favourite X-men women. Her powers aren’t fully developed bacuse she’s young so she can’t turn invisible yet.

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“Shoot,” you cursed when you saw the back door open. It was night time and you accidentally left the back door open when you returned from the garden. You couldn’t sleep so you went downstairs to find something to eat when you saw the door half open. You tip-toed over to it and pulled it shut; then a voice suddenly spoke from behind you. You knew you wouldn’t be able to phase through the wall, you were too far so you faced the person.

“(Y/N), dear, what are you doing awake so late?” It said, you turned around to be faced with your mother. On the inside you were completely shocked that this woman, who had barely set foot in the kitchen was there talking to you, in the kitchen. You began to panic a bit, though there was no need. Your hand flickered, suddenly fading with the room.

“M-mommy?” You asked, not answering her question, she was staring straight at your hand. Her left eye flashed orange and her hand twitched the fingertips gradually fading into blue; returning to its natural colour moments later. “I-I just wanted a snack,” you said, rubbing your small arm, shyly. It scared you more that she was in the kitchen than why her eye flashed.

“Well, you run upstairs to bed and I’ll get you something, maybe some biscuits,” she stated, walking over to fridge and opening it. Your mouth hung open, gawking at the sight of her by the fridge.

“Silly,” you giggled, she threw you a weird look, ”mommy, stop playing around, you never do anything in the kitchen.” Her head cocked to the side and her skin rippled. Your eyes widened in both confusion and astonishment, her skin created waves and strange scale things rose on her skin, blue appearing underneath them, slowly she shrank until she was the height of a ten-year old a little bit older than you. You gasped.

“Please don’t freak out,” she begged, her voice reverting from one of an older woman to a small child, just as you were about to scream. You threw your hand over you mouth and breathed heavily through your nose. “I’m sorry, y-your door was open and I was just hungry and-,” she began but you cut her off.

“Why is your skin blue?”

“I-I don’t know I was born with it,” she said, bowing her head.

“I think its so pretty,” you gushed, squishing your cheeks at the sight of the older girl. A bright white smile grew on her face, contrasting, greatly, to her dark skin. “You can take some food, we have too much,” you added, forgetting about the snack you wanted. “I won’t tell. I promise.”

“Thank you, you can just go back to sleep,” she said. Little by little, her skin began to ripple, gradually she retook the form of yours and Charles’ mother. You skipped back up the stairs and almost made it back to your room when Charles called you.

“(Y/N), why are you awake?” Charles asked as you stepped into his bedroom, through his closed bedroom door. You rubbed your arms, the thin material of your pyjamas not fighting the cold.

“Erm, I have a secret but I can’t tell you or the thing wearing Mommy’s skin will get mad,” you whispered, not exactly telling him what the secret was.

“(Y/N) what are you talking about?” He asked throwing the sheets off himself, to reveal his pyjamas. You shrugged your shoulders and rubbed your eyes, willing him to think you were just tired and that it was a dream.

“Nighty night night, Charlie,” you said, walking out of his room and going back to bed. He didn’t follow you which seemed like a good sign. You collapsed onto your bed, the smell of your fresh bedsheets overwhelming your senses. Minutes later, as you lay awake, footsteps neared your room and the blue girl entered, Charles following behind her. 

“We’ve got a new addition to the family,” Charles spoke, placing a gently hand on her shoulder. The same white smile graced her young face and you beamed back, making it your mission to be the friendliest person to her. “She’ll be staying in your room for the night,” Charles informed you, the pair of them slowly walking over to your bed. 

“Yay!” You squealed, the older two smiling. You pulled her onto your bed and stared into her eyes. “I wish I had orange eyes,” you said, admiring the way they flickered, the way black spots freckled her unusually hued irises. Your hand nearly phased through her knee.

“What’s your name?” You asked.

“Raven,” she said, feeling out of place, with her unique name.

“It’s an awesome name,” you squeaked, keeping your voice down.

“Why does your hand disappear?” Her voice asked curiously. You grinned and pushed your hand through the bed.

“It’s my awesome powers, Charlie can read minds, but he promised to never read mine,” you explained, your brother smiling at you. He nodded when Raven looked at him.

“I don’t want you to read mine,” she stated, shyly. He nodded again.

“I won’t.”


“Shh,” Charles hushed as Raven fell asleep. You slowly crept over to him, passing through her body. You wrapped your small arms around his body, refraining from sliding completely through him, and he cautiously slid his arms around yours. “What’s this for?” He asked.

“Thank you,” you mumbled against your older brother’s neck.

“What for?” 

“For not telling anyone about Raven, and for taking her in with us,” you explained, squeezing him tighter. You always wanted a sister.

“I’m just being the older brother I’m supposed to be,” he said, humbly.

“More than that,” you added, smiling though he could see it.

“Okay, maybe a bit more.” You pulled back and lay your head on his lap and soon falling asleep as he stroked your (H/C) hair. 

33) “You are beautiful”
 34) “I just wanna impress you”

Sammy’s POV

I woke up with a not so bad hangover, remembering what happened last night. Julia was just some girl, nothing happened between us, i got stopped before i regretted anything. I remember coming back to y/n’s and feeling regret in my stomach, like i actually did something.

I walked outside the master room and stopped when i saw y/n sleeping in a guest room. I sighed knowing i probably fucked up, again. What’s new. I went downstairs and decided to make breakfast for y/n, make her feel special again, little by little. I started making her favorites, chocolate pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice. I heard the upstairs shower turn on. I rushed to set everything up, for it to be presentable. With flowers and a note on the table and a clean kitchen, so she does not have to worry. I went into the kitchen to get some napkins and I walked back out to see y/n standing at the table, reading the note, smiling down at it. I walked up to her from behind quietly and wrapped my arms around her waist. She jumped a little but calmed instantly when she realized it was me. “Sammy, what is all of this?” “I made you breakfast.” “Why?” She raised an eyebrow. “I have to have a reason to make my girl breakfast?” She chuckled and shook her head no. “Thank you my Sammy boy.” She turned around in my arms and pecked my lips. “So, you’re not mad at all about last night?”

“No. I believe you that nothing happened. I trust you.” I smiled at her and kissed her nose. “Thank you for believing me and trusting me.” I pushed her away just a little and looked up and down at her outfit. I bit the bottom of my lip, “You are beautiful” She blushed and hid her face in my chest. “Now, what’s the real reason you made breakfast?” She pushed away looking at my face.

I just wanna impress you with my cooking skills,” I smirked at her. “Thanks for not burning down the house.” She sat down and started making herself a plate. I watched her every move and realized how blessed i am to have y/n in my life. She stopped, turned to me and smiled, “You going to eat?” I nodded and joined her.

According to the Yearbook, it looks like Auradon Prep kids were obsessed with villains before the Rotten Four even got there (not surprising tbh)

Now just imagine the first time the VKs went to the museum wasn’t by themselves at night but for like a class trip or something and all the other kids walk in to the gallery like “yeah! this is my fav” and suddenly behind them they hear Evie’s sad little “Mommy?” and they turn and see all their faces and reactions to seeing their parents. I JUST- I’M GETTING EMOTIONAL JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.

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1. how did you discover Gotham?
I discovered it when I was just browsing Netflix one night. Watched the first episode, decided I didn’t like it, and didn’t go back to it until a year later. And boy howdy, am I GLAD that I went back to it. Nygmobblepot aside, it is a fantastic show.
2. least fave Gotham character?
Hmm….. this is gonna be a little hard, but I might have to say Poison Ivy or Jerome. Ivy is just extremely selfish, which is something that grates on my nerves (though we haven’t seen too much of her grownup character and I would really like to see more), and Jerome just seems way too edgy.
3. last song you listened to?
I Don’t Care Much - Cabaret
4. favourite animal?
This is gonna sound like I just like this animal because of Gotham, but I can assure you that penguins have been my all time favorite animals ever since I was ~4 years old. I don’t know exactly why I’ve became attached to them in the first place, but I’ve just always loved them? 
5. personality traits you are attracted to?
I don’t really know? I love adorable, awkward, goofy guys very, very much. I also think it’s real cute when a guy is a little bit shy??? But I am also extremely gay and none of these words I have said about personality attractions should be taken seriously because I am gay for nearly any guy I see that has dark hair and a nice smile. And even then, I’m not just attracted to dark-haired guys, I’m just - I’m too gay for this question.
6. what Gotham character do you relate to the most?
Oswald Cobblepot, no doubt. I am short and have to fight for a lot of things to prove myself worthy to others.
7. fancy or casual?
Hnnngggg, this is hard. I love to dress up, but casual clothes are just so comfy and I can’t stand being in a tie or a dress for very long, so probably casual.
8. guilty pleasures?
None! But I do heavily indulge myself in Project Runway and The Great British Bake-Off from time to time.
9. fave Gotham quote?
Oswald’s little monologue that he was gonna tell Ed; you know, the one where he was supposed to confess his love. It makes me tear up a bit.
10. worst movie you’ve ever watched?
I’ve watched my fair share of bad movies, but it’s a tie between “Teeth” and “Killer Clowns From Outer Space”.

If I only have one gripe with the Cullen romance… 

You know aside from all those times he whispers Give me a moment and I’m yours… like the seductive temptress that he is. 

It is that look at Quizzie’s bed, its giant and gold and fantastic. And yet, and yet I have to spend the night in his shitty little tower with a giant hole in the roof. 

I imagine it went down something like this. 

Inquisitor: Cullen, there is a hole in the roof.

Cullen: I know. 

Inquisitor: You know, I can get that fixed.

Cullen: But I like it, its freeing and I can see the stars. 

Inquisitor: Sure, sure, I can see that. But I am also freezing my tits off here.. quite literally. 

Cullen: *smolders*

Inquisitor: Oh for fuck sake, I hate it when you do that.

Cullen: *smoldering intensifies*

Inquisitor: FINE! 

Take Me Away - Part One

Request: Can you do an imagine where Peter goes to take a girl to Neverland because she’s lost because her mom blames her for everything that goes wrong in her life, but when he arrives she tries to attack him because she thinks he’s an intruder and then she’s all suspicious and he’s half entertained but half wondering what happened to make her so paranoid and jumpy and scared?

Warnings: abusiveness, swearing, drug mentions

“I didn’t do it, mom!”

“Bullshit! You wore my favourite top, sneaked out of my home, partied like the little whore you are, and ruined my shirt!” You mother yelled at you, poison laced in her tone.

“No, mom, I never even left the house!I don’t even party! You went out two nights ago wearing that. You came back home wired from something–I dunno, maybe wired on Molly or Dice; some kind of wild drug–and you came back with your top like that!” You explained, raising your voice.

You felt a sharp pain on your cheek as your mother struck you with her hand. “Don’t you ever talk back to me like that or raise your voice at me!” She snapped. “Jesus Christ, I should’ve never had you! You ruin everything!”

“Fuck you!” You shouted before running to your room. You sprinted there, shutting the door and locking it. Your mother banged on the door, screaming at you to let her in. But you didn’t. She would give up soon anyways. She was drunk already, and had taken some form a drug you didn’t even want to know the name of.

Your life was shit. You lived in a shithole apartment that was falling apart. Your mother was some partier who was always drunk off her ass or wired on drugs. She blamed you for everything, despite you being the one finding work to pay off rent each month. Despite you being the one buying food. Despite the fact that you did your absolute best to keep you and your mother afloat while balancing school. She still blamed your for things.

You didn’t love her and she didn’t love you. You wished so badly you were never born, or that you were born to some other family. As long as you were away from that vile woman you dared called your mother, you would be okay. But you were stuck here. You couldn’t run away. You’d no place to go. You didn’t exactly have friends close enough to live with–none of them even knew of your at-home situation. You didn’t know of any relatives that lived close by, and you couldn’t go to neighbors. You lived in a shitty apartment complex that was inhabited by other shitty people with drug addictions and alcohol problems. And foster care was out of the question. You didn’t want to travel from foster home to foster home.

The banging on your door finally stopped. You only laid on your bed, staring at the ceiling, and holding your stinging cheek. You were on the verge of tears because of everything. You were failing your classes, you weren’t sure if you had enough for rent this month, and food was scarce. Your mom seemed to be pounding on you more and more each passing day. It was too much for someone your age. Too much to handle. The stress was eating you alive and you wanted to disappear. Disappear and never return. No one would care if you left. Your mother most certainly wouldn’t. People at school wouldn’t. Again, you thought about leaving so many times, but you had no place to go.

So instead you blinked your tears away. You turned over on your bed and shoved your face into the pillow. You let out an angry screech, the sound being muffled from the fabric of the pillow. You hated life, but you were stuck with this. All you did after screaming was turning to your side and falling asleep.


When you awoke next, it was still nighttime. You checked the time on your little alarm clock, it reading 2AM. You moaned. Why were you up? That’s right. Because you heard movement. You sat up to look at the window that was across from your bed. It was open. But that shouldn’t worry you. No one could sneak in, you were on the fourth floor of this complex. You couldn’t panic about it being open after you knew it was closed. That is, until you saw a black something moving from the darkness.

Panic overtook you instantly. You let out a shrill scream, grabbing your pillow. You jumped from your bed, whacking the intruder with the fluff. You kept hitting him with it, hoping it was kind of hurting him. 

“Hey, stop! I’m not going to hurt you!” He mustered out, holding his hands above his head to protect him from the hits. 

You stopped. He had an accent. One different than yours. You stepped back some, but still stood in a self-defense stance. You were ready to hit him with your pillow again.

“What were you going to do? Fluff me to death?” He said sarcastically. 

“It’s the only thing in here to protect me!” You defended yourself. “Who are you anyways? And how did you get in?”

“Relax, darling. I’m hereto take you away. Take you to a much better place.”

You glared at the boy in the dark, only seeing his silhouette. You groaned, walking over to your light switch. You kept an eye on his figure, flickering on the light. Your room lit up instantly, and you were face-to-face with a boy seemingly your age.

“You didn’t… you didn’t answer my question, boy!”

“Relax. My name is Peter. I got in here because I flew up.”

“Flew? You can’t fly. People can’t fly! How stupid do you think I am?” You scoffed, staying a safe distance away from ‘Peter’. 

The boy looked directly at you. He folded his arms over his chest, cocked an eyebrow up, and tilted his head to the side. Even though he was young, he still looked terrorizing. His eyes were so dark, and fear was eating you up by the second. 

“Love, I promise. I’m here to take you away from all this. I can feel it in you. You’re lost; feel unloved. I’m not here to hurt you.”

You still stayed at your spot until peter took a step closer to you. You took a step back, but you were already so close to the wall. You had nowhere else to go and you weren’t near your bedroom door. All you could do was slid down the wall with your pillow as your shield. 

“Please, stay away!” You yelped.

Peter kept coming near you, watching you quiver and shake. Though once to you, he plopped himself right in front of you. He sat criss-cross, resting his elbows on his legs and setting his chin on his left fist. He watched you as you stuffed your face onto your pillow. Watched you breathing heavily. He was entertained by your reaction. Usually, the boys he would personally come get himself would go with him, no questions asked. You? You weren’t having it. 

A yelp left your mouth again when you looked up to see him right in front of you. “What are you doing? Get away!” You tried backing up against the wall even more. “Get out of my room!”

“Why are you so… hesitant?”

You gave this boy a shocked expression. He couldn’t be serious, right? “Because there’s a strange boy who swears he can fly, and is in my room! On the fourth floor!”

Peter shrugged. That sounds about right. A boy who could fly was in her room on the fourth floor. She correct on that part. “Yes. This is true. So why don’t you come with me?”

A groan left your mouth.This kid had to be stupid or something because he wasn’t getting it. “Please, leave me alone. I’m tired. I want to go back to bed.”

“No, you can go back to bed when we arrive at Neverland–”

“Neverland?” You scrunched your nose up. Neverland? That place didn’t exist. You knew that for a fact. And Peter… did he mean Peter Pan? Was this random boy trying to roleplay with you at 2AM? That wouldn’t make sense since you’d never met him. 

“Yes, my home. Soon it’ll be yours as well.”

“Such a place doesn’t exist. It’s a stupid fairytale.” You commented, waving it off. Peter scrunched up his eyebrows at you, looking mad. He stood up.

“Neverland is very real!” He shouted. You cowered in fear, scared of what’s going to happen. Was he going to hit you next? Slap you like your mother did?

Peter saw your discomfort. He quickly sat back down, resting a hand on your knee that was still pulled up to your pillow and chest. You flinched, a tiny wail escaping your throat. You buried your face in the pillow even more, scared to all hell.

“Why… why are you so scared? Usually when I make personal visits, the kid is always willing to go. Why not you? what makes you so lost?”

You looked up from your pillow to face the boy. That’s when he got a good look at your face. There was a mark on the side of your face, on your cheek. It was a bright red, a light blue forming above your jawline where your mother’s hand hit you the hardest. Peter’s eyes went a little wide, not expecting that. Who had done that to you?

“Why am I scared? Because some teenage boy is in my room and won’t leave–”

“Did your father do that to you?” Peter pointed at your cheek. You touched your face a little, almost forgetting about that hit from earlier.

“Ha. Father. That’s a good one. The old bastard walked out on me and that she-devil years ago. My mom did this.”

Peter got up and close with you, understanding why you felt lost just from that small description. You tensed up, not liking his closeness. This boy knew no personal space. But this time you didn’t shoo him away. You let him do whatever he was doing, which was looking at the bruise. 

“Mothers are supposed to be caring I thought? Show their children all the love they can give.” You scoffed as Peter sat back in front of you. That woman showing love to you? Funny. 

“Yeah unless they’re druggies and alcoholics like that bitch.” You leaned your head against the wall, becoming a little more comfortable with this boy.

But then,before anything else could be said, you heard footsteps coming down the small hallway. Your mother was awake… or back from wherever she was if she even left. Your eyes went wide, and you rushed over to your door to make sure it was still locked. 

The banging began on the door. “Who are you with in there?!” She shouted from the other side.

“N-no one!” You hugged the pillow that was still in your arms.

“Don’t lie to me! I hear the other voice! You got a boy in there, you filthy slut! Open this door!” She yelled, banging her fists on the door that looked like it would break at any minute. “How dare you wake me up!” She added.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t me-mean to!” You crouched down to the floor, covering your ears from the loud sounds. You wanted it to stop, you wanted everything to stop. 

Your head snapped up to find Peter. He was standing now, looking sincerely at you. You got up from your spot, running to him. You set your hands on his forearms, gripping them. You looked right into his eyes.

“Take me away,” you said through tears. “I believe you, just take me away!” You shouted, not caring if your mother heard you. 

Peter didn’t say anything. He just nodded. He picked you up, you still cradling that pillow. He went to the window, jumped, and he flew. Shot right to the sky, and that’s when you finally disappeared.

blue night radio - 150317

jonghyun: i went to the dermatologist’s a little while ago. i was coming out after my treatment, and one of the employees there was going to get something for me. while turning the corner, she bumped into me, almost as if falling into an embrace. but it made my heart pound a bit! i don’t even know her face. only the smell of her shampoo. (to the listeners.) it might be a good strategy to fall into the arms (of the guy you like). run into their arms, while giving off the nice smell of shampoo. just like m-, me. (stutters) (source: sullaem)

The bright light caused my eyes to open as I was still in my sleepy state. I rubbed my eyes with my hands and sighed. Looking at the window, I pouted, Monday mornings were always a little harder for me.

Rolling to the other side of the bed, I crashed into something rather hard.

A little moan escaped my lips as I opened my eyes once again. Surprise was all over my face when I saw Michael’s body laying next to me.

A smirk was on his beautiful pink lips. They were a little more pigmented than usual, due to last night’s events. He was shirtless and his black hair looked great even though it was messy.

He replaced a strand of hair behind my ear before my head went in the crook of his neck. I wasn’t a morning person and I didn’t like to talk in the mornings. And the fact that I knew I looked awful after sleeping wasn’t helping.

But mornings with Michael by my side were always a little bit better. Most of the time he wasn’t there. He would be out doing interviews or doing something else. Sometimes he would only be downstairs watching tv or playing video games. But it wasn’t often that he was here next to me when I wake up.

He slipped his hands underneath my shirt, or should I say his shirt. Pressing our bodies even closer, his warmth making me feel safe and calm.

My eyes were closed once again and I tried to fall back asleep. I knew it was a lost cause because I never succeed in that, but I always tried anyways.

“I love days off,” my boyfriend mumbled.

“Mmm,” I groaned.

I stood up and sat on the bed, feeling annoyed that I wouldn’t go back to sleep.

“You should have let the curtains closed,” I stated.

I felt his hands on my hips, “You had to wake up at some point, grumpy head” he chuckled. I felt his hands push me towards him and a second later I was laying down on my back next to him. He kissed my temple, “I love you.”

I hid my face in his arm and I guess we both knew that it was my way of saying “I love you too”.


So….Kayla and I are at it again, plotting things behind the scenes. But this time….it has nothing to do with our fics.

Well….not completely anyway. 

It’s something much BIGGER

Originally posted by whosaysicantbepie

It was something that sorta just came to me one night, and I’ve been talking to Kayla for a little bit now about it, and….well, it went from an idea to crazy excitement and an actual planning session.

But, before we can actually plan more and set anything in stone, we need your help.

So, I don’t know about all of you, but even though I am one of the shyest people in the world…{may not seem like it on here, but I am}….you guys have become such a huge part of my life.

I know that I’ve said it before, but, it’s true. And I know that Kayla @one-shots-supernatural feels the same way. 

So, call me crazy, but the other day, for once in a very long time, I got a good nights sleep with no nightmares. Not one. 

I never thought that I would know what that felt like it.

But even though there wasn’t any nightmares, I still had a pretty interesting dream. And it had to do with all of you.

I dreamt that Kayla and I had started having these get togethers, pretty identical to the Supernatural Conventions. Obviously it wouldn’t be the same thing cause the guys wouldn’t be there, but….

It was us and a group of all of you, and we would just spend hours talking and laughing, about anything and everything. 

And as Kayla and I were talking more about it, it grew to this idea that actually peaked our interest. One where we would actually love to do something like this. But that’s where all of you come in. 

The thing is…….we can’t do something like this if none of you would be willing to go. Cause we would have to pick a place, rent out a hall, take time off work, etc.

So, what we want to know, is if we were to do something like this, how many of you would actually go?

We would obviously make it later either this year or sometime next year, give us all time to save up and plan it all out. But there’s no point in us planning something like this if no one is going to go.

So, how many of you would actually go if we set this up?

Oh my GOD last night I went out to dinner with my little 12 year old cousin Jenna and found out she likes Girl Meets World, so I jokingly asked her who she ships and we ranted about the triangle for like 5 minutes, right. And then she got really quiet for a moment and looks like she’s thinking intensely about something and I’m like “Jenna what??” and she shrugs and goes “Honestly, I’d go for Farkle. I mean, he’s rich!”

I’m still dying from laughter omfg YES JENNA YES CHASE YOUR GOLD DIGGING DREAMS

Today is my birthday! Huzzah! I was gonna just make myself a little MTT keychain but ah, my computer broke last night and I have no idea right now if it’ll be salvaged so I just went ahead and sketched a little something for myself ^^

Enjoy~ I might color this and make a poster I like how it came out heh

Late Nights - Nate Maloley (Requested)

This was a request by wtffwilkinson. I really hope you like it, I just made something up since you didn’t have anything specific :)

Leave me requests I love writing for you guys!! (*cough cough* major Cam feels still in order)

Here we goooo

I was lying in bed, about to fall asleep when my familiar ringtone went off. I groaned and picked up the phone.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey babe, wanna go on a little drive with me?” Nate asked. I could hear the smile in his voice.

“But I’m tired and was about to go to bed,” I pouted.

“Well…I’m already outside. I brought pizza,” he said.

“Fine, only for the pizza,” I smiled.

“It’s always for the pizza,” he sighed.

“I’ll be out in a second,” I laughed before hanging up and setting my phone down on my desk. I turned on the light and looked at myself in the mirror before shrugging. It’s not like he cares what I look like at this point. Now I needed to figure out how I was going to get out. I grabbed my phone and shoved it in the pocket of my pyjama shorts as I quietly opened the door, cringing, waiting for it to squeak, but it never did. Thank god. I stepped on the side of the floor, against the wall as I tiptoed down the stairs. I pulled on my vans.

“Shit,” I whispered. The alarm would go off once I opened the door. I quickly shut off the alarm before stepping out of the house. I did it. I smiled as I ran over to Nate’s car and opened the passenger door, climbing in.

“Love the outfit,” Nate laughed.

“Shut up. I didn’t wanna change,” I said, hitting him playfully.

“You know I love you in pyjamas,” he smirked. I leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips before taking my seat again.

“I’m surprised I didn’t get caught,” I said.

“You’re like a spy,” he joked. I chuckled as I leaned my head back on the chair, shutting my eyes.

“Pizza!” I screamed as I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“In the back,” he chuckled. I reached back and pulled the box forward, opening it. I breathed in the lovely aroma of the pizza and took a slice out.

“I love you Nathan,” I grinned.

“I know,” he winked.

“You’re supposed to say it back!!” I yelled.

“I love you too,” he giggled. I took in everything that was going on. The smell of pizza filled the car, and there was music playing, but not too loud. The city lights were shining bright as we drove along the highway. It was moments like these I lived for. Late night drives with the one you love are absolutely incredible.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Who knows,” he chuckled. That’s what I loved about him, he was so spontaneous. Which made our relationship like that too. I caught him staring at me and I blushed.

“Eyes on the road, Maloley,” I laughed as I pointed a finger at him.

“Sorry, you’re just so gorgeous,” he said, showing off his dimples.

“Oh stop,” I laughed.

“It’s true. I love it when you have your hair like that, comfy clothes and no makeup,” he said.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” I giggled. He shook his head.

“Seriously. It’s you, just completely you. I think you’re beautiful,” he smiled.

“I think you’re beautiful too,” I said and he laughed lightly. We sat in a comfortable silence when Nate pulled up to this beautiful view. We were surrounded by trees and there was a lake in front of us, with trees and mountains up ahead.

“It’s amazing,” I breathed.

“Amazing place for an amazing girl,” he said.

“Stop you’re so cheesy,” I winked. I kissed his cheek and he turned his head. Our lips locked and we kissed slowly. Fireworks went off just like every other time we’ve kissed.

“Can we go out?” I asked.

“Of course,” he smiled. I jumped up and down and opened the car door, running out and to the edge of the small cliff…if you could even consider it a cliff. 

“Don’t fall,” Nate said as he pushed me lightly, but quickly pulled me back. My heart was racing.

“Fuck you,” I laughed as I placed a hand over my heart, feeling the heartbeat.

“Gladly,” he smirked.

“Shut up,” I laughed as I smacked his chest lightly. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me again, smiling into it. We walked over to the edge and just stared in silence at the beautiful view. We sat down on the floor and I leaned against him, shutting my eyes.

“This is way better than sleeping,” I grinned.

“I’m glad,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead.

We stayed there for what felt like forever, talking about anything and everything. One of the things I loved about him was there was never a dull moment. I pulled out my phone and saw that it was already 4:30.

“Nate, I need to go home. My parents are gonna wake up and see me gone and probably never let me see you again,” I said, only partially joking about the last part.

“Okay,” he pouted.

“I could stay here, with you forever. But, unfortunately it cannot be done,” I said, pouting back. He stood up and brushed off his pants before getting back in the car and beginning to drive. His right hand was holding mine as his left was placed on the wheel.

He pulled up to my house and I looked at him.

“Thank you so much, this was amazing. I love these spontaneous adventures at 1am,” I smiled.

“Me too, I’ll text you in the morning baby girl,” he smiled.

“Goodnight babe,” I said as I kissed him slowly. Finally we pulled away and I stepped out of the car. I blew him a kiss and waved as I carefully walked back into the house and into my bedroom.

I flopped down on my bed and smiled, realizing how much Nate meant to me and how I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.