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please bring back the winters!!!!! please please please!!!!!!! your new story isnt as fun :(

okay listen i’m gonna address this one because this is probably the 10th message i’ve gotten about this since i put them on hiatus, and deleting them isn’t doing anyone any good. 

i can see that you guys all really love the winters and the triplets and i know you guys don’t like gee as much, i’m not dumb. it’s obvious to me. i love the winters, too. they were my first original babies that i started this blog with and the first sims that i got suuuuper attached to!!!!! but the way that i was editing their story took a lot of time and patience and it took a toll on my game on top of the save being a complete broken mess, and it was all just a lot of stress. i’m not ditching the winters!! i’m just taking a break while i figure out how i’m going to fix their save and continue with them. please understand that i’m literally working a full time job while trying to keep my mental health under control and find time to spend with my girlfriend and take care of my sick mom :( i don’t want to disappoint anyone by taking the admittedly easier route by starting a more casual save with shitty screenies and shitty captions, but it was either that or nothing. and i don’t want to post nothing, because i love talking to u guys and i love being on this blog and i love playing sims :( i just had to find a way to balance everything out. when i started the winters i was working part-time and i had a lot more time to play and edit and post and i could fit in like, 10 posts a day and have a queue for a week in advance. i thought i could take on being able to make cooler edits and go more in depth with the game, but clearly i couldn’t manage it because i was lucky if i posted 2 days out of the week :( 

i’m really sorry, i don’t want to be posting something no one enjoys. i don’t want you guys to dislike gee, they’re a rad sim and i have a ton of fun playing with them. but please don’t ask me to go back to the winters right now. i’m not giving up on them, i’ll go back when i have the time, energy, and patience to sit down and organize everything and figure out how to make it all work :( in the meantime, if you don’t like the way i’m posting gee, please feel free to make suggestions on how i could improve their save. because i am gonna stick with this save, but i get 100x the enjoyment pleasing ppl and posting things u guys like than i do just playing and posting whatever i want, so. let me know, okay???? i’ll be infinitely less anxious on here if you guys just tell me that i’m doing a bad job and how i could make it better than i am just sitting around feeling like none of u like what i’m doing. i live off of constructive criticism and if no one gives me any i’m a billion times more inclined to believe that ur all just lying and don’t want to hurt my feelings. idk. its just the silly way my brain works. so please let me know how u want me to change it, i will be more than happy to. and please keep and open mind about gee :/ i’ll do everything i can to make u like them!!!!!! anyways sorry for this super long rant friends i just need to stand my ground on this one for my own sake, i hope u don’t hate me too much :(

I am quite honestly in awe right now. Never in a million years did I think I’d get this popular on anything ever. Really it’s all thanks to you wonderful people and I cannot express my gratitude. You all have been so amazingly kind and awesome and just I’m so lucky to have such wonderful followers! Looking back I’ve been here for over a year now and I’ve met so many awesome people and have had the opportunity to interact with even more even if it was just through one ask or something. And I loved every second of it! So thank you all so so so very much. You’re all amazing and I love you guys so much <3 <3. Now then, I’m gonna go hang out in the corner and scream some more because AAAAHH I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE (/)>v<(\)

It’s actually so refreshing to see two guys in the public eye with a huge audience not be afraid to dress up and not say anything about being “too girly” while doing so.

This is not to imply what they were doing in the ‘pastel edits irl’ video was specifically ‘feminine’ or ‘traditionally female’ - I just mean it’s nice (and important) to see them be open to wearing clothes/colours people would typically associate with “girls” and instead just forget about that and enjoy themselves - whilst also being open about how it feels…even if some of their comments were exaggerated for entertainment - it’s still just nice and reassuring!

Generally (outside of the video too), Dan & Phil are very open-minded about a lot of things to do with gender, gender roles, gender presentation and expression etc - and speak about it often in recent years.

I know the video may not really be that…. ~deep~ to many but this is something that’s been on my mind for a while when it comes to D&P and I just wanted to talk about it more after that video posted tonight.

Overall, I’m very grateful to have D&P to look up too. I don’t think they realise what even their ‘silly’ dress up videos can do for viewers like me - who are questioning their assigned gender and the struggles that brings internally and from society - and even those who just have difficulties with embracing the gender expression/presentation they find most comfortable.

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

updated version on this ->


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign