my next tattoo will be the bolt


Soulmate AU

Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Ogling, Mentions of Torture

Words: 3.1k

Authors Note: Titled after the song ‘Enchanted’ by Taylor Swift because I’ve had it on repeat for days. Story in which the reader is mutated using the same methods as those used in the Deadpool movie. This AU is based around the idea that the first words your soulmate speaks to you are written on your wrist. Enjoy!

Being soulmates was probably the strangest thing the world had to offer. Sure, there were all kinds of love in the world – a lot of people ended up with platonic soulmates rather than romantic ones, from Pietros understanding – and he had always considered Wanda his soulmate. Despite the outright lack of writing on his arm, she had always been beside him, and they had always cherished each other. Maybe that was why, when she had met the Vision and practically flung herself at him, he suddenly felt very alone. The android, though being much like Pietro in the fact that he too was lacking any special words on his wrist, due to the nature of his existence, was honored to be his sisters soulmate, and they had been inseparable ever since.

It was hard to share his sister, and the void in his heart only got bigger the longer he was around her and Vision; despite her protesting, he had slowly began distancing himself. It was hard at first, but once he realized she was content to be with her android, things were much easier for him. He focused instead on training, and after several months of being a trainee, him and the rest of the new Avengers finally earned the title and were allowed out on missions of their own. It was one of the first missions they were on, in fact, that he had met you.

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So, I got this tattoo a few months ago. I didn’t tell anyone because this means so much to me and I didn’t want people to know this stuff about me. It’s not just a tattoo. It means that I stopped cutting. I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not but a friend of mine wanted to see it. So, if I post this, I at least want people to know the story behind it. The lightning bolt stands for my favorite book. Struck By Lightning written by Chris Colfer. (If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely go to the next bookstore and buy it! It’s so worth it!) This story helped me to survive High School. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Carson was everything I ever wanted to be and he taught me so much. I’m still not totally like him but I’ve gotten so much better and so much stronger. This little lightning bolt is a reminder that I can do everything I want to and that it’s worth fighting for your dreams! It is also a reminder that I have survived and that I can do it again. I don’t have to hurt myself. I have amazing friends that I can talk to and who are there for me if I need them. I have come so far and I’m proud of me! I know I could have done it without this book but it would have taken me so much longer. I also know that Chris is never going to read this, but if you do, I just wanted to say thank you! This book means the world to me! P.s. English is not my first language therefore I’m really sorry for all the mistakes I made!

Zayn Malik's Tattoos Updated 01/03/14

1) Ying-Yang on his left arm.

2)Grandfather´s name in arabic on his chest.

3)A playing card with his initials on his ribs.

4)A born lucky symbol, and later a heart.

5)A New Zealand Fantail on the back of his neck.

6)A puzzle piece on his right arm (matching tattoos with Danny Riach).

7)Fingers crossed on his right arm.

8)‘Be true to who you are’ in arabic on his left collarbone.

9)Microphone on his right arm.

10)Big number 6 on his right arm.

11)'ZAP! ’ on his right arm.

(Now looks like this)

12)Number 1 on his right arm (down his crossed fingers tattoo).

13)Another number 6 on his right arm (on the right of his microphone tattoo).

14)Another number 6 on his right arm (on the left of his microphone tattoo).

15)Number 1 tattoo (next to the fingers crossed tattoo).

16)A number 5 tattoo (next to his microphone tattoo).

17)’Friday?’ tattoo on his right collarbone.

18) Boombox tattoo on his right arm.

19)Skull tattoo on his right shoulder.

20)Bird shape tattoo on his right hand.

21)Bandana on his right elbow.

22)'Chilin’ on his right arm.

23)’M.S.G. 3-12-12’ on his right arm. 

24)Skull on his right arm.

25)Shadows and stuff on his right arm (he completed half sleeve).

26)A smoking skull with a hat on his left shoulder.

27)Pink Floyd tatoo on his right arm.

28)Lips between a pair of wings on his chest. 

29)Wolf & Feathers on his left leg.

30)'Don’t Think I Won’t’ on his hip.

31)'Bus 1’ tattoo on his left hand.

32)Tic Tac Toe Board on his right leg.

33)Robot tatto on his right arm (next to the boombox tattoo).

34)'A pirate’s life for me’ tattoo on his ribs (matching tattoo with Alexander De Leon).

35)Lighting Bolt on his right upper arm.

36)Tiger on his left arm.

37)Snake tattoo on his right shoulder.

38)Space Monkey & Spaceship tattoos on his right upper arm (between snake & Perrie’s tattoos).

39)Geometric shapes (next to the lighing bolt tattoo).

40)Gun on his stomach (left side).

41) Henna-style flower design on his wrist

As I’ve said before I believe the numbers that are randomly all over his right arm are his X-Factor number.

The images are not mine. The credit is to their owners.

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okay but where the FUCK is the positivity and love for less “pretty” stretch marks?? like we ain’t talking “lightning bolt tattoos” - those lil white ones are lovely, don’t get me wrong, and i’m glad people are showing them some love, but seriously not all stretch marks look like that??? like honestly they ain’t all as thin and faint and delicate looking as those

i’m 150% fucking here for all my pals whose hips and tummies and arms and everywhere the fuck else are covered in huge, wide, dark as hell stretch marks. y'all’ve got nothing to be ashamed of!!! those guys are just as fucking wonderful and glorious and ethereal as those cute lil itty bitty pale ones. don’t let fucking ANYONE tell you that it’s gross or unhealthy for you to have them, or that you somehow don’t care about yourself just because you aren’t going to crazy lengths to get rid of them. they are YOUR stretch marks on YOUR body. you get to fucking decide if you want them there or not, not fucking brad from the snack shack down at the beach

basically what i’m getting at is this: if you’ve got white, light, little stretch marks, flaunt them. if you’ve got dark, deep, wide stretch marks, flaunt them just as fucking much. like look y'all, i got my first two-piece swimsuit in forever not long ago. my aunt’s first words upon seeing me? “you look nice but… have you thought of getting those removed? or maybe covering up?” that shit fucked me UP. but guess what? i walked out of that room and said to myself “fuck her. i look great. i feel great. i AM great. i don’t give two shits what you think, i’m not changing” and i didn’t change a thing and i felt incredible the rest of the day

so no, maybe you don’t have natural lightning bolt tattoos. you know what we do have? stripes. like fucking tigers or some shit. so the next time someone tries to make you feel bad for the way your body looks, draw upon your inner tiger and just fucking eat them, then go on your merry way and do to your body whatever the fuck you want

anonymous asked:

heyy in the near future coul u draw some more punk!alec??? i lOOOVE the warped tour one

ur preying on my weakness for Alec and boys with tattoos/piercings anon

Alec actually doesn’t dress this punk it’s a photoshoot for the band and u bet ur ass he bitched and moaned for hours beforehand. He also absolutely did NOT sign up for this eyeliner bullshit

Pose & Clothes reference

first an AC/DC tank, then The Offspring he’s gunna wear a Five Bolt Main t-shirt next just u fkin wait 

Alec from this AU

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Your gross. You arent cute. Youve got no muscle tones for your "guns" and you have nasty ass stretch marks. no one will want you. shit, no wonder that boy left you high and dry. ugly ass cunt

You’re right. I’m not cute. I’m fuckin’ faboulous. My guns are amazing.

Nasty ass stretch marks? I think you’re confused with sickass, free lightening bolt tattoos. They are a reminder of the battle I fought, the self-confidence I’ve obtained, and the hard work I have put into saving my body. 

That boy left me because he was a boy; not a man. 


listen one of my very best friends in fandom has a tattoo one of the word “hope” in chris’s handrwriting from an autograph he gave her. she was so excited to show him at his next signing, and his reaction was so touched and genuinely flattered and complimentary that she didn’t stop crying to me about it for days. 

there’s a big fucking difference between “tattoo and body shaming” and suggesting you might not want the word “klaine” branded on you in ten years like

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Do you have any tattoos?

Three. A wolf print behind my ear, a peace sign on the inside of my elbow and a Harry Potter lightening bolt on my ankle.

My next tattoo is going to be a water colour tattoo and I’m currently trying to design it. I’m not doing very well though, haha.