my next lifetime!

"If you can’t live longer, live deeper."

VogueMe October 2016: Quick Q & A with Kris Wu

Talent that you wish you could have the most?
Sleeping in an instant.

Dish which you want to learn the most?
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Which part of your personality is your favourite?
Freedom of soul.

Your own clothing style?
(Something that’s) comfortable for myself.

Best trip you can remember?
First time visiting the Los Angeles Chinese Theatre Hollywood Walk of Fame with my mother when I was young.

What is the most luxurious thing for you now?

Favourite career (other than the one you have now)?
Basketball player, I hope I can fulfil this dream in my next lifetime.

Words or phrase which you use the most often?
I don’t know.

How to work best?
Sleep more.

If you had a choice, what would you want to happen again the most?
There’s a voice within my heart, but I would need time to slowly find it.

What is your motto?
Normally insane.
If you can’t live longer, live deeper. 

If you didn’t have any work to do, what would you do?
If I really have nothing to do, I will be able to just stay at home, continue to stay at home.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

anonymous asked:

as much as i miss those lives, i'm starting to recognize that the multiverse put me here for a reason. there's something my soul has to learn from this life. this life is just as important as my past ones, and while i appreciate knowing where i came from, i'm gonna live this life as well as i can. in my next lifetime, i'm gonna look back on this one, and i hope i don't feel regret.

(thinks about it) the Elf Faction in the next game could be…scary.

  • they can pretty much effectively teleport with the eluvian network
  • Fen’Harel can casually turn people to stone and has lifetimes of experience with guerrilla warfare
  • Ancient Dreamer elves can send messages to each other by talking to each other through dreams, no matter how far apart they are
  • Ancient Dreamer elves can also stealth kill a large percent of the population by murdering them in their dreams

The Inquisition needs to recruit some dwarves ASAP

1. JillErykahtro
2. Cross My Mind
3. Next Lifetime
4. Easy Conversation
5. In Love With You (b.blend)
6. Didn’t Cha Know
7. Crown Royal
8. Time’s A Wastin’
9. A Long Walk
10. On and On
11. Epiphany
12. Kiss On My Neck (Hesi)
13. Honey Molasses
14. Otherside Of The Game
15. Whatever (Live)
16. Cleva
17. It’s Love (b.blend)
18. Try
19. Bump It
20. Love Of My Life (Ode To Hip Hop)
21. Love Rain (Coffee Shop Mix)
22. Think Twice
23. Whenever You’re Around
24. Sometimes
25. I’m Not Afraid
26. Soldier
27. Slowly Surely
28. Back In The Day (Puff)
29. Golden (Remix)
30. Me (Live)
31. I Want You
32. The Way
33. Do You Remember
34. Green Eyes

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