my next haircut

Thought I’d do my usual personal text post. I know some people don’t particularly care and just skim over these, but this is more of a diary entry and for people who actually are interested, which will only be a few of you. 

I have a 2 day weekend now - thankfully! I have to travel back down to London on Monday morning, which should be fun *eye roll* And I go on shift with a mentor to begin doing the job, and I’m getting more nervous. One of my colleagues said, and she’s right: we feel as if we were only preparing to pass the test and not retain the information to do the job. It seemed all about the test, rather than the job itself. 

But today I brought myself a new, smaller suitcase for work. My much larger one is for holidays. I also got myself Beauty and the Beast on DVD (it was a double pack of the cartoon version and live action version). I got to see my sister and niece as well, and get my hair cut. My under shaven parts grow so quickly and I’m constantly at the hairdresser’s. 

I brought myself some eyedrops as well as my eyes have started getting more itchy, especially when I’m tried, so I’m going to try and keep the moisture in them with drops. I think they’re getting dry and the air conditioning in the hotel I’m staying in is ridiculous and on constantly. 

I hope to get some more writing done this afternoon; possibly work on a couple of imagines or one shots; see how I feel. I do still have all my unworked requests. I never got rid of any of them, and one day I will finish them - I PROMISE! 

On the writer note, I do want to ask who still wishes to be tagged in upcoming chapters of Together or any imagines/one shots. I always post The Hobbit stuff, and rarely deviate from that nowadays. (This is obviously if you’ve made it this far through my post and haven’t just ignored or skimmed it)

 …..And finally - 62 DAYS TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!! :) :) 


yo I got a new haircut and I spent the day trying to take a decent picture but of course I only managed to take one when it got dark (they/them)

i think my next haircut is going to be the dorian pavus quiff 

once i actually grow facial hair im going to do the most absurd things with it

in like 6 months this is going to be my average daily look and none of you have the power to stop me

anonymous asked:

i know you said not to share pre t pictures of you but i really like your pre t haircut and i wanted to use it as a reference picture for my next haircut. is that chill with you? sorry

yeah ur good dude!!


There’s someone who keeps coming into my sight. I keep noticing whatever she does. And I’m curious as to wherever she goes. "What’s that expression?”. I start analyzing. And when that person smiles, I feel at ease. And when that person is sad, I get worried. I want to go and make her laugh. And when she laughs at something I say, I feel happy. Before I fall asleep thinking about that person and when I open my eyes in the morning, she’s the first person I think of. Aren’t you going to ask? Who that person is? It’s you, Ae ra. Ae Ra, you’re that person".

Got my Deaf tattoos today!

Red/Blue because of colors in the audiology booths. Bit of humor - don’t bother with the hearing tester thingies, cause they won’t work. They’ll be a lot more noticeable when I get my next haircut. 

My Deaf identity tattoo - based from the “straight beak” story in Deaf culture. (Yes, the the top of the beak is slightly curved, but you’re missing the point here) Took a second picture in the mirror because the close-up looks a bit funky. The head is a bit poofier than normal, because it’s a North American kingfisher, and those feathers are normally raised. 

EXCLUSIVE: On cloud nine with man of the moment and Oscar winner Jared Leto

Method actor, rock-star lothario or political firebrand; Jared Leto is a winner whatever mode he’s in. Between filling stadiums and fielding calls from Obama, the man of the moment invites Stephanie Rafanelli to join him on cloud nine a few nights after his Oscar glory.

Although I’m trying really hard to resist, Jared Leto is urging me to stage-bomb. His locks flying behind him like Hermes’ wings, he speed-circles the stage over to the discreet corner where I’m standing, grabs my hand and drags me out in front of the baying 13,000-strong audience, singing to me all the while — and, even worse, goading me to join him in a chorus. Needless to say, this is not the polite Academy Awards podium but, six days later, on a grubbier, strobe-lit stage at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena, where he has rejoined his band Thirty Seconds to Mars for its remaining six-month world tour.

Leto has made his entrance tonight in a black hooded coat, wielding a baseball bat; more LA drugs dealer than the politically engaged figure in an oversized bow tie he cut at the Oscars. With suitable drama, he throws off the jacket to expose the full glory of his rock Jesus look — shades, man-leggings, tunic skirt, sleeveless T-shirt — whereupon he unleashes his power-vocals on to his fans for two adrenaline-fuelled hours: jumping, grinding, sprinting and simultaneously flirting with what feels like every single member of the crowd. ‘I don’t dive into the mosh pit any more,’ he whispers to me on a break. ‘It’s the fastest way to lose your penis. And I’m proud to say mine is still intact.’

The show is part full-on rock extravaganza, part interactive Leto comedy routine. ‘Hey you,’ he cries into his mic. ‘Great mullet, man. That’s my next haircut. Business at the front. Party at the back.’ This culminates with a stage invasion and a mass selfie, his second of the week: the 42-year-old in a huddle of ecstatic Scandi teens.

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The year is 2015. Owl City is back.