my newsies


At the request of absolutely nobody, I have here complied all my Newsies character-mixes into a single master-post, for your hypothetical convenience & ease of reference.

Tracklisting and 8tracks links can be found on the original posts.

1. Geographical Form of Insanity (Spot Conlon)
2. Even a Dark Horse Wins (David Jacobs)
3. Cowboy Kid (Jack Kelly)
4. Bloody Shirt on Coney Island (Gritty Reboot!Spot Conlon)

shut up, I don’t have an obvious favourite

best things of newsies live?? especially last night??


- BEN COOK AS RACE (an actual angel!!)

- Letter from the Refuge aka I’m not crying you’re crying

- “They busted him up so bad he can’t even walk to the window” THEN EXPLAIN HOW HE’S ON THE TOP BUNK???? Tell me jack

- jack looking like he’s gonna bust a nut every time katherine speaks + him looking like he’s gonna fall off the fire escape

- “my penthouse in the sky”

- romeo doing everything

- romeo saying “thank god you guys are here, it’s about time you showed up!” and then getting SLUGGED by the police officer

- the delancys?? were so good??

- race being race and doing his thing

- @ davey you’re not subtle by staring at Metta jfc if you can see the audience the audience can see you

- les pretty much being the most relatable character

- katherine should have decked jack and then kissed him let’s be realistic here he kinda deserved it


- “and so’s the BRONX”