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My newest hyperfixations: Stim toys; disorders like ADHD, autism, and spd; sign language; superwholock; and anything and everything Marvel related (especially Iron Man, who is definitely AT LEAST adhd)


Your Touch is Soft

Hey there @showgirlgleeful! I’m your secret santa! I really hope you enjoy your reverse Mabill fic!

Summary: It started with soft touches. One caught more flies with honey than vinegar, after all. Turns out there was a reason behind all the soft touches.

Pairing: Reverse mabill

It truly came with the soft touches. With the way her fingers ghosted across his skin, leaving burning trails of need, while Dipper’s hands were rough and didn’t hesitate to cause him more pain. Mabel’s touches became things he craved, things he needed to breathe and get through the day. It was no question that fear drove Will to obey Dipper, when it came to Mabel it was devotion and the subtle ways she showed she cared about him. He listened again as Dipper ranted about how he was reading too much into the situation.

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"There it is... that is where I will find my newest toy... amongst all that rabble." Lucas whispered softly to himself. He then started walking slowly towards the front entrance seemingly unconcerned about the looks he was receiving.

Meanwhile the chore boy was cleaning the marine stations while all the other members were outside training.