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Johto Legends: Music from Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver
Johto Legends is a cinematic, orchestral recreation of the soundtracks to the Game Boy classics Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver.

Hey Tumblr! Long time no see. :)

I recently launched a Kickstarter for my newest project: Johto Legends, a licensed album of orchestral music from Pokémon Gold and Silver. We’re so excited to be working with live players, a professional sound engineer, art designers and a CD manufacturer to make this project a reality – but we need your help!

There’s only 1 week left to make this musical tribute to Gold and Silver a stunning success, and we’ve already raised ~$20K! If you love game soundtracks and Pokémon, please consider backing the project and spreading the word. Thank you!!

~ Braxton Burks, creator of Pokémon Reorchestrated and Kanto Symphony


I quit my job of two years and five months. I feel nothing but free. I put my two weeks notice in on Sunday because I have a new job with better pay. My old job left me stress, sad, angry and caused my anxiety to get worse. I couldn’t take anymore. My newest manager is the one I told I quit. She hates me in general and everyone said today she was talking about how I would probably quit tonight. I am just so glad I am done.

yesterday i played my newest dnd character for the first time shes a pink haired gnome urban ranger named molly marquesan. she dual wields hand crossbows and deals whimsey which is this potion/drug that when u take it u roll 1d1000 and a random effect happens to u. she wears a purple bandanna around her neck that says chanel in rhinestones. her animal companion is a pigeon named hopkins and she has two other pigeons she uses to run orders named jumpkins and bouncekins. and for some damn reason when the rest of the group was introduced to her and i opened my mouth to say her first line a rly terrible new jersey accent came out and now thats just her character voice and its hilarious. doing the voice also makes me better at one liners? we were fighting this pig demon and i shot him thru the ear and in both of his nipples and i joked about how i was gonna open a piercing parlor with him as my first customer and then my next shot was a big 20 damage bolt to the throat and i was like “HA! tracheotomy! im gonna open a surgery next!” and anyways i think shes my favorite character ive ever played


guys i NEED HELP! which coloring should i use for my newest video? i’m so confused because i love both in different ways…
1st. all the blue and red glows
2nd. it’s more brown and the red is flashy


            wow ,  did you mean kat has literally zero fucking chill ??   why yes ,  yes i did.   but aren’t you already drowning in muses ??   yes ,  yes i am ,  but apparently i don’t care because i have too much going on inside my head.   anyway !!!   please give a warm welcome to my newest kids :  hell raisin’  (  literally  )  dean winchester ,  newly minted hunter  sarah blake ,  will   i’m not a pirate   turner ,  the ever rebellious  perrie madison ,  and henry was always going to be a pirate  turner !   play nice and be kind.


PSA: if your grown ass man is too scared to accidentally brush up against a wrapped tampon, it’s time to find a new man. Your period is natural and shouldn’t freak him out. #RemoveTheStigma #PrettyLittlePSA