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Hella Hearts - 1 of 4

Higher quality versions: G+ | Ello | 2x@Dribbble (4, 3, 2, 1) | 960x960 @ Imgur

A few years ago, I had the idealized shape of a heart on my mind, so I created a design set titled “I Heart Math”. Last weekend, I started a new design set, in which I decided to revisit the shape and colors in the “I Heart Math” set, but use some of my newer production workflows to make like a zillion hearts - because I’m just feelin’ that good these days. I thought I would also give myself a new conceptual guideline for this set: Allow the object instances to intersect with each other. Normally the thought of this is repulsive to me because I generally only consider my designs “good enough” or “valid” when the objects -do not- intersect with each other. I’m happy that I tried this out though, because these designs are super beautiful. :)

The objects in this set were animated using the Blender Animation Nodes addon. I’ve really got to hand it to Jacques Lucke for his continuing work on the addon to improve performance, increase stability, add new features, and be so actively engaged with the community to both solve problems and provide amazing transparency into the development of a consistently amazing tool for other artists and developers. I’d like to congratulate him for making it to the 1.5 release of what is currently my favorite part of my animation toolbox; It’s been a lot of work getting it to this point, and that effort is incredibly appreciated! Thank you! :D

To anyone wondering - yes, the shader on these hearts is SubSurfaceScatter rather than Diffuse. Lessons learned: Path Tracing - 12 minutes per frame to get it looking good in the shadows; Branched Path Tracing - 3 minutes per frame. Branched Path Tracing will make your computer 100% unusable while it’s rendering though - so plan to let that render sit overnight, or while you’re away for a good chunk of hours. Also, if you’re having issues with Blender crashing after only rendering a few frames of your animations, you should try using the “Lock interface during rendering in favor of giving more memory to the renderer” lock icon in your Render Settings - it solved a crap-ton of problems for me. Thank you again for that tip, Jacques!


This design is number 1 of 4 in a set titled “Hella Hearts”, and uses assets originally created in a set titled “I Heart Math”

Hexagonal Hard Candy Revisited - Spheres - v20

Higher resolution versions at ElloImgur, Dribbble, and G+ Photos.

It’s been exactly 1 year since I posted my design titled “Hexagonal Hard Candy” - and I thought it would be a fun experiment to revisit an old scene with a few of my newer tricks. In some ways it was quite fun, and in other ways, my process has been hindered more by self doubt. “Did it look better that way, or this?” Sometimes you just need to keep working on something, until it no longer looks like it needs any work - and that’s when you can call it done. As the title implies, this is one of my designs that took a large number of iterations to get to that point.

This one, v20, is actually just number 1 of 3 variations in the set that made it to the finish line, which I’m quite happy to have crossed. You can see all of the other steps in my creative process for this design set at the Imgur gallery here.  Oh yeah, there’s even a @protobacillus​ inspired variant over there that you should check out - it’s I think… after v19 in that list.

Quick shout-outs to @hexeosis, @aspenexcel, @beeple, @shonk and @isopoly who have been inspiring me a lot this year. It’s always nice to see you guys creating new work. :)


This design is number 1 of 3 in a set titled “Hexagonal Hard Candy Revisited”, a set of GIFs in which I revisit the materials, and some of the lighting setup for my previous design, “Hexagonal Hard Candy” .


hakuouki sekkaroku; a drifting boat (episode 4)

- You moron!
- But, see, I just jumped in to help mediate the fight. Sure, things got a bit out of hand, but trashing that store was a total accident… You could say that he had bad luck, or that it was a cryin’ shame…
- What are you yapping on about?!

💜💀Just got some new followers just thought i'de let them know about this.💀💜

💜💀Posting this again for all my newer followers who didn’t get to see it. For those of you who don’t know this is my look a like. We look very very similar with minor differences. If your asking for a selfie this is as close as your going to get because I am very afraid of cameras.💀💜

The differences between this picture and me:
1) I have dyed white hair (natural blonde hair)
2) I have Heterochromia (which means I have two colored eyes/one brown and one green)
3) I look more pale and wear a lot of black and dark make up. (Very into the goth/creepy/spooky adams family thing.)
4) I look slightly more feminine than he does.
5) I am 5'2 and pretty small/skinny

An End to the Aqua Teens?

Adult Swim launched Aqua Teen Hunger Force in 2001, when yours truly was in first grade and sneaking peeks of late night television at every possible chance. The eleventh and final season, aptly titled Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, begins airing this Sunday. The animated fast food roommates were my first exposure to surrealist humor and as such I’m preparing myself to see them off into the sunset by watching all the episodes I can feasibly view. This isn’t the first time creators Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis have announced the show’s death, season six’s finale was titled “Last Last One Forever and Ever” after all, but this time it seems real with word being that Adult Swim head Mike Lazzo axed it and decided to move on. Admittedly, I quit tuning in for new episodes when they began changing the show’s title every season (nobody warned my DVR) and the newer episodes I’ve seen in my recent binge have been more scatter-brained than early episodes, though plot has never been ATHF’s strong suit or even tertiary goal. While it’s sad to see them go, I’m glad that Williams Street is opening up resources and time slots for shows I still feel compelled to watch. I need more Squidbillies. 

Frylock, Master Shake, Meatwad, and the rest of the ATHF crew begin the march to the end Sunday night, June 21st.
Postpective by Neal