my new workplace

Okay but the horses at my possible new workplace don’t even know the aids for “canter” and if you do get them to canter in the woods, they can only go full force, so you just kinda sit on that heavily breathing, fat, blonde pony, waiting for your death.
And their trot has so little momentum that you can’t rise the trot unless you actually use your own muscle power to get out of the saddle. If you don’t you just sit there, awkwardly leaning from side to side, lol.

I started working at a tutoring center recently and today was the last day of training. It was the traditional HR “don’t harass people” “don’t discriminate” and I made the comment to my other trainees and the trainer (that I had become good friends with over the two weeks of training) that I was a gay and a woman and that I probably was an expert on discrimination at this point. My trainer responded by asking if I wanted her sisters number. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate level of acceptance in my new workplace.

Tl:dr made a joke at work about being gay and my superior offered me her sisters number.

so apparently my new workplace:
- is 50% staffed by immigrants and refugees
- refuses to serve customers who make homophobic/xenophobic/transphobic/sexist/racist comments
- just became an official Sanctuary Restaurant
- when the city changed their laws so that tips didn’t have to be evenly shared among employees anymore, they instituted a service charge so that basically every customer tips whether they want to or not, and even minimum wage workers make upwards of SIXTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS AN HOUR
- lets front-of-house employees wear practically whatever they want (as long as you’re not coming to work in, like, a bikini or your underwear) and actively encouraged me to wear bright ass red dresses while on duty because no one else does that
- has exclusively gender-neutral restrooms
- gives employees free meals on their rest breaks, including full-sized macaroni and cheese dishes. if an item isn’t offered for free, you get half off the regular price
- distributed bilingual cards to all the immigrant and refugee staff letting them know what their rights are if they ever get confronted by an immigration agent
- has a meeting every week to discuss the details of their finances that all employees are free to attend. if you do choose to attend, you get paid for your time.

like appalonius christ i have never worked somewhere that legitimately seemed to care so much about their employees. sixteen dollars an hour and free food?? that’s a big fucking deal you guys!

Also, you know how half of my old workplace in SF got laid off a few weeks before everyone in my new NY workplace got laid off? Well, all the laid-off people in SF are having a party in Sonoma first weekend in May and even though I just spent a ton of money on tickets to a wedding at the end of May, I’m kinda thinking about just flying the fuck over to California

Wet Socks [deancas teacher AU, rated M]

Wet socks.  Dean is unfortunately all too familiar with the sensation, and so are the rest of the teachers at Mercy Heights High - and so it’s a surprise that no one’s thought to have mercy on the new guy and tell him that the parking lot tends to flood.

Dean, looking out from his second floor classroom window, winces sympathetically as he watches Castiel Novak sullenly slosh his way through the ankle-height water.  The new philosophy teacher’s displeasure is evident even at a distance.  

“Sorry, kids,” he says, shooting a look over his shoulder at the students eating lunch in his classroom, “Looks like Dr. Novak’s having a bad day.”

The students groan, and a sound like someone’s head hitting the desk is heard; Novak’s grump is already infamous, despite the new year having only just started two weeks prior.

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I picked up a complete set of these Star Trek: The Motion Pictures window clings recently and finally had the werewithal to scan them. (Yes, they’re still in the packaging because I’m one of those people and yes, I probably could have cropped them better. Alas.)

I’m still trying to decide which one should go up on the glass divider in my new workplace: wonderfully off-model Admiral Kirk or bored-as-hell Spock throwing a Vulcan salute. (I may just go with the Enterprise as it looks vaguely like a NASA mission patch.)

whatalilly  asked:

T'is not a question, t'is a statement! I am totally and utterly in love with your Solavellan playlist, I even play it at work and the people here enjoy it so much!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it! Keep up at it and make it larger!!! <3

My younger sister and I are so glad that you share the same taste in music as us! Honestly, I did not expect our playlists to be so well-received. I’m planning to make a fourth playlist of tears once I gather enough songs…suggestions, anyone? :D

Code Name Lunar Gift

New fanfic by @lovelunarchron

Rated: T
Cress, Thorne
Summary: When tech prodigy Cress Darnel is tasked with a secret project, she’s told terrorists and foreign governments alike would be loath to get their hands on her work. But Cress is too distracted by her new co-worker to heed her boss’s warnings. Carswell Thorne is sexy and charming, with stunning blue eyes that make her want to violate more than a few HR policies on inter-office dating.

Check out Chapter 1 here.

THIS IS A CRISIS my new workplace has a STARBUCKS DISPENSER that grinds the beans and brews the coffee THE MOMENT YOU WANT IT and you can make an account and pay for your coffee with a swipe of your THUMBPRINT oh  no I AM GOING TO GO BROKE HELP ME