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Book release day! My new book, Maddie Lounging on Things, is officially out in the wild ✨ putting a book together is a labor of love and I’m so proud of this one. I think it’s gonna age well and be something I’ll always smile about.

Hey. Grateful for y'all being interested in my little slice of life and following us for so many years. Buying a copy of the book is the single biggest way that allows us to keep stomping around and making images. So seriously thank you so much.

And! If you’re in Nashville I’m doing a book signing this Saturday, 9/16, at White’s Mercantile in 12 South from 11 - 3. Come say hi and support a lovely local shop. I’ll have my new camper and truck there if you want a little tour to see how we live on the road 🙌🏼

Brain: Bitch don’t do it.

Me: ….

Brain: Don’t -

Me: Hey guys, this is a new character. Their name is Nav, they’re a tattoo artist, possessed by a spirit of Ingenuity and they have a cute girlfriend named Dria -


Me: I haven’t even gotten to the tragic backstory -

Brain: ENOUGH.

I find it a little odd that in some circumstances, we will throw the word “love” around like it’s no big deal. Like, “hey, I love your top!” Or, “man, I love this song!” Yet when we’re talking about one specific person, even the thought of love makes your heart drop and butterflies erupt in your stomach. It’s like once the word love is thrown out there when pertaining to that one specific person, you want nothing more than to be able to keep that love and hold onto it forever. You don’t want to lose it because it makes you feel alive. And you love that.
—  the word “love”

My favorite thing on youtube is old guys who do wood/metal/auto work instructions cuz they’re all so chill and gentle and I’m watching how to remove rust w/ white vinegar and it’s so soothing, thank u old dude,, just scrub that rust away, u go man !!

“I can’t believe you forgot our son’s birthday.”

It was fair to say that Harry had been overwhelmingly busy in the last four months, but he promised her, he promised Y/N and Daniel that he would not forget. He promised them that he would have the weekend off and fly home to be with them, and Daniel got excited.

Y/N had been stressed, making sure her five year old son would have the best birthday, because when four rolled by and she didn’t see Harry, she knew he wasn’t coming. Y/N rubbed her forehead, watching as Daniel played with his new toys. He didn’t want a birthday party with his friends, he wanted to spend it with his father.

“Mum, when is daddy coming?” Daniel asked, his green eyes on Y/N as he held his truck, “I want to show him my new trucks! And look, Barbie looks so cool in it.”

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Title: You’re still my favorite ‘what-if’

“You don’t have to go,” Vic says, lip trembling.

Robert sighs, “Vic, we’ve been through this.” He walks over to the back of the car, placing the last box into the boot. He knows she’s hurting, the last time he’d left the village he hadn’t come back for eleven years; he knows it wasn’t fair to her. But this isn’t him running away, it isn’t. It’s him needing to move on, and there’s a difference. There is. When he’d left the first time, the village seemed like some dark shadow that followed him around, like a perceptual rain cloud. Coming back had been terrifying, no matter the façade he’d put up for everyone else.

“I know we have, but I don’t understand why you can’t move on here. With your family.

“I can’t,” Robert says, shutting the boot door. “Seeing him every day, no matter how happy I am that’s he’s doing better. It’s killing me. –I can’t walk passed The Mill, without thinking about what I could have had. I can’t do it.”

Vic folds her arms across her chest, chewing on her bottom lip. “I don’t want you to go.”

Robert smiles, walking over to her, placing an arm around her shoulder. “It’s not forever,” He promises. He gives her a tight squeezing, knowing that even if it’s for the best, his breaking his sister’s heart.

“And hey, you can come and visit it whenever ya like. We can go to all those trendy restaurants, and you can nick their ideas.”

She laughs, eyes watering. She gently slips her hand into Robert’s intertwining their fingers together.

“You better pick up the phone every time I call.  And you better come home for Christmas, and the re-opening of my new food truck.”

Robert nods, “nowhere else I’d rather be.”

He looks down at his watch, if he wants to make it to London before dark, he needs to leave, it’s now, or never.

“Vic,” he says softly.

She pulls away, hand still gripping him tightly “I hope you find what you’re looking for Rob.“

He hopes so too.

“Thanks, Vic, I love ya.”

She sniffles, using the end of her sleeve to whip her eyes “I love you too.”

Robert takes a deep breath, steels himself and gets into the car. He starts the ignition and pulls out of the driveway, giving Victoria one last glance in the rear view mirror before pressing down on the gas.

The windows are rolled down, it’s hot, and usually, he’d have the A/C on, but right now his enjoying the fresh country air wafting through the windows. He won’t have that pleasure for a while.

He drives by the gates of The Mill. Slows down slightly just enough to make out Aaron and Liv getting out of Aaron’s car. They’re bickering, so nothing new. Liv’s stomping her feet, angrily shoving the key into the front door. Aaron’s probably trying to reason with her, always patient when it comes to her.

Robert smiles, at peace in a way he hasn’t been in a long time. Things hadn’t turned out the way he’d thought they would, but Robert has to believe things happen for a reason, he has too. Because if he hadn’t, he wasn’t sure he’d have gotten through the last few months.

Losing Aaron.

Finding out the baby wasn’t his.

It had been an unforgiving few months, but he’d made it through. He’d weathered the storm and was still standing on the other side.

He speeds up, wondering if Aaron had seen his car drive by. Wonders if Aaron ever thinks about him. Robert’s sure he knows, knows that Robert’s leaving. He hadn’t come to say goodbye and perhaps it was better this way.

No matter what though, Aaron’s still he’s favourite ‘what-if.’

With that thought in mind, he smiles. Pressing down on the gas, and driving out of the village.  

You’re a Powerstroke diesel
King of beers
18-wheeler drivin’
Living life in between the lines
Of clockin’ in and quittin’ time
—  Lights Come On
Jason Aldean

My second shipment of blue apron arrived. Fun to cook and great new flavors. My portions when I cook are usually bigger. But my rural Utah has crappy restaurants so this is the way to go.

Double tp score from my work trip!
And the dealership sent me a calendar of my new truck.

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Good morning! What's on your agenda for the day?

I think this is from yesterday so I’ll tell you what I did! :D

My ‘99 truck shit the bed about a month and a half ago and no longer has reverse… So I’ve been truck shopping! Yesterday, I went to a bunch of dealerships and I think I have found what I want to be my new truck! HURRAY BECAUSE I’M SO GODDAMN SICK OF VEHICLE SHOPPING IT’S TERRIBLE AND I HAVE TO BE AN ADULT.

So, now I’m haggling about the price… and I hate it. It’s dumb. But keep your fingers crossed for me so that I get a good deal!