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hi senpai! what are your recommendations for skk and fyoya fics? love your blog!


I’ve already made 2 fic rec posts HERE and HERE but because I lurk like a loser here are some more recs:

- Anything and everything by Kuranoa. Hands down one of the best fyoya + skk combi writers in my book, really lovely humor but when she angsts it smashes you until you’re a pile of dust and you hate yourself but you keep reading. And my god her Chuuya is badass adorable

- Anything by Memos. Not even gonna lie I cry over her nsfw at least 30 times a day then cry some more in the bathroom then cry some more before I go to bed because her fics are just that good

- Anything by AnonLearnsToWrite. Their humour is grade S excellent I laugh everytime, it’s really so on point and their plots are so damn precious and I really love their characterizations of Dazai. But can they please update Three’s a crowd because I’m dying. 

- Anything by writingfromtheshadows. Especially if you’re a fan of mafia boss Dazai and badass Chuuya. The ust can drive you nut at times but they do compensate with… several pieces of delicious nsfw and generally I just want more but pls stop killing me with the ust.

- At this point, deep sighs, sells soul to devil, anything by Kibasix. But everyone and their fifth removed cousins know I’m blatantly a Kibasix fangirl so what else is new really. 

- All the skk fics by WhisperingWinds99 because I’m kind of a loser and haven’t really read their sskk ones. BUT THEIR FICS ARE REALLY ADORABLE AND PRECIOUS AND IT SOOTHES MY SOUL EVERYTIME MY FLUFFY ANGEL AMONG ALL OF YOU ANGSTY DEVILS. 

- I generally really love hitherelovely’s fics because mmmmmmm their Dazai is delicious and just KDSJFHAKJFHAKF FANS SELF but their themes might be a bit heavy for some of you so this is a rec but rec with caution please read tags carefully before proceeding.

- Noir. This fic is one of the rare instances where I have to say that the portrayal of Chuuya is perfect. It explores his relationships with other characters in such a good way that it makes everything in my soul hurt. And the realistic ending of it makes me cry all the way until this day. Please. For the love of God. Read it.   

- Touch me. AKA THAT ONE TEACHER! DAZAI/MILITARY!CHUUYA THAT I FINALLY GOT HOLY SHIT INCOHERENT KEYBOARD SLAM. Very detailed setting, Chuuya is the cutest, Dazai is a little shit just like how I want him to be, and the smut… oooooh boooooooy. I’ve already recced her in my last posts and there’s a sequel in progress as well so tbh just check out her profile

A Spring Without You is Coming. Aka that one fic that made me curse three times in the span of 2 minutes 48 seconds because WOW WHO AUTHORIZED THAT HOW DARE  YOU WHAT THE FUCK. No seriously what the fuck. What. Who hurt you.

Mommy Is Daddy’s Only! THIS ONE HAS BABY SKK AND IT’S REALLY CUTE AND IT ALSO HAS FYOYA AND TACHUU IN IT SO HELL YEAH. Or you can just read it solely for Akutagawa throwing his milk bottle in Fyodor’s face.

- 1893. Oh my god. Dazai’s POV in this. I’m just. I have no words. Actually I have one word. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. Wow that’s 3 words but okay it’s so good it would deserve 3 thousand words but I’m just mostly speechless.

- Eight time’s the charm. Ever feel like being cockblocked? Then cockblocked some more? Then cry because you got so cockblocked you don’t know what to do? This is just the right fic for you. Just. Trust me. Go for it. 

- The Courtesan. Let’s see. You have Fyoya and SKK. You have courtesan Chuuya (whisper through gritted teeth yes holy shit). You have your one and only Moulin Rouge AU. And the writing is gorgeous. Need I say more chop chop get on it but BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE FRIGGIN PAIN BECAUSE MOULIN ROUGE. 

Hi! I’m a new SNS art/fic/???/… blog! An amateur artist (as you can tell from the pic above lol) and cringe-worthy fanfic writer(i will NOT expose my loser AO3′s identity). I’m here to give these two idiots and the fandom as much love as my cold heart can.  ❤️

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu
Winners and Losers

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers has started work today!
Sure enough, how will Kenma and Kuro develop!?  
In any case, I’ll be devoting my days to making the best stage play I can together with Shouri and everyone else.  
Right?  Shouri!

But you know, you tagged Naoki lol

An hour later

Rehearsals for Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers have begun!
We’re going to make a brand new Engeki Haikyuu starting from step 1.
Please look forward to it!!
Exciting days are beginning again!!

Why didn’t you add, “Riiiight? Takato!”??

Why didn’t I!?
Heeey!*  Takato!

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*For best natural flow of English, the translation has to change a little, but it’s the same in Japanese every time “ne.”  They use the word in a number of different ways, which all translate slightly differently into English depending on context.

This was a shit video, but I liked the clip. This is from the contest I won by @sadhippieslut.

Sorry my loser ass has been inactive and then I drop this on you, but depression am I right?
Take a toke and send a smile for me please?
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Blackmadhi Day

In honor of Simon and Nahyuta’s first meeting at the case of State vs. Whet, this Saturday, May 13th, is officially Blackmadhi Day!  

We will celebrate the wonderful pairing of Nahyuta Sahdmadhi/Simon Blackquill, which first started out as a crackship and has developed into so much more and has brought a lot of awesome people together! 

If you want to participate, please do so!  Write fics, draw wonderful art, make graphics…whichever!  We’ll be using the tag #blackmadhiday for anyone interested! 

Hope to see what awesome content everyone creates in celebration of these two losers whom we all love so much! 

This art was not made by me, it was drawn by my close friend! She does not own a Tumblr account (loser i kno), but she allowed me to post her art for her! This is her first contribution for the Voltron fandom, she’S PRETTY NEW TO IT SO EVERYONE SAY HELLO TO RO! WELCOME HER TO THE FANDOM!

I’ll tag it as Ro’s art, and you’ll be able to find her future art under that tag!

Drabble #73 “I’m Not Wearing a Dress”

“Jack, it was a bet. You have to do it! Besides it was your idea” you giggle as your chase your boyfriend Jack around his new apartment. The two of you had just filmed the boyfriend vs girlfriend tag on his channel and for a forfeit the loser had to allow the winner to dress the other however they liked and the loser had to post a photoshoot onto their instagram. Jack had lost. “But you were supposed to lose! You look great in my clothes anyway” He tries to bargain with you but your not having it. “Nope, not how it works. It’s not my fault I’m just the best, most epic girlfriend” you smirk as you finally catch up with jack and tackle him causing you both to land in the floor in a fit of giggles, you landing on top of him “I promise your not going to have to wear anything horrible. I happen to love the outfit I picked out for you.” “I’m sure you do love” He laughs as he sits up with you still in his lap and you drape your arms around his shoulders before giving him a quick kiss “Hmm, I could actually think of something better than a photoshoot right now” Thinking he’s won he leans in for a better longer kiss but you dodge him skillfully “Not just yet Maynard, photoshoot first” “Ugh somehow I knew you were going to do that” knowing he’s lost he follows you into the bedroom where you have laid out the outfit you deemed perfect. You’ve laid out a nice summer time dress and your favorite heels. Jacks jaw drops. “I’m not wearing a dress. Y/N, you can’t make me wear a dress” “Oh I can and I will” shoving the clothes in his hands you grin and run out out the bedroom door before he has a chance to object again. After an abnormally long time you go back into the bedroom and burst out laughing at the sight in front of you, Jack attempting to put on the dress backwards leaving him halfway in struggling “Jack, baby, your putting it on wrong. Let me help please” “Ugh, I knew it was wrong!” finally fixing it he walks towards you with a surprised look in his eyes” Wow, this is surprisingly comfortable, very…freeing. Think I could start a trend?” he playfully twirls and pretends to flip his hair causing you to burst out into laughter once more “Yeah I bet it’s freeing it barely covers your dick! Your very beautiful Jack but I’m thinking I should choose a different outfit….something a bit longer. Wouldn’t want your dick pics all over the internet” You chuckle as he gives you an -obviously fake- pout “You mean to tell me….I’m not wearing a dress?” “No Jack your not wearing the dress” “Damn that sucks” he says as he already has the dress off, and you shake your head as he laughs at the fact that he actually got his way…for once. 


I wasn’t tagged but I like attention.

Here’s 2010 me who was a loser and really into going to New York City (and standing by 30 Rock) and pretending to be a real life Liz Lemon.

2014 me was really into eating. Here’s me at IHOP.

And yeah. Me now. Looking at these pictures is hard for me sometimes because of body issues. But I feel more confident now even if my body isn’t what it used to be.


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! (born August 13th, 1982)

Wishing you a day full of lots of love, cake, and whatever else your heart desires! *throws confetti* 

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Here’s something longer for you guys to read hehe hope you guys like it! Also I said it countless times in the tags of my reblog but I just have to say it again that I am RLY obsessed with Jay’s new haircut he looks so good (●♡∀♡) Ok done, till then! (lol I’m sucha loser)

“But I’m tired, can’t I give it a miss?” You whined cutely as you tugged on Jay’s fingers and looked at him with a sulk.

“No, cos the male lead can’t appear without his co-star,” He said. “Besides, it’s gonna be fun cos everyone will be there!”

Yup, another AOMG party. And after doing this for about two years, you’ve figured that you shouldn’t have to ask what the occasion was cos half the time you got a ‘just because’ from Jay with that signature shrug of his as a reply.

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