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what an ESFJ has to say to all the types
  • ENTJ: Repeat after me: having emotions is NOT a weakness. No, I don’t think you’re a loser because I saw you cry once. Yes, you’re still the baddest bitch around and no one can mess with you. Yes, I would love to schedule a power lunch with you sometime this week so we can talk more about this.
  • INTJ: I’m going to need you to stop staring into my eyes like you’re analyzing every facet of my soul even though you’re probably just thinking of all the ways you could destroy me. I’m also going to need you to hug me back at some point I can cling to you all day long until you acknowledge your affection for me you small emotionally distant creature
  • ESTP: alright Tom Haverford thank you for being a fun friend and going out with me but maybe let’s not reenact the weird combo of the Hangover, Animal House, and Legally Blonde that happens EVERY time we do something together EVERY time we do something together.
  • ISTP: Hey professor I thought I would come in during office hours to talk about my last test and— oh, you’re out of the office… but at least you left a note this time! That’s an improvement! It says, “science just got ballin bitches haha lmao smell ya l8er”. Professor the next exam is in two days why are you doing this to me
  • ENTP: ok this argument can go one of two ways, either 1) i agree with you even though i don’t actually agree with you because I want you to like me or 2) i end up trying to argue but really end up crying— oh we’re going with option 2 ok this should be G R E A T
  • INTP: how did you make a bong out of literally nothing. do you have no regard for the laws of the universe or— how did you disappear. why do you have no regard for newton's laws of thermodynamics. why do you do this to me.
  • ESTJ: wow i have never seen anyone adhere to a routine so tightly until I met you. why don't you walk on the wild side with me? we can get an unusual flavor of ice cream and talk about capitalism or something.
  • ISTJ: no i don’t want to watch that war documentary with you again yes i’ve heard the story about your uncle who was in the korean war five times ok fine i’ll watch it with you but i reserve the right to be on my phone the whole time. Why do you care about war documentaries so much you cute turkey you already know who won why is this a universal with every ISTJ ever W H Y
  • ESFP: come close to me. closer. closer my child. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A SHOT EVERY TIME SOMEONE AT A PARTY SAYS LET'S DO SHOTS OK??????? unless you want to and as your certified enabler that's ok too u precious pearl
  • ISFP : OK i UNDERSTAND that sometimes you need to commune with nature by staring at a tree for twelve hours straight but can you PLEASE put on a jacket it’s starting to get cold outside. ok you’re going deeper into the forrest so you can’t hear my nagging THAT’S FINE I HAVE A LOUD VOICE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE MOTHERSHIP
  • ENFP: BE!!!!!! ON!!!!!! TIME!!!!!!! TO!!!!!!! THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you SWEET and ADORABLE little RAGAMUFFIN
  • INFP: I love talking to you and I love your crazy brain but CRYING ABOUT ALIENS and WONDERING IF THEY HAVE FEELINGS at 4:00 AM can only happen so many times before I physically restrain you so we can both get some sleep.
  • ENFJ: I like how we can jam on an emotional level and you are just as interested in knowing the intimate details of everyone’s life as I am and I really appreciate your ability to emotionally manipulate people (i know when you’re doing it and I especially know when you’re doing it to me but I love you so I go along with it lol) but for the LOVE of GOD P L E A S E tone down your ability to do EVERY ACTIVITY to PERFECTION and get MORE THAN 4 hours of sleep a night THANKS. you’re starting to give me an ulcer you sweet potato perfectionist.
  • INFJ: Yes, Ghandi, I am aware of all of those injustices that you’re telling me about. I’m angry too. No, I won’t go on a hunger strike with y— ok fine I will Jesus Christ put away those puppy dog eyes NO I DID NOT MEAN JESUS CHRIST LITERALLY GET OFF OF THAT CRUCIFIX RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME
  • ISFJ: I know you love people but you also love alone time. I know baby. I understand. But maybe come outside for a little bit and get some fresh air? Talk to people who aren’t on the internet? No? Your favorite fictional people are going through a hard time and you need to be alone to process this? ok go back to netflix love you sugar muffin i’ll try again tomorrow
  • and finally, other ESFJ's: I swear to fricking gosh if you bring baked goods to a function where I brought baked goods and PEOPLE LIKE YOURS BETTER I will spread a MILDLY NASTY RUMOR about how your pastries are all store-bought. Do not test me. love ya girl ;*

Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! (born August 13th, 1982)

Wishing you a day full of lots of love, cake, and whatever else your heart desires! *throws confetti* 

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Here’s something longer for you guys to read hehe hope you guys like it! Also I said it countless times in the tags of my reblog but I just have to say it again that I am RLY obsessed with Jay’s new haircut he looks so good (●♡∀♡) Ok done, till then! (lol I’m sucha loser)

“But I’m tired, can’t I give it a miss?” You whined cutely as you tugged on Jay’s fingers and looked at him with a sulk.

“No, cos the male lead can’t appear without his co-star,” He said. “Besides, it’s gonna be fun cos everyone will be there!”

Yup, another AOMG party. And after doing this for about two years, you’ve figured that you shouldn’t have to ask what the occasion was cos half the time you got a ‘just because’ from Jay with that signature shrug of his as a reply.

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I was tagged by that notorious Glasgow homosexual @itsatownfullof-losers (happy birthday btw) to do this so why the fuck not.

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A - age: 30 until Thursday. Pray for me.
B - biggest fear: being forgotten 
C - current time: 20:40
D - drink you last had: water
E - every day starts with: sleep
F - favorite song: don’t have a favourite tbh
G - ghosts, are they real: nah but fun stories tho 
H - hometown: Uxbridge
I - in love with: the unobtainable
J - jealous of: people with lives
K - killed someone: like I’d admit that here if I had
L - last time you cried: i get a bit weepy regularly for all sorts of reasons but proper snot-ridden crying was probably before Christmas
M - middle name: Anthony
N - number of siblings: 1
O - one wish: to start again and do things properly
P - person you last called/texted: my brother
Q - question(s) you’re always asked: how old are you? 
R - reasons to smile: finding cool prints in market stalls
S - song last sang: oh i dunno i listen more to orchestral stuff tbh
T - time you woke up: woke up at 4am, mercifully had another two hours or so before I had to get up so went back to sleep
U - underwear color: black
V - vacation destination: somewhere cultured or historically significant
W - worst habit: procrastination
X - x-rays you’ve had: mouth
Y- your favorite food: Italian or Chinese foods are pretty nice
Z - zodiac sign: Pisces

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Aries: I’m gonna sHACK you
Taurus: mY HoRSE NEEDs FOOd
Gemini: gtg
Leo: hey, you, look at my horses, look at them, LOOk AT THEM
Virgo: must. keep. everything. clean. and. organized.
Libra: brb
Scorpio: Puckk you
Sagittarius: stop spamming
Capricorn: If I spend x amount of coins, that will leave me with y amount of coins, then on Saturday I get 100 coins, and that will mean I have to wait 76492560197426985 weeks until I can get a new horse. I’m smart.
Aquarius: aliens are here somewhere

tag your sign, also remember that these are stereotypical, for the most part.

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7, 22, 23, 27, 32, 33, 34, 38, 41 !! i actually went through all the questions for you so be grateful haley :3 i picked these questions for a reason so answer carefully man

jesus that’s a lot why do u do this

7. Best Friends?
@fuzzysoda (angela ew) my longest friendship has been with my friend Tatiana, my other friends are christina erin kabini and emily but none of them have tumblr so i can’t tag :/

22. Nicknames people call you?
Bambi, Hay Hay, loser, idiot, ugly~you name it and i get called it.

23. Favorite song?
well idk there’s too many but i’ve listened to ‘Super rich kids’ by FrankOcean 5 times today so that’s on the list (you should be proud angela)

27. Something you would change about yourself?
i wish i wasn’t so afraid to do new things even like cutting my hair lmao

32. Favorite show?
either Rick and Morty or The Office (american version)

33. Best day of your life?
jesus this is hard to think of maYBEE the day i started actually liking my own art like i got a style i was proud of (angela you should remember when i sent u 1000 pics of my art that day)

34. Any talents?
i guess my artistic abilities idk (or maybe it’s the fact that i’m so attractive ppl can’t even look at me) ;)

38. Someone I can tell anything to? nope :)
41. Someone you hate/Dislike?
angELAAaaaaaAAAAAAA @fuzzysoda

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I was tagged by @foxiemayor thank you!!
A - age: 14
B - biggest fear: change. I’m a total loser and I like things to stay the same with only a little bit of change to keep things exciting ahah
C - current time: 8:33 pm
D - drink you last had: water (so interesting)
E - every day starts with: either me waking up at 5am and watching youtube and scrolling through Instagram + Tumblr until I fall asleep, or me waking up to an alarm I set for 8:00am so I have time to do things before school
F - favorite song: ahhh my favorite song changes so so much but currently I’d say Strawberry Avalanche by Owl City
G - ghosts, are they real?: well, paranormal ghosts, nah. but I am a religious person and I do believe in the Holy Ghost, but I feel like that wasn’t really what the question meant ahah
H - hometown: what town
I - in love with: no one, I’m 14 man xD
J - jealous of: ermermerm.. not sure?? I feel like I don’t get jealous much unless I’m depressed or in a sour mood.
K - killed someone: nope, but my sister has killed many a fictional character
L - last time you cried: uhh.. idk
M - middle name: ann (lamest name but I like it)
N - number of siblings: 2 older sisters and an older brother
O - one wish: hm.. I have a lot of wishes so I’m not very sure.
P - person you last texted: my cousin
Q - questions you’re always asked: did you feed your fish? (I cant think of any other atm)
R - reasons to smile: my otp, my favorite books, drawing, talking to my cousin, living with my family all together, my nephew, my friends, all the fandoms i’m in, etc. (i’m a really happy person, actually!)
S - song last sang: Undertale the Musical - Undertale (please listen to the whole musical it will not disappoint)
T - time you woke up: uhh I think 8 or 9?
U - underwear color: navy blue
V - vacation destination: aw crap man idk. I really want to visit London someday!
W - worst habit: oh crap I don’t want to expose that to the internet nope
X - x-rays you’ve ever had: my teeth??
Y - your favourite food: roast beef sandwiches and chicken noodle soup!
Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn

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A- Age: 22
B- Biggest fear: needles, heights, incects 
C- Current time: 12:46pm
D- Drink you last had: water! 8)
E- Everyday starts with: finding a youtube video to watch while I get ready
F- Favourite song: 
G- Ghosts, are they real: I’d like to think so! Super spooky 8O
H- Hometown: Bakersfield, California
I- In love with: All the losers at Achievement Hunter ♥
J- Jealous of: people who know what they’re doing in their life
K- Killed someone: in Disney Scene it! Undefeated, my boy B)
L- Last time you cried: yesterday
M- Middle name: Suzanne
N- Number of siblings: 2
O- One wish: not be lonely anymore
P- Person you last called/texted: @lilsamler It’s her birthday!
Q- Questions you’re always asked: “so are you in school?”
R- Reasons to smile: all my friends ♥
S- Song last sang: My Shot: Hamilton
T- Time you woke up: 11:30am (it was a rough night)
U- Underwear colour: blue and lacy my dude, most comfortable pair i have!
V- Vacation destination: Disneyland! As always, it’s my happy place
W- Worst habit: I lie about how I’m feeling
X- X-rays you’ve had: my teeth
Y- Your favourite food: Greek Food! ♥♥♥
Z- Zodiac sign: aries

I tag Sam! Everyone else has  been tagged already ;)


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A - AGE: 18

B - BIGGEST FEAR: Gravitational Field

C - CURRENT TIME: 9:37pm


E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: Dreading the day Screams to wake up

F - FAVORITE SONG: Ojoku >.o Bruh too many to even say one? But rn its Loser by Kenshi Yonezu


H - HOMETOWN: Sitiawan

I - IN LOVE WITH: The Shit Pirates [wink wonk @ the shits who are in there]

J - JEALOUS OF: people without depression


L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: yesterday. heh.

M - MIDDLE NAME: … Shiqi

N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: One smol bruh.

O - ONE WISH: to die To pass my exams and get into University smoothly ;u;


Q- QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: “How’s your studies?” ;u; bruh please no.

R - REASON TO SMILE: Alrick <3 Also The shit pirates. 

S - SONG LAST SANG: Fully? Stitches by Shawn Mendes. Partially? Our Love is God from Heathers.

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 9:57am

U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: *Checks* Oh its black.


W - WORST HABIT: Wishing to die all the time

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: Left hand



also @mayor-lidda tagged me in an alphabet questions thingy!

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A - age: 22, swifly approaching 23
B - biggest fear: A stranger breaking into/secretly living in my house
C - current time: 8:45 am
D - drink you last had: Water? I had some irish cream with my ice cream too
E - every day starts with: Surfing the web and watching videos for a solid hour
F - favorite song: Don’t have one, but from a list I like: Turn Back, Halina Heron ; Celebrate [acoustic], Mika ; Youth, Daughter
G - ghosts, are they real?: I think so, but I’m highly skeptical of any ghost claims
H - hometown: Jeffersonton, VA (itty bitty teeny town)
I - in love with: my own bitterness? (chocolate? my cats?)
J - jealous of: Everyone honestly lmao
K - killed someone: Nnnnoooo, not to my knowledge
L - last time you cried: Full-out, uh….End of January, at the psych’s
M - middle name: Victoria
N - number of siblings: 2, a younger sister and brother
O - one wish: To get a job
P - person you last texted: Texted my sis, but used mobile skype to talk to my Friend, so i’d count that
Q - questions you’re always asked?: I’m not asked a lot of questions, lmao
R - reasons to smile: idk….. Ginny Weasley in OotP? Uh…my cats? I have ice cream in the freezer?
S - song last sang: I was belting Mr. Brightside in the car yesterday
T - time you woke up: 7:43 or something
U - underwear color: White and nude/tan/something
V - vacation destination: I want to go to Salem with my friends, Belgium, or Bath, England
W - worst habit: Isolating myself from everyone lmao
X - x-rays you’ve ever had: Teeth and wrist
Y - your favourite food: Tuna casserole
Z - zodiac sign: Taurus \m/

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ok but Balthy saying "I know how it would've made him feel" is something I need you to workshop for us if you would

OK look: Balthazar and Peter both went into that party thinking that there was a possibility of something happening between them. There were no rules, and (whilst there was a camera) they weren’t being constantly filmed so there was plenty of time to slip off privately and have a real talk if they wanted to. Probably one of the reasons Peter was so happy that night was because he’d seen the weight of the rules & punishments on Balthazar and he wanted Balthazar to be able to relax and have fun and not worry. And he did: Balthazar had a great birthday, except he barely talked to Peter AND he went home with someone else. 

So Balthazar realises in AFTERMATH what Peter probably took from that: Balthazar doesn’t want or need him, and that given the choice (no enforced flat bonding) Balthazar doesn’t actually want to hang out with him. So he drinks himself sick and goes to bed feeling shitty and alone. I’m not saying what Peter may have understood from Balthazar’s actions was the reality of the situation (because, hello, Balthazar is completely in love with him) but it’s unsurprising that Balthazar suddenly became so distraught at the idea of making Peter feel like that because there’s nothing worse than hurting the person that you love. 

I think the events post-one foot probably weigh on Balthazar’s mind quite a lot too. If you think about it: the one foot party and the beginning of Balthazar’s birthday were both filled with that same hope of Peter/Balthazar getting together. But they don’t; Balthazar ends up with Damien or Balthazar ends up with Zeb. Balthazar probably realises what a mistake Damien was (not because he didn’t like Damien but because he liked Peter more) and how much he must have hurt Peter and he promised himself that he would never hurt him like that again…but he failed because he did hurt Peter again in the exact same way that he did before.

Then there’s the obvious comparison at the start of lolilo in which Balthazar had to constantly hear Peter having sex with other people, and in the TOWN fight when he quite clearly complains about Peter coming home with someone ELSE ie. not him, and it clearly upset Balthazar a lot and now he’s realised that he’s just done the same to Peter as Peter had to watch him with some other guy.

Either way, Balthazar should stop listening to his friends telling him not to care about Peter and stopping him from talking to him and taking care of him because if they keep failing to clear they air after this kind of stuff then it’s just gonna build and build and build. And just because Peter drank himself sick doesn’t make him a bad person undeserving of having someone make sure he’s ok the next morning; Balthazar gets to care about his wellbeing without it being a negative. 

3 Count
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this is a song I wrote last night about a wrestling loser who can’t communicate in any other way. i hope you enjoy

i wish i had paul heyman, screamin at my side
sayin all the things that, i cant when my throat feels tight
i wish i was a bella, i wish i had a twin
so when my hands are shaking, you could blink and theyd fill in
i wish that i was positive, i wish i was in new day
when im not feeling confident, they would clap the nerves away
i wish i was like ambrose, and i had a friend like reigns
so when im feelin crazy, he could tell me im still sane
coz my life feels like, the refs counted twice, but i dont think i, can kick out
coz my thoughts are loud, they boo like the crowd, but you make them sound so still now
if i had it in me, id tell you i really, just want you here with me, but i cant
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count

i wish i was like rollins, i wish that i could stop
worryin’ if you dont like me, coz i’d still come out and talk
i wish that i had kane there, to back me now and then
when im losing conversation, he would interfere again
coz my life feels like, the refs counted twice, but i dont think i, can kick out
coz my thoughts are loud, they boo like the crowd, but you make them sound so still now
if i had it in me, id tell you i really, just want you here with me, but i cant
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down

and i wish that we were scripted, so id know when to take defeat
coz  everytime i try it hits me like a dropkick to my teeth
and i wish that it was easy, just to tell you how i feel
but i cant find, the way thats right, coz all of its too real
i wish i had john cena, adjust my attitude
coz maybe you dont get me yet, but i cant stop trying to get you
if i had it in me, id tell you i really, just want you here with me, but i cant
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count
all of my doubts will be down for the three count
1, 2, 3, theyll be down for the 3 count