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“You have so many fingers, Sara!”

My Pathfinder and her new Angaran family. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m seriously so in love with Jaal and his family (and the Angara in general…) ‘cause like… You were all alone in this new galaxy. Your mom and dad are both dead, and your sibling was in a coma and… Jaal and his family are just like “You’re part of our family now. :)” and it’s just so warm and loving. Gives me warm fuzzies.

View in High Res, pls! I put some little details into the male Angaran’s faces you might not be able to see too well otherwise.

Painting practice with Ezra Amell 👌

Voltron: How the actors are doing

Jeremy (Lance): Quiet. Probably trying to stay on the downlow

Steven (Keith): A real cryptid. Will appear randomly on the internet in pictures of him in weird places.

Bex (Pidge): Ready to fight the antis and is doing great, all the shaladins and regular shippers are crying and rooting her on, we apologise for what you’re going through

Josh (Shiro): crying and cradling his new shoes

Kimberly (Allura): taking no shit and never has, pretty quiet

Rhys (Coran): also a cryptid, but much less spotted. Also takes no shit

Tyler (Hunk): very proud of all shaladin and regular shippers, shows this by liking art and supporting people, what a great guy

Eiffel has accidentally called Minkowski mom more than once. He thinks everyone forgot about it, but it became a running joke. When talking to Minkowski, Lovelace likes to refer to Eiffel as ‘your kid’ or 'the boy’. 

  • Lovelace: Where’s your son got to?
  • Minkowski: Will you please stop calling him that? He’s not my freaking child. I’m only three years older.
  • Lovelace: Well, technically. But has Eiffel ever actually behaved like a 33 year-old?
  • Hera: No, never.
  • Minkowski: Just because he’s a child doesn’t mean he has to be my child though. Why aren’t you or Hera part of this messed-up family metaphor?
  • Lovelace: Okay then, I’ll be… the cool mysterious aunt. What about you Hera?
  • Hera: I can be Eiffel’s genius big sister.
  • Lovelace: Sure, that works.
Learning 2 Share - Stilinski Triplets + Mitch Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Stuart Stilinski/Reader, Thomas Stilinski/Reader, Mitch Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5668

Notes: Here y'all go. Finally here. So, there’s a lot of warnings for this one, let’s go. *cracks literally every fucking none in my body as preparation* Oral (both receiving), Fingering, Orgy, Multiple Orgasms, Spit Play, Anal, Rimming, Anal Fingering, Squirting, Double Penetration, Thigh Riding, Face Riding, Marking, Biting, Scratching, Over Stimulation, Shower Play, Exhibitionism, Spanking, Dirty Talk, Begging, Dominance, Older/Younger, Orgasm Denial and Choking/Gagging. Huge thanks to Steffy because even though she doesn’t like butt stuff, she proofread this for me. If that ain’ true friendship then I don’t know what is. I love you @dumbass-stilinski​ <3

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Can you imagine Lance being unable to return home until decades worth of fighting? Can you imagine him walking up to his old home,. Can you imagine him coming home only to confront his siblings, asking where mom is, only to be told that she has long passed away, probably from the stress and sadness of his disappearance. Can you imagine him being led only to a grave, and him collapsing, screaming and crying and begging forgiveness for leaving, how sorry he was, and how he wants to hug her again.

Yes, Very Well B,^) fun times all around

childhood favs
(please listen to this while looking cuz I had it on freaking repeat the entire time)


some small Taz doodles with peeps
the last image is my Taako all decked out and the other wonderful magic Taako is @taakitoz boy

Prodigy Lance Fic Part 12!!!!!

Lance could feel his palms becoming sweaty. He looked between his teammates nervously. They hadn’t said a word for five minutes. Lance was about to say something, anything, when Pidge started slowly.
“So, just so we’re all clear. You, Lance, are a genius once-in-a-lifetime prodigy, who has created these famous plans and strategies all by yourself?”
Lance wiped his palms across his jeans. “Um..yes?”
Pidge shook her head. “Something isn’t adding up here though. If you’re this amazing prodigy, then why weren’t you at the top of the class?”
The team looked at him, waiting for an answer. Lance let out a sigh.
“I could’ve have been if I really wanted to. I aced all my tests, excelled in all my classes, but I would always barely pass the flight simulators. Fail them even sometimes. Keith deserved that position. I didn’t want to be at the Garrison in the first place, so it wouldn’t be fair if I was the top of the class and didn’t even want it.”
That got Keith’s attention.
“Wait, Lance, what do you mean you never wanted to be at the Garrison in the first place? The Garrison is a prestigious flight school to get into, and people are very competitive to get in.” Lance gave them a small smile.
“Heh, well that my mullet is a long story.”

Lance slowly stood up, making his way to one of the castle’s windows. He gazed at the stars and planets that passed them by.
“I never applied to the Garrison. They recruited me. I have no idea how they even found out about me or my skills, but they did. And they wanted me.”
Lance nervously picked a string on the edge of his shirt, the team watching and waiting patiently.
“You guys all know that I come from a large family. And I love it, love all of them. But having such a large family comes at a price. Literally. My parents were struggling to get us by. We lived in an old house that needed major renovations, I shared rooms and even beds with my siblings. We never went hungry, but we ate tortillas and rice and beans almost everyday. We weren’t living. We were surviving.”
The team wore shocked expressions on their face, Allura’s eyes were slightly glistening from unshed tears.
“But we had each other as corny as that sound. And we’re were happy. But that didn’t stop the bills or bring in more money. Dad had just lost his job and mama was working on our farm, trying to sell produce and other products. I knew I had to go something. I couldn’t just watch my family suffer.”
Lance turned toward the team, ignoring their expressions.
“And that’s when a letter from the Garrison came. I almost threw it away because it was too expensive, and I never wanted to go in the first place. I never wanted to fight or hurt anybody. I just wanted to protect the ones I love. But then I read in the letter that they would offer me some sort of scholarship. They would pay for my schooling and even give me a huge amount of money if I worked with them. How could I refuse? So, I told my parents and accepted the Garrison’s proposal.”
Hunk gazed at his friend, standing up and reaching toward him. “Lance…”

“My family could finally live. We fixed our leaky roof, I was able to buy my sibling new shoes and clothes. Even bought them makeup and and paint and coloring books.”
Lance’s eyes turned glossy.
“I even bought mama a dress, one that she fell in love with the moment she saw it. She cried when I gave it to them. Everything was going smoothly. I did what the Garrison told me to do, didn’t ask questions, and got paid.”
His eyes suddenly turned dark.
“Then the Kerberos mission happened.”
Shiro inhaled sharply. “The Kerberos mission? What about that?”
Lance turned toward him, eyes still dark. “Something did add up. I helped set up that mission, I created flight strategies specifically for that. But then you all suddenly went missing, ship included. I reviewed everything, thinking it was my fault, but that’s when I noticed somebody tampered with the file, with my plans. It was like somebody tried to cover up their tracks, and put the blame on someone else. When I asked, they gave me some vague answer and told me not to ask about it again. That’s when I knew something was wrong…but I didn’t do anything about it. My main concern was providing for my family, and I didn’t want to risk losing that scholarship. I-I’m sorry Shiro. If I had just-”
Shiro quickly raised a hand, cutting him off. “There’s no need to apologize Lance. You were thinking about your family, and there’s no shame in that.”

The team stared at Lance, waiting. They were starting to become nervous, thinking they had said the wrong thing when Lance suddenly began to cry. Keith quickly leapt to him, taking him by the shoulders.
Lance just shook his head, not bothering to wipe the tears. “That’s just it, isn’t it?”
Keith looked at the others in confusion, who in response just frantically shrugged their shoulders. Keith turned back toward him.
“What do you mean Lance?”
Lance locked his watery gaze with Keith, starting to choke on his sobs.
“I-I’ve always though about my family, trying to do my best to take care of them. But look at me now! I’m in space, who knows how many fucking miles away from them! I left with no goodbye, no warning! I don’t know if they’re okay, if they have enough money. I don’t know if dad got another job, if the roof started leaking again, or if Tio needs new shoes! I-I just left them. And I know that I’m protecting them here, protecting the whole universe, but it’s just so hard sometimes. The guilt and sadness is too much to bear, and my mind just takes over and drives me crazy, trying to create a solution to this problem!”

Lance fell into Keith, throwing his arms around his neck, and tucking his face into his neck. “I-I just want to know if they’re okay. Let them know I’m okay. To see their faces. I’m sorry if I’m being selfish, but is that too much to ask?”
Keith just held Lance, tightening his arms around his waist. The others sadly looked amongst themselves, letting the new information sink. Allura then rose and walked over to Lance, gently resting a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. Lance sniffles loudly and with a quick squeeze, released Keith and turned toward Allura. Allura smiled softly at him, taking his face in between her hands, brushing away his tears.
“My dear Blue Paladin, you are the complete opposite of selfish. You put yourself before your family and all of us. You have showed us such bravery and respect, and we are so proud of you, just like I know your family is. Speaking of your family, I believe I have an arrangement. Zarkon and his followers have been quiet here recently, so I think we all deserve a quick break, a vacation if you will.”
Lance stared at her with wide eyes, disbelieving what she was implying. “Allura…?”
Allura gave him another smile and turned toward Coran.
“Coran, please set the fastest course to Earth. I would like to see these beaches Lance has told us all about.”

GREAT so there’s a shot of Jaime and Cersei kissing in that comic con trailer. Exactly what this show needs more of am I right!!!

-First steps

So… I have mixed feelings about this new revelation that Michael is Spock’s half-sister, because it’s a tricky thing -I mean, it could be either absolutely awesome or completely terrible (as with all things, after all). I hope they do this right! (And also explain what the hell was going on through Sarek’s mind during most of his parenting days). 

To acclimatise (I guess) to the new canon, here’s Michael helping baby Spock walk into the desert sand! They’re all dressed up for the family picture (I bet Vulcans wear lots of glitter/shiny clothing when it’s an important occasion, as shown in Amok time) and Amanda is taking the holo!