my new ship is awesome

Look! It’s the Mugiwaras being badass! but what do I spy?

I spy Frobin!

No wait! It’s ZoRobin

Wait! it’s ZoLu

NO wait! LuNa it is!

No! It’s SaNa!

But most importantly it’s Brook going to try looking under Namis skirt to see her panties!

ylime94  asked:

"Why cant I hate you?" for 5 lines for destiel. please and thank you

(New fandom, new ship to write…went over a bit lol)

“Why can’t I hate you?”

“I don’t know, Cas,” Dean said with a sigh, not wanting anything to do with the expression on Cas’ face. “Do you want to?”

Cas squinted at him, and then around the room. Dean’s room, because Dean didn’t like how sparse Cas’ was. The sweat on their bodies hadn’t even dried yet, and it looked like Cas was having some kind of crisis. It helped Dean to avoid his own. Because they’d done a lot, but they’d never done that much before. At least they were figuring it out together, he supposed.

“I feel like I should. After all I sacrificed for you, after all the times you pushed me away,” Cas said slowly, thoughtfully. “Even now, you aren’t telling Sam. That implies shame. I feel like I should hate you, and yet…”

Dean winced. He felt the same sometimes. Not just about Cas hating him, but himself, hating Cas. But it was always brief, momentary. A short fit of madness. He could never hate Cas, no more than Cas was capable of hating him.

“It’s not shame,” he said gruffly, unable to look at him. Being with Cas required a level of verbal honesty he was still a bit uncomfortable with. “I just want to keep it between us. If it’s hidden away, then nothing can hurt it.”

“I’d never let anyone hurt something that makes you happy, Dean,” Cas said in a low rumble, leaning close and pressing their foreheads together. It only made it more ridiculous that he’d been pondering hate.

“I know, Cas,” Dean replied, his stomach twisting from just the thought of saying it, but knowing he had to. “I love you too.”

(Shrieks and runs for the hills. New stuff is so scary and hard to write, and I probably completely butchered their characterisation but whatever, I TRIED)

(Send me one line, I’ll write the next five (rules). Read the rest here on AO3)


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People vs Me in 2017

All people: 2017 Surprise me !!!

Me: Pfff, I now how my 2017 will be. Without boyfriend, shipping, have new ships all days, watching series and anime, fangirling all the time and another year being like a hermit… It will be awesome!

Spooky Incorrect Quotes----------Ghost puns
  • Sonja: Hey G, wanna hear a joke about a ghost?
  • Gregorio:
  • Sonja: That’s the spirit!
  • Gregorio:
  • Gregorio: I still wonder why I married you.
  • real life: read between the lines
  • tumblr life: read the tags

wait, if henry told larry to cancel the flash mob and make smaller gesture to win his wife’s heart back, 

then, henry buying the cute trash can is his version of “smaller gesture” to win eliza’s heart


Spooky Incorrect Quotes- Feat. Werewolf! Gregorio Part 3 Anger Issues
  • Sonja: Hey G, are you still up for dinner tonight?
  • Gregorio: [growls and bares her fangs at her] Eat shit and die!
  • Sonja: Full moon?
  • Gregorio: [facepalmed apologetically and sighed] Yeah, sorry.
  • Sonja: It's okay. I'll be over in ten minutes with blankets, movies, microwave popcorn and Chinese takeouts.
  • Gregorio: I love you, Percy.
  • Sonja: I know.

I ship this.
I ship this so hard.

I ship this to the most remote island in the Pacific.

I ship this in a self addressed stamped envelope with overnight delivery.

I guess what I am trying to get at is OHMYGLOB WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THOSE TWO I SWEAR!
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Gosh, it’s been months since I last made a video. Well, I got my inspiration back thanks to Star Wars and to this new awesome ship that totally take over my heart. I wanted to do some Reylo trash, but TFA is in terrible quality (which probably won’t stop me from doing another video of these two) so I picked up other material of Daisy and Adam.
Well, I hope you’ll like it; let me know with a comment or a thumb up C:
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